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Pastor Appreciation and Tornado Remembrance Sunday
May 15th.
As part of our 150th anniversary celebration, on May 15th, we will be celebrating former pastors, visitation pastors, interns and Son's of the Ministry (there are no daughters) from our congregation. There will be at least two former pastors here. We have some letters from those that aren't able to attend and videos from some. A photo display of the Pastors will also be presented in the Narthex for your viewing. There will be a very special coffee reception for them after the service. Come enjoy a fresh cinnamon rolls, fruit cup and Aromas Coffee.
We hope many people will attend.
We will also be remembering the 1968 Tornado since that was May 15, 54 years ago. We plan on a presentation of pictures and video from the time and a reading of Pastor Trost's (1964-1969) remembrances of that date and the weeks after. A very interesting manuscript.

Sundays:   9:00 a.m. Worship in Sanctuary
                    Communion is the 1st & 3rd Sunday

May 14 Spring Cleanup at the church 9 a.m.
150th Committee make cinnamon rolls at 12.
May 15 Pastor appreciation and 1968 Tornado remembrance with a special coffee afterwards.
May 18 Do Day Quilters
May 22 Graduation Sunday
June 12 Youth Bake Sale

Please keep the following in prayer.
Sue Ayers
James Grob
Bill Hollar
Kayla Labarge
Dale Lamprecht
Larry Larsen
Brandie McDonald
Carol Meader
Marilu Wohlers
Bill Wohlers, Jr.
Carmen Wolff
Calvin Shultz

Pray for our military family

Mackenzy Bilharz, Alex Buenger, Kaylie Fox, Hannah Fox, Kim Hall, Daniel Jacobs, Cameron Kakac, Drew Roethler and Robson Shankland.

Note: we were able to send packages to 6 of the above military personnel because we had addresses. If you have an address for Kim Hall, Daniel Jacob or Drew Roethler we will gladly send some more.
The Youth Board is sponsoring a summer mission trip to the North Dakota Badlands from July 5-9, 2022. This trip is open to St. John students who have completed 6th-12th grades and their friends. Sign up on the bulletin board outside Laurie’s office.

The Youth Board would welcome any donations toward the cost of fuel for the bus. If you feel called to donate stop in and see Linda in the Business Office, or put Sunday, June 12th on your calendar to attend our bake sale in the Narthex. The youth participating in the mission trip will again be baking pies and other goodies to sell before and after worship service.

Coming in June
The prayer shawl group will continue on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.
Alternating with this I am asking for help in making some items for the 150th Anniversary dinner and craft fair in October. This will be a crafting session, very easy stuff to begin. You just have to bring yourself and I will show you what to do. The LOVE folded book is a possibility, but we will start with something simple, but useful.
In this vein, I am also asking for you to clean out your junk craft drawers, closets and bookshelves because we need some things.
I could buy this stuff, but you don't get variety and the cost adds up so fast when getting it from the craft or dollar stores. We need bits and pieces of lots of things. If you're a crafter, you understand.

Items we need: Please bring them to the church.
*Paperback books any kind and hard back books 350-500 pages. (I have bigger ones.) The page ends need to be clean and the pages not old and stiff.
*Ribbon cloth type (not curling ribbon or paper), 1/2 inch to one inch. Plain colors are best, but buffalo check and even a Christmas print would be good.
*Bling like strings of pearls, rhinestones, beads (Like from dollar store). Beads should be on the petite side, less than 1/4 inch.(Or some bling are in 1-inch rows but can be cut down.)
*Buttons that are unique are great. Christmas ones also a plus.
*Flat lace around 1/2-1 inch. white, beige or colors that are kind of antique would be best. Maybe even a red or green could be used. flat on one side and wavy on the other side is fancier, but wider straight will work.
*Silk type flowers and leaves. Mostly like 1-2,5 inch, but some bigger ones are OK. I would even like some of the flowers that are burlap and burlap ribbon.
*If you have some snowflake  sequins or table scatters that would work into the crafts, too.
*Mini glue sticks we go through them like water.
*An extra glue gun would be helpful.
*Also, the prayer shawl group could use some cotton, dishcloth yarn in solid colors. Variegated doesn't work for the prayer cloths.
*I could also use some bankers boxes or paper boxes with lids to store stuff.

I know this seems like an involved list, but I have pretty much depleted my private stash and need odds and ends to make these projects pop.It may seem like it is early to worry about it, but this stuff is time consuming and I could use help and "stuff" to get it done. Thanks in advance for your help.

Starting in June: Prayer shawl 1st and 3rd Friday afternoons at 1 p.m.
Craft time on the 2nd and 4th Friday afternoons at 1 p.m.
Both are in the Chapel

Remember that there is a craft fair in October. We are looking for heritage as well as modern crafts. Maybe some jams or jellies or salsa as we work with our gardening. Keep it in mind as the year goes on.

Adult Bible Study
Sundays at 10:15 in the Chapel
Each week we will be taking a closer look at the Bible readings for that Sunday. It's a chance to go deeper in the scriptures for that week and have conversation about them.

No Sunday School May 15



Graduation Sunday is May 22nd
Kaleb Craig Bilharz Deven Anthony Ignacio Castillo
Colton Leroy Crooks
Keaton Ellis Schmidtke Celestino Ismael Tamayo Baez
Alyvia Lynn Vance
Brandon Michael Ignacio Castillo
Kaleb Michael Cotton
Brayton Robert Quade
Emma Marie Schmiedel
Koen James Tibbitts
“Monumental – Celebrating God’s Greatness”
June 14th-17th will be VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL!

  • Online registration will be starting soon. Be watching!
  • Walk-in registration will begin at 5:15pm on the 14th.
  • Plan on having your kids attend from 5:30pm-7:30pm on Tuesday-Friday!
  • We will serve a light supper for the kids each evening.
  • VBS is open to kids in Preschool-5th grades.
  • There is no registration fee for VBS this year thanks to Kans for Kids!
  • If you are interested in volunteering at VBS, please contact Laurie.
Building & Grounds Spring Cleanup Day
May 14th starting at 9:00 a.m. Bring your rakes, wheelbarrows, and other cleanup tools to help cleanup the parking lot and the grassy areas around the church!
Blessing Box
The Blessing box is in need of items.
Many people are using our Blessing Box, so let’s keep it filled! Popular items: protein (chicken, tuna, meat sticks), boxes of cereal, individual easy-to-prepare meals. Bread & peanut butter. Cake mix & frosting. Pancake mix & syrup. Hot chocolate & marshmallows. Personal care items (bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo), toilet paper, tissues. Dish soap, laundry detergent (small containers). They can be put directly in the box outside.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands has about 20 people ready, willing, and able to help run errands, do minor household help, and provide transportation. If you need any of these services, please call Kathy at the church office during regular business hours. Someone will contact you within 48 hours of receiving the message to make arrangements to help. 
After Worship Fellowship!
Coffee/drink & a treat will be served in the Parish Hall after,worship. Enjoy a moment to reconnect with each other in fellowship!

****If you would like to volunteer to bring the treats, please sign up on the chart just inside the Narthex doors on or call Kathy in the office.
What you choose to bring for a treat is entirely up to you!
Coffee & napkins are provided by St. John.


Altar Flower & Radio Sign-up: If you would like to sign up to sponsor the Altar flowers &/or the radio broadcast contact Kathy in the office at 641-228-3397! We will continue to have flowers as they are on the online service & the radio broadcast reaches many of our at home congregation!

Our 150th Anniversary is NOW!
To commemorate our 150 years, we are planning on having “something” every month through this year. 

May 14th meet at noon to make cinnamon rolls

Keep May 15th in mind for the special Pastor Appreciation and Tornado Remembrance Sunday.
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