Sub-grants from the Delaware Early Education and Child Care Stabilization Fund continue to be available - please consider applying. The Fund provides more than $66 million to early childhood education programs to help you get back on your feet from the pandemic's impact.

We understand that the application process can be overwhelming, and we have supports to help you. In addition to dedicated Stabilization Fund Technical Assistants, we regularly update your frequently asked questions (FAQs) found on the Stabilization Fund landing page.

In the last several days, we added many more responses to your FAQs and will continue to do so every week. So please be sure to continue to check them out frequently.

The questions are grouped in sections for easy reference and include answers about everything from the application process and disbursement of funds to eligible costs.

For example, here are a couple of questions and answers from this week's update.

When will I receive the funds?
Our team is continually reviewing requests. When your application is being reviewed, your program’s Technical Assistant (TA) will contact you regarding any clarification and/or documentation that is needed. If you respond within 2 weeks and work with the TA to complete anything that remains unclear in your application, you can expect to receive the funds within 60 days of when the application was submitted. 

Payments related to Round 1 applications are able to be made for expenses that have been incurred since April 2021 and/or will be incurred through September 2021. As a reminder, for any recurring expenses, programs are able to submit the request once and indicate that the expense will be recurring through December. 
What portion of mortgage/rent and utilities is eligible for family child care programs operating out of the provider’s home? 
Providers should use the Time-Space Percentage formula used for tax purposes. The formula is calculated by multiplying the Time Percent (number of hours that the home is used as a business divided by the total number of hours in the year) by the Space Percent (number of square feet regularly used for business divided by the total number of square feet in the home). The resulting Time-Space Percentage is the portion of mortgage/rent and utilities that is eligible. 

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our Stabilization Fund Technical Assistants on 1-877-351-2841 or by email.