Stable Sheet - December 2018 Part 2
Out of the Past
Dyberry Robin
From the December 1965 issue of "The Morgan Horse" magazine, p. 45. This photo of Dyberry Robin accompanied Louise Beckley's column "Pacific Northwest News." The caption with the photo reads "Dyberry Robin 11532 (Lippitt George x Lippitt Miss Nekomia) won both the Morgan English and Western Pleasure classes at the first Trail's End Stables Horse Show at Olympia, Washington. Robin is owned and ridden by Dr. Elmer Searls, Puyallup."
Glen's Morgan
Glen's Morgan (Glendale X Cora by King de Jarnette) of classic Brunk breeding stood at the Purdy Ranch in the Lorane Valley near Cottage Grove. It was an amazing place built by the Spreckles family (sugar). It had a lovely large barn with big stalls, a regulation race track, rock quarry, and a lovely home. The barn is still standing in good condition. After Mr. Purdy died the sons got into Quarter Horses and the Morgan mares were bred or sold.
In Memory of -
JiLo's KT Rose

From Marla Parrish

“Katie Rose has broken my heart, I lost my best friend.” Marla especially wanted Jim Jorgenson to know what a wonderful horse he raised. “She was not only a gorgeous horse, but smart and loving. Katie Rose was admired by everyone who met her.”
She will be missed but not forgotten.
 Our hearts go out to Marla on the loss of this special horse.
News From Members & Friends
Ami Ericson on Seraphim Heckyll And Jive aka Pocket Rocket
by UC Doc Daniels out of Lexington Lass.
An important request!

We have a new member with MHAO named Ami Ericson who has volunteered to help Gay with the club newsletter and will be
looking for membership news. She is new to our group and doesn't know everyone yet.

Here is how you can help.
Please add her to your "friend list on facebook".
And when you post news about you, your family, and your horses -
tag her so she can pick up the information for the Stable Sheet newsletter. Be sure to include the names and relationships of the people in your pictures & stories as well as any horse names.

Thank you so much!
Help us keep our newsletter interesting and fun!

October & November News
Scandias River Dance went to his new home on October 7th with Karen Weiderman. So quiet without the babies here at Scandia Morgans.
Congratulations Karen!
A picture of Roseridge Blue Intrigue
from Gloria James.
(UDM White Water x Baymount's Tiana)
He is really growing up!
RBF Maverick 2018 MHAO Futurity 2 yr old Colt Champion and 2 yr old Sweepstakes Champion.
(AFF Leroy Brown x
RBF Gracious Me)
Marvelous City Lights, 4 yr old stallion by Marvelous Intrigue owned by Dale & Sue Beach. Photo by Margo Mossburg.
Picture from Kathy DeFazio. Bluebird Rising Wind aka Chico owned by Jenni Grimmett won these prizes. Reserve Champion Walk-Jog-Lope Open and Champion Open Freestyle. Bluebird Rising Wind is by Scandias Trademark out of Scandias Shimmeree.
From Jessica Pelissier -
FHF Splash of Bourbon -
Roseridge Bourbon and Water x Me First by Minion Millennium
Bill Jackson recently turned 94, He is pictured here with Mortana Casey. This wonderful picture is by
Heidi Osgood- Metcalf
October 30th, Kathy DeFazio said - "Climbed up on the Ol Girl today. Been awhile. She is such a sweet mare. Marvelous by Design aka Sparkle (Marvelous Intrigue x Marvelous Shady Lady).
Ann Robitaille - Spencer and Biggs planning their walk in the dunes at Nehalem Bay State Park.
Erica Trager taking a fast trail ride
around the lake.
The Fire Run Halloween party.
Susan & Dale Beach
Sutton Fancy, getting big.
Lori Gajowski on Sea Cloud Cosmo. Looking forward to 2019.
Liz Goldmann driving Hollywood Godfather.
Can you see her smile?
Julie Nygaard with Baylor - Developing a new Blazer fan.
Vigo on Soccer Day
Baylor had her ponytail in to ride Belle on October 12th
From Leanne Roth, The boys & Leroy are back from hunting with Aunt Joanie, Uncle Todd & Benjamin. Sadly no elk but they all had a great time!
 I love this photo Joanie took of Leroy with a camp robber bird.
Fire Run Farm in the Fall. Beautiful!
Ladies day with Michelle Osborne.
Looks like fun!
Kardia welcomes new Instructor to the barn Jessica Wilson. Scheduling lesson openings on Monday Tuesday and Wednesdays. She focuses on hunter, dressage and western. Also introductions to saddleseat and breaking young horses! We are very excited to have her here!
Mary Curtis and Nora Knight enjoying one last Fall trail ride.
Jaxon competing in Eugene Pony Club at Oregon Horse Center.
Jaxon & Nic.
Hey, Hey!
Kai Bolen driving Hollywood Godfather.

From Carole Mercer -
There was a leaky pipe by the barn. A friend stopped by to help. Here is a picture of Kisses and my friend looking for the leaks.
Dallas & Kai Bolen at Cape Kiwanda
Daryl Hopson and team.
Some pictures from a trip to Yosemite by Vince & Kathy DeFazio
and Hal and Danette Cook.
Anthem Rose Gold by
Ragtime Oro Blanco owned by
Dallas Bolen.
A Fall rainbow from Carole Mercer
Two beautiful pictures of Carole Bradford driving Hollywood Godfather
at Nationals. What a wonderful pair!
Congratulations Carole on your success at Nationals.

Catherine Cloud is off traveling again.
All dressed up and enjoying a cruise.
From Becky Bean: "Hello. What are you doing? Can I do it, too? Are we friends? Let's be friends. What are you doing? I can't see. What are you doing? Hello. Hi.
Can I do it, too?"
Morgans. I really like them.
Pictured Scandias Marvelous Reverie
owned by Becky Bean
Believe Me I’m no Angel
with Kristen Cesnik.
(Dream Catcher Don Juan X Only Make Believe).
It's a family tradition. Melody DeLappe and family.
Mike & Erin Silver celebrating their anniversary at the beach.
From Nadette Stang - 11/30/2018
Gladheart Farm & Morgan Horses
Corvallis Area

Two nights ago, post new lights and due to our recent rain events, I was lunging Mort in the arena. Half-way through, he jumped a little as a rather impressive buck strolled along behind him less than 50 feet away (the arena is open to the outside on the long-side).

Less than twenty minutes later, this barn owl swoops in looking rather confused as to why we were in *his* arena.

Another fifteen or twenty minutes later, as I am tacking Jory up (this time in the main barn), I hear a bunch of "clacking" sounds from the antlers of two bucks scrapping about 75-100 feet away behind the barn (there were at least four or five deer based on eye-shine).

We also routinely have to stop (sometimes both morning and night) for the local turkeys to wander across the roads.

A week or so ago, the neighbors mentioned a young cougar strolling down a nearby road (within a 1/4 mile or so of our place) who is obviously *NOT* dealing with the deer or turkey population very effectively.

Rumor mill says there was a sighting of a mother bear and cubs less than five miles from us as the crow flies.

We often see a lot of wildlife, but this week was one for the books.

Carol Dombrowsky up, November 30th. Got to ride my girl today..first time ever. I think she thought she had a basket of raw eggs on her because she was so careful with me which I appreciated. I'm going to take some time to get my body use to it. She was perfect!
Happy pony from Erica Trager.
Natalie, Sarah & Aaron Woodland out enjoying their Morgan horses.
Daryl Hopson's new rig! He is excited to debut this new Omnibus in the Walla Walla holiday parade December 1st. This vehicle holds 22 people,
10 on each top and lower deck, plus 2 in the driver’s sea,t and will be pulled by three abreast. Looking forward to fun times ahead in this beautiful rig.
Richard & Nora Wall Skipper.
From Nora: 
43 years ago I married my soulmate. He has made sure I never wanted for anything I needed. He has celebrated with me on my victories, but more importantly he has held me while I cried when I failed. I LOVE you old man. Happy Anniversary.
From Jessica Pelissier,
Jim got his first duck today.
Roseridge Blue Intrigue is s tanding for the 2019 season at Trafalgar training center.
(UDM White Water x Baymounts Tiana)
(L) Pictured with owner, Gloria James.
Fire Run Farm is extremely proud to welcome to our team Shelly Ingram. Shelly grew up in Northern California in a family who trained show horses. She has been successful with many breeds including Throughbreds, quarter horses, Morgans, saddlebreds, national show horses and Arabians in all divisions and equitation. She’s worked alongside many highly regarded trainers And has also owned and operated her own stable. She has held an AHSA judges card in Arabians, national show horses, saddlebreds, Western and equitation and has also judged Scottsdale Arabian show and equitation divisions in many shows. We are thrilled that she has come back to the west coast from Maryland to join us here to create an even more wonderful and powerful academy for Fire Run Farm! Please come by to meet Shelly and welcome her to the great Pacific Northwest anytime!
Oregon MVP (Drex) at 7 months.
(JMF True North x FCM Lonnie)
He is huge!
Carole Dombrowsky's 2 colts - Oregon Hot Flash (Palomino) at
18 months and Oregon MVP at 6 months. "Drex" is going to be
one big horse.
Scandias Private Dancer is in foal to Scandias Trademark for a June foal. She is the last daughter of UVM Coming Attraction.
From TA Nielsen: 19 years ago we started on our grand adventure together! Happy Anniversary to the person I love most in this world.
Scandias Signature giving
baby kisses. So cute.
It's so gradual, that change from toddler to little kid to adolescent.
Most days I've got my head down, throwing my weight into life's
traces, and I don't see it happening. Photos like this always catch me
low in the gut, because all of a sudden I can see how old they've
become, and I get a glimpse of the men they might be.
Becky Bean
A pictorial of the wonderful
Carole Mercer performing
with her two Morgan Palomino mares,
barn names Chocolate & Kisses.
Pictures taken by Carol Dombrowsky
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