August 22, 2021

21st Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year of St Joseph

Saint Charles Borromeo
I heard a story that was centered in Nazi Germany during WWII.  We are well aware of the persecution of the Jews at this time, but many in the Catholic Church also felt the heavy hand of Nazi rule.  On one particular day a group of believers had gathered to pray when the feared Gestapo stormed in.  With their guns drawn and aimed at the terrified worshipers they announced all those who claimed not to be Christians were free to leave.  Most of the room emptied out while a few defiant believers remained to meet their fate.  After the door shut the guards dropped their guns and asked the believers to allow them to stay and they worshiped together.  It turned out that they too were Christians but had to be absolutely sure that those who remained were true followers to ensure their own safety.
I can’t remember where I heard that story, and I'm not even sure it's true. However, it sent a chill down my spine just thinking of how I would have responded in that situation. In today's Gospel Jesus’ followers will also be challenged in such a forceful way. At this time in scriptures many of Christ's followers were doing so for the wrong reasons.  Maybe it was cool to be a follower of this amazing miracle worker.  Maybe you benefited socially or physically or he just made them feel good so they followed.  So, it was time to put the challenge before them, to separate the true believers from the rest.  Why do this?  Why put such a difficult doctrine before them (my very body and blood you must eat)?
Exactly for the reason that those guards felt they needed to lay down such a tough stance with the believers in Germany.  The road for his followers was about to become very challenging.  His death on the Cross would scatter them and shake them to their very foundations.   Jesus’ disciples had to be firm in their faith (which means you might not understand it all, so you need to just believe).  What type of follower are you?  Do you easily fall away when the going gets tough?  Are you only a follower when you ‘feel’ good or loved?  Are you a follower because what you can get from the relationship?  Or do you follow because you believe, like Peter, that Jesus has the words of eternal life and nothing in this life will keep you from following him.

Reflection by Bob Schrimpf
Announcing for the entire Parish!
Mask Update From Our Bishop:
"Pastors are to recommend that parishioners, once again, wear their masks when inside parish buildings. Those who have been vaccinated are encouraged to wear their masks as an act of charity. From Father John: All of our minsters will be asked to 'mask up' until what time we receive further updates from the Diocese.
Eucharistic Chapel
Don't forget about our Adoration Chapel. Hundreds of hours have been dedicated to prayer by our faithful adorers so far. It is a powerful tool! Sign up today to become a weekly adorer or a substitute. Click HERE to register!
Attention Seniors!
Senior Fellowship Potluck will resume in September and to watch for date and time and dish to bring.  We met last month however decided to postpone this month due to school just getting started and coordinating with Debra Cota the right day of the week to use the Hall. 
Rosary Prayer
Did you know we have an amazing group of prayer warriors who kept up a weekly Rosary through out the pandemic?! Prayers going to work in our midst. If you'd like to be apart of this powerful ministry please contact Bill Klopfer below.
Men's Retreat "Average Joe"

Father John invites all the men of our Parish to join the team at Whispering Winds Camp in Julian for a weekend that will be like non other. The theme of "Average Joe" will allow us to take a closer look at St Joseph's life (who was NO average Joe to be sure!). Space is limited - 20 spots left. Please sign up today! Scholarships are available.
Church Ministries

Do you have a heart for children? Do you love the Church and desire others to know about this amazing jewel? Than this is for you! Our parish children will soon begin their faith formation journey and they need teachers! All ages are welcome to serve. We are happy to train you and assist you if you have never done this before. Teaching skills are a plus, but a willing heart is a must!

Sign up to help or email us with any questions. UR Loved!

Young Adults

Young Adults are on a short break. We begin again in September. Stay tuned for more news and dates.

The Gathering Youth Ministry
Monday, August 28 - High School will hold its end of summer bonfire. Please come down for a fun night and we'll provide the smoke in your eyes and sand in your clothes for free! Meeting at the Ocean Beach Tower #5 from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.
Core leader Allie hosted a girls night at her house
Attention High Schoolers & Parents

Confirmation registration is currently going on. Sacramental Prep starts in September. Be sure to register now. You only have a few weeks left.

New Classroom!
Our Academy now has a new, modern, double wide mobile classroom! Pavement added to fill in the holes left by the old unit. Railings going up and will be in use soon!
Daily Mass Intentions for this week
August 22 8:00 am People of the Parish
10:00 am † Natalio Moubayed
August 24 † Maggie Welch
August 25 Nicole N
August 26 Kristen N
August 27 † Maggie Welch
Finance Council:
Timothy Lane (Chair), Deacon Lane Litke, Kimberly Tiernan,
Rebecca Murphy, Frank Veccione,

Weekly Giving

Online: $6,925.75
Plate: $1,651.00
Envelopes: $1,543.00
Total: $10,119.00

Register to give online HERE
Just Published: State of the School Report
Last week our Academy published their State of the School Report. In it you will find many of the great accomplishments of our School and hopefully you will be inspired to learn how are students are making a difference in our parish and in our community. Catholic education is alive and thriving at SCBA. Be sure to read through the report.

We're Looking For Help

The school is looking for 20 linear feet of chain link fencing (new or used) and instillation to secure the new portable classroom being installed. If you can help or know of someone who can please contact Rob Curtis. Phone (619) 977-2727 or email him below:
Courtesy Announcements
Father Joe's Villages Ladies Guild cordially invites you to our annual 

Come join us to learn about volunteer opportunities in the Ladies Guild.
The Ladies Guild is a non-denominational service organization that provides funds for homeless
children and provides WOMAN-power to assist at events and services at Father Joe's Villages.

Date:   Monday, September 13, 2021
Time:  11:00-1:30 pm
Place:  St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church
       11451 Blue Cypress Drive, San Diego, CA 92131 (Scripps Ranch)
Parking: Plenty of free parking, Follow Signs to Church Hall
Cost:   First time guests are FREE but must register to attend by sending RSVP (see below)
        Includes Catered Lunch by Da Kine's Hawaiian Plate Lunches

Guests: Register for your reservation by August 30,2021 to;
Margie Mills - Ladies Guild Membership co-chair at (619) 733-7410 or
From the Diocese: Please be advised that Fr. Jose Maldonado, a priest from the Diocese of Izabal, Guatemala has been exercising priestly ministry in the Diocese of San Diego. Fr. Maldonado does not have faculties nor permission to engage in any form of ministry here. Parishioners should not engage in any activities with Fr. Maldonado.