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Sunday, Nov 19

  • 8 am Holy Eucharist (Church)
  • 9 am Connection & Coffee Hour (Parish Hall)
  • 9 am Godly Play & Youth Group (Contact Maggie Howe)
  • 10 am Holy Eucharist (Church & on Boxcast)
  • 11:15 Vestry Meeting (Parlor & Google Meet)

Monday, Nov 20

Tuesday, Nov 21

Wednesday, Nov 22

  • 11 am Gift of Years Book Study (Parlor)
  • 5:30 pm Thanksgiving Eve Feast (Parish Hall)

Thursday, Nov 23 - Thanksgiving

Friday, Nov 24

Saturday, Nov 25

Sunday, Nov 26 - Christ the King Sunday

  • 8 am Holy Eucharist (Church)
  • 9 am Connection & Coffee Hour (Parish Hall)
  • 9 am Godly Play & Youth Group (Contact Maggie Howe)
  • 10 am Holy Eucharist (Church & on Boxcast)
St. John's Full Public Calendar

Doing It Scared

Halloween has been over for several weeks now, but to be honest with you, it feels as if it is a whole season this year rather than just a day.  It's the one occasion of the year when we are actually given permission, indeed encouraged, to scare each other.  But it seems that this year, Halloween just keeps going on and on and on.  

You see, it is a really scary world out there. People may not be running around wearing masks and yelling “boo,” but one doesn’t need to go far to be frightened out of one’s wits.  Two large scale wars are raging and threaten to escalate into full-scale global conflict. Democracy as we know it in this nation is under serious and genuine threat. The climate is not only changing, but changing radically and quickly and in ways that will alter all life on earth.  Inflation is still on the rise causing many people on the margins to have real struggles in making ends meet.  Drug use and abuse continues to afflict young people who don't always have the wisdom or skills to make wise choices. The list goes on and on and on. Halloween may be over, but the world in which we live continues to be terrifying.

And in the midst of these enduring frightening days, we Christians have the audacity to proclaim a God of love and a message of hope.  We followers of Christ continue to strive to live the Way of love even though our efforts seem so small, so ineffective, and even though the outcome is so unsure.  From whence comes such audacity?

Recently I heard a story from our bishop, Craig Loya, about a trip that he and his family took to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida. Having taken the time and expense to make the pilgrimage to Orlando, he and his wife discovered that their children weren’t big fans of roller coasters.  And really, the whole point of the Wizarding World is the roller coasters!  In each roller coaster line, Bishop Craig sensed the anxiety rising in his children. As they were standing in line after line waiting for roller coaster after roller coaster, Bishop Craig and his family adopted a mantra: “Sometimes you have to do it scared.”

That would be a pretty good mantra for us Christians as well. Sometimes, we will have to do it scared. You see, I don’t anticipate that the world will become any less scary than it currently is.  These present crises may be resolved, but others will take their place.  It has been the nature of human history forever, and there is nothing to indicate that pattern will change. Faced with this frightening prospect, many people will become paralyzed. Many folks, even good-hearted, well meaning folks, will circle the wagons, will hold their families tight, will look at the stranger with suspicion or contempt, will hesitate to reach out, will put a freeze on their giving to good causes.

What about us who choose the Way of Jesus?  Christians trust in God’s providence, God’s grace, God’s eternal protection and salvation.  But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be scared or that following the Way of Christ will be easy.  Even if we have generous portions of faith and hope and love, we will be scared at times.  What does a truly courageous life of love look like?  Well, it looks like days of doing the deeds of Jesus, even when we’re scared.

May we choose to love even when we’re scared.  May we choose to give even when we’re scared. May we choose to welcome the stranger even when we’re scared.  May we choose to stand up for the poor and the marginalized and dispossessed even when we’re scared.  May we choose the Way of love, the Way of Christ, each day, every day, even when we’re scared.  It may feel like a real-life, not-so-fun, never-ending Halloween out there, but we can do this thing. It’s just that some days, we’re doing it scared.

~Father Art

Read past  blogs "Thoughts About Our Faith" from Fr. Art here

Abundance Sunday

Sunday, November 19th

On Sunday November 19th, we will celebrate Abundance Sunday, the culmination of our annual stewardship journey. On this day, pledges will be received and offered as an act of worship. We pray that all will remain open to letting the Holy Spirit lead and guide us in a faithful response. We pray also that your giving will come from a deep abiding sense of gratitude for the gift of this community, the gift we have in Jesus, and the gift that Jesus directs us to share with others. 

If you have not yet received your pledge material in the mail, you may download a 2024 Pledge Card here or find one in the pews and entryway at St. John's.

We also need a top notch clean-up crew!! Sign up on the hallway board!

Ladies Who Lunch -

Friday November 17th at 11:30 am.

For November we will gather at the Orchid Restaurant located at 1190 County Rd.J , White Bear Township, MN 55127 on Friday November 17th at 11:30am. Please call Barb Maloney at 414-940-4100 before Wednesday November 15th to reserve a spot.


Lake Elmo Inn

Saturday, December 2, 2019, 11:00 a.m.

All women of St. John’s Church are invited to join us for a Holiday Luncheon on Saturday, December 2, at 11:00 a.m.

We have reserved the Kohler Room at Lake Elmo Inn for our group. The luncheon will take the place of “The Ladies Who Lunch” for the month of December.

If you would like to attend, please call either Barb Maloney (414-940-4100} or Helen Gehrenbeck (651/246-5832) by Monday, November 27. Separate checks will be issued to everyone. Reservations will be limited to 50.

Have You Seen the Entryway Monitor?

Have you seen all the great pictures? We need more! Follow this link to a google photo album and share your pictures, St. John's events, gatherings, or even a special family photo. Know that they will not be automatically added to the monitor slide show.

Click here to upload that perfect photo!

Contact Maggie Howe for event information and to get on her mailing list!

Advent & Christmas dates for your calendar

  • Saturday 12.2 Ladies Christmas luncheon
  • Saturday 12.2 Mpls loaves and fishes Service Day
  • Saturday, 12.2 Advent Tree Raising
  • Sunday, 12.3 First Sunday of Advent
  • Monday 12.4 Wild John Club Advent Hike
  • Saturday, 12.9 Advent Lock in
  • Sunday 12.10 Second Sunday of Advent Adult Formations: Casa Maria 
  • Sunday 12.17 Third Sunday of Advent Pageant & Cookie Exchange
  • Sunday 12.17 Festival of Lessons and Carols 4 pm
  • Sunday 12.24  10 am Morning Prayer
  • Sunday 12.24 4 pm Holy Eucharist w/Heartbeat 
  • Sunday 12.24 7 pm Holy Eucharist w/Chancel Choir
  • Monday 12.25 10 am Holy Eucharist

Advent Word

AdventWord is an inspirational online Advent calendar featuring a daily prompt word selected from the Sunday Lectionary readings. Followers receive a daily meditation and image inspired by the day’s word, and are invited to share their own personal reflections, art, poetry, or other creative expression. Find out more and sign up at

As we await the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we invite you to find quiet moments of reflection to help you stay connected to your faith, to others, and to God.

There are many ways to participate in AdventWord! And all of them are correct! Here are a few ideas:

  • Read and pray over the daily emailed meditation during Advent
  • Connect and discuss the day’s word with other disciples on our social media pages
  • Share your own personal meditation to inspire others—whether visual or written. Haikus and poems, paintings, photographs, personal reflections, and more are all encouraged.

AdventWord is an offering of Forward Movement, a ministry of the Episcopal Church. Learn more about our ministry at

Wilderness Wednesdays!

From 5:30-6pm, we will share in a light supper, and then from 6-8pm, we will offer a variety of ongoing program options. Some of our offerings will include Heartbeat band practices (for all ages), a maker's space, game nights, Bible studies, CONNECT group gatherings, and more. Childcare will be available in our downstairs nursery throughout the evening.

Transformed by the Word: Bible Study

The Gospel of Luke

Join us in person or online here.

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 pm in the Parlor for a study of the Gospel of Luke. There will be an Advent study beginning in December. Facilitators: Kathy Smith and Sylvia Lovett. Books for each participant are $12.99 or whatever donation you can make. Checks may be made out to St John in the Wilderness with ‘Transformed’ in the memo line.

Eucharistic Ministers and Greeters Needed:

Our Worship is enriched by the participation of as many people as possible. Currently there is an urgent need for Eucharistic Ministers and for Greeters, but of course, we would greatly appreciate your willingness to serve as ushers, lectors, choir members, or altar guild members too. And many thanks to all of you who are currently serving! Speak to Fr Art, Rev. Kate, Rev. Margaret or any of the vergers for more information.

Leaders Needed:

We have several positions that need to be filled for 2024, including Junior Warden, 2 vestry positions, and openings for members on the following: personnel committee, outreach, and heritage society. 

If you have an interest in any of these positions, or any questions, please call or email Kathy Smith as soon as possible at 651.206.0410 or"

Help fill our worship space with flowers!!

Altar flowers can be and are more than mere ornaments. They are the expression of our love for God as well as a means of glorifying God's name in all the earth (Psalm 9:11).

Check out the new sign up on the PRAY board in the hallway. You can also order and pay online here.

Our Sunday Morning Treats!

In this month of Thanksgiving please take a moment to thank our wonderful Sunday Hospitality team.

These people put in long hours to make sure that there are fresh goodies and coffee for all.

Here is the list of these people:

  • First Sunday - Tom and Debra Strum
  • Second Sunday - Nicole Korth
  • Third Sunday - Sarah Chilton and Laurie Otte
  • Fourth Sunday - Jennifer Kobinski. And sometimes John Konbinski
  • Fifth Sunday - Barb Maloney

You can help by bringing in a goodie to share and contributing to the Freewill offering box.

St. John's Emergency Food Shelf

  • As the holiday season is upon us, we need need even more help filling our tiny food shelf. Please drop off items in the entry way next to the shelf.

Please DO NOT donate:

× Food in glass jars. × Anything beyond its printed Expiration date.

× Damaged, already opened food items. × Rusty or unmarked cans of food.

× Homemade food items. × Soda and sweetened drinks

× Sweets: cookies, cakes, candy. × Ramen noodles

× Any food you would NOT eat or feed your family.

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Weekly News and a Weekly Message from Bishop Loya

The Episcopal Church in Minnesota also has a weekly e-news, where you can read a message from Bishop Craig Loya, (or sometimes a special guest author), and read about what is happening in the Episcopal Church in MN and beyond! A great way to stay connected and learn about our church outside the walls of St. John's. 

To receive the ECMN news go here, scroll to the very bottom right and sign up.

Read this weeks stories from ECMN
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For the Parish

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven

and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen

the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent.

Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring

us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. BCP p. 817

Parish Family Prayer List

Angie, Jill, Charlie R, David G, Diane R, Greg B, Holly, Janet K, Janni K, Jeffrey C, Kathy S, Kimberly, Kurt N, Larry K, Lorna C, Marcella S, Marilyn K, Mark K, Michael M, Melissa S, Nancy H, Pat P, Rick S, Tom H, and all who care for them. We also pray for Members of the Armed Forces.

For those who are mourning.

Click the button or email prayer@stjohnwilderness to request prayers and to be added to the parish prayer list. The list is renewed monthly.

How can we pray for you? Click here to let us know.

Morning Prayer & Compline

Join us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 AM for morning prayer and

Monday and Friday evenings at 8:30 PM for Compline.

Both prayer services are held via Google Meet. All are welcome.

Go here to find the Google Meet info for Morning Prayer & Compline

Sunday, November 19

Verger: Gregory Hafner

Hospitality: Sarah Chilton, Laurie Otte


Eucharistic Ministers: Tom Hove, Susan Blake

Lector: Sylvia Lovett




Eucharistic Ministers: Harvey & Judy Caldwell, Susie Mahoney

Lector: Larry Mahoney

Usher: Brent & Joanna Torgerson

Greeters: Tony Angelo

Livestream: Will McBride

Sunday, November 26

Verger: Bryan Desmet

Hospitality: Jennifer Kobinski


Eucharistic Ministers: Tom Hove,

Lector: Sylvia Lovett




Eucharistic Ministers: Harvey & Judy Caldwell, Andrew McClaren

Lector: Anne White

Usher: Nell Allen

Greeters: Tony Angelo

Livestream: John Pasch

The word liturgy comes from a Greek term meaning “public work or work done on behalf of the people.” Liturgy always referred to an organized community. A work, then, done by an individual or a group was a liturgy on behalf of the larger community.

If you would like to become part of the many ministries that help make our work, our worship, our liturgies, our community, please talk to one of our clergy.

Sunday Scripture.png

The Collect

Blessed Lord, who caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning: Grant us so to hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that we may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life, which you have given us in our Savior Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Twenty-fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Proper 28


Our parish office is open Monday - Thursday, 9 am - 3 pm. Stop by and say hi!

Financial Coordinator: Maureen Vruno | Office hours M,T, Th, 7:30am - 2:30pm 651-429-5351 ext 12

Rising Generations Coordinator: Maggie Howe |

Parish Coordinator: Carrie Thomas | 651-429-5351

Deacon: The Rev. Margaret Thor |

Associate Priest: The Rev. Kate Maxwell, OSB | 651-263-3840

Rector: The Rev. Arthur Hancock | 651-350-8425

Our current Health & Safety Protocols

  • St. John’s encourages all of its members to get vaccinated and boosted.
  • If you feel sick or have the typical symptoms of Covid-19, we ask you to worship with us online.
  • Masks are optional while inside all parish buildings for those who are boosted and vaccinated. If conditions change and we experience another surge of Covid-19, we may alter our protocols.
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