St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
October 2, 2019

Bring Your Critters, Invite your friends
-this Sunday, October 6
for the
10 AM Worship Service
The Blessings of Rev. Steve and Kathleen Hayward
St. Francis Church

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There will be a service at Parker Ridge
Friday, October 4
2:30 pm
Sunday Worship
Blessings of the Animals
10 am
Coffee Hour

New Adult Forum

Rachel Held Evans
Sunday, October 13
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Wednesday Seekers

Sowing Tears, Reaping Joy
(continuing, see right)

We Pray for:

Holly Colt
Edward Dufresne
Christy Olsen-Hall
Brinley Hall
Dorine Harris 
Dilys Hoyt
Jennifer Hulsey
Sam Hulsey
Catherine Husted
Tyler Knowles
JoAnn Krestan
Bill Petry
Bob Publicover
Susie Rackcliffe
Diana Robson
Dennis Robertson
Carla Rosensweig
Ed Rosensweig
Mary Kathryn Rountree
Sarah Semler
Donny Smith
Peter Smith
Gloria Smith

Those in the Armed Services    
James Crowe III
Andy Dittmer
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Douglas Hamilton
Kyler Hall
Peter McGuyer
Kyle Carino Mings
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley
Ben Stubbs

Those with October Birthdays

Bitsy Bacon
Andrew Chung
Brighton Chung
Mark Cluett
Andrew Connard
Jim Crawford
Edward Dufresne
Anne Follweiler
Edward Rosensweig
Curt Schneider
Nora Schroeder
Ralph Topsham
Claudia Smith
Page Williamson
From Ray Yardy-

"Thank you to all who worked so hard at the WindowDressers workshop in Ellsworth during the past two weeks."

Your efforts enabled the making of 427 windows and 6 repairs for 66 customers during the workshop.

 Also, a big thank you to those who purchased windows; they will reduce your energy bills for years and help reduce climate change. Ray also notes that approximately 30% of the windows produced this year were given, for no cost, to those who could not afford them. This was made possible by generous donations from the 'Catholic Dioceses of Portland' and the 'New England Grassroots Environmental Fund. 
Congratulations, David Decrow!

The 2019 Emily Award went to one of the most dedicated parishioners in the history of St. Francis Church.

To quote Suzanne, "David probably knows every square inch of the St. Francis building. He has been involved with it since the purchase in the early 90's. He has been hands-on right up to the recent stove vent installation."

David spent many years as Junior Warden and is still called upon for information about the various systems.

David has been a chalice bearer, Sunday School teacher and manned the beverage booth for the St. Francis Fair for many years.

Most of the time which David has devoted to the church, has been behind the scenes. As Suzanne has said, "He has devoted more hours than I can count doing things to improve St. Francis since we first walked through the door of the Legion Hall in March of 1990."

Not just congratulations but a big "thank you" to David!
Our annual "Blessing of the Animals" takes on a special meaning with the year-round work and dedication of Rev. Steve's wife (and St. Francis parishioner) Kathleen Hayward .

Kathleen plays a vital role with BluePath Service Dog.

View the website here:

Quoting Kathleen, " I loved dogs and I loved the idea of raising a dog for someone else. I have a good friend whose daughter is on the spectrum. When she was little, she loved watching my dog’s tail wag back and forth. It was then, in 1998, that I first recognized the deep connection between animals and humans."

-and a fun quote from Kathleen:
"It's a lot like having a two year old – the advantage is that you can put your dog in a crate!"

Prior to their work with BluePath, Steve and Kathleen raised 12 dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Beginning Sunday, October 13

Inspired , written by Rachel Held Evans, will be the topic of the Adult Forum beginning October 13 . Evans grew up in Appalachia, in a family committed to the strictest of Biblical interpretation.

Inspired  is both the story of her journey to a new understanding of the Bible (and to the Episcopal Church), and a reader’s guide to dealing with some of the Bible’s most difficult stories – including the treatment of women, war stories, fables, parables, and the reality of God who loves us all.

If you wish to purchase the book, it is available from Amazon for $9.49. 

From Nancy Doane-

" We are starting a new service called
St Francis Shoppers
We have several volunteers signed up who are ready to help you with your shopping in Blue Hill. 

If you are not able to get to the grocery store or the pharmacy please let us help.

Just give me a call and let me know. At this time we are limiting the service to only St Francis members. We may be able to expand in the future but not at this time. 

If you would like to volunteer your driving/shopping service or if you are in need of help with your shopping, please contact Nancy Doane at 460-8814 or . I hope we wil be able to start this program the first of November."
Wednesday Seekers has returned with a wonderful offering which is being led by the Rev. Tim Ensworth.
Tim is knowledgable and an excellent facilitator.

"Sowing Tears, Reaping Joy: The Bible and Brahm’s Requiem" is a seven-week Bible study on the experience of grief.

The second session was this week and it was really wonderful. Please come next Wednesday. Several books are still available.

Session#3 materials are available. 

Participants are listening to “Ein Deutsches Requiem” (“A German Requiem”) composed by Johannes Brahms and discussing the biblical texts he chose for his composition.

  Sowing Tears, Reaping Joy  is about the intersection of music and faith. We are following Brahm’s lead in a very personal and human (his words) journey “not ... from grief to hope, but through grief in hope” (the study author’s words). His requiem affirms that our very real experiences of grief need not diminish our hope, but that neither does the presence of genuine hope obviate our
need to live with our grief.

Participants are using the resource book, Sowing Tears, Reaping Joy:  The Bible and Brahm’s Requiem
written by Carol Bechtel Reynolds, published by the Kerygma Program.

The Bible study is running seven consecutive Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30 am. You will be welcomed!
Seen above are John, Nora, Sue and Pudge who loaded up all the St. Francis donations for The Bahamas.


A huge thank you goes to John Higgins who made the long drive down to the fire station in Lyman, Maine, with a hundred bags of clothing and shoes bound for The Bahamas. Our donations joined everything from generators to emergency equipment. All were transported to a ship in Florida- leaving within the next week.
(Photo by John Higgins at the Goodwins Mills fire station)
Janet Lewis (seen below) is the dedicated Executive Director of Healthy Peninsula . She spoke to Adult Forum last Sunday about her work which is very dear to St. Francis Church. The Magic Food Bus receives a significant portion of our Outreach budget. We were amazed by the numbers she gave us...all relative to the amount of food donated and distributed to our local communities.

" A week before the end of this ninth season, the Magic Food Bus distributed donated produce from family garden growers: 1,058 lbs; locally purchased produce 1,776 lbs, gleaned from farms that might otherwise go to waste:

A total of 4,268 lbs.were distributed in 15 weeks at 14 stops in 7 towns by several volunteer drivers This equals roughly 300 lbs of food going out each week, and roughly 2 lbs. of free, fresh veggies per Magic Food Bus patron per week."
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