Click the link below or on the image above to be directed to the live-stream Sunday service on July 31 at 9 a.m. or to watch it later.

Our big July event is a Gospel Quartet, Headin' Home, that will be doing the service on July 31. They are based out of the First Baptist Church in Colfax, IA. They will be doing the entire service so it should be a song-filled inspirational experience. 

They are sponsored by the 150th Anniversary Committee and so is a free event. They will have CDs available for purchase afterwards to support their ministry if you enjoy the music and message.

on Sunday, July 24th. Please return the items that you chose by this Sunday, July 31st.

Sundays:   9:00 a.m. Worship in Sanctuary
                    Communion is the 1st & 3rd Sunday each month

July 31 Headin' Home Gospel group will be doing the service
August 1 Anniversary committee meets 10 a.m. in chapel
August 9-10 Office closed, main hallway maintenance
August 11 Crafters at 1 p.m.
August 14 Celebration of Pastor Leeper's 30 years in the ministry
August 15 SJCP will be holding informational parent meetings for each age group
August 17 Do Day Quilters
August 23 SJCP “Get Acquainted” open house date.
August 24 Newsletter deadline
August 29 1st day of preschool
September 11 God's Work our Hands
Sept 28 Rally Day

After church Bible Study will resume in the fall.


Please keep the following in prayer.
Sue Ayers
BJ Gifford
Dale Hughes
Kayla Labarge
Brandie McDonald
Calvin Shulrtz
Marilu Wohlers
Bill Wohlers, Jr.
Carmen Wolff

The family of Judith Ann Troge
Pray for our military family

Mackenzy Bilharz, Alex Buenger, Tanner Evans, Kaylie Fox, Hannah Fox, Kim Hall, Daniel Jacobs, Cameron Kakac, Drew Roethler and Robson Shankland.

Crafting for the anniversary will be on Thursday afternoons at 1 p.m. This will be in the chapel.
The angels and candle in the picture are the first things we will make. They are easy and will be used at the anniversary. All are welcome and it should be a lot of fun. If you can make a paper airplane, you can do this.

If you would like to do some of this at home, I can show you how and let you get to it. Just let me know.

Thank you to those of you that emptied out your craft stash to help with this project.

Remember that there is a craft fair in October. We are looking for heritage as well as modern crafts. Maybe some pie, jams or jellies or salsa as we work with our gardening. Keep it in mind as the year goes on.

Contact me, Janet Petefish, at with questions
God’s Work Our Hands:
 Sunday, September 11, 2022
We are excited to participate again in the ELCA God’s Work Our Hands
Day of Service on Sunday, September 11.

 This day is where all around the world (and in particular in Charles City, Iowa) we can demonstrate St. John’s mission: God’s Love in Action, by reaching out in our community to serve and love our neighbors. 
We offered several projects last year and plan to offer some of the same ones along with some new ones. We need your help in the following:
1.     Volunteering/participating in one or more of the projects on Sunday, September 11
2.     Helping us identify people/projects in our community that we could do
3.     Helping collect materials for some of the projects
4.     If you are a Thrivent member selecting one of the projects we are doing to submit for Thrivent matching funds to help (we will be getting more information out about how to do this and what is needed).
Below is a link to the ELCA website about the day including a special hymn composed for the event.
Some Information about Thrivent Actions Teams:
Each Thrivent member is eligible to lead (one or two action teams—depends on the type of membership you have) a year. Thrivent provides a kit (including up to $250 seed money) for action team projects.  We will provide more information to Thrivent members on how to access this benefit for those who are interested.
Below is a link to more information about the Thrivent Actions Teams:

Planning group: Jeremy Heyer, Don Holm, Susan Leeper, Alison Pettit, Katie Prichard, Kathy Rogotzke, Kim Watkins
There is a table in the Narthex for you to share your extra produce with the congregation!
Veggie lovers…when there is produce on the table feel free to take as much as you want!


After Worship Social Time

Coffee & a treat are served outside the Narthex doors each Sunday! If you would like to volunteer to bring the treats let Kathy know in the office.

What you choose to bring for a treat is entirely up to you!
Coffee & napkins are provided by St. John.


Altar Flower & Radio Sign-up: If you would like to sign up to sponsor the Altar flowers &/or the radio broadcast contact Kathy in the office at 641-228-3397! We will continue to have flowers as they are on the online service & the radio broadcast reaches many of our at home congregation!

Our 150th Anniversary is NOW!
To commemorate our 150 years, we are planning on having “something” every month through this year.

Notes from the 150th Anniversary Committee
The next meeting of the Anniversary committee will be August 1 at 10 a.m. in the chapel. Anyone that has an interest can attend. We are getting down to the last details for the dinner and craft fair. If you have some interest, we would love your input.
We are also getting down to the finishing work on our crafted table arrangements. I have heard from a few more people wanting to help with this and would love having more crafty hands to get through the volume we will require. Heads up to those following this, these will also be part of the craft fair so you will have the opportunity to purchase some if they interest you. We meet Thursdays at 1 p.m. in the chapel. Our craft fair will feature hand crafted and donated heritage and modern crafts, home baked goods, jams, salsa, etc.  The recipient of the funds from the craft fair is still under consideration, but we will announce that, hopefully, next month.
Great news about our Anniversary celebration! The assistant to the Bishop, The Rev. Liz Albertson will be joining us for our celebration. We look forward to a wonderful day in worship and then fellowship during the meal. This is a good time to think about all that has gone on in the last 150 years as well as in just the last year. I think we have celebrated in unique and interesting ways. We hope you have enjoyed the events and historical items that have been displayed so far.
We will start taking reservations in early September for the free Anniversary dinner on October 30, because it will be catered by U2 BBQ and we will need an accurate count. More details on the menu will follow. 
August will be a quiet month for the committee. We will display some more items on August 14th. That is also the day we celebrate Pastor Leeper's 30 years in the ministry. Come see our display and then have some Aromas coffee, some food and congratulate Pastor on his dedication to us and the other churches that he's served in those years.
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