The Labyrinth Walk
Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Altar Flowers are Given by Fereshtah Maynard,  
Thankful for the grace of our God everyday.       
Find Us Faithful

The Rt. Rev. Greg Rickel, Bishop of the Diocese of Olympia, who started his priesthood at St. Peter's under the direction of The Rev. Peggy Hayes, has a special message to us about Tithing and Stewardship.
Please follow the youtube link below to view his video message specifically for St. Peter's.

Appreciative Inquiry Results
Each week, the Labyrinth Walk will have the results to a different question that Rev. Jason Alexander asked us in the Appreciative Inquiry that will be used to help search for a new Rector. Below are the answers you gave to him regarding the question:

Recall a time when you most appreciated the ministry of a priest. What was happening? What did you appreciate?

priest advocated for me
Teri was enthusiastic about marrying us
support during health crisis
homily at mother's funeral
pastoral counseling
encouraging of new ideas
enables leadership opportunities
challenging theological discussion
Teri travelled to my brother's funeral
priest welcomed us to talk
open talk during recent election
loved me where I was
priest represents us
presence at life events
Teri welcoming all to receive communion
wedding class
inquirer's class
commissioning of EV's
Bob's steady presence
Teri's energy
during the sacraments
St. Peter's Giving Totals

October 1        $3,678,00
October 8        $5,853.10
October 15      $8,645.00
October 22      $4,091.00
October 29      $9.563.60
November 5   $13,799.00
November 12   $2,211.00

Reminder that the weekly need for giving to the Operating Budget is $9,262.77
Dollar Bills 
All $1 bills  in the offering plate this Sunday will go to the Discretionary Fund.     
Bank Draft Form
Did you know that you can have your tithe to St. Peter's automatically taken out of your checking our savings account? The Bank Draft Form is located in the link below. Print this form out and give it to the church office. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mike King at
The Arkansas Episcopal Church Women Fall Gathering
Camp Mitchell Retreat Center
November 17-18, 2017
 "Embracing the Strength of Each Stage of Life"
Our featured speaker is the Rev. Patricia Matthews, Asst. Rector St. Mark's Episcopal Church, LR. Together we will explore all different stages of our lives as women, with the goal of discovering and embracing the strength of each age. We will look at stories of women from the Bible and from myth. The Rev. Patricia Matthews serves at St Mark's in Little Rock. She previously served as the Director of Children and Youth Formation at Christ Church Little Rock. All women of the church are invited! Please pick up a brochure on the table outside the church office. You can go to the ECW website ( or contact Rev. Peggy Cromwell or Rev. Dr. Linda Brown with any questions.

Turkey Day is coming!
Tuesday, November 21,2017
Calling All Youth!
All youth, ages 10 and up, are invited to come help stuff and hand-out Thanksgiving Baskets! Lunch will be provided for youth volunteers.
To sign-up please use this link:
Notes from The Rev. Dr. Linda Brown    
Vestments - Who wears What?
When reading about the history of vesture or wearing vestments in the Anglican church, one will learn that early on, the variety of practice varied greatly from diocese to diocese and even parish to parish.   After the Reformation, the practices were widely scattered, but eventually an Anglican liturgical tradition took form and evolved.
Before describing the main body of vestments, it's noteworthy to indicate the system of liturgical colors. Today, there is a consensus among Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Roman Catholics about the appropriate vestments and the liturgical colors (with a couple of exceptions). They are:
  • Advent                                       Purple or Blue
  • Christmas Day/season              White
  • Season after the Epiphany       Green
  • Lent                                           Purple or Unbleached
  • Passion Sunday                        Red
  • Maundy Thursday                     White
  • Good Friday                              Red
  • Easter Vigil/Day/Season           White
  • Feast of Pentecost                    Red
  • Season after Pentecost            Green
The Alb
This is the basic (white) liturgical garment for all ministers including acolytes who serve at the Eucharist; Alb comes from the Latin, albus meaning white. The alb represents the entire life of the Christian from the baptismal gown to the white pall that covers the earthly remains at the end of life. The vested person is one of those who, as Revelation says, "have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb" (Revelation 7:14). The alb is to cover the clerical collars worn by priests and deacons.
The Chasuble
This is the principal Eucharistic vestment, outer garment, worn by the presider (Bishop or priest) over the Eucharist. The  design, form, and texture of the Chasuble help to focus the action of the assembly and the color relates to feast and season.
The Dalmatic
This is the Eucharistic vestment of the Deacon.   Its name is derived from its place of origin, Dalmatia (part of modern day Croatia) in the third century. Like the Chasuble worn by the presider, the dalmatic is an outer garment with full sleeves and body covering the alb. Only Deacons should wear the dalmatic in the Eucharist liturgy.
The Stole
The stole, a narrow strip of fabric, signifies ordination. It is worn around the neck. Bishops and priests wear the stole so that the two ends fall straight down over the chest. Deacons wear it over the left shoulder and fastened or tied below the waist on the right side of the body so that it lies diagonally across the chest and the back. Unlike the chasuble, and dalmatic, the stole is not a festive vestment large enough to have a visual impact on the liturgical event; but is merely a sign that the person wearing it has been ordained.

All Hands Ministry Team Meeting!
 All Current (and those interested) Lectors, Greeters, Ushers, Oblationers, and Hospitality Members are encouraged to attend one of the upcoming Ministry Team Refresher Trainings! We will be going over information such as How to Be Heard Over Crying Babies, Ultimate Ushering: Mastering Mixed Doubles , and To Bow or not to Bow, that is the Question.
Also, there will be snacks!.
These refreshing meetings will be held in Classroom Two on
November 19 at 10:30 AM.
A Special Holiday Session, which will include, Surviving the Christmas Eve Obstetrical Course,will be held at the same time on December 10.

Join Bob, Peggy, and Linda as they unwrap the mysteries of our prayer book and how to use it - both communally and privately. 
A simple soup supper will be served.
Childcare will be provided.

What is the Eucharistic Visitor?
Eucharistic Visitors are called and licensed to minister to the ill and infirm in their congregations by taking them the Eucharist 'in a timely manner' after communion service. Early Christian writers tell about a regular practice of laity taking the sacrament home from the Sunday service.
Today, our Eucharistic Visitors not only visit and help those unable to attend church services, but especially they bring the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, using the 'Communion under Special Circumstances' service found in the Book of Common Prayer. Eucharistic Visitors represent the whole church community to those who cannot worship with us.
Reverend Dr. Linda Brown will conduct training for anyone who desires to serve in this ministry. Rita Mackintosh and Dan Allen assist trained EVs with coordination and organization of visits.
If you feel called to this ministry and would like to know more about it and possibly be trained, please contact Linda, Rita or Dan.  We would like to offer the two hour training session as soon as possible for all interested parishioners.
Contact information:
  • Rev. Linda Brown, (501) 590-0631; or

Christmas Meals Coordinator
In the past, St. Peter's had a ministry of delivering Christmas Meals on Christmas Day through the Meals on Wheels Program. We, again, have been asked to start up this program, but we are in need of a coordinator for this very special program. If you are interested, please contact Jerusalem Greer for more details.
Jesus and His Jewish Influences
8:50am Discussion in Library
This set of 24 30 minute lectures by Dr Jodi Magness, Dept. of Religion. U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill seeks to provide an understanding of how Jesus's teachings and views were shaped by his Jewish background and context.Jodi Magness PhD is an archaeologist who has done distinguished work in Israel and Greece, participating in 20 excavations. Her primary research interests center on the archaeology of the Holy Land from the destruction of Solomon's Temple to the Muslim Conquest.
Adult Forum
For Adult Forum on November 19 at 10:00 in the Library, Judy Helm will be introducing a book that, according to Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO, is a "must-read" - Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.  What is "nonviolent communication?"  Rosenberg describes the concept as "a way of being very honest, without any criticism, insults, or put-downs, and without any intellectual diagnosis implying wrongness."  Why would the CEO of the third largest tech company in the country require his top executives to read this book?  Come to Adult Forum to hear the answer.
Church's Teachings for a Changing World
Parish Hall Chapel, Sundays at 10:00am.
Books are available in the office to borrow or purchase.
All are welcome at any time.
Carolyn Scott will be happy to answer your questions.

Brown Bag Book Club
Start Date: November 29
Time: 12:00 Noon - 1:00 pm
Place: St. Peter's Library

Kathleen Norris, the author of Dakota and Cloister Walk offers up her meditation on Mary, collecting sixty images of the mother of Jesus, from Raphael to Leonardo da Vinci--from Virgin, to peasant girl, to anxious parent, to Mother of God.
The Brown Bag Book Club will read and discuss Norris' beautifully illustrated book as their Advent Study. I hope you will make time in your busy Advent lives to come and focus on Mary, Mother of Jesus.
The book may be obtained through Amazon for approximately, $15.
Rev. Dr. Linda Brown, Deacon

No Shave November

Attention Men: Join the fun as well as promote men's health. Enter the Best Beard Contest promoting awareness to men's health issues.  Check details on the "No Shave November" flier on the Brotherhood of St. Andrew table in the Church lobby.
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
All men of the church are invited to give one hour a month as part of your Christian experience.  Join the Brotherhood of St. Andrew which meets for one hour the third  Monday of each month.  The Brothers pray, study scripture, and serve together.  Check the lobby bulletin board for this month's meeting.
Fall Bible Studies
The Fall Bible Study is a discussion of the Gospel of Luke.  Check lobby bulletin board for additional information or telephone Joe Arn.
Afternoon Bible Study: Mondays, 12:15 pm, Church Library.
Evening Bible Study: Thursdays, 7 pm, Morgan House
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is doing a Grand Re-opening of their warehouse and store and is looking for volunteers to assist with organizing and prepping their warehouse and store.

Available hours to volunteer are:
November 16-17 @ 5pm
Sat/ Nov 18 - 9am to 6pm
Sun/ Nov 19 - 12pm to 6pm
November 29-30 @ 5pm

(**They are willing to work with our schedules should a team like to work a specific block of time that is not on these scheduled days)
Grand Opening Dec 1-2 8am-6pm
Where? 1350 E. W. Martin, Conway, 72032 (this is right behind T Mobile, BAM, and Dollar Tree in the new Louis Crossing Mall.

Directions...Take Dave Ward East towards Sam's; go through both roundabouts; make the first right onto Thomas G. Wilson (on backside of T-Mobile, BAM and Dollar Tree); travel down the street to the first left on to E.W. Martin..Habitat for Humanity is the first warehouse on your left next door to FedEx.
Need additional info?
Contact:  Chris Smith at
Harry Potter Lock-In
St. Luke's NLR
6th-12th Grade
Sign-Up HERE 
If you need a ride please email Jerusalem!
Annual Advent and Family Feast

December 3
Mexican Fiesta Potluck * Eucharist * Advent Crafts!
with Special Guest, Jeannie McCabe
leading music!

Art, Pray, Love
The newly formed Art, Pray, Love committee has begun planning the 2018 Art Show and Sale fundraiser, held annually, to help purchase medical supplies for a mission trip to Guatemala. As in previous years, this event hopes to raise money through purchases generated by the sales of tickets, artwork, silent auction items, bottles of wine and the handicrafts in the Guatemalan Marketplace.
The event is scheduled for January 27, 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9 PM. Tickets will go on sale in December, in plenty of time to help stuff your Christmas stocking. The price of each ticket remains at $30 each or 2 for $50. Purchase your tickets before January 15th and save...$25 per ticket or 2 for $45. Ages 5-11 pay half price. Ages 4 and under are free.
November 16
November 17
November 18
November 19
November 20
Find Us Faithful
SLS Planning
Evening Bible Study
(Morgan House)


Conway Locally Grown
(Parish Hall)


Food Pantry
Wisdom House
(Morgan House)

Rite I
Nursery Opens
Jesus/Jewish Influences
Enriching our Worship Eucharist
Adult Forum
Family Formation
Choir Practice
Ministry Team
(Classroom 2)
Rite II
(Morgan House)
Contemplative Quaker Fellowship
(Classroom 4)
Centering Prayer
(Side Chapel)
After-Noon Bible Study
Narcotics Anonymous
(Morgan House)
Circle of Trust
(Classroom 4)

November 21
November 22
November 23
November 24
November 25
Turkey Basket Day!! 
(Classroom 2)  


Library Reserved 
Narcotics Anonymous
(Morgan House)  
Parish Office Closed
Parish Office Closed

**November 22: Holy Eucharist and Prayers for Healing has been canceled due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Save the Date!
November 16     Find Us Faithful Stewardship Meeting, 12:00pm, Lobby 
November 21    Turkey Basket Day  
                          Baskets handed out 3:30pm to 5:30pm  
November 23     Parish Office Closed
November 24     Parish Office Closed
November 26     The Rev. Robert C. Brown, preaching in all three services 
December 3       First Sunday of Advent 
                          Find Us Faithful Stewardship Sunday   
                          The Rev. Robert C. Brown, preaching in all three services 
                          Advent Event/Family Feast, 5:30pm, Parish Hall 
December 10    Jerusalem Greer, preaching in Rite I (7:30am) and  
                          Enriching Our Worship (9:00am)  
                          Choir Cantata, 11:00am  
December 17    The Rev. Peggy Cromwell, preaching in all three services 
December 24     Christmas Eve
                          11:00am Service (only service for the morning)
                          The Rev. Dr. Linda Brown, preaching 
                          5:00pm Christmas Eve Service   
                          8:00pm Christmas Eve Service
                          The Rev. Peggy Cromwell, preaching
December 25    9:00am Christmas Day Service   
                         The Rev. Robert C. Brown, preaching  
December 26 through December 29  Parish Office Closed   
December 31   The Rev. Robert C. Brown, preaching    
January 15       Parish Office Closed for Mr. Luther King Jr. Day 
January 27      Art Pray Love  
February 14    Ash Wednesday  
February 18   First Sunday in Lent  
November 19 - November 25  Birthdays
Anna Burford
Shelley Henderson
Jerry Southard
Madison Hernandez
Molly Jones
Jessica Reid
Kathy Gunter
Emma Roger
O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servants, as they begin another year. Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Book of Common Prayer, page 830
Help Out the Food Pantry
Don't forget your items to bring this Sunday!  You may also drop off items in the church lobby anytime during the week.  With your help we are able to provide food to those in need.
2 cans whole kernel corn; 1 box of cereal; 2 pkgs ramen
Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Products    
**If you are bringing fresh produce to donate, please contact someone with a key and see that it is placed in the Food Pantry refrigerators. 
Pantry Musings
I would hang over the back fence when I was six, seven, or eight, and watch the activity in the alley. We actually had alleys. Mostly that activity consisted of people driving into their garages, and my peers playing games of tag, hide and seek, kick the can, whatever. Every morning there would be people going through the garbage in search for food, items they could use in their homes, and items they could sell. These were my first lessons in what it meant to be poor. Sometimes people would have a wagon drawn by a donkey, and other times, they would just carry their stuff. One day a woman found iris rhizomes in my mother's garbage, and finding anything of value there was an occasion to be remembered. This woman's face lit up with the happiest smile I think I've ever seen. Somehow, she managed to communicate to me in Spanish that she would plant these in front of her house. That day she was rich with the expectation of beauty in the coming spring. - Ann Drake
Scripture Readings for Sunday, November 19, 2017
The 9:00am Service will lead the Psalm  
and read from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 
Judges 4:1-7
The Israelites again did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, after Ehud died. So the Lord sold them into the hand of King Jabin of Canaan, who reigned in Hazor; the commander of his army was Sisera, who lived in Harosheth-ha-goiim. Then the Israelites cried out to the Lord for help; for he had nine hundred chariots of iron, and had oppressed the Israelites cruelly twenty years.
At that time Deborah, a prophetess, wife of Lappidoth, was judging Israel. She used to sit under the palm of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim; and the Israelites came up to her for judgment. She sent and summoned Barak son of Abinoam from Kedesh in Naphtali, and said to him, "The Lord, the God of Israel, commands you, 'Go, take position at Mount Tabor, bringing ten thousand from the tribe of Naphtali and the tribe of Zebulun. I will draw out Sisera, the general of Jabin's army, to meet you by the Wadi Kishon with his chariots and his troops; and I will give him into your hand.'"
Psalm 123
     To you I lift up my eyes, *
        to you enthroned in the heavens.
2      As the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, *
        and the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress,
3      So our eyes look to the Lord our God, *
        until he show us his mercy.
4      Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy, *
        for we have had more than enough of contempt,
5      Too much of the scorn of the indolent rich, *
        and of the derision of the proud.
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers and sisters, you do not need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. When they say, "There is peace and security," then sudden destruction will come upon them, as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and there will be no escape! But you, beloved, are not in darkness, for that day to surprise you like a thief; for you are all children of light and children of the day; we are not of the night or of darkness. So then let us not fall asleep as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober; for those who sleep sleep at night, and those who are drunk get drunk at night. But since we belong to the day, let us be sober, and put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation. For God has destined us not for wrath but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep we may live with him. Therefore encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.
Matthew 25:14-30
Jesus said, "It is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away. The one who had received the five talents went off at once and traded with them, and made five more talents. In the same way, the one who had the two talents made two more talents. But the one who had received the one talent went off and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master's money. After a long time the master of those slaves came and settled accounts with them. Then the one who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five more talents, saying, 'Master, you handed over to me five talents; see, I have made five more talents.' His master said to him, 'Well done, good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.' And the one with the two talents also came forward, saying, 'Master, you handed over to me two talents; see, I have made two more talents.' His master said to him, 'Well done, good and trustworthy slave; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.' Then the one who had received the one talent also came forward, saying, 'Master, I knew that you were a harsh man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter seed; so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is yours.' But his master replied, 'You wicked and lazy slave! You knew, did you, that I reap where I did not sow, and gather where I did not scatter? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and on my return I would have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him, and give it to the one with the ten talents. For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. As for this worthless slave, throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'
Prayers of the People 
Prayers and Petitions: 
John; Michele; Susan; Jessica; Marianne, Maggie, Zach (safe travels; Katie; Rita; Jimmy; Audrea; Bill; Ken; Linda; Heather; Fred; Kay; Liz; Nancy; Andy; Susan; Keith; Johnny; Suzanne; Susie; Shauna; Safe Travels for: Teri, David, Nick, Lauren, Emma, Katie, Kali. 

In Loving Support for:
Jenny, Doug, and Odessa; Micah; Sam; Mouaz; Natalie.

In Constant Prayer for our Future Rector, whomever God leads to us.

We give thanks for the people of St. Peter's and visitors with us this week.
We give thanks for: Lynn and Pam Neuhofel; Rob, Tricia, Liam and Ben O'Connor; Leaetta Odglen; Chris Odom; Wolfgang, Patty, Andreas, and Micaela Oeste; Joey, Julie, Maysen, and Aeva Pacheco; Gloria Parker and Amy Rice; Suzanne and Ty Pearson; Fred and Lillian Petrucelli; Catie Pinal; Jerry and Peggy Price; Carl Purdy
We give thanks forCentral Baptist Church.    
We give thanks for the Lubavitch Center for Jewish Learning.
We give thanks for our Finding Us Faithful Stewardship Program.
We give thanks for Rev. Pascula Ventura, St. john the Apostle, Chichicastenango (Chee-chee-castin-ango.
We give thanks forThe Rt Revd Prince Asukwo Antai Niger Delta, Nigeria.
We give thanks for Caribbean Hurricane Relief Concert at St. Martin in the Fields, Philadelphia.
The Departed:  
  Gus, Bryan, Beth.           

Team 3
Pam Holt
Mary Etta Qualls
Wolfe Oeste
Ellen Stengel
Pam Holt
Dinah Reed
Katrina Wilcox
Wayne Stengel
Jerry Adams

Dinah Reed
Katrina Wilcox
Gloria Parker
Jerry Adams

Lisa Crowson
Madelyn Adams
Lynne Rich
Eucharistic Visitor

Deana Weindorf

Eucharistic Minister
Stacey Coleman
Paul McCowan Jay Ruud

AM:Beth Brady
C: Xaiden Sharpe

AM:Beth Brady
C: Christopher Walters
T1: Wade Simpson
T2: Austin Lasardo
Vestry Counters

Christy Garrett-Jones
Chris Odom
Altar Guild

Team 4