Above is a picture of the day the blankets were delivered to the hospital. My grandchildren helped. I think it was a good lesson in giving, especially since they were so appreciative at the hospital. I have heard very positive feedback from the patients through my daughter, a nurse at the hospital. This is a ministry that I think we should continue. The emphasis probably should be shifted to the same people that prayer shawls are appropriate for, to put a stock in the clothing room for needy people and possibly as something the pastors could use for people that might be blessed by one at a visitation. I would like your feed back.
Along with this does come a cost, however. I would like an account set up for monetary donations for fleece, or you could make a donation of a 2 yard section of fleece, or if you want to make it yourself I will soon give instructions for how these single layer blankets can be simply sewn. I strive to make them for $7 or less, so we have to be on the lookout for sales. Again, please let me know your opinion on this. I am also interested in people willing to sew.
Note: a 2.5 yard piece of fleece can also make 2 youth size blankets if the pattern allows for a sideways print.

We can always use Prayer Shawls. So if you are a knitter, crocheter, sewer or quilter you can make a prayer shawl. You can drop a completed one off or pick one up by contacting Kathy Hoeft.

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Sound and Video Capital Campaign
It is hard to believe that it has been two years since we dreamed, planned, and installed our new sound and video system in the sanctuary. The congregation pledged and donated a total of $135,968.49. Of this amount $68,691.44 was given outright with $67,295 pledged. To date there is over $18,000 in outstanding pledges. Please consider fulfilling your pledge to bring this project to a close. Thank you for all your generous support over this two-year period.

Sunday School classes resume on Sunday, January 17th after a break for the holidays. Be watching for an announcement about when our Sunday School classes will start in-person. Sunday School lessons will continue to be available in an online format from January-May.This winter/spring we will be learning about the stories of Jesus and His disciples from the book of Luke.

From the Stewardship Board

MARK FEBRUARY 14, 2021 as a date to keep open for a special noon event at St. John. We don’t have the details all worked out but on this typical day of showing our love to the special people in ourlives, we want to share that love with each and every one of you. Your faithfulness to St. John, financially and by your actions, has been very heart-warming and we thank you for that!!

Stay tuned for more information coming soon...

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