Stable Sheet | August & September 2018
Stable Sheet - August & September 2018
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
From The Board
President's Message

Our local show season is drawing to a close. That is so hard to believe. Now we turn our thoughts to riding the trails thru the Fall, Grand National, our Award Banquet and election, and then the holidays.
Speaking of riding the trials - we are so excited to announce an
MHAO trail ride organized by Kathy DeFazio.
Thank you so much Kathy.
Happy Trails to everyone!
The club hasn't had one for awhile, so this should be great fun. I hope lots of people come. See more information about the ride later in this newsletter, and don't forget to get signed up for our new Trail riding/driving program. Leanne Roth can answer any questions you have about that.

I am looking for a volunteer (or several) to put together a Bucket representing the Oregon area to be bid on at the Grand National. This should be fun and a point of pride for us. See section 4 of this newsletter under AMHA.
If you are interested, please give me a call.

As the show season comes to a close, we all need to start thinking about what we can do to expand our section of the horse industry. The horse industry is facing its greatest challenge. How do we get more people interested in being involved with horses, particularly Morgan horses? Our breed is not the only one facing a decline in involvement. How do we make our events more interesting and exciting - not just for us but for those who may come to watch? And how do we get more people to come? It was fun to see more people in the stands at the Oregon Morgan Classic. We need to expand on that.

Please give this some thought. It will take more than just our Board to make things happen. And for ideas to help spark your thinking, see the Challenge to Ride article later in this newsletter. All those who give lessons or do things to introduce new riders to horses or to promote the Morgan horse should get registered with Time to Ride . So should our club. For everyone, it is time for all of us to step up and do what we can if we want our breed to survive.

There is so much work yet to be done before the year ends, and we also need to be starting our planning for next year. MHAO is looking for people who want to play a part in what our club does. We need your help and your voice . If you are interested in being more involved, please contact me:
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276, .

See you at the Award Banquet
And General Membership Meeting!
November 4, 2018
More information to follow
Meeting Minutes - July 18, 2018
Met via conference call. Minutes include items covered in Email discussions since the last meeting.
Meeting called to order at 7:31pm
Present: Gay Adams, Kathy Christensen, Martha Woodland, Karen Breckenridge, Erin Silver, Leanne Roth, Diane Pixlee and John Shaver
Not Present:  Nancy Eidam, David Silver
Quorum Present

Review & Approval of Minutes for 5/16/18 & 6/27/18 - Martha Woodland
Correction was made to the 6/27/18 minutes. Karen made a motion to approve the minutes for 5/16/18 as submitted & 6/30/18 as corrected, seconded by Kathy. Approved.
Financial report as of 6/30/2018 - Karen Breckenridge
$13,872 general checking account
$25,488 Savings account
$4,504 futurity account
.$14,265 Nancy Falk Trust Donation – Restricted Funds
$38,490 OMC account
Total after reconciliations $99,304
Net income to date is $40,786 for the fiscal year, but we have several show expenses yet to be posted.

OMC Preliminary Financial Report – Karen Breckenridge
Karen provided a preliminary P&L for the show via email. Profit after applying almost all expenses looks like around $1,670.  We will look for ways to maintain the quality of the show while reducing expenses. Joan is already looking at ways to do this. 

Discussion followed as to what type of show we want to put on going forward. Consensus was a down home friendly show like this year’s OMC. Gay said she & Peter Morrison are trying to put a meeting together between BC, FarWest, MHCWS & MHAO leadership &/or show committees to talk over the Northwest show schedule. We are waiting for FarWest to have their own Board meeting, then will see what can be coordinated. MHAO Board does not think there are too many shows, rather that shows are grouped in a way that causes problems for people who would really like to have one show per month to go to. Concern was expressed with only one show in Oregon (OMC) this year. Board would like to see another show in the State.
There was discussion about what MHAO should do if FarWest did not continue. Discussion was tabled until we hear from FarWest.

Board Update – Gay Adams
Gay advised that Erica Trager and Carol Dombrowsky have resigned from the Board. Erin Silver will take over the High Point Program. John Shaver agreed to take over the Open Incentive Program.
Gay voiced concern about losing Board members and is open to whatever she can do to make things easier. The time length of Board Meetings was mentioned.  Discussion took place on how to make meetings shorter. Suggestion from Board was that everyone needs to make sure we stay on topic. Gay suggested that Committee Chairs get their committee reports into whoever is President prior to the meeting so they can be sent out to Board members to read prior to the meeting. Board members need to be committed to reading all handouts before the meeting so only questions need to be answered during the meeting or things brought up that need discussion. This works for another group Gay belongs to and might help us.  But it requires a commitment from the full Board to make it happen. It was suggested that emails be used more between meetings to keep Board members up-to-date. The vote to approve meeting minutes can be done that way as well. Request was made to mark any emails needing a reply or other action be marked as priority emails.  
Hi-Point Committee – Erin Silver reported as new Chair
The changes made previously to the Western Working category in the Open Division were reviewed by Gay. Western Working is now defined as Reining, Cutting, Roping, Team Sorting, and all the Ranch Pleasure classes. Western Dressage & Cowboy Dressage are now combined and remain separate from English Ridden Dressage. Gaming is under Miscellaneous. 
Erin asks that all members who are showing their horses register for the High Point Program.  She will put information out on Facebook and thru Shelley’s newsletter to get the word out. Gay will put information in the next Stable Sheet. Corrected forms will be on our Website shortly. There is a new registration form, but per Erin even an email will do. Once registered, Erin will pick up member placings from BC, Key, OMC, FarWest, C-Fair, PNW, & Nationals.
Regarding High Point Awards, Erin will be focusing on awards that are useful. 
Education – Erin Silver
Still working on an “Alternative Medicine” clinic. No possible date set for that yet. Looking at a Ranch clinic for next February or March. Thinking it would be a full day with a clinic in the morning followed by a General Membership Meeting and Stallion Service Auction in the afternoon. Erin has an arena in mind but is not ready to announce it yet. No subject topic is set for the Award Banquet yet.
Would like to have some sort of a Spring Schooling Show somehow. Still in the thought process on that and waiting to see what comes out of the BC, FarWest, MHCWS, & MHAO meeting.
Stallion Service Auction (SSA) – Gay Adams
Committee is looking into making the MHAO SSA an on-line auction. This is because we are having a challenge finding enough people to help man the phones for the auction. Gay has a call into HorseShowWire, but is still waiting for a response.    We may rethink some things about the auction if we change to a full day event for the Spring Clinic/General Membership/Stallion Service Auction. 
We need to get commitments from stallion donors earlier for 2019 for advertising reasons.  Gay is starting her search now. The Morgan Horse magazine (TMH) is our most effective place to advertise. The close dates for their magazine issues have changed and we need to adjust to them. The TMH Stallion issue is expanding from stallions to a focus on breeding and will close in mid-December. We need to have all our stallions lined up before then if we want to be included. The following issue does not come out until after our auction.
Futurity – Gay Adams
There are 40-41 horses in the Futurity, down from over 50 last year. This is due primarily to more horses being sold to people outside our area. While we want the Futurity to grow, this is good news as the Futurity is designed to help market Futurity horses that are for sale.   
More promotion and fundraising activities are needed for the Futurity. We are looking for ideas.  Suggestions are welcome. Additionally, we plan to expand on the “other items” offered with the Stallion Service Auction.  All those funds go to the Futurity.
Prize money checks for the 2018 Futurity classes at OMC are ready to go out & will be mailed this week.  
Promotion – Kathy Christensen
We are looking at doing another “Day of the Morgan” event in the Fall.    AMHA is not repeating the program Nationwide, so we are free to have the event whenever we wish. We should let AMHA know we are doing it so they can help support us. Shelley has indicated September as a better time than October as the weather is usually still good at that time. It was mentioned that getting more barns in the State involved would be good. Suggestion was made to be sure that we invite 4H, FFA, & OHSET groups as well as reaching out to schools to gain a larger audience around the State.  
As a group, the Board is disappointed that AMHA is not continuing their ‘Day of the Morgan’ effort. At our next meeting we will be discussing the type of feedback we want to give to AMHA about what we would like to see them spending more time on. The ‘Day of the Morgan’ along with more promotion of the breed to non-horse owners will be included.  Kathy will lead that part of the conversation.
Kathy does not want to be Promotion Chair next year. She wants to be able to focus more on Membership.   
Membership & Membership Directory –Kathy Christensen
Two new members were picked up at the BC show.  More have trickled in and we now have 100 or more paid memberships plus our Life members. The Membership Directory file has been distributed to the Board.  Gay is getting quotes from printers. 
Goal for next year is to maintain the membership directory on our website with “member only” access. This will keep the directory much more current and save the costs of printing a large number of directories. We will print some so that those who do not have access via computers can have one. Any related advertising by members will need to be handled by someone else. Kathy will just maintain the member listing.  Kathy is in contact with Dallas to investigate how to get an on-line directory in place.
Gay mentioned that she would still like to see the club encourage inner trade. In the past we have done this by offering ads in the membership directory. We can do it by offering advertising on the website, in the Stable Sheet, in the Futurity booklet, thru the TV loop at OMC, and in the printed Premium booklet for OMC.
Ride/Drive Program – Leanne Roth
This program is not very active yet.  Gay asks that all Board members get registered. Kathy DeFazio has volunteered to organize a trail ride in the Fall. Gay asked Leanne to give Kathy a call & get it going.   Erin issued a trail riding challenge to Leanne. Gay will start pushing the program in the Stable Sheet as well as information on the Trail Ride as soon as the details are available. 
Open Incentive Program – Gay Adams
Carol Dombrowsky has resigned from the Board & was the Chair of this committee. At the meeting, John Shaver agreed to pick-up this responsibility. We have only reimbursed $100 so far this year. Per Karen that is from several different people. People need to submit their reimbursement requests within 30 days of their activity to John. Open shows count, as do clinics attended with your Morgan or anything else where a fee is paid (other than the normal Morgan shows we monitor for High Point). 

John can call both Carol and Karen for help in how to operate the program.  Gay will alter the forms and get them to John along with information on the program She will send the corrected forms and info to Dallas for the Website. This change will also be announced thru the Stable Sheet.
Website, Facebook & Stable Sheet – Gay Adams
New member Ami Ericson has volunteered to help Gay with the membership news section of the newsletter. Gay will call her to discuss further. Martha also offered to help. Martha and Margo are the administrators of the OMC Facebook page. Kathy DeFazio is still the administrator for the club Facebook page. Dallas Bolen is in charge of our Website.
Youth – Diane Pixlee
We expanded activities for Youth at the 2018 Oregon Morgan Classic as well as offering better awards. We have a number of plaques left we can use next year. Our Youth liked the plaques which have a place where they can add a picture. Education handouts were provided at the show. Next is to get a Youth Newsletter started.  At Kathy’s request Gay will ask Doana Anderson to distribute a current list of our Youth members to Diane and David.
Oregon Morgan Classic – Gay Adams for Nancy Eidam
We are looking for a new Show Chair for 2019. Nancy has provided a wealth of information which she has submitted in handwritten form. It will be typed up and added to the club’s Policy & Procedure Manual and be utilized by club administration for years to come. We are looking at utilizing Joan Palelek’s services more in the years ahead.  This will be discussed more in the next few meetings. 

 Per Nancy it is imperative that we get all the training barns involved with looking at the show schedule early each year. This needs to be done with a personal call. Sponsorship support is crucial to the financial success of the show. There may be some ways we can cut our costs without affecting the quality or fun of the show. We have a good base of ribbons to make that part less costly next year. 
A facility discussion followed. We like our current facility. Everything is close together. We know that as the show grows we will need to utilize portable stalls which will cost us more. We will need to offset that cost somehow as we grow.
New board members needed.  
The search for our new 2019 Board is in process.  Gay asks that all current Board members let her know their plans for next year via email.  Gay will not be running for President in 2019 but does want to stay on the Board.
Need to do more fundraising for this year.
Our OMC show profit this year is not enough to offset the missed budgetary goal for the Stallion Service Auction. Since our budget is just at breakeven, Board members are requested to come up with some fundraising ideas that we can implement. Committee Chairs need to check what Karen shows on the club’s P&L by class and to compare them to what they show. The accounting numbers need to be checked against the committee’s 2018 Budget. 
Board member Chairs are asked to review and alter their part of the 3-5 year business plan.
We need to constantly be referring to our 3-5 year plan and keeping it up-to-date. This is a living document of our strategy and is ever changing. It is there to guide our strategy. It is not in place as a performance monitoring document.  It needs to be updated for each committee prior to the next meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm.
Next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 via Conference call at 7:30 PM. 
Respectfully submitted,
Martha Woodland, MHAO Secretary
No Board Meeting in August
Special Thanks to
Carol Dombrowsky
& Erica Parker-Trager

for their service to MHAO
You will be missed by the Board!
Last Call!
MHAO Trail Ride
September 8th & 9th, 2018

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park, Buxton OR
17 Camp sites available and going fast.

Come to camp Saturday night and ride both days, or come ride Saturday in the afternoon or Sunday Morning. 5 dollar fee for day use or camp, and ride fee is covered.

Must be a member of MHAO, not just on the Facebook page.

Make your reservation now, they fill quickly!
We already have several sites reserved.

Click this link to make your reservation on-line:
And/Or Let Kathy Know You Are Coming!

Hares Canyon Horse Camp for September 8th.

Good fun and comraderie...
good trails and even showers at camp.

L.L. Stub Stewart State Park.
30380 NW Highway 47, Buxton, Oregon 97109
(503) 324-0606
Update on August 17, 2018

If you planned on camping at the. Stub Stewart Camp on 9/8 there are only three sites still open for reservation. I have not heard who is coming, who has made Reservations, or who wants to come. Will be glad to help if you choose to join the MHAO ride. This is a nice well maintained horse camp and park. A time to just have fun and enjoy your Morgan Horse,

No limit on those who just want to come to ride Saturday afternoon or Sunday Morning (not staying overnight).

Come help us celebrate the birthday of Leanne Roth
and Lenore Smith on Saturday.

If coming from the North, due to construction we recommend you come in on Hwy 26 to Hwy 47. Call me with any questions.

Kathy DeFazio

Be sure to contact Kathy to let her know you are coming!
(503) 964-1993 or

Now accepting reservations from July 28, 2018 to April 27, 2019
Making a Reservation
Whether you call or go online, you may make reservations 1 day to 9 months in advance of your first night's stay. To determine what day you can make a reservation, count back nine months from your date of arrival. Online reservations are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Nine month inventory opens up at midnight, every day of the week. If you need to call to make your reservation, our call center is open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. All times are Pacific Standard Time.

There is an $8.00 reservation fee charged for each site reserved whether you call or go online.

You must be 18 or older to make a reservation. An adult must accompany minors at the site.

Horse camping: Reservations and registrations for horse camping sites are only for people camping with their horses or similar large animals.

Full payment is required at the time you make your reservation or change an existing reservation. All reservations made over the internet must be paid with a Visa or MasterCard. In addition to Visa/MasterCard, reservations or changes made over the phone may be paid by check, money order or gift certificates, if the reservation is arriving in 10 days or more.

Paying when you arrive
If you're camping, the site fee you have paid includes only one vehicle. If you have an additional vehicle (and if the site allows additional vehicles, you must register and pay an additional $7 per night, per vehicle at the park.
Some Oregon state parks charge a day-use parking fee to visitors who aren't camping. The fee is $5 per vehicle or $30 for an annual pass. Save $5 per year when you purchase a two year annual pass for $50.

Confirming your Reservation
You will receive a confirmation letter via e-mail (within 1 hour) or in the mail (within 7-10 days) after making your reservation. Should you have any further questions regarding the details of your reservation, please call 1-800-452-5687 . To assist the agent in finding your reservation, have your reservation number handy.
Please be aware that only the person whose name is on the reservation has access to change or cancel the reservation.
Make your own reservation and let Kathy know you are coming!

For More Information: Contact Kathy DeFazio
(503) 964-1993 or
MHAO Trail Riding/Driving Program
Get enrolled so your time in the saddle counts!

Click here to download an enrollment form

For more information, contact Leanne Roth
(541) 619-7395,
The Million-Dollar Horse Word: Patience

Article by Rebecca Didier -

It certainly isn’t new, is it? The importance of “patience” in horse handling and training, and indeed, even in improving your riding, has been long professed. But it bears repeating because we humans are, for the most part, profoundly impatient. And with our modern world providing more and more instant gratification, our “now” impulses aren’t likely to change without conscientious effort.

Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado were the founders and head trainers of the now famous equestrian show Cavalia, along with Normand Latourelle. And they toured the United States and European capitals from 2004 to 2009, playing to more than two million spectators. In addition they have worked with such leading figures as Corky Randall (trainer for the legendary film  The Black Stallion ), Don Manuel Vidria Gomez of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, and Linda Tellington-Jones. In their book Building a Life Together: You and Your Horse , they share their thoughts on the role patience plays when working with horses.


For Magali and me, the notion of allowing enough time is closely allied to that of patience.
We had to learn how to wait as well as to control our emotions. It seems these days that such an idea is becoming ever more anachronistic. Everyone wants instant results, but horses have their own rhythm, closer to nature, and at variance with any ideas involving deadlines, profitability, or even over-enthusiastic pressure toward some goal. Whether it concerns a horse being prepared for a show, or someone who has invested in a Grand Prix horse, or just an amateur rider with one hour per week to spare, there is only one rhythm to work to and that belongs to the horse. For anyone in a hurry, riding is not the right occupation. When a person is stressed, the horse can see it and soon becomes stressed himself. This leads to badly thought-out instructions on the part of the rider and a refusal to cooperate on the part of the horse. Impatience leads to conflict, and things are worse when the two meet the next time. Soon horse and rider are in a spiral of frustration.

It should be exactly the opposite: the less time there is available, the more patient you must be and the more you must listen. Again and again, I have noticed that the less stressed I am, the quicker I get the result I want. Even when there is an important deadline like the first night of a show in which millions of dollars have been invested, I make myself one hundred percent available to the horse, calm and attentive to his reactions and his rhythm. The more he is at ease and relaxed, the sooner he will provide what I am asking of him. Above all else, I try to make him comfortable, and being at ease myself is an essential ingredient. Then I take the time to go through each step of the training in the right sequence, not leaving anything out. The more I take care to explain each step, the quicker he can integrate the whole procedure and perform effectively. This does not mean endlessly repeating an exercise; if it is not learned quickly then it has not been properly understood, and I must find another way to introduce it and to teach him. This is the human’s responsibility, not the horse’s.

Some people buy expensive competition horses and plan a detailed training schedule to achieve their desired aim. When the horse does not fulfill their expectations, it is not because he’s stupid but because the training plan doesn’t suit him. In this case, it is best to find another way but all too often, the horse’s character is blamed and so it is that brilliant horses appear on the competition scene and then disappear equally fast, all because the rider has not been prepared to adapt his methods. It is often better to lower the bar of expectation for a time. I find if I press forward too quickly the horse will not reach his potential. The only solution is to go back a few steps and repeat those that have been rushed or missed.

You never lose time by taking more time, and particularly by taking time to enjoy the horse’s company. Make him as happy as yourself and you will progress at the right speed!

This excerpt from Building a Life Together: You and Your Horse by Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado is reprinted with permission from Trafalgar Square Books (
Our newest Triple Crown Champion!
Now retired from racing to stand at stud.
Reminder from the High Point Committee!
Get Registered for High Point!
From Erin Silver:

Hi members!
I am the new High Point Chair for MHAO. I'm asking everyone to 'register' to be tracked for points. Forms are available on our website and at the link below.
Or, email your info to me!
(owner &/or rider name, address, phone, email address, horses name, & disciplines participating in)!

Great awards to be had in November!
If you're active with your Morgan and a member,
there's something in it for YOU!

Click here to download a registration form
Click here to download information on the High Point Program

If you are competing at other shows or events, you need to turn in your points using the following forms:
Click here to download the Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form
Click here to download the Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form

Once you are registered, Erin will track points automatically for
Key, BC, OMC, C-Fair, PNW, & Nationals

For questions, more information, or to register via email contact -
Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or

You can email your forms to Erin. Or mail them to her at:
10070 Hoffman Rd, Monmouth OR 97361
Save The Date
MHAO Award Banquet
Attention: The Date Has Changed
Sunday, November 4, 2018
Come celebrate 2018 with us!

1:30PM - Pot Luck, Election, Silent Auction & General Membership Meeting With Light Entertainment

3:00PM - Awards

Doors open at 1pm
Willamette Heritage Center
The Dye House
1313 Mill Street SE
Salem, OR 97301
Questions – contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or

See you there!
Information About The
Willamette Heritage Center
The Willamette Heritage Center connects generations by preserving and interpreting the history of the Mid-Willamette Valley. The fourteen historic structures on site house permanent and changing exhibits, a research library and archive, a textile learning center, and rentable event spaces. The five-acre campus is also home to retail shops, art galleries, cooperative artist studios, and offices for our partner organizations.

Early settlement buildings take visitors back to the 1840s, when Euro-American missionaries and immigrants settled in the Mid-Willamette Valley, home of the Kalapuya. The 1841 Jason Lee House and Methodist Parsonage are the oldest standing wooden frame houses in the Pacific Northwest, featured along with the John D. Boon House (1847) and Pleasant Grove Church (1854), built by Oregon Trail immigrants. The 1896 Thomas Kay Woolen Mill, a National Park Service-designated American Treasure, vividly tells the story of industrialization in the Mid-Willamette Valley.
Experience work and life in what was once a leading textile factory in Oregon, the legacy of which is continued today by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Changing exhibits at the Willamette Heritage Center explore and highlight the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Mid-Willamette Valley.
The Willamette Heritage Center (WHC) is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed from the merger of the Mission Mill Museum and the Marion County Historical Society. It continues their legacies through a mission to preserve and interpret the history of the Mid-Willamette Valley.

For information on the Silent Auction at the Award Banquet
Contact Martha Woodland
(541) 912-6950 or
Looking for a volunteer to take pictures at the Award Banquet.
Contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or
Food For Thought
From Tamarack Hill Farm
When I hear various Morgan breeding factions getting on their various platforms about what is or is not a "true" Morgan, I always think that they might want to consider that the only completely "true" Morgan was Figure, and Figure has been dead since 1821, almost 200 hundred years ago.

The Morgan breed has survived this long because the breeders who were "responsible" for its survival had clear breeding goals when they chose which mares to breed to which stallions.
First , and this should be true for any breed of horse, the most basic fundamental of all----"Is this cross highly likely to produce a sound horse?"
Second ---"Will this cross produce a foal with a tractable, trainable temperament?"
Third ---"Will this cross produce an athletic horse that is likely to be good at performing athletic "feats?"

Start there, with any breed---Sound, Sane, and Athletic. If it lacks any of those qualities, it would have been better not to have been bred at all.

Now , because it is a Morgan, does it have Morgan type? Does it look like a Morgan?

Now that the breeder has done the due diligence basics, sound, sane, athletic, and looks like a Morgan, he/she can get more "creative."
Do I want a foal who can win the park harness class at Oklahoma? If so, look at bloodlines which have produced that.
Do I want a foal who can win the GMHA 100 Mile Trail Ride? If so, look at lines with that history.
Do I want a foal for English pleasure? Do I want to win conformation classes? Do I want to herd cows? Do I want a versatile Morgan that I can drive, do some eventing, some dressage, some trail riding?
And so on.

Now, if you have produced a foal that is sound, sane, athletic, looks like a Morgan, and can do what it is that you like to do, then I would say that you have added a nice horse to the Morgan population base.
I realize that others will insist on the presence or absence of various bloodlines to determine whether the foal is or is not a "real" Morgan, but to me that is academic quibbling, because it goes right back to the fact that there was only ONE "real" Morgan, Figure, and every other single Morgan since is an "outcross" of one sort or another, whether that outcross is known or unknown, thoroughbred, American Saddlebred, "old American cart horse" "Back-Yard-Bessie," or whoever.

I think the Morgan breed is too small, too threatened, too fragile, to be damaged by the very people who hope to preserve it, by lots of internecine warfare. What I have come to realize is that just because I like to do some things with Morgans, and someone else likes to do something far different, we need to realize that in a breed so small and so vulnerable, we need to pull together better than we may have managed to do in years past.
Passed on by Kathy Christensen - Thank you Kathy
An Update About The MHAO
Open Incentive Program
John Shaver is the new Open Incentive Chair for MHAO.
Below are links to download information on the Program,
and to the new revised form.

Thank you John!
Click here to download the Open Incentive Flyer
Click here to download the Open Incentive Form
MHAO is looking for Volunteers
and Leaders
The MHAO Election is coming up. We are looking for people interested in guiding club activities and efforts. Come lend your voice and a helping hand to your club. The work we do is critical to the support of the Morgan breed
in this area.
The President position is open as are Director positions, and we need
a Stable Sheet Editor &/or Assistant Editors.
Our thanks to Ami Ericson who will start as an Assistant Editor with
the October issue.

Election Ballots to be mailed out by October 1st
For more information, contact Gay Adams
FarWest Schooling Gathering
September 22, 2018
FarWest Schooling Gathering coming up September 22,
at Flying Flower Ranch in Bend, OR.

Get your entries in fast, as the schooling shows fill up fast!
Deadline for entries is Sept. 10th, which isn't that far away.
You can get your entry at:

Update August 17, 2018
The FarWest Fall Fling Cowboy Dressage Schooling Gathering is getting entries in like crazy! Don't delay, get yours in now! Rides will be limited to 65 for the day.

Call if you have questions.
One of the questions asked is : Do we pay a haul in fee if you have a stall? Answer: No.

Our judge is Jill Von Ilten.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Additional news:
Bonnie Howitson, of Flying Flower Ranch is donating a Soft Feel Buckle for the FarWest Fall Fling Schooling Gathering! We thank her so much for her wonderful thoughtfulness and donation! Even more reason to get your entry in and be eligible for this great award!

September 6th:
We are giving people a little extra time to get their entries in. New Deadline will be September 17th . I will post ride times by the 20th . We are so excited for this wonderful Award and can't wait to see who gets it. Jill Jill von Ilten Is our Judge and she is awesome! So, get your entries in quickly! We don't want you to miss out on the very fun and very supportive Schooling Gathering.

Lunch will be available for purchase the day of the Gathering.

Entries are at: .
Change in BC dates for 2019!
We are pleased to announce, after feedback from many, we have changed the dates of the 2019 BC Morgan Show.

We will now be holding the show a week later,
May 30th to June 2nd, 2019.

We realize that many have family events planned over Memorial Day Weekend and as well, it gives an extra week between Key Classic and our show.
We hope to see you next year! 
Peter Morrison
Free Support and Prizes from Time To Ride
Time To Ride® is an equine industry initiative created to encourage and champion the growth of the U.S. horse industry by supporting the efforts of individual farms, non-profits, and clubs to attract newcomers to horses. This grassroots approach gives barn owners the opportunity to grow their business by introducing non-horsey people to the beauty and benefits horses bring to our lives, while simultaneously growing the horse industry overall.
Registering on the Time to Ride website ( ) is free. When consumers looking for horse farms or equine activities in their area visit the website, they can easily use a map to find local facilities. In addition, each Time To Ride registered barn and organization (host) has free access to marketing materials, including posters, social media assets, print ads and much more that the host barn can use locally to promote his or her facility or organization – all at no charge.

The cornerstone of Time To Ride is the Time To Ride Challenge, which awards cash and prizes to the farms and organizations that attract the most newcomers to their facility or event.

The 2018 Time To Ride Challenge has two phases this year with prizes awarded for both phases. During Phase 1 , host barns hold Challenge events for newcomers. For Phase 2, hosts invite participants from their Phase 1 Challenge events to return for a more in-depth horse experience, such as a riding lesson.

The 2018 Phase 1 (Challenge event) dates are June 1-November 15, and Phase 2 dates are June 15-December 15. The dates for both phases have been extended to take advantage of the opportunity to work with Scouts, faith-based and other groups that typically have a hiatus during the summer months, as well as accommodate the hotter climates in the southern tier of the country.

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