Newsletter September 2012
Hello everyone,

News is the enemy of contemplation and wisdom. The brain craves novelty, gets bored when little changes and overlooks the mysteries buried deeply within what changes slowly or seems unchanging. News also carries a mirage, the wicked promise of finding that one new thing you have been missing so far to fulfill your dream of happiness. Of course, with each new item you find  that promise gets ever more elusive. These are familiar challenges for mindfulness practitioners who attempt to make daily practice a reality. Our challenge is to see through our addiction to novelty, see how we use novelty as avoidance, and settle into a deeper stream of life. What we need is not so much news as it is new perspectives. We find these in contemplation, both solitary and in deep dialogue with a trusted person.

First let me apologize for the sometimes confusing posts you'll find on Facebook and Twitter. I still have to figure out how these social media work while feeling like a tweeting twit in the meantime.

Sign-up for the Public Lecture Series has begun and the sign-up for the Mindfulness Intensives is in full swing.
I have improved the information on the website, so that you can get a better sense of what we do in these courses, and which group (MO or TH) might be most appropriate for you. 
We improved the RSS feed function of my blogs. Those of you who have signed-up for the RSS feed of my blogs will have to please sign up again by going to the blog page, and on the lower right click on 'Entries RSS' and follow the instructions; otherwise you won't receive the blogs anymore.
ThismomentsquestionThere is now a new mailing you can sign up for, called 'This Moment's Question'. Some people enjoy receiving short text bites that remind them of the mindfulness journey they are on and provide them with novel perspectives on their views and experiences. If you have already signed up on the homepage of my website, you are now automatically also signed up for 'This Moment's Question'. You can independently unsubscribe for either mailing if you so wish. As a new subscriber you now have the option to chose which mailing you wish to receive when you sign up in the upper right-hand corner of my website's homepage.
A few people were surprised that they sent me emails and I never responded. It turns out that they sent it to an old sympatico email address, which is not in use anymore. My current email address is

Robyn from Creating Space Yoga and I met recently for a lunch-fueled brainstorm. Over the past year we knew that our collaboration was driven by a story, but the story was as yet hidden from view. We are now beginning to see glimpses of it as we start observing how we influence each other's work in exploring the minded body and the embodied mind. The lecture series is designed to give the public a taste of what goes on in the heat of our laboratories with many dedicated students attending Robyn's Yoga courses and my mindfulness meditation courses. We intently continue to follow our story's emergence and will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, students are finding their place in the respective courses starting soon. I am very grateful for the privilege of meeting again so many seasoned practitioners from previous years, who routinely challenge established views and enrich our learning through penetrating questions and wise contributions. I am also delighted to meet so many new candidates, who bring a fresh, irreverent and unencumbered perspective to our work, carrying with them more wisdom than they give themselves credit for.

The Wednesday night Mindfulness Community Group is thriving. I am grateful to be part of such a vibrant and dedicated community of people who are involved in the nitty-gritty daily exploration of how we create our own reality - oldies teaching newbies and newbies teaching oldies. The folks in this Community Group are an inspiration for two principles that guide us on our mindful path: These are the 'grass-growing' and the 'salt mines' principles.

Sit on your front lawn and watch the grass grow; you won't see it grow, even though it does. As we sit quietly, more often than not we don't see change from moment to moment, from day to day. We often even feel lost or hopelessly ineffective. Yet looking back after a longer period of time, the changes are striking. It is essential to know that big success is the result of millions of tiny daily, seemingly insignificant steps towards deeper awareness, requiring us to enter an inner space of diligence and commitment I call the salt mines. Finding pleasure in all that is not earth-shattering is our secret weapon against impatience and seductive, but false expectations. It takes time for our little neurons to get warmly wrapped up in their new myelin blankets.

This year I am looking forward to bringing more verb and less noun to the teaching process. It is my aim to present in a way that conveys even more directly the nature of existence as energy flow . 

Let's have fun while being serious and not forget life's depth while having fun!
With kind regards,

Dr. T.

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