As we live-stream the celebration of Easter together, we recognize our continued ability to worship God and maintain our connection with each other. We don’t know how many weeks or months we will be navigating through these difficult times, or when we can be together as a church family and feel the warm and loving embrace that is St. Richard’s.

I am hopeful and encouraged that, however, long a period of time goes by before we can all be together again, you will continue to regularly financially support St. Richard’s so that we can continue to support you through the pandemic. It is very important, when the pandemic is over, we be in the position to resume “our mission in the world”. Our commitment to the communities we serve and to each other is who we are as a congregation.
Sue Brown
Family Promise Host Week, April 26-May 3, 2020
We are consulting with Family Promise and determining how to best serve the families that are still a part of the Family Promise program. At this point, the families are being housed in hotels with access to microwaves and refrigerators. Volunteers have been providing one meal a day per family with some additional items for lunches. The meals are delivered to the Family Promise offices and the van driver delivers them to the families. As we get closer to our host week at the end of April, Kay Wolf and Melody Montgomery will be in contact to invite your participation in providing food for the families. 
Ministers Serving Today:
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