St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
August 8, 2018
The 29th St. Francis Fair
Saturday, August 11

I t's St. Francis Fair...and you are there...
-Rudy Deetjen

 St. Francis by the Sea

The Calendar

Sunday Services
8 am
10 am
Choir Practice
5 pm

S aturday, August 11
St. Francis Fair

Sunday, August 19
final 8 am service for 2018

Sunday, August 26
St. Francis Annual Meeting
Emily Award
(Last chance to submit a nomination is this week)

From Maurine Tobin:

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship of Maine will hold its summer meeting at St. Francis on Saturday, August 25, from 11- 2 with a potluck brunch between sessions.

 All are welcome to attend to hear about General Convention, especially the resolutions on gun control and justice for Palestine.

We Pray for
Jackie Allen
Ruth Allen
Mary Blanchard
Joe Devine
Edward Dufresne
Herve Galy 
Brinley Hall
Kira Hartley
Dorrine Harris
Jennifer Hulsey
Katie MacCloud 
Jackie Mayhew
Julie Nicholson
Corinne Pert
Cal Peters
Julia Wyatt Roberts
Diana Robson
Persis Williams
David Witter
Julia Wyatt Roberts
Carolyn Taylor
Persis Williams
Ray Yardy
David Witter

Those in the Armed Services    
Andy Ditmers
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Peter McGuyer
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley

Those with August Birthdays

Mary Boechat
Brook Dojny
Marcia Fenn
Don Hartley
Melissa LaLonde
Christina McHenry
Judy Rountree
Pam Siewers
Marshall Smith
Marilyn Stewart
Fred Stine
Tim Thomas
Bob Tobin
Maurine Tobin

A Beautiful Baptism
August 5, 2018 The Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost 10 am Full Service and Baptism of Henry Ronan Malloy celebrated by The Rev. Allan Sandlin
Welcome to the staff and volunteers of Hancock County SPCA! We know it will be a second great year of partnership. They have been working hard and really make a difference.
Gifts to the Fair!
Suzanne will be happy to come to your home and decorate your powder room with this extraordinary item. Check it out!

Or you could go board sailing with Joe!
This week in Blue Hill!
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Does this help? No?
This one?

St. Francis Fair...we're having fun now!

Who makes the best brownies on the Blue Hill Peninsula?

Mark Cluett owns that one!

This year he is baking---

"Kathryn Hepburn Brownies"

-and here is a link to this fabulous recipe

Thank you, super-baker, Mark! The brownies are incredibly moist and delicious...and they do have walnuts. Mark just describes them as "addictive!"

Mark's very special brownies will all (minus two) be available at "Food to Go."
*A note to all the rest of us: Every cookie, loaf of bread, every cupcake and fresh pie will be sold and consumed! Jars of jam are much in demand.

Please drop off your baked goods and be sure the ladies identify them properly.

Chris sends a big "thank you!" for taking time out for baking.

"Food to Go" with Chris Ramsay's team will be an add-on on to the ever-popular Gentlemen Grillers with their Bianco Sausages and much more. Thank you, John Higgins, and all of your assistants.

Fresh sandwiches, (free chips) and more will be the fridge. PB&J with cold milk for the little ones.

August 11, 9-1

"Notes for the big day"

*A big"thank you" to Nancy Doane and Sarah Everdell who will be serving lunch during the Set-up on Friday.

*Saturday morning, the gates will be open to workers at 7 AM; please park outside the gates.

*The "Fred and Prudy Coffee Cart" will be ready to roll at 8 AM with regular and decaf coffee and fresh donuts. Thank you Dunkin Donuts once again for a discount!

*Take time to roam around and look at all the efforts our Booth Chairs and workers have put into the day. Sue Grindle will have wonderful Garden Shed offerings. Sue has been quietly gathering plants and pots and gardening books.

*A big, heavy job: Julie and Marcia collected 135 boxes of books...transporting them from the church, sorting, organizing, and even some discarding.
(Marcia says she will not be sorry to have them leave her house!)

*Mary Boyd expects to have 100 servings of her Strawberry Shortcake!

*Don't miss out on all the treasures and gift certificates- miles of walking, talking, and collecting by Milissa, Kathy, and Katie. Among other fascinating treasures is a hundred year- old "bureau on bureau."

*Please seek out the volunteers from the Hancock County SPCA who are providing helping hands, strong arms, as well as many, many donations to the fair.

*Andrew Chung and family will be a really fun part of Children's Activities. Come get your face painted!

*At Granny's Attic you will see eighteen bears all dressed up by St. Francis knitters and "fixers". Thank you, Suzanne Decrow, Elaine MacLean, Chris Ramsay, Caroline Van Cise, and Angela Yardy.

* The Blue Hill Packet will have a reporter at the fair. As always, they have been generous with pre-fair publicity. We placed 2500 flyers in The Packet.

*H.O.M.E will greatly benefit from our left-over items. They have been appreciative of the work of Ray Yardy and our Window Dressers- coming up again soon.

* Thank you to our forever- and- ever professional photographer, Joe Lendvai.

*The Sheriff's back in town! Thank you for guarding the premises, Jon Dullnig!

* Barbara Brady has been supportive of the fair in so many ways...while doing all the work of Annual Reports--- plus everything she does on a regular basis. She is a superwoman, for real!
Brand new Bears, each with a Touch of St. Francis!
All Loaded up and ready to go!

From our Junque Dealer,
Suzanne Decrow

"Three hundred hours, more than two dozen parishioners and many area friends, have been examining, pricing, filing away, pitching and laughing. Joe's Garage has been rocking!

There will be more than seventy tables of Junque for Jesus...what an amazing group"
Another Terrific Gift!
Granny's Attic has received an anonymous gift of $500 for the purchase of new kids bikes.

Many thanks not only to those summer parishioners for a huge donation, but also to John Higgins who has graciously agreed to donate the time needed to getting the bikes together for the day of the fair.

The bikes will be sold at a big discount. If you know of children who would otherwise not have a shiny new bike, please let their parents know (or Sarah or Judy)

Thank You for a special gift!
It wouldn't be a fair without Scott's lively music
Thank you, Tim Thomas, for all your years as Fair Treasurer; Nancy Doane is your perfect replacement but we expect you will remain involved!

Tim is now heading up the Planned Giving Committee. St. Francis is blessed with all he and Judy give to our church community.

You may not recognize her, but this is a picture of our Fair Chair, Mary Hartley...taken next Saturday night.

Thank you, Mary, for a magnificent job!
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