St Stephens Church Tidings
Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
11th October 2020
Everyone’s welcome. Nobody’s perfect. Anything’s possible.

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Eugene Burnand | Wedding Feast
Our Gospel lesson for this Sunday falls into the category of difficult texts to interpret and reconcile. Themes weave through the story of wedding guests who ignore invitations to joyful celebration; abuse meted upon messengers; wrathful retaliation visited upon those who ignore the host’s invitation to the great feast; harsh punishment exacted upon the unprepared; exclusive privileges granted to a chosen few...

Jesus’s parables possess the remarkable ability to engage our imaginations and challenge our assumptions. Through the medium of story, he invites us, in a less direct and threatening way, to reexamine some of our most cherished convictions about matters of relationship and eternal importance. As much as we might seek comfort and affirmation, Jesus’s parables often unsettle rather than reassure.

Welcome to St Stephen’s, a community willing to sit with challenge and discomfort in Christ, as a way through to realizing more robust equity, reconciliation, and true joy in living.
— CTT+
Altar Flowers
The flowers at the altar this
Sunday, 11th October 2020,
are given to the glory of God
by Lilian & DB Murray
in loving memory of 
May Buntin Murray & Michael Alan Buhl.
Join In This Sunday, 11th October 2020, For A Zoom Coffee Hour

Grab a cup of coffee after the livestream worship service this Sunday and join in for a social hour! Father Schaper and Donald Sung will co-host this Sunday’s casual conversation. Join in when you can following the service. The gathering will run from 11:00 am until 11:45 am.

Here is information to join in:
Meeting ID: 822 8734 2504
Passcode: 229564

Participants will be muted on the Zoom call upon entry. [Zoom directions and etiquette PDF here.]
Sunday, 11th October, 9:00 - 10:00am | Zoom link at St Stephen’s Central
Slow Religion: The Foundations of Christian Faith in the 21st Century 
Resurrection: the Historical Inerrancy View

Resurrection is the central starting point of the Christian faith. Controversial from the start it beckons us across 2,000 years as both mystery and history. This week’s class will look at Resurrection through the Historical Inerrancy View. That is the view that the Resurrection is a historical fact interpreted through a theological lens. The series is led by Joe Jennings and the Rev’d Zoila Schoenbrun.
St Stephen’s Kids | Godly Play Stories at Home

Sunday 11th October Link | Creation:
Click the blue link below to watch:

It is important to find spiritual help for your children from your church. Normally during the school year we teach Godly Play classes to students. Each week in Tidings we post a link to a Stories of God at Home / Godly Play story in video format.

Prior Links:
  • Introduction for Parents:
  • How the Church marks time: The Church Year:
  • The Holy Bibe:e
  • The Holy Family:

I recommend that you watch each Godly Play story as a family, at a set time convenient each week if possible. You are raising a child in the knowledge and love of the Lord, to love God and neighbor. That is a huge responsibility. And it is at the same time a great privilege, a gift. 

Please feel free to directly contact Victoria Ellsworth if you have any questions or need any advice on how to share your faith lovingly with children.
— VE
In-person Morning Worship 
in the Courtyard
Check-in 8 am
Reserve your space <here> on Eventbrite
18th October Pre-Registration
Up to 26 spaces available. 

Closes at Noon, Thursday, 15th October for the service on 18th October.

Please note: If it is raining, there will be NO SERVICE.

The outdoor worship service offers 26 reserved spots and 10 waitlist spots. Reservations are only available by booking directly with the above Eventbrite link the week prior until Thursday noon of that week.The office needs to manage reservations through a single system. If there are no reservations made, the service will not be held. Reservations are required for entry. Unfortunately for planning reasons, no walk-ins can be accepted.

Check-in for the service will be at 8:00 am, with worship beginning at 8:15 am. A word liturgy, the service will combine prayers and music with a focus on scripture and preaching. Brief and accessible, the worship service aspires to appeal to all ages. While we hope to be able to offer holy eucharist/communion before too long, and are preparing for a safe method of distribution, we are still awaiting episcopal approval for the sharing of this sacrament.

All reservations will only be made directly through Eventbrite. All who want to come will have a fair opportunity to reserve a spot(s) over time. Seating will be assigned. Social distancing will be observed, and masks must be worn at all times. People will not be permitted to congregate before or after the service.

The livestream service will continue at 10 am.

The Phased Regathering Team has submitted their indoor regathering plan to the Bishop. The submission requires the Bishops approval prior to opening up the sanctuary. Please watch this space for updates regarding when indoor services will resume. The reservation process will be the same as for the above outdoor service. Reservations through Evenbrite will be required for entry.
The 2021 Pledge Appeal Campaign:

Thank you! Click blue link to view

Your 2021 Pledge Appeal package should have arrived by snail mail. If you did not receive one, you may use this link below to a pdf of the current pledge card:

You can fill out, scan, and email it to office[at] or send by snail mail. By submitting your pledge card by 27th October, you partner with your Parish in planning St Stephen’s future.

Your pledge will be blessed during the Sunday Ingathering service on 18th October, if it is received by the office no later than Wednesday, the 14th of October.

Please know that whatever amount you pledge is sincerely appreciated. By simply making a pledge of any amount, you cast your heart and thoughtful support for St Stephen’s and the church community you want it to be.

Scroll to the bottom of this email if you need more information.
all saints day
All Saints Remembrance

St Stephen’s will remember in prayer on All Saints Day, the names of those who passed away between 28th October 2019 through 25th October 2020. Most names will already be on the list. Please check the list by clicking on the link below. If the name of someone you lost last year is not on the list, please add it to this live document.

Hoybach Memorial flowers
Altar Flower Donation Chart for 2021

The 2021 Flower Chart is virtual this year. Please sign up for your special Sunday. The regular donation for flowers is $150. You will be contacted the week prior to your Sunday week for your floral dedication which appears in the online pdf of the leaflet, in Tidings, and on Facebook. You may send your check with Altar Flowers written in the memo line, and your dedication to the office in advance, or the week of your dedication, or email the office with permission to charge your credit card. If you have any questions, please email Barbara Garcia-Romero or Barbara Berling.

Please note that until services safely begin again, the arrangement will be an orchid plant, your donation will also go to the Livestream.

Online Studies

Slow Religion
Joe Jennings & the Revd Zoila Schoenbrun
11th October, 9:00 - 10:00 am Zoom
Slow Religion: The Foundations of Christian Faith in the 21st Century
Resurrection: the Historical Inerrancy View
Next Session, 18th October 

Online Film Society
Donald Sung
Wednesdays at 8:00 pm

St Stephens Mens Breakfast
Zoom link on St Stephens Central
19th September 2020
Each Saturday until 31st October 2020
Led by The Revd Richard Schaper
Visit Together Apart,
The almost daily Clergy Blog, at
About Livestreaming

We seek your feedback on your experience with the quality of the livestream. Are you having technical difficulties with livestream sound? Video? Glitches? Please email Elizabeth Gravely to let us know.

Disaster Relief Donation Links
Fire Relief
Monetary donations: North Coast Opportunities/Mendo Lake Credit Union Lake County Wildfire Relief Fund with a memo for “Valley Fire.”

Or to contribute financial aid or texting the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
Hurricane Laura
Episcopal Relief Development hurricane relief fund:
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