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St Paul's Church Community Newsletter 27 February 2018
Bible Studies with a Difference  
                 Wednesday's in Lent Lent
Lent is the season when Christians try to go deeper than the superficialities of everyday life. So much of our life is superficial, only skin deep, concerned with the cosmetics of keeping up appearances. Lent is the time to ask the big questions about life, about my faith, about my relationships and about my priorities. So it's good to set some time aside in the six weeks of Lent when we can stop and take stock of our lives, both personally and also corporately, as a church.
This year, on five consecutive Wednesday evenings we are offering 'BIBLE STUDIES WITH A DIFFERENCE' as part of the usual Healing services which have been part of the life at St. Paul's for many years. Within one hour (6.30pm to 7.30pm) we combine a Bible study, leading into prayer of the heart together with the healing ministry and concluding with an abbreviated Eucharist. (Afterwards, in the Chaplain's apartment participants are invited to a simple supper during which we can get to know each other
Already this has proved to be very much what many people are looking for in their spiritual journey of discipleship. Not everything on offer is for everybody, but it just might be that this is precisely what you have been looking for; so why not give it a whirl?
Bishop Michael Marshall
Fr. Soon Han Choi
Renewing the Prayers for the Sick

     The list of those for whom we pray for will be refreshed and renewed beginning next week. If there are those you wish to remain on the list, please do let us know. 
News from Canada
                                              from Walter and Sparky
Dear friends at Saint Paul's
Greetings to you from Canada. While I do miss all of you very much, I am happy to report that I have settled nicely into the life of a retired priest in rural Canada, a bit more than an hour south of Quebec City. Over the winter months I've been taking Sunday services at a church in Quebec City on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month ... and, I must say, it is nice to be back in the pulpit again. I also attend Sunday services at our village church (St-Léon le Grand) when not in Quebec City. In fact, I have joined the church choir here. They have a choir loft much like the one at Saint Paul's, and I do enjoy attending services from the back of the church for a change!
I've also gotten to know my ecumenical colleagues, the two catholic priests who minister in our area, and they have recruited me to serve on the committee tasked with setting up a website and Facebook page for the regional parish here. The Anglican Bishop of Quebec, Bruce Myers OGS, has also asked me to serve as an editor for our own diocesan website and I am happy to help out in this capacity as well. Just recently, I was asked to serve on the board of "l'Arche Le Printemps", in Saint Malachie, the next village to the north -- and I feel most fortunate to live so close to one Jean Vanier's wonderful
l'Arche communities.
Sparky has adapted quite nicely to our new life in Canada. He loves the snow and only complains about sore toes when the mercury dips to -30C or lower, as it has on a couple of occasions. He loves his new winter sweater, handknitted by a lady in a neighbouring village, and he is a keen co-pilot when we take to the highways and byways of our part of the world.
Finally, let me say how pleased I am to know that you are in the very capable hands of Bishop Michael and Father Soon, serving as locums until Easter, and that in short order you will be welcoming the new Chaplain, Father Lawrence Maclean and his wife Jacqueline. I am certain that you will be blessed by their ministry, and that they will be blessed, as was I, by your friendship and support. I am also particularly delighted to know that the lift is finally in place and hopefully in good working order. Indeed, everything seems quite well at Saint Paul's, and I am happy to report that all is quite well over here.
With kindest regards,
Walter & Sparky

    Friday Drop in 
     2nd March 2018
     16th March 2018
Everyone welcome for a chat, cup of tea and cake in the Church Library once a fortnight from 3.00pm to 5.00pm
        Meet the Voluntary ladies
   Margaret Helen Gillian and Tess
     You are all invited to join them

Pauline Litvin, Artistic Director of Association Musique de Chambre, Monaco,
presented last Thursday 22 February, the Goldberg Trio who played superb masterpieces of excellence of Schubert, Mozart, Haydn and Corelli

The charitable donations Committee CDC matched donations from 790 euros to a total of 1580e donated to, A Rocha, a Christian association whose work to preserve our environment that is dear to Pauline's heart.


                                Friday 16 Mach 2018 at 20H30
                              at the Auditorium du College Charles III
                         Avenue de l' Annonciade
                         98000 Monte Carlo
                              Click here for more details 
Volunteers to bring Members to Church
We have a few members of our church community who have difficulty getting to
church on Sunday. Often, they are given a ride but often, if that ride is not available, they simply stay home. If you could volunteer to be on a list to be called when needed, please let us know.

Volunteer Rota 2018
Time to organise the next Rota for  Sunday Volunteers
  For the month of March 2018
Thank you all for your continuing willingness
to serve the church.
Please include in your reply the dates that you are
available to serve along with a brief indication of the
roles you are willing to fulfil.
If you would like to join us as a Sunday Volunteer please contact us
Thank you for your help in planning the next
Rota  for Sunday Duties at St Paul's 
please reply to this message at
Sustaining a Ministry of Hope for Refugees in the Calais area of France

Bishop Robert Innes has chosen for 2018 to aid the plight of unaccompanied child migrants in the Calais area. The funds raised will be shared between two projects. Firstly, a safe house and outreach ministry to welcome the children run by an Old Catholic monk, Br. Johannes Maertens, who is a member of the Anglican congregation in Calais. Johannes asks us to help in the following words:
"The average age of refugees is youth to young adults, some from 14-16 years. These are very vulnerable to being trafficked as they are often unaccompanied minors. We need an urgent Christian response to this inhumane situation."
In partnership with Canterbury Diocese and the USPG, a priest is being recruited to serve as Chaplain to the Pas-de-Calais congregations and as a refugee project officer to give pastoral support and assistance. The second purpose of the Appeal is to raise funds to support this priest with financial resources for helping the children and supporting small projects.
        During Lent an urn will be at the back of the church to receive your donations.
For more information click here and checkout  the website for updates
Sundays in Lent at 10.30 am
         sermon's will be based on each Gospel Reading of the day.
2nd Sunday in Lent       True Power   Mark 8  31 - end                           25 February  
3rd Sunday in Lent        The Abuse of Religious Power  John 2 13-22     4 March Mothering Sunday         The Power of Parenthood  John 3 14-21           11 March 
Passion Sunday            The Power to Change John 12 20-33                18 March
Wednesday evenings in Lent at 6.30 pm
The healing ministry of Christ then and now' 
On the five Wednesday evenings in Lent, we will build on the long standing tradition at St. Paul's with a special evening programme to include a Bible Study SPA (Scripture, Prayer Action); the Ministry of Healing & abbreviated Eucharist.
             28th February     Mark 2:1-2         'Take up your bed and walk.'    
               7 th March         Mark 8: 22-26     'Can you see anything?'
             14 th March         Mark 7: 31-35     'Open up!'
             21 st March           Acts 3: 1-10         ' A crippled beggar  
                      6.30pm to 7.00pm : SPA (Scripture Prayer Action)
                                                     bible study instead of Liturgy of the Word .
7.00pm to 7.30pm: Eucharist with the Healing Ministry
Calendar Forthcoming Events
                         11 March   Mothering Sunday
                         18 March   Passion Sunday
                         18 March   Ecumenical Vespers
                         25 March   Palm Sunday
                         29 March   Maundy Thursday
                         30 March   Good Friday
                           1 April      EASTER SUNDAY
Weekly Services
Sunday Mornings
Holy Communion (traditional language) at 8:00 a.m.
Family Communion at 10:30 a.m. with Sunday Club for Children
Wednesday Healing Service with Holy Communion 6:30pm

Saint Paul's Church, Monte-Carlo
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