Come to Spring Cleanup!
this Saturday, May 18th
Delicious lunch follows
Everyone is needed!

St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
May 16, 2019

(on a Maine Morning in May)

Hello, sun in my face. Hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields...Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness.
~ Mary Oliver

St. Francis Church
The Calendar

Sat. May 18
Spring Cleanup
9 am-noon
-lunch 'n laughs-
Sunday Services
8 am
(Rite 1)
10 am
(Rite 2)
(with choir
and Children's Sunday School)
This Sunday, an invitation to all
following the 10 am Coffee Hour,
Adult Forum
(See Right)

Choir Practice
5 pm

Friday, June 7
Pizza Party
5:30 pm
Discernment Questions Discussions
(movies for the kids)
St. Francis Fair
August 10
9-1 pm
Opens June 1st
13 Hales Hill Rd
Beginning this coming Sunday, May 19th and continuing through Sept. 15th, there will be two services (8 am and 10 am)
*An Important Request for help
From Suzanne Decrow

"Due to a number of reasons, the Altar Guild is in desperate need of some new members.

We are asking for at least 3 or 4 new members.

Training will be offered and you can even job-share Sundays! The job basically involves setting up the altar with linens and vessels, marking the readings, filling candles with fluid, thawing the bread, cleaning up after the service and then washing and ironing the linens. These tasks do not take much more than maybe an hour and a half of your time- travel time not included. Please consider volunteering for this 
important part of our Sunday service.
I am awaiting my phone to ring with your call!! "

Suzanne Decrow
We Pray for

Mary Allen
David Decrow
Edward Dufresne
Heather Ford
Dorine Harris 
Kira Hartley
Dilys Hoyt
Jennifer Hulsey
Sam Hulsey
Rayanne Kleiner
John Klinger
Tyler Knowles
JoAnn Krestan 
Diana Robson
Carla Rosensweig
Ed Rosensweig
Donny Smith
Gloria Smith
Marshall Smith
Peggy Vanderhoff
Scott West

Those in the Armed Services    
James Crowe III
Andy Dittmer
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Kyler Hall
Peter McGuyer
Kyle Carino Mings
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley
Ben Stubbs

Those with May Birthdays

Jim Caggiano
Dixie Chapman
Dennis DeSilvey
Sarah Everdell
John Haley
Marilyn Heinemann
John Paul LaLonde
Elaine MacLean
Jane Nesbitt
John Nesbitt
Elizabeth Prince
Carla Rosenzweig
Donny Smith
Mary Ann Taylor
Angela Yardy
Nell Whiting
Coffee Hour is an important ministry-a time to catch up as well as to greet visitors.
Sign-ups are needed, please.
There are always those of us who are willing to co-host; you won't be on your own!
Super Saints is alive and well!

Thank you, Chris Ramsay , for making three containers of delicious Split -Pea Soup from our Mothers Day Brunch ham bones. This soup was much needed and has been delivered to our neighbors.

Welcome back summer parishioners!

Spring temperatures seem to be creeping up very slowly, but our summer parishioners and guests are already showing up with warmth and energy and a very welcoming presence.

Last weekend we had large gatherings on Friday evening as well as after the Sunday worship service ...both were huge successes- great humor and opportunities to greet friends old and new. More on those special events below.

This coming Sunday May 19, following the 10 am service, we all have another opportunity to gather with St. Francis' discernment committee.

The following is a note from Discernment Chair, Sarah Everdell:
"We had a wonderful turn- out for the potluck supper on Friday, May 10 th with The Rev. Cn. Michael Ambler. He was able to help us with the questionnaire and give us the directions we need in finding our new minister. A very special thanks goes to Sue Grindle who organized the supper.

The next gathering is after 10 am church this Sunday, May 19 th when, once again, we will continue to explore the direction we want to go as a church. Remember that the questionnaire is a guide to that end. If you find the questions difficult, use them as a jumping off point to reflect what you find of value at St. Francis. 

Please come with your questions; share your thoughts and your insights as we move forward together."

A third gathering will be a pizza party on Friday, June 7 th at 5:30 pm.

Thanks to everyone who participated in last Friday's potluck, and we look forward to the on- going discussions." -Sarah
Last Friday...
Approximately forty parishioners showed up for the Potluck last Friday night. Thank you, everyone, for a fun and informative evening. The Rev.Cn. Michael Ambler was a tremendous help in leading our discussions and in answering questions.

Here are a few photos of the evening:

Les Petits Chanteurs
(August 31, 2019)

Good News, we are hosting these beautiful children!

The following is from a recent letter from our interim rector, Rev Steve Hayward, and a follow-up!

Dear Friends of Saint Francis-by-the Sea,

"We have been invited to host a concert by Les Petits Chanteurs, 30 young people ages 7-16, on August 31 this summer. They are members of Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and include a musical ensemble of 7 musicians and 3 chaperones. They begin a concert trek here in Maine before heading south and west to Washington, DC, Louisville, and Chicago.
A few more beds would be welcome as a back-up.

Breakfast for all of these guests will be served at our church that Sunday morning.

New Shipment of Palestinian Olive Oil  received in time for your spring menus! We have bottles of Jenin olive oil available each Sunday during coffee hour. 

Proceeds support the Al Ahli Episcopal Hospital in Gaza. Enjoy great olive oil and provide desperately needed assistance.

Thanks so much, Maurine and Bob Tobin for this important ministry.
From the Interim’s Pew 

Winter has given in to a long, wet spring as we await our “snow birds” and the return of summer. Meanwhile we charge ahead to be the church in the “meantime” – working while waiting for God’s call to settle on the next rector for St Francis Church. I am grateful to all of you who have either continued to serve or who have jumped in to support our ministry. There is nothing a new rector would love more than to walk into a parish that is busy about its tasks even as it awaits new leadership.
One thing that is true in all churches is that only a small percentage of the members do most of the work. The Alban institute would tell you that about 20% of us are engaged in the weekly and monthly routines that make our life go. In a really active congregation it might be 30-40%. But in smaller churches like St Francis, which has an average attendance of 75, we need even greater participation or the core leadership will simply burnout – including your rector (or even the Interim, perhaps!).
St Francis has an impressive cadre of active leaders, and it carries a pretty heavy agenda for its size. To continue apace, we need each of you to find your place in our common life. A good start is simply to join us each Sunday morning. And there are simple ways to help when you’re here – lectors and intercessors; acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers; Altar Guild and Flower Guild, Children’s Education, Coffee Hour and Adult Education planning and implementation. It takes a village as they say.
Beyond Sundays, there are the outreach and inreach ministries that are the heart of the Gospel. The members of the Outreach Committee can provide opportunities, but they can’t accomplish it all without our help. I hope each of you will and will continue to find ways to accomplish part of your ministry through your life at St Francis by the Sea.

Our Mothers Day Brunch was elegant and fun (right down to crayons on the tables in case anyone decided to create a little artwork. On the table cloths!

Approximately sixty folks enjoyed this special tradition of St. Francis by the Sea. Nancy's stratas were delicious and Brighton's chocolate pies were fabulous! The children all pitched in as they served, cleaned up, and were the perfect hosts.

$1100 will go a long way toward getting our St. Francis children to Camp Bishopswood. Thank you, everyone!
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