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Stable Sheet - August 2020
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
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From the Board
President's Message
Hello everyone,

There is so much going on! It is mind boggling. This newsletter is loaded with fun activity and information - all at a time when it is hard to not be worn down by the riots occurring around our country. My heart is heavy for Portland, my home town. But within our Morgan horse world, there is a lot of good news, too!
My thanks to everyone on our Board of Directors that all work so hard for our membership and for the Morgan breed. My gratitude is for all who have served with me over the last 5 years of my tenure as your President. It also includes all the incredible volunteers that step forward to help us make things happen. My time is almost up. It is time for me to step aside and let someone else take the lead. If anyone is interested in serving as President, please let me know. I'm available to answer any questions you might have.

For those who are finding shows to go to, don't forget to turn in your points to Erin Silver, our Hi-Point Award Chair. We have decided to roll those points into our 2021 program, but don't forget to get them in. We will count the points you send us for Morgan shows outside the Northwest circuit as well as Open shows and any other competitions.

While you are at it, keep track of your time driving or riding your Morgan/s. Get enrolled in the Ride/Drive program and start accumulating your time for recognition. All time spent riding or driving whether for fun, practice, a clinic, or at an Open Show, etc. - basically anything - counts. The only time that doesn't qualify is when you are in front of a judge at a Morgan show. That said, time in front of a judge at an Open Show does count.

One more thing to remember is the Open Incentive Program we offer. If you go to a non-Morgan horse show, a clinic, or any Non-MHAO event for any breed that you pay a fee for, you can get up to $25 reimbursed to you per event up to a maximum of $100 per year. Shirley Champion can answer any questions you might have on both the Ride/Drive and Open Incentive programs.

To our breeders, if you have new foals this year, don't forget to get them nominated to the Futurity before year end. Once we get into 2021, you will need to pay a late fee to get them in.

Do you have a camera? Do you have some favorite pictures of your Morgan horses you are willing to share? MHAO is looking for pictures, old or new, that show the beauty and versatility of the Morgan breed. And if you have, or have ever had, a Morgan foal our Futurity has a photo contest going on. You can win money, and your photo might be the one used for the cover of the 2021 MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet. If your pictures are for a 2020 foal, you might also enter them into the AMHA foal contest. Look for more info in the newsletter that follows.

Meantime, there are only a few days left to get your MHAO branded face mask. Don't miss the deadline. Any profit will go toward our MHAO programs.

Thank you all for putting your trust in me for the last several years. I will continue to serve the club albeit in a different capacity.


Gay Adams, MHAO President
Board Meeting Minutes - July 8, 2020
Present: Gay Adams Julie Nygaard, Kathy Christiansen, Karen Breckenridge, Karen Weiderman, Erin Silver, Grace Martin, Doana Anderson and Shirley Champion
Not Present: Mary Grimes, Becky Bean, Nancy Eidam, Martha Woodland, Natalie Woodland and Diane Pixlee
Quorum was met
The meeting was called to order at 7:37. The secretary took roll call.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Breckenridge
General Checking Account - $26,942
Savings Account - $25,498
Futurity Account - $ 4,722
Nancy Falk Trust Donation - $12,654
OMC Checking Account - $11,398
Total Fixed Assets - $2,007
Paypal Online Account - $194
Other Current Assets - $273
TOTAL ASSETS - $83,688.

The treasurer’s report is as of June 30, 2020. The President said all our postings were current.

Show Committee – Karen Breckenridge
Karen was able to finally pick up the blankets from the embroidery business. The business has not been open to the public because of the pandemic. The total cost was $575. and the blankets can be used for the 2021 show as no date is embroidered on them. The good news is that everything will be able to be re-used for next year’s show. The year on the trophy plaques will be swapped out for a minimal fee of $1.00 per trophy.

Hi-Point Committee -Erin Silver
Discussion was had about points that were earned earlier in 2020 before our Morgan shows in the Northwest were cancelled. A motion was made by Karen Breckenridge to roll the points into the next year. Kathy Christensen seconded. Motion passed.

Award Banquet/ General Membership Meeting – Erin Silver
Karen has cancelled the Dye House for the awards banquet. We have had our General Membership meeting and our elections at that same meeting in the past.  Doana Anderson gave a report on how we could do a virtual zoom meeting. Attendees don’t need to have a camera available. People can call in or attend on their computer. Zoom meetings can accommodate up to 1,000 attendees depending on the plan. Doana's plan can accommodate up to 300. It can also be recorded so people can call or watch it later. She will host it for us. The Zoom General Membership meeting is set for November 8, 2020 at 1:30pm. Ballots can be mailed in to take care of the election. 
Nancy submitted a suggestion to have a speaker and a silent auction. There was a discussion about having an auction and a motion was made by Gay and seconded by Shirley but it was voted down. Difficulty in delivery of items and gathering the items during this time was a factor. However, a speaker may be a possibility. It was suggested to reach out to Tony Lee our AMHA President to have him give a 10-15 minute talk about how the pandemic is affecting our Morgan Industry, and then open it up for questions. Gay our President will contact him. A slide show might also be interesting on the Zoom meeting.

The Ballots need to be out by September 30th. Gay will reach out to potential Board members and post a request in the Stable Sheet for candidates. 

Gay asked that all Board members watch their emails for any interim club business between now and our next Board meeting which will be in September. We will conduct it via Zoom so we have a trial run before the General Membership meeting. Doana will send us info on how everyone can sign in.  

Youth Committee – Grace Martin
Grace and Natalie are working on the Newsletter and a new issue should be out soon. It goes out on the Youth Facebook page. It was brought up that there is a new Bullrush Merit Badge for the Youth to earn. Information about it would be good to report on in the Newsletter. Gay will be sending a letter and balloons to Natalie announcing her as our 2020 recipient of the Alex Mooney scholarship. She will work with Mary Grimes to complete that step.

Stallion Auction Committee – Gay Adams
Gay is investigating ideas for thank you gifts to send to the Stallion owners that so generously donated to our auction. With that still pending and because the Futurity booklet is not completed yet, the accounting for the auction will not be completed until closer to year end.  The stallion auction committee pays the actual printing cost for the pages in the booklet that are dedicated to the stallions.
Futurity Committee - Gay Adams
The futurity booklets will be distributed electronically this year with the exception of at Nationals. We are still holding hope that Nationals will happen in Oklahoma in October. If the show goes forward Gay will have printed copies sent there. 
Two 2020 foals have been nominated to our futurity so far this year. Gay asks that Board members get the word out to any breeders they know encouraging them to sign up for this program. We currently have 26 horses nominated with 17 participants. Because of input from our participants and because the PNW show has been cancelled, we will go with the option to add extra Futurity classes for 3 & 5 yr olds to our Futurity class line-up at the 2021 OMC show. 

Promotion Committee – Kathy Christensen
Kathy has done her homework and found 4 Venders to use for price comparisons on printing the promotional banners.  They can be Vertical or horizontal with gromets. The prices range from $75. to $119. For a 3x5 size and from $120. To $181. For a 4x6 size. There is a quick turn around time to receive them, once we decide what we would like. Kathy’s idea is to have pictures that are high resolution emailed to her. The photos can be of Trail-riding, grooming, or young children enjoying our breed. Anything is acceptable to show our Morgan’s versatility. They are so inexpensive we might do 1 or 2 more for the cost in the budget that was allotted. Silver Mesa will try the company out first to see how the quality is. 
Gay mentioned that we already have this type of banners with our logo that Nancy made for us, and that it was her understanding that we would be creating pull up, self standing banners that roll up inside their base for storage. The idea was to make a more professional informational booth we can use that would not require something to attach a gromet style banner to. Erin said that those type of banners need to have level ground and no wind. Gay said that Tony Lee had some made for AMHA at about $300. each. They can be a size that stands on the ground or smaller to stand on a table. We leased the AMHA ones for several years and they would not be good in an outside high wind situation, but were fine handling a breeze inside. Kathy said that she will talk with Peter Morrison, the organizer of the BC show who has some that style, and also talk with the vendors that she has been working with about the scroll style.

Membership Committee – Doana Anderson
Doana worked on the list on 7-8-20 and has added 3 new members to update. So far she has made 3 drafts after corrections. We will print a directory this year. The directory will be online in 2021. An advantage to it being online is that when new members join the MHAO additions can be made to edit the list instantly.

Ride/Drive & Open Incentive Programs – Shirley Champion
Shirley reports that no one has turned anything in and there is not a lot of activity. Board members are encouraged to spread the word about these two programs.  If we see anyone talking about trail riding on Facebook or attending clinics, open shows, etc we need to encourage them to participate. Gay will add information to the Stable Sheet periodically to help get the word out. 

Website/Stable Sheet – Gay Adams and Karen Weiderman
Karen Weiderman sent out an e-mail asking for members to tell a little about themselves and their horses and to send pictures for publication. She has gotten several in. It’s interesting to put a face and a story together to get to know our members better. She will include one to three stories in Section 2 of the newsletter each month. The Stable Sheet normally comes out on the 10th of each month.
Kudos to Dallas Bolen for the fabulous job she is doing with our Website.


Oregon Bucket for Nationals – Julie Nygaard
Nothing new to report. This project is on hold to see if the Nationals will be happening in October. A notice to ask for donations of items that are made in Oregon or that are native to our area will be posted in the Stable Sheet.

MHAO Facemasks – Kathy Christensen
Kathy suggested that we have a campaign to sell facemasks with the MHAO logo. We can set our own price online. In 3 weeks the product gets shipped after all of the orders are in. 20 masks are the minimum. She has sent an email to Tony Lee the President of AMHA to ask if it is ok to do this so soon after the AMHA had done their fundraiser on facemasks. There was further discussion. Julie made a motion to do masks as a fundraiser if Tony Lee gives us his blessings. Karen B. seconded. Motion passed. Kathy will spearhead this endeavor.

*This is a go, and I’ve already ordered some! Great follow through Kathy.

Clothing, etc – Kathy Christensen & Erin Silver
It was discussed to have an online store to sell promotional gear. We could have hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts with our club logo. People order on their own. Or we could have the same type of campaign as the facemasks, 3 weeks to order and then the company prints and ships out. Gay mentioned there was an article in a past Stable Sheet about products that are selling because of the COVID virus and a waist pouch was found to be popular to store your credit cards, cash or cell phones while riding. This is another item we could have printed with our logo to sell online. Julie mentioned another item to fit over the horn of a western saddle to hold similar items and a water bottle, etc. The advantage to these promotional fundraisers is that you don’t have to keep an inventory; people order the sizes they want online. We will start with facemasks, and then re-visit other items. Getting our logo out there will help us with promotion and will be structured to at least pay for themselves. 

Distance Event – Karen Weiderman
Karen Weiderman brought up a topic about a distance event that you do online with your horse. It motivates riders to get off the couch and ride. You sign up on facebook. You ride 10 miles one day, 5 miles another, etc. You accumulate your miles over time. It might take you 6 months to finish the 100 mile event. There is a way to track your miles by GPS with an Iphone or via a watch. It costs $35.00 to sign up, and you send pictures of your horse on a ride. It uses the honor system. You will receive a medal and a patch upon completion. 
There was a lively discussion about combining this with our Ride/Drive program that Shirley is the head of. Maybe instead of miles we could do 25, 50 or 100 hour events. Or we could switch and do miles for our Ride/Drive program. We need to encourage members to join this program. Our program is only $15.00 for a lifetime signup fee as long as membership is maintained. People can email Shirley and get a form to fill out. We could promote “an event” to get people participating. Forms and info are also available on our website. All Board members were encouraged to sign up. Karen and Shirley will talk and come up with a campaign.

Meeting adjourned at 9:13pm
Next meeting is September 9, 2020, 7:30 PM. It will be a trial Zoom call. Information on how to attend will be sent out. Doana will host us.
Respectfully submitted,

Julie Nygaard – MHAO Secretary
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Inner club trade and referrals
are supported by MHAO

Contact Gay Adams
MHAO Activities
Just A Few Days Left!
Stay safe and healthy with your face mask from MHAO

Campaign Ends August 10th
Get Your Order In Now!!
In support of Morgan horse enthusiasts, club members, and the requirements of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon (MHAO) makes this special offer. Here is an economical, washable face mask for you that also gives you a chance to show your support of MHAO and what it does. MHAO is a 501c5 Non-Profit organization that is one of the leading Morgan Horse Breed Associations specializing in promoting the Morgan horse, our members and their Morgan farms. Anyone who loves the Morgan horse is welcome as a member no matter where they are located. Wear this mask proudly! Start a conversation about the Morgan horse.”

All funds raised will be paid directly to  Morgan Horse Association of Oregon  for  the promotion of the Morgan horse and help support the programs and scholarships offered by MHAO .

Questions: Contact Kathy Christensen, (503) 391-9047,
MHAO Foal Photo Contest
$$$ Win Money $$$
Closes September 30th
“The Fine Print”
  • Image must be of an AMHA registered foal or of a foal qualified to be AMHA registered. Foal's dam may be included. Foal does not need to be born this year. Nor does the foal need to be entered into our Futurity.
  • Limit of 4 photos per submitter
  • Image needs to be at least 300 dpi resolution
  • Your entry submission automatically grants the Morgan Horse Association of Oregon permission to use the photo on its website or for other promotional use.
  • Entry needs to include the foal's registered name (or raf), the name of the sire & dam, the name of the current owner, & of the photographer. If the photographer is a professional, we need permission to use the photo. An email from the photographer is sufficient. 
  • Winning photo will be used to promote the 2021 MHAO Breeder's Cup Futurity 

Everyone is welcome to participate.
You do not need to be a member of MHAO.

Prize money available:
$100 to First Place
$75 to Second Place
$50 to Third Place

For questions contact
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276

Click here for more information or to see last year's photos
Click here to download an application form

Photo credit: Kathy DeFazio -- Scandias Carribean Queen and her foal, Scandias Ms Congeniality
And While You Are At It --
Enter Your Photos For Your 2020 Foals In The AMHA Contest, too!

See "Other Events" below
MHAO General Membership Meeting is going Virtual
MHAO General Membership Meeting
November 8, 2020
Starting at 1:30pm

Our Speaker is Tony Lee

Watch for information to follow on how to attend. You will be able to join via computer or by phone.

Get up-to-date on what is happening within the club and more!

Our election this year will be totally by mail. We are currently seeking candidates for the MHAO Board.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
MHAO Is Seeking Photos of Morgans
MHAO Needs Your Help

We are seeking photos that show the beauty and versatility of the Morgan Horse in the Northwest

One of the most important duties of MHAO and its members is the promotion of the Morgan horse. I say duty, because if we don't get the word out about this wonderful horse, we run the risk that the breed will disappear.

MHAO is in the process of creating stand-up banners to use at promotional booths and other events. We want to streamline our presentation to gain more interest and to improve our impact.

We are asking for high quality, high resolution pictures (300 dpi or better, 1MB or larger) that can be used together to show the beauty and versatility of the Morgan breed.

Again, pictures need to be high quality, high resolution photos so that they can be blown up to a larger size and still be clear. The committee will choose photos out of the pictures received with a goal of not only showing the beauty of the breed, but also its prized characteristics and wide range of versatility. Pictures can include you with your horse. Pictures with kids are great, too.

Please help us create this important tool for our future!

Send your photos to
Kathy Christensen
Of call her at (503) 391-9047 for more information.
The Oregon Bucket At Nationals

Item donations are being accepted for the 2020 Oregon Bucket to be offered in this year's Grand National Silent Auction. Funds raised support the National Museum of the Morgan Horse

We are looking for items to include in the bucket that represent the State of Oregon. Help us create interest in our wonderful State.

Contact Julie Nygaard for more information or to make a donation, (503) 741-0215 or
Calling all owners of 2020 Morgan foals!

MHAO offers the only remaining traditional Futurity we know of in the Western Region. We are here to support our breeders and members.

Join in on the fun!

Although classes did not take place this year due to the cancellation of the Oregon Morgan Classic, you can still take advantage of low nomination fees to be involved in this 5-year program.

Due to the forced cancellation of our 2020 show, the MHAO Futurity will add Classes For 3 yr old halter (including a Sweepstakes class), for 5 yr old Performance, and a 5 yr old Futurity High Point Award to the schedule for the 2021 Oregon Morgan Classic.

Futurity classes normally consist of halter classes thru the foal's 2-yr-old year and performance classes for 2-4 yr olds. Each class offers a chance to win prize money.

There are also sweepstakes classes for yearlings & 2-yr-olds with more prize money to the Champion and Reserve Champion including bonus payments for auction get going back to the stallion donor and breeder.

At the end of the program, the 4-yr-old with the most points will win a Futurity High Point award.

Initial Nomination in the year the foal is born - $45
Renewal fees - $25 each year
Class fees - $25 per class

Initial Nomination
Due by December 31, 2020

Renewals will be due
March 31, 2021

For assistance contact Gay Adams,

For more information, click here to download the Futurity Rules. The Rules and all forms needed are available on our website.

Click here to download a nomination form to send to Gay
Calling all MHAO Youth!!
Don't Miss The MHAO Youth Facebook Page & Newsletter

Grace Martin,(509) 990-1130,,
and Natalie Woodland,
(541) 515-1707

Post your news!

Facebook search:
Do you attend Open shows, OHSET, barrel race events, CDE, Cowboy Dressage Gatherings, Sorting Competitions, Poker Rides, or clinics not put on by MHAO? (These are just some examples of what counts.)

Did you know you could be reimbursed for up to $25 per event to a maximum of $100 per year? That is more than you pay in dues to be a member of MHAO. Why do we offer this? Getting your Morgan horse out in front of other people is one of the most powerful ways we have of promoting this wonderful breed. This is our way of supporting you for doing it.

Click here for the form to turn in after the event.

For questions or assistance, contact
Shirley Champion, ( 541) 534-2060
Nominations are open
for the 2021
MHAO Stallion Service Auction
Closes December 31, 2020

We would love to have the opportunity to promote your stallion. Here are the benefits we offer for the stallion owner:

  • Press releases on Northwest Morgan News, MHAO newsletter (Stable Sheet), MHAO website, MHAO Facebook Page & the MHAO Stallion Service Auction Facebook Page, in The Morgan Horse Magazine, on The Blast, etc. There is heavy emphasis on advertising the stallions included in our auction.
  • The Stallion Auction will be promoted at the Oregon Morgan Classic (OMC) Horse Show & donated stallions will be highlighted. OMC is the largest Morgan Horse Show in the State and even the Northwest.
  • ATTENTION! The name of all stallions with a bid will be put into a hat for a drawing. The winner will receive a free 2-page spread in the 2021 MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet. This is a new benefit that was added in 2019.
  • Each stallion donated receives a full page dedicated to them in the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet. This is a high quality magazine distributed up and down the West Coast & at Grand Nationals.
  • Bonus payments are made to breeders and stallion owners when a foal that is the result of a breeding sold through the MHAO Stallion Service Auction becomes a Futurity Sweepstakes Champion or Reserve Champion at the Oregon Morgan Classic Horse Show.  
Funds from the MHAO Stallion Service Auction support the MHAO Breeders’ Cup Futurity which is the only known traditional Futurity in the Western Region. Morgan Horse Association of Oregon Breeder’s Cup Futurity classes will be held at the Oregon Morgan Classic Horse Show held in June each year at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene Oregon.

Minimum starting bid is $700, or an amount set by the stallion owner (higher or lower, but no lower than $500). Bidding is open from January 15th to early April.

Click here to download a nomination form. 

More information is available on our website. For questions, contact
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
MHAO High Point Program

With the closure of so many horse shows, MHAO has made the decision to move any points earned this year toward MHAO High Point Awards to 2021. They will be combined with other points earned in 2021 in determining Awards for 2021.

If you are finding shows to go to, be sure to get your points turned in!!
All shows & competitions apply!

For information on the MHAO High Point Program, click here.

For questions or assistance, contact
Erin Silver, (971) 600-5933
MHAO Ride/Drive Program

Program Rules:
1. Open to all ages of riders/drivers and to all styles of riding or driving.
2. Enrollment year will begin and end on October 15th.
3. Must be an MHAO member for the enrollment year.
4. Hours must be logged on the MHAO Log Sheet.
5. Horse’s name and registration number, if applicable, must be included on the log sheet. Only
Morgan horses are acceptable for the program.
6. More than one horse may be used to accrue hours.
7. Eligible hours are any time in the saddle or driving for recreation, practice, trail riding, or for
non-competive reasons; or at non-Morgan events, clinics, parades, 4H, OHSET, Open shows, etc. whether during competition or not. The only hours that don't count are when riding under the judge at a Morgan show. All other riding at the Morgan show does count.
8. The program is continuous and members can accrue hours over multiple enrollment years.

See the enrollment form for more information.

Cost: Initial Enrollment is a one time fee of $15. Membership in MHAO is required and needs to be
maintained or you start all over again with a new $15 enrollment fee.

Awards will be presented for
25, 50, 150, 1,000 and 2,000 hours, normally at the MHAO Fall Banquet. Additional Awards will be determined
by committee based on participation.

Click here for forms or more information available on our website.

For questions contact Shirley Champion, ( 541) 534-2060
MHAO Elections are coming!
Are you interested in serving on the MHAO Board of Directors or in volunteering on a committee?

If so, please contact
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
News from AMHA
Vermont Court Dismisses Victoria Bennett's Complaint In Its Entirety

Dear Morgan Family,

Today, a ruling was handed down from the Vermont Superior Court in the matter of Victoria Bennett vs. Mari Sanderson et al. Judge Helen M. Toor issued the ruling dismissing Victoria Bennett’s suit in its entirety.

The ruling was based on a derivative action filed by Victoria Bennett, a former director and member of the American Morgan Horse Association, against current and former directors, officers, and directors emeriti.

Judge Toor ruled in favor of the defendant AMHA directors and officers on ALL counts. You can see the complete ruling on our Litigation page at
We feel the decision today vindicates the defendants’ dispute of the lawsuit’s allegations of mismanagement and further believe this ruling underscores the fact that Ms. Bennett’s complaint reflected a fundamental misunderstanding of the legal structure and mission of AMHECT.

As far as next steps, Bennett does have the option to appeal. Any further actions would cost AMHA additional legal fees, valuable staff time, and strained volunteer moral.

As many of you have expressed concern, this matter has indeed cost AMHA a large sum of money. We continue to pursue insurance coverage for these costs and are hopeful that we will prevail in obtaining reimbursement. We will be looking at our best course of action moving forward based on advice from our attorneys.

It is our sincere hope that we can now all move forward together and devote our time and resources toward our universal love for the Morgan horse.

Stay strong,

C. A. Lee, III
AMHA President
Travel Safely and Save. We are there for you 24/7, in any vehicle - whether you are the passenger or the driver, and even if you're not traveling with your horses.
We know that transporting horses is a not-so-glamorous aspect of equestrian life—and it comes with unique challenges. You can make the journey with peace of mind knowing that USRider is there for you no matter where the road leads. As a USEF member, you will receive a 13th month free when you join today, plus pay no activation fee!
Your roadside assistance benefits are in full force even when you are not traveling with your horses. No matter what vehicle you are traveling in, even if you are not driving. USRider members enjoy up to 100 miles of free towing, emergency stabling assistance service on dual-wheeled vehicles and horse trailers, and more!
Update For Those Attending Shows
CEO Update: Use of Face Masks/Coverings and Pandemic-Related Requirements
Dear USEF Members and Competition Organizers (Licensees and Managers),

We are nearly two full months into a return to competition. While we are all grateful for the opportunity to enjoy competing again, the challenges and risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic remain part of our daily lives. Governors are beginning to pull back or even reverse reopening initiatives in several states as positivity rates are increasing.
We truly appreciate the diligence and cooperation of participants and organizers who have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of their competition communities by adhering to the various state and local requirements, as well as the requirements and recommendations outlined in the USEF Action Plan for Licensed CompetitionsHowever, USEF has received reports of non-compliance with and non-enforcement of the Action Plan. Every instance of non-compliance and non-enforcement not only endangers the health and safety of your fellow participants, but also threatens our ability to continue having competitions in this extremely tenuous environment.
The ability to keep competitions operating depends on every one of us, individually and collectively. It hinges on our cooperative participation in efforts to control the spread of the virus.
With that in mind, effective immediately, USEF mandates the use of face masks/face coverings at all times while on the competition grounds except when mounted on a horse or driving a horse-drawn carriage or cart. The USEF Action Plan update, released yesterday, reflects this strengthened mandate.
In addition to the updated face mask/face covering requirement, USEF expects that: *
•All participants will adhere to, and all competition organizers will enforce, social distancing requirements at all times while on competition grounds.•Competition organizers will restrict access to competition grounds in accordance with state and local travel and quarantine restrictions.•During a competition, Stewards and Technical Delegates will report non-compliance to competition management, and individuals who continue to demonstrate non-compliance with social distancing or mask/face covering requirements will be promptly removed from the competition grounds by competition management.•Stewards and Technical Delegates will document and include in their report to the USEF all incidents of non-compliance, so that USEF can address any deficiencies.

We all share the enormous responsibility of doing our utmost to maintain a safe competition environment. It is no easy task. It can sometimes be uncomfortable, even unpleasant. However, in this significantly altered environment, these steps are necessary to keep our competitions as safe as possible and keep them operating. We cannot lose sight of the wide-reaching and devastating impacts facing our industry that would result from competitions being shut down due to failure to comply with mitigation efforts. If you are unwilling or unable to adhere to the COVID-19 requirements mandated by USEF or state and local agencies, please stay home and refrain from attending or operating USEF-recognized events until the pandemic resolves.
We continue to monitor and assess the pandemic impact, and we will keep you informed of any updates to our position as circumstances warrant or as instructed by the government and public health authorities.
The safety and welfare of our members and their horses remains our top priority, and everyone must do their part and take every step necessary to keep fellow competitors as safe and healthy as possible and to keep the competition environment open.
Stay safe,

William J. Moroney
Chief Executive Officer
An Official Communication from the Fédération Équestre Internationale
"To Be Successful We Require Active Participation and Full Compliance By All"
 Dear USEF members,
As a follow-up to our recent communication, CEO Update: Keeping Equestrian Competitions Viable During This Global Pandemic, we would like to share the below message from the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) Medical Committee Chair Dr. Mark Hart.
A Message from FEI Medical Committee Chair Dr. Mark Hart
From the Fédération Equestre Internationale – Communications Department

 On behalf of the FEI, I want to share and express our commitment to the resumption of sporting activity and the resurgence of equestrian events worldwide.
The FEI Board, Technical Committees, Calendar Task Forces and the Headquarters staff are working around the clock to make this happen. We are fully committed to a safe and sustainable return to competition.
When the FEI Policy for Enhanced Competition Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic was developed, it was crafted with the goal of providing a safe environment for all participants. We believe science supports its effectiveness to reduce the transmission and spread of Covid-19 when applied both consistently and in a strict manner.
To be successful we require active participation and full compliance by all.
There is no middle ground and there are no grey areas. As a community, we cannot just apply what we want and ignore what is seen as an inconvenience. In no uncertain terms, we absolutely require the consistent application of all guidelines and recommendations regarding the wearing of face masks, appropriate social distancing and regular and thorough hand sanitising for a successful return to our sport. 
This is not just the responsibility of competition Organisers, it applies to every individual attending our events. Athletes, their extended support teams, volunteers, vendors, and fans must all be held to the same level of accountability.
We understand the frustration caused by this worldwide pandemic. We have all faced the intrusion on our daily lives, our jobs, our finances and what many of us perceive as our freedoms. Like an unwelcome guest at a party, this is a situation we have no choice but to confront head on. We must be bigger, smarter and united in our response.  
There is no middle ground and there are no grey areas. As a community, we cannot just apply what we want and ignore what is seen as an inconvenience. In no uncertain terms, we absolutely require the consistent application of all guidelines and recommendations regarding the wearing of face masks, appropriate social distancing and regular and thorough hand sanitising for a successful return to our sport.  

Now we have all been called upon to play a greater role in society than we have been accustomed to. We must now make some sacrifices and adapt our habits for the benefit of the greater good. This pandemic demands these changes as it will be with us until an effective vaccine is developed and distributed around the world.
Our social responsibility far outweighs our professional and sporting goals - but they are not incompatible. We can reach these goals and ensure the safety of others, but it will require some modifications to our behaviour. If we want competitions to resume, then we need to show that we as a community are responsible and can be counted on.
We have outlined what needs to be done through a thoughtfully developed and public health based policy; and now we need you. We need everyone to apply these guidelines as they will only be effective if they are followed by all.
We all love this sport. Let’s work together and give our sport and the amazing animals that inspire us a platform on which to shine in these difficult times.
In a show of global citizenship, we call on you to unite in the fight against Covid-19. Through socially responsible actions, we have the opportunity to fully return to sporting greatness.
Play Safe and make us proud! Our collective future depends on all of our actions today.
You will find all the latest information on the Return to Play hub on

Dr Mark Hart
Chair, FEI Medical Committee
1000 Horsemen and Women Push “Great American Outdoors Act” Toward the Finish Line!

In a rare, bipartisan development, on Wednesday, July 22, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the “Great American Outdoors (GAO) Act of 2020” (H.R. 1957) by a vote of 310 to 107. The “GAO Act,” referred to as a “recreation package,” combines key elements of legislation long supported by the horse industry. This includes more resources for the backlog maintenance of public trails and full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), at $900 million per year, which supports conservation easements that promote riding. The bill also incorporates provisions of the industry supported “Restore Our Parks Act” (ROPA). It creates a revenue stream to dedicate funds from energy development projects to support the maintenance of trails run by the National Park Service (NPS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and other agencies. “Whether it’s been
a campaign to pass ‘ROPA’ or the‘Recreation Not Red Tape (RNR) Act,’ for the past three years, the horse industry has worked steadily to pass legislation that will make the nation’s public trails more accessible to horsemen and women,” noted American Horse Council (AHC) President Julie Broadway.

The House action follows on the heels of a similar, bipartisan victory in the Senate, which passed the bill on June 17 by a vote of 73 to 25. During meetings in February, staff with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee informed representatives from the horse industry that they intended to move a recreation package that bundled the sector’s top trails issue priorities.  They also accurately predicted that Congress would pass trails legislation before the November election. “ More than 1000 members of the horse industry have sent letters to Congress urging support for the recreation package,” stated Craig Huffhines, President of the American Quarter Horse Association and Chairman of AHC’s Recreation, Trails and Land-Use Committee. "Wednesday’s victory shows what the horse industry can achieve when we work together,” continued Huffhines.

Details: Bryan Brendle at
Other Events
AMHA Morgan Foal
Photo Contest
Closes September 1st

Submit your foal photos for The Morgan Horse magazine's "Amazing Morgan Foal" contest! Photos submitted within our guidelines will be published in our October issue (and print results of the contest in December).

Photos must be emailed to with the subject line "Amazing Foal Contest" by September 1st.
Some pictures from the Morgan Medallion Charity Classic:
The 2020 Triple Crown

Kentucky Derby
September 5, 2020

October 3, 2020

Watch the full 152nd Belmont Stakes, which was the opening race in the Triple Crown for the first time ever!
June 20, 2020
The Morgan Medallion Charity Classic was relocated to Del Mar and took place July 31 to August 2, 2020. The Judge was Missy Hanover.

Whew! We did it!! We had a horse show!! We got to do what we love and we followed protocols and wore our masks and we had a blast!!!

Some stellar officials stepped up to make this show a success when our dates and venue had to be changed. Sean Cassidy was a star!! He managed our show and did a wonderful job! Mark Farrar...thank you!!! You make a show better. Every Time. Missy Hanover, thank you for a great job judging when called on at the last minute! Casey McBride, as always...thank you for making us look good! Lori Nelson, you were missed but thank you for all of the work you did from afar! Bill and Mary K Hartman (and Tracey), thank you for all you do and have always done for this show! Ed and Shirley Henry-Biszantz
...this couldn’t be done without you both...thank you! Adele Reichers Maurer, you’re always willing to help in any way and your smile and great attitude were wonderful in center ring. Samantha Eve Gerber, you were amazing! Thank you for doing our ribbons and everything else asked of you. You were a lifesaver!!
Kent Moeller, thank you for your support and for help getting this rolling and helping us to do this well! And, Eric’re not just a good friend but you’re a great person! You helped when you weren’t required to and went above and beyond to help us navigate a facility we didn’t know. You helped make this horse show happen! Thank you!

Finally, a huge thank you to the exhibitors. Those that came, those that wished they could come. Thank you. A show is only as good as those that support it and this one has some of the best supporters!! Thank you for bringing your horses, thank you for helping us do this safely. We asked and you did...we wore masks, we spread out, and we got to show!!!! You all proved that this can be done and it’s worth it!! We are oh so grateful!!!

Congratulations ribbons were hard earned this week with some great classes!! Just how we like it!!

Congratulations to the Morgan Medallion High Point Winners:

Saddle Seat: Champion ~ Shaunicy Sturm
 Reserve ~ Shannon McTaggart

Hunt Seat: Champion ~ Elena Gannon
 Reserve ~ Isabella Barratti

Western Seat: Champion ~ Cassidy Herschak
 Reserve ~ Shaunicy Sturm

Dressage: Agata Turowska riding At The Oscars
Western Dressage: Carole Perkins riding Zips Vanilla Belle

Morgan Grand National
October 10-17, 2020

Plans continue to move forward for the 2020 Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show®. Here is an overview of what to expect during the show.

  • Entries must be postmarked by August 11, 2020 or received by August 18, 2020.
  • If for unforeseen circumstances the show is canceled, all fees will be refunded.
  • After the close of entries, if there is any government mandate related to COVID-19 that prohibits travel for an exhibitor, entry fees will be refunded minus the office fee.

The health and safety of our exhibitors is our number one priority. We will follow USEF, JLC COVID-19 guidelines, as well as state and county regulations. We encourage you to review all guidelines so you are familiar with them, including the items listed below:
  • Masks or face coverings are required except while riding or with a USEF modification.
  • Wash hands frequently. oMaintain social distancing.
  • Self-monitor temperature daily.

  • Every person attending the show must sign the USEF waiver and wear a designated wristband for the duration of the show.
  • Limit number of people in practice rings and warm up rings.
  • Have hand sanitizer, masks and gloves available for yourself, clients and employees.

  • As of July 23, 2020, the state of Oklahoma will require health certificates to be dated within 5 days of attending the show for both in state and out of state horses.
  • You will need an appointment to check in at the Show Office. Appointments will be scheduled online. More information for check in will be posted in September.
  • Sign up for text alerts to receive daily show and class information.
  • Box seating will be different this year for the health and safety of our exhibitors. Seats will be arranged by family/barn family with social distancing requirements in place. We will need to skip rows and seats to accomplish this. We will utilize seats above the main concourse in the Coliseum to maintain safe and healthy distancing to comply with the USEF guidelines and fairground regulations.

While large parties and social gatherings will not be possible this year, we will be able to host several socially distant events including the Dog Show/Stick Horse competition and the Costume class. Stay tuned for additional events! We will keep you updated as we move closer to show time.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Click here to go to the prize list
Oregon Horse Council Announcement
Nominations Close
August 31, 2020

The Oregon Horse Council is excited to announce our new Equine Excellence Awards program! Our goal is to recognize those in our Oregon equine industry who stand out and excel in representing equestrians. We encourage you to recognize those you feel have gone above and beyond in our industry! Membership is not required to nominate or be nominated, however the work that is being recognized must have been done in Oregon (or to support Oregon).

  • Deadline is Monday, August 31, 2020.
  • You may self-nominate, or nominate a person, organization, or business that meets the criteria.
  • Each nomination must be submitted on a separate form – CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE.
  • You are welcome to submit up to 5 documents to help support your award nomination. These need to be in 1 email to, and all in pdf format. Please put ‘Equine Award Supporting Document {name of the nominee}’ in the subject line.
  • You are welcome to submit as many nominations as you would like.

  • Ambassador – Organization or individual that has demonstrated excellence and outstanding service to the equestrian community in ways that may include:

  • Producing an event and/or providing education for the non-equestrian community to introduce them to horses
  • Assisted or lead the work to provide new public horse related amenities
  • Working diligently to improve or maintain existing horse related amenities
  • Obtaining favorable publicity to promote equestrian lifestyle
  • Engaged equestrians or non-equestrians in a new way to our industry
  • Catalyst – an individual or organization from our industry, education, business, or government that has spearheaded a major impact in the horse industry through education, leadership and innovation. This is likely a more recent activity.
  • Lifetime Achievement – and individual or organization with important impact to Oregon’s’ equine industry over a significant length of time in the industry (likely over 65, but not required)

  • A selection committee (comprised of leaders throughout Oregon’s equine industry) will review all nominations in September.
  • Winners will be notified in late September, where they will be asked to make a short video regarding their work.
  • The winners, as well as honorable mentions, will be publicly announced during a virtual awards ceremony on October 2nd.
Back Country Horsemen Washington
Eleven BCHW Hot Shots from all over the state rode into the Pasayten Wilderness in July. Along with them were 9 pack animals carrying their cross cut saws, food and camping gear for this 4 day/5 night work party. Their goal was to finish the loop from Tatoosh Buttes to Hidden Lakes that they started last year. They also planned to log out the trail from Rock Creek to Woody Pass. Due to county COVID-19 regulations they broke up into three groups and went in from two trailheads. They spent 4 long, hot days in the Wilderness and cleared over 200 trees with only crosscut saws. They also did brushing and tread work along the way. All three teams reached their goals. On the last work day, all three teams converged on their intended destination at Tatoosh Buttes. The next day they rode the long 24 miles back to their vehicles. On an average, the teams rode approximately 150 miles over the 4 days. Approximately 55 miles of trails are now open to stock standards, portions that have not been open for 15 years.

Thank you Back Country Horsemen Washington!!
Shared by Karen Weiderman
In Memorium

Charles (Chuck) David Bartholomaus
May 20, 1933 - June 30, 2020
Charles (Chuck) David Bartholomaus passed away June 30, 2020 in Corvallis Oregon. Born in North Dakota on May 20, 1933, his parents were Edward Bartholomaus and Rhoda Tripp Bartholomaus.

Chuck moved to Portland Oregon during his early years, graduated from Lewis & Clark College and married Margaret (Peggy) Bisel on June 19, 1954 (they later divorced). They had four daughters, Jody Clemo (Kevin) of Hillsboro Oregon, Julie Warde (Al) of Corvallis Oregon, Jill Bartholomaus, who proceeded him in death in 2005 and Janet Knudson (Larry) of Philomath Oregon.

Survivors include three of his four daughters, Jody, Julie and Janet. Grandchildren: Grant & Brooke, Tara, Shelby & Michael, Jessie & Molly, Lawren, Bryce & Luke. Great grandchildren: Dylan, Quinn & Ivy, Luke & Griffin, Penny, Ralph, Gene & Cecil and Eleanor. Janelle Amberg, his longtime partner along with her children; Suzy Elliott (Ron) of Oregon City, Jason Amberg (Aret) of Albany Oregon, Jami Murphy (Tim) of Creswell Oregon, Lindsay Dipzinski (Aaron) of Vancouver Washington, and Janelle’s grandchildren Abby & Lexie, Izzy & Kylie, Hunter, Morgan & Luci, Lola & Lilly.

He was proceeded in death by his parents, his brothers Donald and Wesley, sister Diane and his daughter Jill.

Chuck enjoyed working in the yard, growing blueberries and tending his roses. His love of raising, riding and showing Morgan horses with Tim and Jeanne Arcuri (Arcuri Stables) spanned the last several decades.

Honorary pall bearers are his four grandsons, Grant Clemo, Michael Johnson, Bryce Knudson & Luke Knudson.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to CARDV (Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence) in our dad’s name. Their address is: 2208 SW 3rd Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97330.
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