It is a Sunday morning.

All is quiet.

The altars and the walls and the windows

- the same as always for many years

- over 100 – it is told

But where are the people?

Their hearts are there as they have been.

Their prayers are here BUT they are not.

All is still.

The life of the place

- the music

- the laughter

- the hugs

- the prayers

Are held in God’s hands.
Due to all the recommendations regarding COVID-19, St John's has closed its doors.

All worship, non-essential parish meetings and activities are suspended until further notice, including but not exclusively: Open Doors, Thursday AM, Centering Prayer, The Community Thrift Shop, Choir Practice, the Choir's April Concert, Art Credo. If you think you have anything on at the church, please contact the activity leader or the church office as it is most likely not happening at this time. Please also consult The Well's website for information about there services.

All volunteers are asked to stay at home and not to access the church, as it is essential that we social distance as well as prevent spreading the virus through surface contact.
Thank you!
The physical doors of our church may be closed, but the doors of our hearts remain open. Please call one another. Send an email. Maybe even write an old-fashioned letter! Pray for one another.

And remember that we have a Pastoral Care Team and Clergy who are available to respond to your needs via phone or email, and messages will be checked each day.

Also, we are organizing a "phone tree" whereby each household on our parish list will receive a phone call from another parishioner just to check-in and see how you are doing. Let's keep as connected as possible!

We do need to keep paying our staff and keep the building running. Needless to say, our rental income will be virtually non-existent for some time. If you are not financially compromised during this time and are able to donate online, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for caring in so many ways!
During this time, it is so important for us to offer prayer. For my own daily prayers, I use this book of Celtic Daily Prayer and I invite you to pray with me! All you need is a wee bit of time, the liturgy, and a bible (or access online).

Breathe, relax into God, feel surrounded by your faith community.

Please also be aware that there are many other resources available. Our Cathedral has posted a pastoral letter with some lovely imagery, helpful suggestions and resources. Also check out this Anglican Church of Canada link to access webcasts, livestreams, prayers, etc.

Take care, Beth+
Within moments of being elected on Saturday, March 14th, Bishop-Elect Shane Parker displayed his wisdom and leadership with these words:

"I am conscious that tomorrow morning we will not be gathering in our churches. I will come to this cathedral, because many people will not have heard the notice, and it will be largely empty. We are called in this unusual time to be love in a world that is now filled with fear. This is our time. We are called to give the compassion and wisdom of God in Christ to care for those who are isolated and afflicted and those who are terrified. And to give the compassion and wisdom of Christ our God to heal our world."

Please keep Bishop John in your prayers as he transitions to retirement. Please keep Bishop-Elect Shane in your prayers as he prepares to lead our diocese.

For an article on the election, click here.
A beautiful funeral service for Isobel was held at St John's on Sunday afternoon. Due to COVID-19, many people were unable to attend. As a way of sharing with the parish some of the service, Brian Cameron has made his eulogy "Remembering Isobel" available.

Bruce, Brian, Lesley and their families thank you for holding them in your hearts and prayers. May Isobel rest in peace.

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 The Reverend Canon Beth Bretzlaff, Rector 
The Reverend Dr Caroline Ducros, Deacon
BGen (Ret’d) The Venerable John Fletcher, Honourary Assistant 
The Reverend Canon Dr Gary Hauch, Honourary Assistant
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Dr Gordon Johnston, FRCCO, Organist and Choirmaster 
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