St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church
Blue Hill ~ Maine
July 13, 2019

Summer in Brooklin
(photo by Joe Lendvai)
St. Francis Church

The Calendar

Sunday Worship

8 am
10 am
Coffee Hour

Here are some wonderful Adult Forum opportunities through the summer!

July 14th & July 21st  

- 5 week series on Civil Discourse continues- facilitated by The Rev. Steven Hayward 
(see right)
also, July 21
All-church Picnic at the home of Peter and Donny Smith
(see right)
Wed. July 17 (10 am)
Treasure Chest Volunteers Meeting at St. Francis
(questions, Lynn Yurosko at (954 805-3788)
July 28th  - The Rev. Bob Tobin and Maureen talking about their most recent trip to Gaza

 August 4th -Summer parishioner, Judith Dullnig, will speak about her remarkable prison ministry connecting mothers with children in Texas
(more about this later)

St. Francis by the Sea
Summer Fair
August 10, 2019
30th Anniversary

An all-fair eClare will be out next week.
Look for some fun, some needs, and photos from your Booth Chairs!
Fair Posters/Flyers will be available at the church as of this Tuesday, July 16. Twenty four hundred will go into The Packet as "inserts" and 100 will be available to the church for distribution.

Please sign your name and the number you are taking.

You are welcome to put them all over the Peninsula and Ellsworth, wherever you have permission.

We Pray for:
Mary Allen
David Decrow
Edward Dufresne
Heather Ford
Christy Olsen-Hall
Dorine Harris 
Kira Hartley
Dilys Hoyt
Jennifer Hulsey
Sam Hulsey
Rayanne Kleiner
John Klinger
Tyler Knowles
JoAnn Krestan
Mary Miller
Joan Morill 
Diana Robson
Dennis Robertson
Carla Rosensweig
Ed Rosensweig
Donny Smith
Peter Smith
Gloria Smith
Marshall Smith
Peggy Vanderhoff
Scott West

Those in the Armed Services    
James Crowe III
Andy Dittmer
Brian Haley
Sean Haley
Douglas Hamilton
Kyler Hall
Peter McGuyer
Kyle Carino Mings
Eric Partridge
Henry Shepley
Ben Stubbs

Those with July Birthdays

Ruth Billings
Marinda Boechat
Charity Chung
Libbie Cluett
Patti Deetjen
Kathy DeSilvey
Lynn Ensworth
John Faulkner
Brent Follweiler
Jack Hooper
Jane Hooper
Marty Hamblen
Kevin Hunt
Ann Joyce
Alix Kirkpatrick
Fred Marston
Katie MacLeod
Sam Nesbitt, Jr
Chris Ramsay
Jane Reinoso
Elizabeth Richardson
Carlton Russell
Brenda Swayze

Sunday, July 21
At the home of Peter and Donny Smith
-maybe not
their furry guest (?)
(sent by Peter!)

As you can see from Peter's photo above, no one can resist a picnic at the Smith's home!

An all-church invitation!

Sent by Nancy Doane:

"Sunday, July 21st we are having a Parish Picnic at Peter and Donny Smith’s house. They have been very gracious and offered to open their house and grounds to all of us to gather together on that day. 

Everyone is asked to bring their own picnic lunch including what you may want for dessert and drinks. We do not want Peter and Donny to have to do any work. 

What a wonderful time to be able to be with them and enjoy everyones company. If you have been to their house before you know what beautiful grounds they have as well as the many trails that Peter has made. 

Come after church or after Adult Forum and enjoy the hospitality. We will have plenty of seating, and remember what you bring in you have to take out. 

Rain date (just in case) is July 28th.

From Steve:



Join this program this week!

-A parish family is reaching out for help-

There is an immediate need of a rental home for a St. Francis family. The home's owner is putting their rental property on the market and this family needs to relocate within the next couple of weeks.

If you know of a year-round rental, please call the church office as soon as possible.

Many thanks! Barbara can give you more information when you call the church office (374-5200)

eClare has many readers in the wider community and this request goes out to you, as well. It is a difficult time of the year to make this happen, as this lovely family well knows.

Thank you all for putting on your "thinking caps".
Friends List
from Barbara in the church office-
" It’s that time again! There is a blue binder downstairs in the Parish Hall labeled  Members & Friends List.

   Please review and make any changes or additions to your information next to your name. Thank you!

A Celebration of the Ministry
The Rev. Claudia Wyatt Smith

It was supposed to be an opportunity for St. Francis summer parishioners to add their "good-byes" to Rev. Claudia, but it was, in fact, a really enthusiastic and fun celebration by more than 100 well-wishers this past Sunday.

The Rev. Steve Hayward preached a wonderful and meaningful sermon and Rev. Claudia added her very personal comments.

Everyone wishes Claudia much happiness as she moves forward. Her presence these past eleven years has been a real blessing for St. Francis Church.

Both the sermon and Claudia's remarks can be heard in "sermons" on St. Francis website.

St Francis by the Sea  (website)

* Whether or not you were at the service, do take a look at the website. Our Sr Warden, and web-master, Bob Publicover, has been doing some terrific work on it...absolutely beautiful!
Bookmark it for future reference and for transitional information.
Mary Crawford reads the Proclamation to our Rector Emeritus
Somehow, Rev. Claudia's pose looks a little familiar?

Bring it on!

Please be aware that various items you may have to donate to the Fair are collected at the following different locations:

JUNQUE, PERFECT PET and GARDENING items at Joe Thompson's garage at 13 Hale's Hill Road, Sedgwick.

Junque will cease accepting donations as of the end of July

TOOLS on Joe's side porch.

GRANNIES' ATTIC kids' related items at the Everdell's garage at 235 Carter Point Road, Sedgwick.

TREASURES at Lynne Yurosko's barn at 747 Morgan Bay Road, Surry.

At the church: BOOKS in the book box in the back hall upstairs.

JEWELRY in the Sacristy on the back shelf.
If you have any questions as to where your item(s) should go, please call one of the Booth Chairs.
As always, the Fair Booth Chairs thank you for your donations and appreciate you following the above instructions.
In our links below, there is a new one which is temporarily marked in red. Many parishioners have been concerned and wondering how to help with the influx of migrants coming to Portland and to Maine in general. The Diocesan office has sent eClare this link to what is happening and what we can do to help.
Links to Websites of
 Special Interest: 

St Francis by the Sea  (website)

From our church office: We have a St. Francis Facebook Page. Link below... "LIKE" our page and keep up to date on all the news and happenings!!!

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