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St Paul's Church Community Newsletter 9 April 2018 .
This year, outside of S. Paul's Church here in Monaco , through the generosity of two of our parishioners, do take the opportunity to see the large wooden cross, gloriously covered with flowers,(pic below) powerfully signifying the miracle of Easter. It is truly a powerful symbol. It signifies symbolically that the Cross of the 'tree' of Calvary and death, is paradoxically, also the same tree, bursting with glorious flowers of new life. That of course is why Christians, from the earliest days, insisted on calling that terrible Friday, not 'Bad Friday' (or even 'Black Friday'), but Good Friday. In fact you could even say it's the 'Best Friday' ever, when seen, retrospectively in the light of the Garden of the Resurrection at Easter and the Risen Christ.
This miracle of the paradox of new life through death is especially powerful in the huge trees which overlook my home, back in London. Throughout the cold, dark winter months, the stark, bare branches, stripped of foliage, speak only of death and decay. And yet! Suddenly, though somewhat discreetly at first, as March gives way to April each year, on the very highest branches, the sap of new life, drawn up (presumably by the increasing sunlight of Spring) and mysteriously against the force of gravity from roots tens of feet lower in the earth, - these same branches show buds, bursting into foliage with which within a matter of a few weeks, the whole tree will be gloriously apparelled for months to come.
'Drawn up against the force of gravity, by increasing light:' Similarly, Jesus Christ the Light of the world, comes to us to draw us up from everything which would seek to pull us down, drawing us up through the darkness of our tragic, yet potentially glorious world, by the light of Easter. As we seek to live and pray into this paradox, in the Spirit of the Risen Christ, we begin to see all our personal tragedies, and even the grave and the tomb, our losses and our bereavements, as well as the problems of the world, in the fuller context of what we call the Paschal mystery: the tomb is perceived and indeed even experienced as 'the womb'; the tree of death is also reconfigured as the tree of new life. It's as though all creation choruses together, for those with ears to hear, - 'Alleluia, Christ is Risen: He is risen indeed, Alleluia!'
                                                                                                   Bishop Michael Marshall
It was not possible to hold the post-Easter Bible Study on the Wednesday evening of Easter Week (4th April) and it has been necessary to postpone the special Wednesday evening programme of 'Spirituality and Music' originally scheduled for this coming Wednesday evening 
April 11th.Therefore the April programme for the three remaining Wednesday evenings is as follows:
Week one : Wednesday April 11th :
Week two : Wednesday April 18th :
Week Three : Wednesday April 25th :
The evenings will begin at 6.30pm for one hour until 7.30pm with the Bible Study, Healing ministry and abbreviated Eucharist in the Church. Unfortunately, as the chaplain's apartment
is now being renovated, it will not be possible to have the simple supper and discussion afterwards at 7.30pm                                                                                

APRIL 15th  
T he annual AGM will be held in the church, following the 10:30 service,  on April 15th. An effort is being made to update the Diocese in Europe, Church of England Church Association enrolment.
If you have a change in your contact information, please fill out a Renewal for Enrolment form.
If you are not yet a member of the Church Association and would like to be, please fill in an Application for Enrolment. Forms can be either downloaded or can be found at the back of the church.
Please click here for   Renewal for Enrolment Form
Please click here for  Application for Enrolment


Enrolment forms must be in before the 15 April to be accepted for this AGM

The Parish House - Apartment is now under renovation in preparation for the arrival of
Father Lawrence and Jacqueline McLean, foreseen for July. Church office work will be limited
Bishop Michael, Rev'd Soon, and Roy have been moved to new quarters until the end of April. Bishop Michael Marshall can be still reached on the Church mobile :+ 33 6 43 91 69 58. 
                       The English library is open every Saturday from 10.30 to 12.00.
        The annual subscription is 30 euros and we look forward to welcoming new members.
         We also welcome donations of English books in good condition.
        Contact telephone numbers are, Wibha LELE 0607934881, Stefani COOPER 0678634533
        Please Note: St. Paul's Church and the English Library are separate entities. 
       The St Paul's collection of books for the Kermesse occurs in the Autumn, several weeks before
        the  Kermesse. Books given to the library throughout the year must be delivered to the library during
        open hours and must not be deposited in the church.
Volunteer Rota 2018
Time to organise the next Rota for  Sunday Volunteers
  For the month of May 2018
Thank you all for your continuing willingness to serve the church.
Please include in your reply the dates that you are
available to serve along with a brief indication of the
roles you are willing to fulfil.
If you would like to join us as a Sunday Volunteer please contact us
Thank you for your help in planning the next
Rota  for Sunday Duties at St Paul's 
please reply to this message at

Catch up on Services you have missed
We now have the availability to record some of church services with audio only, A complete audio recording was made of the Easter Sunday Service April 1 2018. This is now available on the church Website  Click here to listen
Weekly Services
Sunday Mornings
Holy Communion (traditional language) at 8:00 a.m.
Family Communion at 10:30 a.m. with Sunday Club for Children
Wednesday Healing Service with Holy Communion 6:30pm

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