Stable Sheet | August & September 2018 Part 2
This Old Horse
This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s seen some better days,
she’s eating up my profits,
and costs a lot for hay.

Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that,
shes seen a lot of miles
just like my cowboy hat.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she helped me herd my steer,
I’m pretty sure shes magic,
I know I hold her dear.

Another horse would suit me,
one that can run fast,
maybe one that’s younger,
or maybe one that lasts.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
she’s long and far in tooth,
my children do remember,
her fondly from their youth.

Another horse would suit me,
a gelding in his prime,
one that needs less fixin’,
that helps me save a dime.

Why, they asked, then keep her?
why not trade her now?
bring her to an auction?
replace her with a cow?

The Rancher's brow grew heavy,
he took a staggered step,
his eyes did show his hardships,
in wrinkles, as they crept.

His breath, he took in deeply,
as he poised to say his words,
it’s as if the earth grew silent,
that his message should be heard.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
has given me her life,
I wouldn’t trade for anything,
nor either, would my wife.

Another horse would suit me,
and perhaps someday will come,
but this old gal, I love her,
she is the chosen one.

This old horse, the Rancher said,
her service she did lend,
her and I, have seen the years,
this old horse, she is my friend.

Another horse would suit me well,
but her home is here to keep,
I owe her sanctuary,
my love for her is deep.

Another horse would suit me well,
and younger days for me,
and I will keep my promise,
until our last breaths, set us free.

Poem and Photography by Jess Vee

Our thanks to Beverly Olson for sharing this!
In Memory of
DL Skyline Silhouette
We would like to report the death of our well known mare “DL Skyline Silhouette” on July 14, 2018. She was an outstanding Roadster to Bike and Saddle Mare. After retiring from Roadster classes, she was shown in Classic Saddle and Driving, even in a Western Pleasure Class. At the homestead she was Dr. Barnes favorite trail riding mount always giving her all. She is missed by all after giving us 28 years of pleasure and love. 

Dr. Edward and Linda Barnes, The Dorsey/Lee Morgan Horse Farm.
PT Cruiser
2000 – 2018
(RDKS Shilo x Blacksaddle Jasmine)
On August 1st I said goodbye to my heart horse, PT Cruiser. He was everything I had ever hoped to breed. He along with his trainer Corey Resh put Oregon Morgans on the map. He was much loved by everyone that ever had anything to do with him. He was a head turner at every outing he went to. He was loved by two young ladies that both learned so much from him.

Last year he took his latest young lady Kaila Wilcox to many wins in the AMHA open competition awards in the youth division. He was many times high point champion in open shows under Sara Wheat and earned his first bronze medal at AMHA his 2nd year of showing under Corey Resh. He received his basic police training certificate with Micki Juarado riding him. He had wins in halter, english, western, trail and reining. He won so many awards that I could fill 8 big totes full of ribbons.

It wasn't just what he won but what he leaves behind. Many foals that were loved just like him from coast to coast and Australia.

He was gelded when he was 12 so he could be shown in the youth classes in open competition. It was at this time we discovered he had testicular cancer. It was all removed and he had a clean bill of health. Two months ago he had what appeared to be a skin flap on his penis. The vet removed what was a very large tumor that was malignant Melanoma, but felt that he had gotten it all. What we didn't know was that there was much more up higher.

His fan club is vast from coast to coast. It will be a long time before I ever stop the tears from flowing. Rest in peace my big boy. I will love you forever and see you again some day.

Carol Dombrowsky, Oregon Morgans
Okan Storm King
1997 - 2018
(Meredith Bilirubin X Good News Priscilla)   
Brown with a star.   
Okan Storm King was a National Champion Dressage 2nd level winner as well as a winner in Carriage Driving, CDE, Reining, Western Pleasure, and Trail. He has produced some outstanding athletic foals. He also won Regional & State Championships in 4 divisions. He had an excellent curious personality and loved to be part of the family. He was 14.2h and competed at CDE in the Intermediate Single Pony Division.  He had a life home with us and our grand daughter. 
Here is a video of Storm King:
Storm King passed over the Rainbow bridge on July 15th. He will be greatly missed.

Don & Mary Curtis, OKAN Morgans​
Marvelous Prima Donna

Today was a very sad day for Oregon Morgans as we had to put down one of our beloved mares. She was a rescue and unfortunately the damage had already been done. RIP Marvelous Prima Donna, ( Marvelous Masterpiece X Marvelous Moon Glo). .you were Morgan through and through.

Carol Dombrowsky, Oregon Morgans
Triflik Protocol
1999 - 2018
(Bro Rock Beware x TMR Signature)

Everyone at Crown Morgans is heartbroken over the loss of the wonderful 19 yr-old gelding Triflik Protocol (Cool). He was the favorite mount and very special buddy of Myckayla Shaver. Beloved and a one-of-a-kind Morgan!
Cool was our "Black Beauty" story. Originally purchased by Nancy Eidam and Scott and Karen Beyl, he was a Far West Regional Champion Stallion and 4th at Oklahoma City 5 and over Stallions. He was sold into Keith Nelson's barn then relocated to the Great Lakes area changing hands/barns over the next several years. Somehow he ended up in Pennsylvania with the Amish for two years. He again was sold through an auction and was brought to Oklahoma City for resale. Nancy walked up to his stall and said "Hi Cool". He turned, nickered, and came right up. Of course, Nancy bought him again and brought him back to his permanent home. He again went to the Far West Regional and won the Reserve Regional Champion Gelding. He then became Myckayla's special boy with thrilling rides at home and in the show ring.

He is now laid to rest along side other great champions at Crown Morgans. He will be missed but not forgotten. 
Nancy Eidam, Crown Morgans
Ensbrook Avanti
1992 - 2018
(HRH Image Command x HVM Le Jazz Hot)

RIP My Dear Sweet Boy. You were loved.

August 7th is a sad day at Ensbrook and Aranaway. Ensbrook Avanti has gone to greener pastures. He is buried at Aranaway Farm in Grants Pass, OR.

There is a void in my heart, but he had a great time in OR. With Mary Anne Morrison , I know she loved him as much as I did. Thank you Mary Anne for loving him and caring for him in his senior years.

Another chapter closed, he will be missed.

Mary Anne Morrison, Aranaway Farm

It is a sad day at Ensbrook and Aranaway. Ensbrook Avanti has gone to greener pastures. He is buried at Aranaway Farm in Grants Pass, OR. There is a void in my heart, but he had a great time in Oregon with Mary Anne Morrison. I know she loved him as much as I did.
Thank you Mary Anne for loving him and caring for him in his senior years.
Another chapter closed, he will be missed.

Sandra France Nichols, Ensbrook

I have no words that can adequately Express how sorry I am to hear of his passing. He was so loved by everybody who met him. I consider myself very lucky to have one of his babies and love him with all my heart. My heart goes out to both you Sandy and to Mary Anne for your loss.

We will see you again someday Avanti.

Jennifer Unick, Ironbrook
Mantic Bella Rena
1995 - 2018

Another sad day at Crown Morgans. The lovely 23 yr old Mantic Bella Rena succumbed to colic on August 7. She was by the great HVK Bell Flaire and out of Westenfeld Cormandy .

She leaves behind her 3 month old fancy colt, Crown Reminiscent. She was also the dam of the very beautiful Crown Corbella (by Crown Superlative) and the high action stallion Crown Commandant (by Shooting Star).

Bella went through some hard times but lived her last years at Crown as one of the favorite broodmares here. She was a sweet kind mare and a very good mother to her foals. She really will be missed.

Nancy Eidam, Crown Morgans

Roseridge Imagine Sapphire
2018 - 2018
(UDM White Water x CBMF Imagination)

It was a sad day when we lost our weanling splash blue eyed colt. He had such a future. I hate this part of owning horses. (Photo by Becky Palmer)

Gloria James, Roseridge Morgans
And Some Losses Nationally
Dragonsmeade Icon
2004 - 2018
(Mizrahi x HVK Obsidian)

Dragonsmeade Icon was one of four horses lost in a heartbreaking barn fire at Dragonsmeade Morgans. Our heart goes out to the Fu family and staff. Thankfully no people were harmed. I don't have any information on the other three horses.

In the words of Tessa Beard - " Icon was breathtaking, steady, striking, beautiful, always happy with his ears forward and a true show horse. He loved his job, he loved his trainer and most of all he loved his family. His legacy will live on with his babies but he will be greatly missed. Gone too soon at the age of 14 .....❤️Dragonsmeade Icon❤️ thank you for being the beautiful Morgan stallion that took my breath away, you left your mark in the Morgan Horse World. Trot on up there in heaven sweet guy with all the other World Champions.❤️❤️
My heart breaks for the Fu family, everyone at Dragonsmeade and everyone that worked with him and knew him."

Other information about Icon from the Dragonsmeade website: Dragonsmeade Icon was one the best stallions Dragonsmeade has ever bred and one of the finest and most decorated Morgans our breed has seen. This great stallion has won in every division he has showed in at the World, Grand, and Regional Championship levels - first in park, then in pleasure, in-hand, riding, and driving. His records with trainer Tim Roesink may never be broken nor seen again in our breed.
With his true Morgan stallion conformation, his exotic head, smooth body, and natural fluid motion, Icon was a perfect mix of World Champions Mizrahi and HVK Obsidian. Furthermore, his bloodlines speak volumes. His offspring will now take up his legend.
Highlights of His Show Record
2011 World Champion Park Saddle
2015, 2010 World Champion Stallion
2015 World Champion Pleasure Driving
2009, 2010, 2012 World Champion Park Saddle Amateur
2008 World Champion Park Saddle Four-Year-Old
2014 Reserve World Champion English Pleasure Amateur
2014 Reserve World Champion Stallion

We all send our thoughts, prayers and hugs to the Fu family.
DBA Street Talk
1992 - 2018
(Serenity Masterpiece x Kinglows Cherish)

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of DBA Street Talk. Due to complications from an acute colic, the choice was made to end his suffering. He was 26 years old and still active in the breeding shed in 2018. Healthy and happy until the very end. He was a wonderful breeding stallion as well as a beloved individual, and he will be missed. His wonderful attitude will live on through his many get.

Jim & Carolyn Sebring, Sebring Stables
Shared by Mary Anne Morrison
Don’t cry for the horses
That life has set free
A million white horses
Forever to be

Don’t cry for the horses
Now in God’s hands
As t hey dance and they prance
To a heavenly band

They were ours to borrow
But never to keep
As they close their eyes
Forever to sleep
Spirits unbound
On silver wings they fly
A million white horses
Against the blue sky

Look up into heaven
You’ll see them above
The horses we lost
The horses we loved

Manes and tails flowing
They gallop through time
They were never yours
They were never mine

Don’t cry for the horses
They will be back someday
When our time comes
They will show us the way

Do you hear that soft nicker
Close to your ear?
Don’t cry for the horses
Love the ones that are here.

–Brenda Riley-Seymore
Just Learned
Yum Kee Fu
A faithful friend and generous supporter of the Morgan community, Yum Kee Fu, passed away Sunday, August 26th after a brief illness.

Kee, also known to many as “Father Fu,” was a driving force behind the family who owns the Morgan breeding farm Dragonsmeade in Winchester, Kentucky.
Kee and his wife of 57 years, Susan (McKinley) have been the ultimate horse show parents, cheering on their daughters, their friends and the results of their breeding program. Daughters Iann and Ling are avid competitors in the Morgan show ring, frequently showing horses carrying the family prefix. The Fus agreed their children realized many of the best qualities of life being raised surrounded by the Morgan community.

Click here to read more
Our hearts ache for the Fu family.


I know there have been others that I have missed. My apologies
Please send me information if you would like to be included in the Stable Sheet.
This has been a really tough year. I am so sorry for your loss.

Gay Adams
Another Hot, Smoky Summer
The Farmer’s Daughter 
What they don’t show you on the news... the hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of good ole Boy American Farmers and their family and friends out there putting out these fires. Neighbors helping neighbors. Keeping Generations and Generations of Family Farms and Ranches safe from these horrible fires. With little to no sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or purple. This is what a true community looks like. When there’s a fire. They GO. And they FIGHT. And they FIGHT hard. They don’t sit around and wait for an okay, or any other commands from the boss. They don’t ask questions. They just simply GO! Because they know it’s what they have to do. They put their own lives at risk. And they sure as heck don’t ask for any credit. But unless you’ve been along right beside them in the middle of the night, as they FIGHT. For days on end. As they try to stop a fire from burning thousands of acres of family and friends farms along with years and years of their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, sons, daughters, grandmas & grandpa’s, and aunts and uncles hard work go up in flames. Then you’ll never quite understand. So please, the next time you go to put out your “cigarette” or think it’s cute to start a horrific fire, maybe think twice about the consequences of your actions. As you’re putting hundreds of thousands of acres, millions of hours of good old fashioned hard work, family farms and ranches, millions of dollars and hundreds of innocent animals, and an endless amount of people’s lives at RISK.

Let’s raise up the American Farmers, because they dedicate every single day of their lives to feed America and in today’s world they truly do never get near enough credit that they deserve.


Sarah Butterfield
The Farmers Daughter
Mary Anne Morrison
From the Daily Courier
WILDERVILLE — When it comes to evacuations, humans know what to do. But when that Level 3 order is announced, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and a whole host of farm animals need to get out as well — which makes things complicated.

Where are they to go — particularly the larger animals — and what's to be done if the animal's owner has no means to get them from Point A to Point B?
Southern Oregon Emergency Aid, a four-year-old volunteer group that transports and boards animals free of charge, has the answer.
"You name it — we have people who will take care of your iguana, your saltwater fish tank, draft horses and everything in between," Selma resident and founder Linda Bacon said. "We'll take care of everything except spiders and alligators."

Although most evacuations have been rescinded over the last several days, there was a period of anxiety when the animal shelter at the fairgrounds, which at the time hosted as many as 200 dogs, cats, goats, pigs and rabbits, was told to move so that preparations for the Josephine County Fair next week could get underway.

According Tana Mason, feline foster coordinator for local nonprofit Shelter Friends, the crisis was narrowly avoided. "We didn't find a place for them to go, but fortunately the firefighters got a handle on things and evacuation levels were lowered," Mason said, explaining that only a handful of the animals have yet to return home.

Southern Oregon Emergency Aid, which boasts 4,500 members on Facebook and has about 400 active volunteers in Jackson, Josephine, Curry, Douglas, Del Norte and Siskiyou county, worked closely with volunteers running the fairgrounds shelter and was instrumental in evacuating larger animals like horses.

One volunteer in particular, Mary Anne Morrison, owner of the 42-acre horse breeding business Aranaway Farm, personally retrieved, transported and boarded six horses from neighborhoods affected by the Klondike and Taylor Creek fires.

Two more were delivered to her by fellow volunteers, though four of the total eight have since been either picked up or brought back to their homes.
She also picked up a mixed bag of 30 chickens, ducks, roosters and guinea fowl — not to mention a 25-year-old pet emu named Onns — while she was at it.

"Before this guy I didn't know anything about emus," Morrison said, explaining that she had to do a little bit of research to figure out how to care for it, but has greatly enjoyed the out-of-the-ordinary experience.

Emus are flightless birds native to Australia and are the second largest living bird by height, just after its relative, the ostrich. They're known to travel great distances in search of food and can sprint up to 31 miles per hour due to highly specialized pelvic limb musculature. "I'm going to be sad when we send him home," Morrison said of Onns, explaining that all the birds will be going back to their homes over the next few days.

Morrison was invited by Bacon to join Southern Oregon Emergency Aid about four years ago — when the group was in its infancy — after Morrison posted a message to the community on Facebook informing locals that her 42-acre ranch was open to any animals in need of a place to stay. Morrison quickly accepted. "I just love people and love animals," Morrison said. "It's the comfort of helping others — I love that."

Although standing evacuation orders are currently at a minimum, the unusually early start of this year's fire season and its severity so far means there may yet be more to come. "If anything else happens we'll be there — we'll go get them," Morrison vowed.
Reach reporter Jason McMillen at 541-474-3718 or
Guidelines for Horses Exposed
to Wildfire Smoke
December 13, 2017
Posted by Trina Wood

The severe fires throughout California over the past three months have exposed humans and animals to unhealthy air containing wildfire smoke and particulates. These particulates can build up in the respiratory system, causing a number of health problems including burning eyes, runny noses and illnesses such as bronchitis. They can also aggravate heart and lung diseases such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and asthma.
Because little information is available to horse owners and even equine veterinarians on the effects on horses of breathing air laden with particulates, UC Davis equine specialists are offering these suggestions to serve as a general guide.

What Is In Smoke?
Smoke is made up of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, soot, hydrocarbons and other organic substances including nitrogen oxides and trace minerals. The composition of smoke depends on what is burned; different types of wood, vegetation, plastics, house materials, and other combustibles all produce different compounds when burned. Carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas that is produced in the greatest quantity during the smoldering stages of the fire, can be fatal in high doses.
In general, particulate matter is the major pollutant of concern in wildfire smoke. Particulate is a general term used for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Particulates from smoke tend to be very small (less than one micron in diameter), which allows them to reach the deepest airways within the lung. Consequently, particulates in smoke are more of a health concern than the coarser particles that typically make up road dust.

How Smoke Affects Horses
The effects of smoke on horses are similar to effects on humans: irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, aggravation of conditions like heaves (recurrent airway obstruction), and reduced lung function. High concentrations of particulates can cause persistent cough, increased nasal discharge, wheezing and increased physical effort in breathing. Particulates can also alter the immune system and reduce the ability of the lungs to remove foreign materials, such as pollen and bacteria, to which horses are normally exposed.
Assessing and Treating Smoke Inhalation in Horses
During the recent Napa area fires, UC Davis equine specialists Drs. Joie Watson and Gary Magdesian created a quick reference guide for horse owners to determine potential smoke inhalation damage and a quick reference guide for veterinarians on treatment of smoke inhalation in horses.
In the height of the Napa fires, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine hosted Dr. Elizabeth Woolsey Herbert of the Adelaide (Australia) Plains Equine Clinic. She performed a wet lab on equine burn bandaging for dozens of students, and lectured to more than 100 faculty and students, presenting “ Findings and Strategies for Treating Horses Injured in Open Range Fires .” Thank you to the Wiley Online Library for making the publication free online for owners and veterinarians currently dealing with horses with thermal injuries.

Protecting Horses from Air Pollution
  • Limit exercise when smoke is visible. Don’t have your horse do activities that increase the airflow in and out of the lungs. This can trigger bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the small airways in the lungs).
  • Provide plenty of fresh water close to where your horse eats. Horses drink most of their water within 2 hours of eating hay, so having water close to the feeder increases water consumption. Water keeps the airways moist and facilitates clearance of inhaled particulate matter. This means the windpipe (trachea), large airways (bronchi), and small airways (bronchioles) can move the particulate material breathed in with the smoke. Dry airways make particulate matter stay in the lung and air passages.
  • Limit dust exposure by feeding dust-free hay or soak hay before feeding. This reduces the particles in the dust such as mold, fungi, pollens and bacteria that may have difficulty being cleared from the lungs.
  • If your horse is coughing or having difficulty breathing, have your horse examined by a veterinarian. A veterinarian can help determine the difference between a reactive airway from smoke and dust versus a bacterial infection and bronchitis or pneumonia. If your horse has a history of having heaves or recurrent airway problems, there is a greater risk of secondary problems such as bacterial pneumonia.
  • If your horse has primary or secondary problems with smoke-induced respiratory injury, you should contact your veterinarian who can prescribe specific treatments such as intravenous fluids, bronchodilator drugs, nebulization, or other measures to facilitate hydration of the airway passages. Your veterinarian may also recommend blood tests or other tests to determine whether a secondary bacterial infection has arisen and is contributing to the current respiratory problem.
  • Give your horse ample time to recover from smoke-induced airway insult. Airway damage resulting from wildfire smoke takes 4-6 weeks to heal. Ideally, plan on giving your horse that amount of time off from the time when the air quality returns to normal. Attempting exercise may aggravate the condition, delay the healing process, and compromise your horse’s performance for many weeks or months. While we recognize that owners and trainers of sport horses may want to return to work sooner than 4-6 weeks, Dr. Kent Pinkerton* recommends that horses return to exercise no sooner than 2 weeks post smoke-inhalation, following the clearance of the atmosphere of all smoke. Horses, like all other mammals, tend to have an irritation to particles, but will recover from the effects within a few days. With the devastation at San Luis Rey Downs (where 46 horses died, mostly from fire or smoke inhalation), it would be wise to give the horses a break from exercise and then to gradually re-introduce them back to their routine exercise. On December 10, 2017, Dr. Rick Arthur, equine medical director at the UC Davis Kenneth L. Maddy Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory and at the California Horse Racing Board, issued an advisory on behalf of the CHRB regarding horses at the Del Mar racetrack.
  • Air quality index (AQI) is used to gauge exercise/athlete event recommendations for human athletes. It may be reasonable to use those for equine athletes as well. For example, the National Collegiate Athletic Association lists the following recommendations on their website: “Specifically, schools should consider removing sensitive athletes from outdoor practice or competition venues at an AQI over 100. At AQIs of over 150, all athletes should be closely monitored. All athletes should be removed from outdoor practice or competition venues at AQIs of 200 or above.” During the Napa area fires, the Napa Valley Unified School District used the AQI to determine when students should return to school. They recommended 2 weeks off based on the AQI which was over 400 and took more than 10 days to resume normalcy.
*Dr. Kent Pinkerton is a professor in both the medical and veterinary medical schools at UC Davis. His research focuses are on the health effects of inhaled environmental air pollutants to alter respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological structure and function. Special areas of interest include the interaction of gases and airborne particles to produce cellular and structural changes within site-specific regions and cells of the respiratory tract in both acute and chronic timeframes of exposure.
From Jami Kaptein
Thank you to ALL the firefighters & emergency personel who are putting their lives on the line & working beyond exhaustion to do everything in their power and then some to fight the wildfires in Oregon, Washington, & California. God bless you and bring you home safe to your families
Jamie also shared this:
When God was creating firefighters, he was into the sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of extra work on this one."
And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this order? A firefighter has to wake up to a fire alarm, go into burning buildings to rescue people and enter areas the normal person wouldn't go.
"He has to be willing to leave his family and put his life on the line, work to exhaustion and beyond and be ready for the next call.
"He has to have a strong commitment to a personal calling that places their lives in jeopardy every day.
"He has to be in top mental condition at all times, function on black coffee and half-eaten meals, and have a heart big enough to love members of the 'brotherhood' world-wide, and a unity of purpose."
The angel shook it's head slowly and said, "A heart that big... no way."
"It's not the heart that is causing me problems," said the Lord, "it's the extra hands and eyes a firefighter has to have."
"That has to be on the standard model?" asked the angel.
The Lord nodded. "One pair of eyes that sees the whole situation, another pair that sees what is ahead to be dealt with, a third pair to watch out for his brothers, and another pair here in front that can look reassuringly at an injured victim and say, "You'll be alright," even when he knows it isn't so."
"Lord," said the angel, touching his sleeve, "rest and work on this tomorrow."
"I can't," said the Lord, "I already have a model that can carry a 190 pound victim out of a burning building, has dedicated his life to helping people, and is willing to come to the aid of those threatened by the deadly force of fire."
The angel circled the model of the firefighter very slowly, "Can it think?" the angel asked.
"You bet," said the Lord. "It can tell you the elements of a hundred fires, the victims and rescues, and the importance of fire safety.... and still keep its sense of humor."
"This firefighter also has phenomenal personal control. He can deal with fire scenes painted in hell, coax a trapped person or animal out of a burning building, and still go home and love his family."
"Being a firefighter is one of bravery, loyalty and devotion to public service. He is willing to put his life on the line every day to protect our homes and our loved ones from the devastating effects of fire, and sometimes, the honorable job of saving lives requires many firefighters to pay the ultimate price for their valor in the line of duty."
Finally, the angel ran a finger across the cheek of the firefighter. "There's a leak," the angel pronounced. "I told you that you were trying to put too much in this model."
"That's not a leak," the Lord said, "it's a tear."
"What's the tear for?" asked the angel.
"It's for bottled-up emotions, for fallen comrades, for the victims, and for commitment to that piece of cloth called the American flag."
"You're a genius," said the angel.
The Lord looked somber. "I didn't put it there," he said.
Personal Musings From Carole
Mercer on a Smoky Day
in Southern Oregon
Existing in a hot smoke filled valley is disorienting. No sounds. No bird sounds. No traffic sounds. The horses stand in their water misted stalls during the day and dart out twice a day to nuzzle the oxygen charged green moist field grass. I shuffle around looking for quiet chores to perform. Kisses knows if she comes over while I am raking poop...I will scratch her belly with the plastic poop fork.
No sounds. The smoke filled air falls with a deadly quiet. Yes that is the sound...means death.
I keep watering all my trees. The trees are not at fault. It's mismanagement of the trees and land and forest by people who sit in far away places.
How long will this last? I try not to think of how long. I have learned to apply great endurance to living in this smoke. If I leave to go to the grounds here will not be watered.
No rain in the long distance forecast. Last year at this time a thunder storm came up and cleared the smoke with a few drops of water.
Two things we cannot live without...air and water. I feel like I am living in a third world country with huge air pollution and devastation.
How long will I live in smoke and fire and be surrounded by the smoky remains of dead, burned up trees? I don't know. No one can see into the future....but we were warned about global warming and we did not listen.

Carole Mercer
Some Pictures I Saw From C-Fair &
Morgan Medallion
Brook Martin
Carol Fletcher-Churchill
Carole Bradford
Youth of the Year fun at C-Fair
Shelley Gomavitz driving FCM Prince Of Rock N Roll CH
Christy Wollersheim
A great weekend at the C-Fair Charity show with the newly dubbed 'SunBurn Performance Horses', Sunchaser Morgans Dallas McLarney Bolen , Blackburn Training Eduardo Zavala and Phillips Performance Horses Renee Phillips Strebchuk . Three independent trainers working together to turnout and present an incredibly high quality group of Morgans, Andalusians and Saddlebreds. The best part is, we had a blast doing it!!

David Shahon on Belleridge Lucy
Daryl Hopson on HFM Finally Pay Day owned by Beverly Olson
Fire Run at C-Fair
Diane Pixlee
Grace Martin
Suzanne Haberek on EKL Shake It Off
Jr. Park Saddle Champion at C-Fair
Forest Nealon
Grace Martin
Kayla Powlesland & Suzanne Haberek
James Breckenridge on ATMF Exclamation
Tessa Beard on CBMF Head of the Class
Tatyana Carr on
QVM National Treasure
Yvonne Sekyra, Northwood Farm
Glenn Carr found another show going on - a show within the show.

(L) Jim Breckenridge on Rosehaven HC Korver
Paula Hague on Crown Continuum
A great team!
Terri Sturm and Faragamo winning the reserve championship in the Amateur Masters Western Pleasure Championship at Morgan Medallion
Maddie on Ace with Mom, Leslie Arnould
Suzanne Haberek & Teri Rumens
Teri Rumens on Trebles Patent Pending
Robert, Deborah, & Cassie Stevenson
Jaxon Craddock getting his saddle ready before his class.
Shaunicy Sturm on Faragamo GCH winning his 10th Regional Championship at Morgan Medallion
QVM These Dreams, Open Hunter Champion at C-Fair with
Anna Rae-Sue Keenan
Forest Nealon of Illahee
Kayla Powlesland with Fire Run
Megan Gallagher
Jaxon Craddock. He already knows how to tip his hat.
Cassie Stevenson and Forest Nealon
Kayla Powlesland and Suzanne Haberek
Show Champion Gelding and Show Champion Mare - Tomeri Nicollo owned by Mike & Kathy Christensen and Scandias Strawberry Moon owned by Jeff & Kathy Carlson. Congratulations!
Argosy won Show Champion Stallion. Congratulations to Sharon & Shannon Harper.
All ready to dig in! Good food is always a central item at horse shows.
Akira Embellished
Reserve Champion Stallion was Brook Hill Constellation pictured here with Sue & Dale Beach
Devin Cruickshank doing well on his mare, Nearriver Savanah Miss.
So fun to watch this new team.
Silver Mesa Amateur Western competitors.
Mike & Kathy Christensen are so proud - celebrating with Erin Silver on Tomeri Nicollo.
Cassidy Moore on Firecrest Penultimate
owned by Holly Gellner
Martha Woodland on
Baccarats Street Smart
with Natalie & Aaron Woodland

Baccarat ’sStreetSmart — Reserve Hunter Pleasure Champion @ PNW SHOW. He makes me love hunt seat. Always been a saddle seat girl but this is a blast!! Such an amazing horse. OKC BOUND! A great Morgan family show! Love my kids helping me with the horse strip class.
Kathy Christensen warming up Tomeri Nicollo.
A beautiful team.
From Shelley Bullard:
It was such fun to do the flags in western style with Devin Cruickshank on Friday - and then my bestie, Liz, on Saturday. Thank you Devin and Liz (and Oliver and Eliott) for helping with the flags. Oh, and my good Pepper boy who thought it was pretty exciting!
Chip was honored to help present the flags along with Shelley Bullard on Saturday night at PNW, and Liz loved being escorted by a man in uniform, grandson Oliver Dick in his Cub Scout formals along with brother Elliot tucked in the middle.
Good friends, a warm fire, and a chance to share stories about everything going on at the show.
Michelle Osburn, all ready to go.
Silver Mesa led by Erin Silver had a good show.
Erin and Mike Silver
From Devin Cruickshank to Mike & Erin Silver
As you know this show season has come to an end! It was a great success because of my great trainer! She has done so much to get me to where I am today! Mike and Erin Silver helped me through the rough times when Chablis passed away and kept me going in the show world. And I got to meet my beautiful horse, Savannah, through them! I'm glad you guys gave me the opportunity you guys did. I couldn't have done it without you! I hope to continue showing in the Silver Mesa family! Mike does so much at the shows and not a lot of people see it - but some do and are very appreciative of it.
So thank you both!
Devin Cruickshank on Nearriver Savanah Miss
An Announcement About PNW
Congratulations to the PNW manager, staff, judges and volunteers!   
By all accounts PNW 2018 was a super show.

Special thanks to Catherine Cloud for over 20 years of service to keep this show a viable part of the Northwest Morgan horse show circuit. Your expertise and dedication are much appreciated by all. You kept the tradition and history of this show alive and prospering.
Thank you Catherine!

The reins will now be turned over to Patty and Caitlin Lebon (show managers) and Chris Laine and Emily Laine Thorpe (dressage managers). 

Thank you Patty, Caitlin, Chris and Emily for stepping forward.
We wish you great success!
From Members & Friends
Beverly Olson and Tracemark Touch of Gold.
87 years young and doing exactly what she loves to do. Beverley Stoebuck Olson , you and your beloved Tracemark Touch of Gold continue to be an inspiration for so many of us on so many levels. Thank you for being such a great example on why we love these horses. Daryl Hopson

Daryl Hopson out for a ride on Peyton, HVMF Finally Pay Day, owned by Beverly Olson.
Carole Mercer and Valentine, age 24. These two have gone many miles together.
From Leslie Arnould: Going to NEMHS is a bucket wish item for me, but my first born filly Akira Anticipation (Mantic Emperor x ER Quintessence) has beat me to it! Congratulations to Annie and her people!
Ellie Mason paid a visit to Scandia Morgans. Here whe is shown with Reverie, owned by new Morgan owner, Becky Bean.
Awesome job for Don Curtis and Winters Bounty. We think she has a FABULOUS future as a competitive driving pony. Very handy lady!
Pretty fun first day at the Kitchen Sink driving event. We have never done a Driving Derby before. They are pretty fun.
Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers!! Love you guys!
From Carol Dombrowsky - My beautiful mare Marvelous Curtain Call aka Nicole. I brought her home from trainer Justine Gandolfo to hopefully ride and then the smoke moved in. I have yet to throw a leg over her because of this smoke, but it will clear some day. In the mean time she is growing even more and sticks at 15 hands. I would like her to stop growing now cause I'm short and even with a mounting block it makes it hard to swing my legs over. I will conquer this! Smoke go away!
Akira Fantasize
(Bazinga x SSLLC In Vogue)
A picture from Janet Harrell of GHM Patriotic Lady visiting with Charles.
A picture from Mary Curtis, Okan Morgans
Far left is Okan Contessa, the near bay is Okan Ultimate Sacrifice, next to the fence is Okan Sarah and the chestnut is our new addition Four Hearts LaLuna. They are all wet from standing under the sprinklers to keep cool.

(R) Erin Silver had a blast at the Oregon State Fair riding PL Dancing With Angels.

(Above) Kallie Loremen won the Open Western class with Kallie from Team Kardia led by Rhea Turner.

Thank you for being there to represent the Morgan breed!
A new picture of Gladheart Black Harris (DJJJ Ebony Gold x Rogues Midnight Melody) owned by Jack & Bernadte Stang.
Bernadette reveals her secret for getting Maus to pose well.
Kardia, owned by Rhea Turner,
puts on several horse
camps each year.
Lou & Liz Goldmann celebrated their 50th anniversary August 14th.
Julie Nygaard and grandkids at the Astor Column August 29, 2018
They are getting fast now at getting up all those stairs.
From Lindsey Bowers Tatum: Mom and I took some time off and headed for the hills this afternoon on a long trail ride with Rush and Suri. It was a much needed escape.
Mary Curtis and son, KC.
Michelle Osburn in a rare moment with both her daughters, Allie and Rahlie.
Another picture from Mary Curtis of the Okan Morgan's herd.
From Nora Wall Skipper - Olivia had a great day at the Clatsop County Fair.
A wonderful picture of Oregon MVP owned & photographed
by Carol Dombrowsky.
(JMF True North x FCM Lei Lonnie)
Sharon Harper shared her art piece featuring Argosy that came from her bid in the MHAO Stallion Service Auction on a custom art piece by Heidi Osgood-Metcalf. Beautiful!
Roseridge Regal Intrigue with his Mom, Roseridge Tempest. Intrigue is a chestnut splash colt by Regal Charade owned by Gloria James, Roseridge Morgans.
Deborah Stevenson - August 10th was a beautiful day to be sailing on the Columbia River to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary with Michael & Melissa Henry, compliments of Mike & Eileen Day (who provided bubble toast and personalized hats). Thanks everyone!
it was a great way to stay cool, too.
Gloria James has announced that Roseridge Tempest is confirmed
in foal for 2019 to TB Midnight Summer Dream.
David Silver in Hawaii.
Sutton Fancy That aka Concert pictured at 6 weeks with his Mom Festival Fanfare. He is by Privilege.
Owned by Lou & Liz Goldmann.
Tango the Morgan soaking up the attention at one of the Kardia horse camps.
Taking Four Hearts Saffire out for her first ride at the Beaches ranch.
Daryl Hopson presenting the colors on Peyton (HVMF Finally Pay Day owned by Beverly Olson) for the opening of the Walla Walla rodeo.
Tessa Beard and CBMF Head of the Class GCH

Everyday I’m grateful for moments like this. 😘😊 The special bond we share is something I can’t even put into words. Since the day he walked off the trailer I knew he was the perfect horse for me. He gives me his all and more every time we hit the show ring. He lets me do whatever with him from bareback to costume classes 😁 . He takes care of me and truly loves me for me. I’m forever grateful for my sweet boy. Together we have accomplished so much. And Not only is he my partner but my best friend, dream horse and my heart horse. 😘💙

Looking forward to making our dreams come true in October.

“If you keep on BELIEVING the DREAMS that you WISH WILL COME TRUE”
- Cinderella
Since 2009 when I started showing Morgan horses my biggest dream was to go compete at Morgan Grand Nationals. Over the years we tried to go a couple times but the time wasn’t right. This year my dream is finally coming true. 😊 I’ve worked so hard the past 9 years to go compete at the biggest show for Morgan Horses. My time has finally come to go compete with my heart horse -- and with the guidance of my amazing trainer Linda Collins that got my hooked on showing Morgan Horses 9 years ago. I’m forever grateful for all the things she has taught me and is continuing to teach me. She has helped make me into the rider I am today and she has helped make Bentley & I become the team we are 😊 . I can’t wait to trot down the Gaitway of Champions with my heart horse in October. I will definitely be crying happy tears. 💙💙💙

And I’m not the only one showing..... I’m so excited to share my little sister got an awesome opportunity to go compete at nationals as well with Crescent. I’m so happy and excited for her. 😁

The Beard sisters are going to MORGAN GRAND NATIONALS!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

I’m so excited there are no words!!!!! 49 days until we hit the show ring in OKC (less now). Thank you everyone for supporting me throughout the years and for continuing to support me I’m forever grateful for all of you!!!! 💗💗💗
The Tatum family getting out into nature and staying cool.
From Lindsey Bowers Tatum:
To all who have private messaged me: When you own/board/work with horses, unfortunately these things happen. They are 1000-1500lbs and it doesn't take much when you're a smaller human being. I love what I do, even in times like this. I'm not an idiot, the horse is very sweet and tender hearted. It was just an unfortunate accident that took place when he got spooked and bolted when I was attempting to bring him in for the night. He stepped on me which knocked me down and then he literally ran over the top of my body. I don't blame him...he is an animal and they have a fight or flight response. Do I wish it happened? No. But I understand and he is not to be blamed in this, nor is his owner. I am blessed I get to do what I love and with that comes injury at times. I appreciate the well-wishes, and kind messages, and the prayers very much.
Thank you Amanda Klein for dinner and donuts, mom and J for helping me manage all aspects of life right now, dad for keeping the girls last night, and some of my boarders for stepping up to help run the business til I can heal. I appreciate it very much.
Don Curtis on August 6th - Nice ride in the hills today. Way better than working our butts off Sunday. No smoke up high.
From Kathy DeFazio - Congratulations to Karen Weiderman on the purchase of this fine colt. We wish you many years of joy with your new Morgan horse. He is one of Trademark's last but Scandias Private Dancer is in foal again for next year
From Ann Robitaille - Spencer (aka Star Tri Opening Act) has a new girl friend! Haylee is 3. So cute!
Kristen Cesnik and Don Juan - "I sure love him - He’s taken me from the mountains to Nationals and back." Photo by Heidi Osgood-Metcalf
Charles Connor visiting with Key to the Kingdom who is leased to Paul and Melody DeLappe. Or have they purchased him now?
Couldn't pass up including this beautiful shot of Tatyana Carr on AW Minutes to Midnight. She won Grand Champion Equitation, Champion UPHA, Champion AMHA MEDAL -
Was this at BC?
Jerry Volk came for a visit to Sunstone Morgans on his beautiful bike! Sweet!
From Sue Beach - I wanted to share the professional photos I purchased today from Delore Photography of Brook Hill Illumination, “Stella”. She is Max’s first born filly out of Doublediamond Anniversary. These wins are at the Annual Lippitt country Show where she was pinned Grand Champion Lippitt Mare along with other various wins.
From Gloria James - CBMF Imagination confirmed in foal to Roseridge Blue Intrigue for 2019.
Another shot of David Silver in Hawaii
L enore Smith and family at the Devils Punchbowl. It was low tide so they
were able to go inside.
From Mary Curtis - Taylor got to take her Mojave for a walk. It's going to be so fun to watch them grow up together.
July & August
Now there is a sunset - from Brenda Coats. Beautiful!
BeBold Gold Rush, 2012 stallion by Rogue Hills Woodsman x BeBold Bonnie Hawk. Owned by Doana Anderson and Billie Peterson.
From Carol Dombrowsky, my new gelding, Oregon Hot Flash.
Brodie studying the course with
Lana Jackson.

Lana Jackson and Crown Beaudacious (Brodie) are cleaning up in their first year together in the rail classes and at the CDE's!
Dallas Bolen

Ami Ericson O'dMoors shared a photo of her on Seraphim Heckyll and Jive.

Last weekend Luka and I went to our first recognized Horse Trials (after years of open jumpers and schooling events) and competed at Novice level (jumps at 3' height with a max spread front to back of 4'11"). He is 16 this year and I just can't say enough good things about him.

Several years ago we finally found a dressage trainer who understands Morgans and their brains, and the improvement that has shown in not only dressage but also jumping is incredible! I had given up on flying lead changes and watching the videos, I lost count of how many times he switched automatically.

Although there were several Morgans listed in the program, I tracked them all down and discovered he was the only registered Morgan at the competition, the others were crosses (and very nice ones!!).

After dressage someone asked me why I show him as Pocket Rocket and I said "you haven't seen him jump". Even with trotting in several places on cross country, we still came in 20 seconds under optimum time. But, we all know a Morgan's trot isn't really slower than their gallop... ;)

I had an incredibly amazing experience, PonyBoy was a superstar and had one of the few double clean jumping rounds in our division, and we ended up 3rd out of 16 pairs!

Inavale Farm hosts what is currently the only recognized trial in Oregon, so our next 2 events will be in Washington State in August and September. Our placing qualified us for Area Championships in Yelm, Washington in September!

Not bad for a little Morgan!
Carolyn Dillon welcomes Fifty Caliber, a rescue.
A summer sunset from Dallas Bolen.
Dallas Bolen on Crown Wickedly Good who m ade a mid-season career change from Hunter to English Pleasure and is looking AWESOME under the guidance of Eduardo Zavala . Thanks Eddy for making me believe that Eddie (the horse!) and I really can do this!
Oregon MVP,
JMF True North X FCM Lei Lonnie
at his 3 month photo.

Owned by Carol Dombrowsky,
Oregon Morgans
Happy 17th wedding anniversary to us💗 Still in Love.......We have such
fond memories of everyone who shared that perfect day with Ron and I
and our boys.

July 2nd is a good morning! Do I really have to put furniture in this beautiful room? I am loving the space in our new home!

We are in moving mode, with amazing help from my family who are as excited as Ron and I about our settling into a space that truly pulls all our pieces into one place. a cutting and inventory room for Stargazer, barn and pasture, and a modern and lovely living space where we can actually entertain and relax with friends and family. situated midway between Ron's and my workplaces, it is truly a sanctuary for us after several years of spreading ourselves all over the place to accomplish some financial and personal goals. Feeling Blessed 🙏🏻.
Erica Trager - Wonderful evening fishing for Kokanee.
Erin Silver - Took Mom to Fogo for a birthday brunch
Good boy Aceman - with
Maddie Arnould.
On July 28th, Kathy DeFazio had a visitor who came to see Scandias Marvelous Reverie. Becky Bean is the owner and is so excited about her new foal.
(Above) Julie Nygaard and family hiking Saddle Mountain.

(L) Group ride at Sunchaser
Morgans from Dallas Bolen
Guess who passed the medical board -Jaclyn Silver!
 Congratulations Jaclyn!
Kurt Rumens on Hollybrook Rembrandt.
Great ride today (July 27th) at Kalama Horse Camp. I had not been there in a few years, and forgot how diverse and pretty this ride is. Four hours of saddle time. We left to ride at 8:00 AM to beat the heat. Kathy DeFazio
Akira Anticipation with Deanna Levesque up
Leslie Arnould's filly - Akira Fantasize.
Maddie Arnoulds summer hair cut.
You look great, Maddie!
Danette Cook taking her horse
for a drink.
Liz Goldmann - 2 weeks old and king of all he surveys, Sutton Fancy That raf (barn name, Concert)
Liz Goldmann & Sutton Remembrance - Chip. So cool!
EI Kitchen Sink event is a wrap, lots of fun and friends! And, some AWESOME dressage scores put in by my hard working ladies Liz Goldmann and Lana Jackson . They have been putting the time in and it shows! Dallas Bolen
Hal & Danette Cook
Scandias Final Note
Time to eat!
Ann Robitaille
Pictures from a mid-July Mt Bachelor Trail Ride from Kathy DeFazio. " Had a great four days camping at Mt Bachelor with some great rides."
Good food, good rides, good friendship .
My new pony is a bit off type.. Leslie & Maddie Arnould.
Shelby & Kayla Rumens with Teri & Kurt. We wish the bride and groom prosperity and many years of happiness.
Peyton, aka HVMF Finally Pay Day owned by Beverly Olson.
(Stand And Deliver x Adventures Bay Dance x Cedar Creek Harlequin)
Oregon MVP aka Drexler (JMF True North x FCM Lei Lonnie).
Owned & photographed by
Carol Dombrowsky.
Sue Beach took these pictures of Okan Morgans -
Here are some photos that do not do justice to the beautiful setting of Okan MORGANS, Oroville, WA. 80 acres of green pastures with hay fields and fruit trees. Then of course the wonderful Lippitt MORGANS! Dale and I do not get to visit other Morgan farms often enough as we have only one helper. Having said that, Mary and Don do it all themselves too, with help from sister Corene Curtis . What a peaceful place! Oh in May not so peaceful! See the photo of the stream with an approximate 4 ft deep bank? Well the flood they experienced had water all the way up to the houses deck and the field with slim white stake - it was also 4 feet under water! Some of the hardest working people I know! And always with a smile.
She is Officially “Shez Beyond Marvelous” and on the DNA,
she is E/E, A/a Sw1/Sw1.

From Sue Beach
From Sue: I got this photo today of two lovely girls! Our 2015 Marvelous Cool Breezes , by Marvelous Intrigue x Amberfields Zephyr.
From Sue Beach, Marvelous Cool Breezes. She is visiting Ginny Pfeifer and Brian Pfeifer in Montana for some slow easy lessons and happy trails. Ginny was a top hand around here while going to Central and we miss her good hands and sweet smile all the time! Breezy will be coming home for winter/spring and be bred to Max for a foal for Ginny and Brian.
Daryl Hopson, No horse show, no problem. Barn trail ride instead followed by yummy homemade dinner and homemade pie.
Carol Dombrowsky, August 10th - Our sun tonight is in a very ugly sky. You can not go outside and take a deep breath..It chokes you.
From Sharon Harper. Our now weaned 4-1/2 month old Kerry Ara-B. She obviously got daddy Argosy's pretty head. She is also known as our "Sticky Wicket". She was born in the cold weather in March and did not shed her baby fur as normal so looked like an Ewok. Thus Shannon gave her the name Wicket and that's what we've called her ever since.
FarWest Cowboy Dressage Gathering is a wrap. It was a great time with wonderful caring people.
Congratulations to AnneMarie McLoughlin on her purchase of Roseridge Regal Intrigue (Regal Charade x Roseridge Tempest).
Moonrune Tempest Sonata (raf) owned by Sierra Breckenridge. (Astronomicallee x ATMF Moonlight Sonata)
Sierra is so excited!
Photo op moment for
Maddie Arnould. Halloween is
Lana Jackson won best training level dressage at her first ADS recognized event with Crown Beaudacious.
Nice ride July 30th on UDM White Water with Taylor Jump riding Roseridge Cotillion and ponying Roseridge Sassy Dancer.
There has been a new addition to the Carlson family (May 2018). This beautiful Quarter Horse colt was purchased from Michelle Osburn.
Leslie Arnould is so excited!! SSLLC In Vogue (HVK Man About Town x Arboria Victors Pride) confirmed in foal to Cedar Creek Harlequin! Thank you for all you do Connie Schmidt ! Thanks also to Linda W. McLemore !
Emilie Bullard’s buckskin mare, RDL Simplicity, gave her a pretty little palomino filly on June 26. The sire is WH Zimbabwe. Emilie is over the moon about this beautiful new baby.
Huge THANKS! to everyone for the Birthday Wishes! It was a Grand Event! I so enjoyed my Barn Besties at an outstanding BBQ hosted by Dana Weller-Seekins . . . Bryan was our Master Griller . . . WELL DONE! As you can see, Wade and Haylee Barker helped blow out the candles. THANK YOU, two! My sister sent her trade mark "Birthday Box" filled with goodies and the frosting on the cake was dinner last night with HPE BFF from Los Angeles, Louise Agnetti . . . what a surprise and a delight! Love you, Weezie! LOVE to all well wishers! I had a FABULOUS Birthday. Photo credit to Jill Standish Barker .
Happy Birthday Scandias Strawberry Moon.
Pictured with Kathy & Emily Carlson
Liz & Lou Goldmann with their tribe. Ah, summertime.
Liz Goldmann sent this picture of a quiet moment with Wendy Huber.
From Terri Rumens - a Gray Cliff Tony baby out of MSV Dreamer.
From Kathy DeFazio - We are pleased to announce that Scandias Sonata has sold to Patti Wible. Patti lives in Washington so we hope to continue seeing her and ride together at some point. This smart mare will be missed but she got her special home.
Roseridge Blue Intrigue 2016 splash colt settled his first mare and has now been hooked for the first time. Good boy Blue!
From Erica Trager, a picture of Flintwood Elegance...this mare has the most gorgeous head.
An Ensbrook filly! I must give her a name and take the clippers to her. She is a little sassy, so should be fun.

From Sandra Nichols
Congratulations Aaron Woodland! Now you are a high schooler—- an amazing 8th grade year. Love him so much! From Martha Woodland.
From Daryl Hopson - Great time on Wagon Train with friends, cool wagons
and beautiful countryside.
From Jeff Baker - Congratulations to my Daughter Erin Baker she g raduated with Honors from Scappoose High School. Your Mom and I could not be more proud of you. Keep reaching for the stars. The moon already has foot prints.
Love you!
A yearling filly at Ensbrook
Teri Rumens and Velvet La Valette -
mother & daughter
A great picture from Jessica Pelissier. FHF Splash of Bourbon playing in the morning light. 17 days old. (Roseridge Bourbon and Water x Me First by Minion Millennium).
Dressage is hard work
From Jack & Bernadette Stang, Gladheart Morgans

An incredible milestone has been reached for both Kim Barker and Gladheart Linhawk (aka, "L.C.") not to mention Jack and myself as breeders of this Morgan.

Kim and L.C. successfully rode their first Grand Prix test to a very respectable 57.609%. Obviously there were some low points ("no ones today" was the judges comment), but high marks included 7's on passage, 7's and even an "8" on canter work, and a 7.5 on the run of 2-tempis! Taking the plunge and riding down that centerline for the very first Grand Prix test is a huge first and there is no doubt it will only get better!

So exciting! Congratulations on taking this step!
A Tribute To Lacey
From Josie Perry Coughlin
August 3rd is a day that I will never forget and is a day I will always shed a tear on. It is the day I had to say goodbye to you dear Lacey. To many you will say ‘oh she was just a horse’ but to me she was my best friend, my first child, my world, my everything. See I don’t have children and never will so my horses and dogs are our children to both me and my husband. Losing you, Lacey, was like losing a huge part of me.
We spent 18 years together and went through so much together from joy of learning together and having success from the things we learned, to heartache and back to joy and then finally heartache again when those days came to a final end. You see I wasn’t done with our journey, I wanted to do more with you during your golden years. I wanted to take you to the beach and walk on the sand and feel the sea air fill our lungs together. I wanted to have you be here so my niece and nephew could ride you and love on you, so they could get a taste of the joy you brought me. They got to meet you but I wanted more.

When we lose someone we always want more, we always think of what should we have done more of before they were gone. When we lose someone we don’t know if or how we will move on but somehow we do.

Yes in the 4 years since saying goodbye to you dear Lacey I have moved on. I finally got to go for that ride on the beach. I have gotten to see my niece and nephew find joy in riding my other horses. I have even found my own joy again with my horses and because of you Lacey, I will always keep working toward my riding goals. And with every success I will thank you for setting me on this path. Yes I have moved on, but no I will never forget you dear Lacey. And on every August 3rd I will shed a tear for you.
Santiam Horse Camp
Had a beautiful ride here yesterday but wowza, the yellow jackets were furious, in camp and on trail. Found out I can still ride a pretty good buck and bolt, but it's not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon. We all got stung.
Kathy DeFazio

When we had a large yellow jacket nest removed from our house, I learned from the Bee Man that the Northwest is the wasp capital of the nation with more varieties of wasps than you will find anywhere else. He also said that back East they use Avon Skin So Soft to protect themselves, their dogs, and livestock including horses from all kinds of bugs including ticks, misquitos, and wasps. Has anyone else heard that? He even sells it to help people with infestations.
Gay Adams
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