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St Paul's Church Community Newsletter 12 September 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
As everyone returns from their summer break both Jacqueline and I are managing to have a few days away ourselves after the St. Paul's Mass and picnic at Domaine des Courmettes where we shall be hosted by the A Rocha community this coming Sunday. There is a lot of coverage these days about sustainability and the care of our planet, not least the devastation which plastics have had on the oceans. We are being encouraged to take greater care of what we use and more importantly what we dispose of, and how we do it. It is a Gospel initiative to be aware of our surroundings, the impact that we personally have on the planet and how we can contribute to making God's good earth a better and cleaner place in which to live.
For many years now in the UK I have worked alongside 'A Rocha' (Chichester is an Eco Diocese) and been the consultant in Chichester Diocese for sustainable development. I was fortunate to receive an Eco award at the Houses of Parliament for promoting and developing a circular economic system which is being trialled in Hove deanery. Basically what that means is that we need to learn in our Christian lives how to share each others resources with one other and provide the funding and support to do so. Sharing the small things in life makes world wide differences. We must never underestimate how small gestures of kindness, thoughtfulness mean so much. Saying 'Thank you' is one such concept that seems to be lost in many areas of our society.
As we prepare for Harvest at the end of the month it is a time for 'Thanksgiving' when traditionally we have focussed on the things of the earth, the soil and the land. Harvest has been a time for thinking about food and indeed with so much of the world facing starvation, and with many millions of people on the move through the consequences of global violence, we still need to work hard on how to eradicate the chronic situations of the world's poor. There is alongside of this however, the important need to question how we do this using sustainable means remembering that pushing production for solely economic growth creates harsher problems. We need to care for our soil and our seas. we need to give the land rest and the seas time to recover. We need to do the same for each other. Seek those who are over burdened and offer them comfort, time and company.
As we reap the benefits of our lives and as Harvest approaches once more at the end of the month, and as we all take the benefit of rest and recuperation let us all work and pray for a consistent approach to the sustainability of each other in care, kindness and thanks.
Blessings to you all.
Fr. Lawrence
Ladies and Gentlemen
The annual Church Picnic is taking place at the A Rocha Centre in the
Domaine Courmettes in Tourrettes-sur-Loup this Sunday 16 September 2018
For those who would like to drive their own vehicles the address is as follows :
Domaine des Courmettes  
Parking is available
For the rest of us, Brian Fenwick-Smith has kindly organised a coach to
be boarded at  the church on Sunday morning at 9am.
The Family Eucharist will begin at 11am at the A Rocha Centre 
At the same time, if you would be kind enough to suggest which food
you might bring it would be greatly appreciated.
Please bring your picnic offering to share,  and don't forget
to bring liquid refreshments, alcoholic or not as you require.
Please inform Sina Hillsdon by return-email if you will be attending and if so,
by coach or your own steam. her email address is
We are able to hold the event inside in the unlikely event of Bad Weather
Thanking everyone in advance,

The Sunday Volunteer Rota .   .
Time to organise the next Rota for October
Thank you all for your continuing willingness to serve the church.
Please include in your reply the dates that you are  available to serve along
with a brief indication of the  roles you are willing to fulfil.
If you would like to join us as a Sunday Volunteer please contact us
Thank you for your help in planning the next Rota for Sunday Duties at St Paul's 
please reply to this message at




Confirmation at St Pauls 2018
Young people and adults at Saint Paul's have the opportunity, to take part in a programme of preparation for Confirmation according to the Anglican tradition (Church of England).
The programme this autumn seeks to offer candidates a chance to question and explore their
faith tradition. When the candidates are ready, one of the bishops in Europe will visit Monaco
to celebrate Holy Confirmation at Saint Paul's. If you are interested please contact
Father Lawrence at
Church Audio Recordings
Catch up on Services or Sermons you have missed
soon to include the readings
 there are still music recordings available on our church Website 
which also includes the complete recording
of Father Lawrence's induction Service
Sunday Mornings
Family Communion at 10:30 am
with Sunday Club for Children
Calendar of Events
Harvest Sunday 30 September 10:30
Remembrance Sunday 11 November 10:30
Fr. Lawrence and Jacqueline will be away now until Harvest on the 30th September.
Next week's Sunday service 23 September at 10:30 will be led by Frank Megginson.
If anyone is in need of pastoral assistance during this time or for any other reason
please contact one of the Churchwardens.
There will be no Wednesday evening services until 3rd October. From October onwards the first Wednesday service of the month will be a Healing Mass with the last Wednesday being a Requiem Mass. The Wednesday services in between will be a said Mass of the day. They will continue as before at 6.30 p.m.

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