Job 38:1-11; Psalm 107:1-3, 23-32; 2 Corinthians 6:1-13; Mark 4:35-41

Those On Our Hearts
Joan, Barbara, Bill, Mike, Brigid, Nellie, Marianne, Liz, The Reverend Tim Taylor as he concludes his interim ministry at St Anne's, Toronto, St Anne's new priest in charge, the Reverend Don Beyers, who begins as Incumbent on July 25, The Reverend Gary van der Meer, The Reverend Dr. Caroline Ducros, The Reverend Michael Hicks, Gordon, Gregory and all who minister at St John's.

Our Diocese
Our National Indigenous Bishop, The Most Reverend Mark MacDonald.
St John’s, Richmond and The Reverend Allan Budzin, Interim Priest-in-Charge; the Parish of Maberly-Lanark including St Alban’s, Maberly; St Paul’s, Lanark; St John’s, Balderson; and St Stephen’s, Bathurst and The Reverend Dr. Ron Hunt, Interim Priest-in-Charge.
Our Bishop, The Right Reverend Shane Parker, our Metropolitan, The Most Reverend Anne Germond and our Primate, The Most Reverend Linda Nicholls. 

Our Companion Diocese in Jerusalem & the Middle East
The Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, and for peace in the Middle East. 
Archbishop Hosam Naoum. 
Anglican Church of Canada (ACC)
The Provincial Synod of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rupert’s Land. 

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (ELCIC)
The National Indigenous Day of Prayer: for healing and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. 
Susan Johnson, National Bishop and our sisters and brothers in the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and their Bishop, Michael Pryse. 

Parish Prayer Group
If you wish to have someone prayed for, please call (613) 232-4500 ext 21 or send an email to

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Sunday, June 20 at 9:30am

Join us here at St John's for online worship this Sunday. Part one of the service will be on YouTube followed by part two on Zoom. Once the service is finished we will have our regular Sunday Coffee Hour.

Wednesdays at 10am on Zoom

Every Wednesday at 10am you are invited to join Gary+ and your fellow parishioners (new, past & present) for coffee and conversation on Zoom. All are welcome!
An Opportunity to Learn & Reflect Together
Wednesday, June 23 at 7:00pm
(note the time change)

What dreams would God have us dream together? Where is God calling us to be, and where are we, the Diocesan church, called to invest the resources which have been entrusted to us? Our Diocese has embarked on a consultation process with all the parishes, a process of gathering and sharing information, conversation, prayer and collaborative decision making. 

The process comprises four stages: 
  • Generating a Parish Profile (by October 2021)
  • Analyse & work with Parish Profiles (by February 2022)
  • Gather with ‘neighbours’ and build proposals (by August 2022)
  • Submit recommendations to Synod (October 2022)

St John’s has assembled a team to represent our parish in this initiative. Our first step in preparing the Parish Profile in Stage 1 is to prepare for an interview with a team from the Diocese which will focus on the current physical plant, community and church-based uses of the parish buildings, other community involvement and potential initiatives or partnerships. This will be done using the answers to these five questions:

  • What is the single most important thing you would like our diocese to know about your parish/congregation?
  • What are your ministry priorities, and how are these priorities lived out in your decisions, activities and use of your resources?
  • In what way does your parish/congregation serve the wider community; how are you engaged with the local community beyond your walls - outreach, events, partnerships?
  • What are the challenges to accomplishing the work you’ve described, in terms of finances, building status and human resources?
  • Are there ministry opportunities you are aware of and what would you need to engage in them?

This is important work and your SPMC team would like your input. To this end, we will hold a Parish Town Hall meeting to discuss these five questions. The Town Hall will include the use of breakout sessions (small group sessions) to facilitate the exchange of ideas. There will be one member from our SPMC team in each session to take notes. The Town Hall meeting will be recorded but only the audio portion will be kept to facilitate the synthesis of ideas. By the end of the summer, prior to meeting with representatives from the Diocese, we will share the results of this activity with the Parish. Please join us for this Town Hall and help us generate a Parish Profile that will communicate who we are, the strengths that we bring to Diocese, our challenges, and our vision for the future.

If you prefer to provide your input in writing, you may do so by sending an email to (please include “SPMC” in the subject line). The deadline for such emails is 10 July 2021.
Sunday, June 27 at 8:00am
(In addition to our regular 9:30am service)

Hello 8:00am Friends,

I have been really hoping to have another 8:00am gathering before the summer but the weeks are slipping by. We originally proposed June 13, but I think we are all a bit overwhelmed by life - I certainly am!

But let's meet. Let's have one more worship service following the format we had on Ascension Sunday. Brief worship with traditional language, sermon with a bit of conversation invited, and Prayers of the People - with lots of room left for (homemade) coffee & fellowship following.

Sunday, June 27 - 8:00am
Texts: Psalm 30, Mark 5:21-43

**I would be pleased to have 3 volunteers, one for each reading and one for the Prayers of the People.

I hope you are all keeping well and I am looking forward to catching up.
Beginning Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Shop will open again on June 15th with a large selection of summer stock! We are looking forward to helping you find what you are looking for, and surprising treasures you weren't looking for, in our wonderful community thrift shop. Our Hours of Operation are:

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays: 12-4pm

July & August
Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12-4pm

Following provincial Covid-19 protocols, shoppers will be required to use masks, social distancing. A Maximum of 5 customers will be allowed into The Shop at one time. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

We have gone back and forth on when to hold our dance event, even announcing that we plan to do it over the next 2 weeks. But, sorry folks, we have had a rethink!

  • As we reach the end of June, more of our St John's family are away or making getaway plans.
  • The gathering rules are still pretty touchy and we don't want to rub up against them the wrong way.
  • We really want to make a big splash and invite the neighbours, including local shop owners, and local dance groups.

We think September is better and it gives us time to do it right and make it fantastic - and we hope you agree.

In the meantime, we would like to begin a sign up for the event. Please confirm with us or remind us that you have already expressed interest. 
And join us looking ahead to a great Jerusalema Dance. In the meantime, practice those moves!

Student Voice Recital
Sunday, June 20, 2021 at 4pm

You are invited to attend the end-of-year voice recital hosted by The Bytown School of Singing, which was founded and has made it's home at St John's since 2007.

Your fellow parishioners will be performing at this recital, entitled "Songs from the Heart". You will recognize our soprano choral scholar Carolyn Streich and our choir member, Karen Marks amongst the performers. "Songs from the Heart" celebrates music through the centuries from the early baroque to modern art song, musical theatre, jazz, and pop! (Bohemian Rhapsody to Carmen's Habañera will delight your ears and warm your heart)...Free Admission!
The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa continues to keep us apprised of safety restrictions. All services will take place online. Please join us each Sunday beginning on YouTube at 9:30am followed by the second part of our service and fellowship on Zoom. See the links above or visit our YouTube Channel to watch our services online.

Please get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible!

Kerry grew up as a parishioner of St Paul's Anglican Church in Dunrobin-Ottawa West and is very excited to grow her faith at St John's. Kerry currently operates a small beef farm with her family in Kinburn which is located in the west end of Ottawa. She is active in her community, sitting on the board of her local community centre, and has worked in a fast-paced administrative role for the last 10 years.
Compelled to help raise awareness for Every Child Matters, I created this image on Orange Shirt Day in 2015 and immediately posted it online. As happens these days, the image was rapidly shared and spread on social media.
In 2016, I allowed the Orange Shirt Society to use the design as part of their ongoing campaign of awareness. To this day, the Orange Shirt Society continues to have my full support and can continue to use this design as they fit.
In recent weeks, I have received an overwhelming numbers of requests to use this image—along with the ‘215’ variant—which has necessitated making this statement as I am not able to respond to each request individually.
The following is my statement for the free use of this design:
Artist credit should be given for the design.
The image can be shared openly on social media, including using it as one’s profile pic.
I am amenable to groups and individuals using the design in a not-for-profit manner that helps increase awareness on the issue. This can include making t-shirts, patches and pins for school groups and work teams or using the design on signage to show support for Every Child Matters. What I do ask, however, is that when the design is used, a donation should be given to a non-profit Indigenous society such as: the Orange Shirt Society, The Indian Residential School Survivors Society or Copper Legacy Indigenous Empowerment Society. When businesses are having shirts printed for staff, I think it is reasonable to request that $25-30 PER shirt be given to such charities. Use of the design must go beyond simply raising awareness and should include a component of “giving back”, as well.
ANY and ALL for-profit use of this design is NOT authorized.
I do not wish for this Every Child Matters design to be used and applied to items outside of the above approved items.
-G̱ilakas’la! Andy Everson
Do you want to do something that will make a difference right away in Palestine?
Support the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza. As they try to meet the flow of injured and traumatized victims, they are overwhelmed and need funding for fuel for the hospital generators, emergency medicine, and medical supplies.

If you donate through the development and relief agency of the The Anglican Church of Canada, PWRDF, the funds go directly to the hospital.

To make a donation in support of Al Ahli Arab Hospital:
Looking To Texts For Courage In Times Of Struggle

In case you missed the Interfaith Presentation by The Reverend Gary van der Meer and Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg on May 26, you can watch it here on YouTube. It was a fascinating and thought-provoking conversation.

Some of you may have noticed a great deal of activity on St John's Social Media pages this past week. One of Cara's new projects is to help St John's inspire and engage our Church Community, the Community of Centretown, and the greater Ottawa Community. Our goal is to grow St John's' online presence in the hopes to attract new members and to build stronger relationships with people, organizations, and businesses within our community. And we also want to celebrate submissions from you, our parishioners!

For those of you who are new to social media, we recommend that you sign up for a facebook and/or instagram account and follow us by clicking the icons below. If you already have an account, please check our pages each day and "like" our posts!

The more "likes," "shares" and comments we receive, the more our posts will be shared with the wider community.

Ideas for submissions:
  • Garden photos
  • Photographs taken on walks in the area
  • Cooking/Baking photos
  • Artwork
  • Recipes
  • Inspirational Scripture & Quotes
  • Christian Jokes
  • Travel Pictures
  • Pictures of Past Events/Occasions
  • Pets & Animals

Let's flood our social media with a rainbow of colour and inspiration from St John's!

If you have a photo/submission you wish to share, please send it to Cara at

Submissions will be featured in future newsletters and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Please keep in mind that Cara might use discretion on what/where/when to post...for example: "Sorry Wendy W-S, we will not publish pictures of your Christmas Trees and Snowmen Armies in May!"

Thank you for "liking" and "sharing" our posts!

Please click the icons to link to our social media pages.
(From Top Left): Garden - Alex Bissett;
Neighbourhood Tree - Detlef Dransch; Sunset -Kathleen Arsenault.

(From Bottom Left): Garden Peace - Barbara Dorrell;
Spotted on a Hike - Detlef Dransch; A Wooded Path - Barbara Dorrell.

(Social Media Title Photo: Farm & Garden - Alex Bissett).

To see more submissions, check out our Facebook & Instagram pages!

Lamentations 3:22-33; Psalm 30; 2 Corinthians 8:7-15; Mark 5:21-43

 154 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K2P 0H8

The Reverend Gary van der Meer, Rector
The Reverend Dr Caroline Ducros, Deacon 
The Reverend Michael Hicks, Honourary Assistant Emeritus
Dr Gordon Johnston, FRCCO, Organist and Choirmaster  
Detlef Dransch, Rector’s Warden 
Stephen Giles, People's Warden
Anishinabe aking ate awaso kikinawadjichigan.
This land we are upon is the traditional territory of the Algonquin people.