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St Paul's Church Community Newsletter 23 April 2018 .

The gospel first came to Europe when St. Paul had a dream. In that dream, he saw a man beckoning over from Macedonia (modern Greece) and heard the words ''Come over and help us.'' Well, Fr. Soon and myself received, not in a dream but in a text at the end of December, a similar request: ''Come over to Monaco and give a helping hand'' in the ministry of the Gospel for the people at St. Paul's, imminently facing a considerable time without a priest. Our response, - you have to know, somewhat reluctantly, as it was at first - involved a change of plans and hasty preparations for a move to Monaco for two months, which eventually turned out to be three months, and a little more.Furthermore, our reluctant response couched in terms of
'if and when we come' stated quite clearly that we would come but only as a team of three for what has proved to be, a truly fruitful 'partnership in the Gospel', to (use some words of St. Paul, in the last letter we have of his, to the new Christians in the fragile little church in Philippi). He wrote: 'I thank my God upon every remembrance of you all for our partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now.' (Philippians 1) And so now, as our time with you all draws to a close, Sunday 29th April, our last Sunday,we want to underscore two of Paul's sentiments.
It has been, as all ministry must always be, essentially 'a partnership in the Gospel.' Effective, fruitful and lasting ministry require a partnership, working together with God as well as together with both clergy and laity alike. Only in this way will the Body of Christ, whether in Monaco or wherever, be equipped with all the necessary, talents, gifts and graces to effectively witness to the power of the Gospel to transform the lives of men and women in an age of both great promise as well as great peril; in an age of increasing secularism and yet, also an age when many are seeking a deeper meaning and purpose to life. That partnership involves every member of the church, for to that we were all baptized - clergy and laity alike.
                                                                                                          Bishop Michael Marshall
                                                                                                          Reverend Soon Han Choi
                                                                                                          Roy Hyslop
 Wednesday April 25th  
This Wednesday evening will begin at 6.30pm for one hour until 7.30pm with the Bible Study, Healing ministry and abbreviated Eucharist in the Church.
Concert at St Paul's
Un Soirée Musicale
Jeudi 26 Avril 19h30
L'Evéque Michael,
Père Soon et Roy


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Ascension Day in Lorgues

                                                               May 10, 2018
The Anglican Church of Lorgues with Fayence, welcome the Riviera Chaplaincies for Ascension.
The Communion Service will begin at 12 midday before Picnic lunch. Bishop Michael Marshall shall preside and preach. He will also share his musical talent in playing for those present. This will be an Ascension Day Picnic not to be missed.

Volunteer Rota 2018
Time to organise the next Rota for  Sunday Volunteers
  For the month of May 2018
Thank you all for your continuing willingness to serve the church.
Please include in your reply the dates that you are
available to serve along with a brief indication of the
roles you are willing to fulfil.
If you would like to join us as a Sunday Volunteer please contact us
Thank you for your help in planning the next
Rota  for Sunday Duties at St Paul's 
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Catch up on Services you have missed
We now have the availability to record some of church services with audio only, A complete audio recording was made of the Easter Sunday Service April 1 2018. This is now available on the church Website  Click here to listen

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