St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
July 20, 2018
A Beautiful Summer on Coastal Maine

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” ―  Oscar Wilde
Early Summer
St. Francis by the Sea

The Calendar

Sunday Services
8 am
10 am
Choir Practice
5 pm

Sunday July 29
Coffee Hour for
Granny's Attic
after 10 AM Service

Tuesday, July 30
Last day to bring Junque to Joe's Garage

S aturday, August 11
St. Francis Fair

Sunday, August 19
final 8 am service for 2018

Sunday, August 26
St. Francis Annual Meeting
Emily Award
(see below)

We Pray for
Joe Devine
Edward Dufresne 
Brinley Hall
Kira Hartley
Dorrine Harris
Hèrve Galy
Jennifer Hulsey
Katie MacCloud 
Jackie Mayhew
Julie Nicholson
Corinne Pert
Cal Peters
Julia Wyatt Roberts
Diana Robson
Persis Williams
David Witter
Ray Yardy

Those in the Armed Services    
Andy Ditmers
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Peter McGuyer
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley

Those with July Birthdays

Ruth Billings
Marinda Boechat
Charity Chung
Libby Cluett
Patty Deetjen
Kathy DeSilvey
Lynne Ensworth
John Faulkner
Brent Follweiler
Marty Hamblen
Jack Hooper
Jane Hooper
Kevin Hunt
Ann Joyce
Alix Kirkpatrick
Katie MacLeod
Fred Marston
Sam Nesbitt
Chris Ramsay
Jane Reinoso
Elizabeth Richardson
Carlton Russell

Please pick up as many posters as you wish and distribute them around the community,

Many thanks!
The posters are on the table outside of the kitchen
You are Invited!

Coffee Hour
Sunday, July 29

Toys, Dolls, Bikes. Games, Stuffed Animals
School Supplies

All contributions are very welcome and needed for the children...everything will go home with our local children!

(New or Gently Used, please)

A jar will be available if you wish to contribute to a new kid's bike.

How can "Thank You" possibly be enough?

Nancy Doane has gifted thousands of hours over many years as Chair of Parish Life
---always organized, creative, filling in for the many Coffee Hours!

St. Francis has benefitted so very much...we all thank you, Nancy!

Mary Boyd is the new chair of Parish Life...check out that put-together refrigerator! Where do we get such organized parishioners?

Thank you, Mary, for stepping up to such a big job!
From Barbara,
Annual Reports are due into the church office by July 27.
Thanks much!
It is mid-summer in Maine and we are looking forward to a great fair in a few short weeks.

Thank you, everyone, for taking out some precious summer time for the fair in the midst of beautiful, near-perfect, lazy days.

We could not do this without the willing hands of our summer residents and friends of St. Francis- in addition to all those who are year-round.

Recognizing the needs of the wider community we serve, is first and foremost in our thoughts now; how incredible that the fair is also such a wonderful gift to St. Francis Church.

Let Katie MacCloud or Milissa LaLonde know of needs for help in getting treasures and other stuff to the fair, call Suzanne if you have have questions about a suitable Junque donation, be aware of possible items you do not use or no longer need; everyone, please be thinking of a donation to Food To Go...and plan to have a good time at the fair! It's going to be a great one!

August 11, 9-1

"Notes and Needs"
-from our hard-working Fair Chairs-and all!
From our energizer bunny, Fair Chair, Mary Hartley!

"Time is flying! Booth Chairs are busy collecting, sorting, and getting ready to price, but you still have some time to take a good look around your house, your garage, your tools,

Nice art is always appreciated, household items, gardening and other tools sell well. Jewelry is always a winner, as are books. Have a special item? Call us. Don't forget baking, cooking, etc., for the Food to Go Booth, sign-up your speciality!

Sign up for volunteering in the undercroft, YOU are the most important and valued assets. The pay is non-existent, the work can be grungy, but the fellowship, making of new friends, working side by side with old friends, and camaraderie are priceless! There are spots for everyone, no matter your physical strength! 

The Fair is a gift to us and to our community neighbors who wait all year for the event ---- everyone is welcome! This is a time to celebrate!" 

Currently much needed:

(1) a truck with a trailor to get a golf cart to the fairgrounds on the day before the fair and to be returned on Saturday

(2) two more people to help set up on the days before the fair. Got teens or neighbors who could give us a few hours? See Mary.

From our Junque Dealer,
 Suzanne Decrow

The deadline for donations will be July 30th.

We request that folks leave their stuff in bags or boxes.

We also strongly request that jewelry, toys and books go to their designated drop-off places.
If anyone has questions as to the acceptability of their donation, they are welcomed to give me a call.

As I say each year- If at any other time of the year you take it to the dump, do the same at Fair time!!!!

Thank you!!

*FYI: Toys and other donations for Granny's Attic can now be dropped off at the home of Judy Rountree. Please give her a call to make sure the garage will be open. (374-2636)
From our Most Treasured -Treasure Receiver,
Milissa LaLonde

Gifts toTreasures are coming right along!

 We have a beautiful 100 year old bureau-on-a-bureau, some nice dining tables & chairs and comfy chairs as well. 

Some oriental treasures have found their way to us and we have two wonderful dinghies (not the volunteers!!)

Please send unique, antique and fun items our way and be sure to come to the 29th annual St. Francis Fair on August 11.

Thank you,
Milissa LaLonde

*Pick-up for heavier items is available. Please call Milissa if you need help.

From co-chief Book Collector and Sorter,
Julie Boardman

Marcia and I are doing well with the book sorting. We could use lots more books. This is a great opportunity to get those unwanted books out of your house!

Please drop them off at church in a bag or box.We really prefer not to have them loose, if possible.

If you have boxes of books, feel free to call Marcia and arrange to take them directly to her house.
Thanks and we look forward to having your books. They are always a huge drawing card at the fair. Collectors will show up, as always!

Strange Tools and Special Boats
-Joe Thompson-

Joe's Garage is open for Garden Tools, Lawnmowers, Airplanes, and cars- which would, seriously, benefit not only the fair but a member of the community. Large donations are tax-deductable.

One hundred Servings of

Strawberry Shortcake!

Mary Boyd, of course!

---thinking of freshly baked biscuits and bowls of ice cold strawberries. What could be better on a hot summer day?

Food to Go!

(or some us just stand there and eat!)

Chris Ramsay
is all about the details!

Some suggestions from her:

We really need more pies this year which are huge sellers...fruit, custard, pecan, any kind at all sell out quickly.
Please label everything from cookies to breads to cakes to pies -and if there are nuts- too.
Muffins and breads of all kinds are much appreciated.
If you are making jam, jelly, pickles or preserves of any kind, would you make an extra jar for the fair? These also sell out in a hurry.
Sandwiches also sell out, complete with chips, and are inexpensive.

Please let Chris know if you are willing to make a dozen sandwiches. She can be found at the Blue Hill Co-op on week days or call her.

Many thanks for your help and contributions !

Emily Award Nominations are open to all!

Emily Chaney lives on in our hearts as we strive to reach the high standards she set in her work with Communications and many other aspects of the life of St. Francis.

Please pick up a form and nominate one of our many worthy parishioners. Forms are available in the narthex and church office.
A Fun Day as St. Francis dresses up!
Thank you everyone for the jewelry, scarves and purses!
2018 St. Francis Fair — Designated DROP OFF Areas
Junque  – Joe’s barn, 13 Hales Hill Road, Sedgwick  is open.
Jewelry and Scarves  – at the church or to Mary Hartley 
Garden Shed  – Joe’s Garage
Children’s  — Judy Rountree
Books  – church 
Tools  – Joe’s barn on the side porch.
Treasure Chest  – Contact Milissa LaLonde at  469-2155   or Mary Hartley at 702-0010 or 
NO broken, rusty, nasty items
NO computers
NO child car seats
NO clothes
NO mattresses
It is also helpful if folks bring their donations in boxes or bags and stack them as efficiently as possible. Thank you!
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