Saint Helena United Methodist Church

Week of May 24 to May 30 

May 24, 2023

Dear Friends,

Come, Holy Spirit,

bending                                                                                                or not bending the grasses,


or not                                                                                                         above our heads in a tongue of flame,

at harvest                                                                                                  or when they plough in the orchards                                                                      

or when snow

covers crippled firs in the Sierra Nevada.

I am only a human:                                                                                                  I need visible signs.

I tire easily,                                                                

building the stairway of abstraction.

Many a time

I asked,                                                                                            

you know it well,

that the statue in church

lifts its hand,                                 

only once,                                                                                                     just once, for me.

But I understand that signs must be human,

therefore call one person

anywhere on earth,

not me----                                                                   

after all I have some decency—

and allow

me,                                                                                                        when I look at that one

person,                                                                                                  to marvel at you.

Veni Creator by Czeslaw Milosz

This Sunday is Pentecost, the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples in Jerusalem, a week or so, after Christ ascended to God. The Spirit blessed and changed them in ways they could not have known beforehand.

For it made them apostles, prepared and able to preach and teach and heal a sad and broken world. Just as we today, looking out over a world full of disconnection, disaffiliation, deceit, and dissatisfaction, can be broken, then renewed for the reality we must face each day. For this world is one where we are asked to give our all, to act as the better part for what is needed. Though our actions are but a drop in the bucket, each of us in little and large ways, makes a difference and that is what counts. We may not fix it, but we will make it a little bit better than it was beforehand. This is the opportunity God gives us, to help bring harmony and kindness and faith into our lives. And into the lives of so many others, for the spirit connects us all.


The movie tonight is To Have and Have Not from 1944. It is a romance, an adventure, a war time espionage and a lovely close up on mid-20th century musical stylings by a true virtuoso, Hoagy Carmichael. Please bring your dinner and join us at 6:30 p.m. for Film Night at SHUMC!


For Pentecost this Sunday, please wear red, the color of the spirit which we celebrate each year, as we move out of Easter and into the new season of Holy Spirit. Pentecost is when we remember how the holy spirit flows like fire, like blood, like the ocean itself, through our cells, community, and all creation.

As an extra special treat, Name that Tune will be played after worship this Sunday during Fellowship time. Organized by Ron, Esther, and Susie, it is a chance to see how good your musical memory is, as we hear tunes from over the years and compete to see who guesses them first!


Church Secretary Lesa Ward is retiring this summer. Thank you Lesa for your faithful service and care since 2019! The church is now looking for a talented person to fill this important role. Please let Pastor Burke or Beth Leeds know of possible candidates. Thank you!


Pastor Audrey is recovering from her hip replacement at a lovely and restful rehabilitation center in Walnut Creek. She looks forward to coming back to St Helena next week and joining the church in July. Please keep her in prayer as she continues to heal and recover into full health.

That’s all for now!

Blessings and see you on Sunday,


Sunday Worship

May 28, 2023

Pentecost Sunday

10 a.m. Worship

Scripture: Acts 2:1-21; Acts 9:36-43

Sermon: Pentecost

(Elizabeth, Candace, & Dorcas: women of the New Testament)

Music: Terry Winn, Jeffrey McFarland Johnson


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Movie Night, Wednesday, May 24 at 6:30 pm

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The Book of 2 Samuel,

Please hold these saints in your prayers, 

The family of Mattie Brown, Linda and the family of Karl Parker; Ben and Natalie DiMaio and the family of Char Butcher; Lisa Cox; Kevin Horowitz; Jack and Ruthie Rydman; Anita and David Cummings; Jan Frate; Lois Need; Tony and Carole Pietrangelo; and all our community near and far.

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2 Ali Keyes

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