St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
December 6, 2018

“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under.” – C. JoyBell C

(Photo by Peter Smith)
Dear Friends,
I can’t resist the opportunity to offer wishes for a blessed Advent to you and your family. I love this time of year in that unlike the world around us that is rushing headlong to celebrate Christmas, we as Episcopalians resist that urge, preferring instead to set aside a time for reflection and preparation. The one place where that quiet is disrupted is the Christmas Fair usually set for the first weekend in December. Yet despite the lights, music and celebration of the Christmas Fair, given that it is done to raise funds for the rector’s discretionary fund, in truth the purpose of the Fair is really about focusing on finding creative ways to meet the needs of our neighbors.
Please join me therefore, in thanking the faithful crew that makes this Fair possible, most especially it’s Chair, Nancy Doane.  This being the first year that I was unable to attend, I don’t feel I can begin to identify all of those who supported Nancy so please don’t take offense that I don’t name you personally. What I can say is that whether it was the amazing work creating Christmas wreaths and arrangements of greens, or the tremendous amount of re-gifting items lovingly displayed, or the beautiful baskets that were assembled, or the food and music offered; all of it (despite a small turnout of shopper’s) has raised a significant amount of money that will allow me to help our neighbors in need this winter. What could be a better demonstration of St. Francis’ commitment to embodying God’s love.
This year, as we spend these Advent days remembering the story of how God’s love became incarnate in the person of Jesus on Christmas morning; let us take this time to see all the ways God is moving the hearts of so many in our community of faith to without a lot of pomp, go about the job of demonstrating that love on a daily basis. I am blessed to be a part of such a family and give thanks for you each and every day.
Much love and many blessings,
St. Francis Church
The Calendar

Sunday Services
10 am
Choir Practice

Sunday, December 9
The Second Sunday of Advent

Please bring:

(1) all gifts for the Giving Tree

(2) all gifts for the Sunday School Baby Basket

(3) All soup in the provided containers

Saturday, December 8
Handel's Messiah
(see below)
December 24
5:00 pm Christmas Eve Service
Pot-luck Dinner
The Sign-up sheet is downstairs in the Parish Hall; be sure to indicate how many people in your party will attend.    

December 25
10:00 am Christmas Day Service

We Pray for

Ruth Allen
Mary Belanger
Harry Bissell
David Decrow
Jim Denny
Joe Devine
Virginia Drewry
Edward Dufresne
Hèrve Galy  
Kira Hartley
Dorrine Harris
Jennifer Hulsey
Sam Hulsey
Ray Ann Kliener
Marilyn Litz
Ron and Sarah Mathews
Jackie Mayhew  
Steve Merek
Julie Nicholson
Corinne Pert
John Remick
Diana Robson
Carla Rosensweig
Ed Rosensweig
Will Rosborough
Claudia Smith
Donny Smith
Terri Stephens Smith
Carolyn Taylor
Scott West
Persis Williams
David Witter

Those in the Armed Services    
James Crowe III
Andy Dittmer
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Kyler Hall
Peter McGuyer
Kyle Carino Mings
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley
Ben Stubbs

Those with December Birthdays

Harry Bissell
Tom Boardman
Nancy Doane
Jon Dullnig
Caroline Herrick
Will Rosborough

For the Life and Service of

President George Herbert Walker Bush
From Carlton Russell
On Saturday, December 8, 7 pm, Blue Hill Bach will again present Handel's Messiah at the First Congregational Church of Blue Hill.Tickets are $25 general and $10 for students, with free admission for those under 18. For more information, see the poster on the bulletin board.

To reserve tickets, go to or call (207) 613-5454.

Congratulations, Nora!
Nora plays one of the Cratchett girls and a ghost (not one of the main ghosts) and sings in three songs. She is very excited and committed. The play runs at The Grand in Ellsworth the following dates and times:

Dec. 14-16, Friday & Saturday 7:00 PM
 Sunday 2:00 PM

Dec. 21 & 22, Friday 7:00 PM 
 Saturday 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

(Check with The Grand as some performances are sold out!)

An eClare Request
Our "Away Parishioners"

Monday, December 17
will be the publication of "St. Francis Christmas Greetings."

We want to hear from you...a few words, photos of you or your family...silliness...
(You may NOT make fun of our freezing weather!)

Just be in touch and
tell us how you are!

*Photos of the servicemen we pray for would be welcome...and where they are stationed.
Please send your messages of all kinds to:

This Sunday, December 9

St. Francis by the Sea
...a big giving day!

Sue Grindle and the Outreach Committee will be taking our gifts for the children to The Emmaus Shelter following the 10 am service. Sue thanks you in advance for the excitement of so many children who might otherwise have no gifts on Christmas morning.

Also this Sunday...
Brighton and Camdyn Chung spoke beautifully last Sunday about their St. Francis Sunday School assisting a young woman at The Emmaus Shelter.
***The baby girl was born last night and is wonderfully healthy.***

Her Baby Basket with all its clothing and supplies will also be taken to The Emmaus Shelter this Sunday. If you wish to contribute an item for a newborn baby girl (0-6 months) the children would be so pleased.
And One More... for this Sunday, December 9,
the launching of....
(Thank you, Rev. Claudia, for cleverly naming this new In-reach Mission; and Barbara, for creating the Graphic Artwork)
St Francis parishioners have long recognized the importance of meeting the needs of our own-in times of illness and for a little extra care for all kinds of reasons.

Donny and Peter Smith have inspired a new in-reach mission we are calling "Souper Saints" -just by answering the question.

"What can we do for you"?

In her own wonderful way, Donny said they would love to fill up their freezer with one-quart containers of soup (also, chowder, stews, chilli, etc) while she and Peter continue to recover and re-gain their perky health. These soups will really help to get them them through the long winter without a lot of trouble.

Last Sunday, we had our first discussions about this new project, offered the "one-quart disposable containers with tight freezer lids"-and a signup sheet.

What happened next was just so typically St. Francis...the church turned out...signed up en masse!

Thirty quart containers of every type of soup imaginable will be delivered after our church service to Peter and Donny next Sunday, December 9; their freezer will be humming along again!
An Important Message

As this new program gets going in the new year, "Souper Saints" will continue on a quieter scale -with everyone's help.

We need to know whether you (or another one of us) could use this little bit of TLC!

Most especially, we want to keep our parishioners and friends connected to St. Francis with love and a warm bowl of homemade soup!

 *Several containers and lids are available in the Sacristy for those who signed up for this first wave of "Souper Saints."

*Please remember to fill in the label with both the item and your name. See you Sunday!
A Message from Milissa LaLonde:

As we look to the future of the St. Francis Fair and whatever might replace it, we want to invite a broad group of decision-makers. The Fair Task Force mission is to create a list of new ideas which replace funds generated by the Fair and which continue to serve our community. Please consider adding your voice in one of two ways; either by joining the group in monthly meetings after church, or submitting any ideas you may have to the group. Contact Maurine Tobin ( or 348-9976) if you wish to assist in this important process. Thank you.

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