Stable Sheet - December 2019
Stable Sheet - December 2019
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
From The Board
Mission Statement for your Board of Directors:
"To promote & preserve the Morgan Breed, serve MHAO members,
& support the Unity of the Morgan community."
President's Message
Hello everyone! 2019 has been a great year for MHAO! And now we are looking forward to the implementation of some exciting new things for 2020.

Watch for the introduction of our new Alex Mooney Scholarship program and more activities for our Youth.
Save the date for the Spring Clinic on March 14th . Julie Adams will give us a clinic on Western Dressage. It will take place at the Kardia Equestrian Center. See more information below. Our Stallion Service Auction is open for nominations with a close date for bidding on March 28th. There will be on-line bidding available until the final day when only phone in bids will be accepted.

Plans are well on their way for the Oregon Morgan Classic. It is scheduled for June 17-20 at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene. This is our premier event for the year and a central place where we hope all our members will come together to celebrate the Morgan horse. Come join us even if you are not showing. Let's mingle! If you need a hotel room, please get your reservations made now! Olympic Trials are taking place at the Unniversity of Oregon in Eugene at the same time as our show, and many hotels are already booked.

I hope you will tell anyone you know in Oregon or surrounding states that own or just love Morgan horses that they need to join MHAO. We are here to serve our members with programs that span all types of activities. We represent all owners, riders, trainers, etc. We are not just an organization for people who show. We are here to do all we can collectively to promote and preserve this wonderful breed. But we can't do it without the support of members and volunteers. We hope everyone will get involved with MHAO in whatever way is comfortable for them. We appreciate your support and look forward to lots of fun ahead.

Meantime, here we are deep into the Christmas season. I am wishing all of you a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas! And may the year ahead be filled with much success, good health, and happy new memories.
DRAFT - Board Meeting Minutes
General Membership Meeting
November 10, 2019
PRESENT: Kathy Christensen, Erin Silver, Julie Nygaard, Karen Breckenridge, Gay Adams, Martha Woodland, Natalie Woodland and Mary Grimes
NOT PRESENT: Diane Pixlee, Nancy Eidam, Paula Hague and Shirley Champion
Quorum present.
Guests: Open to the membership.
Meeting was called to order at 2:19pm
TREASURER’S REPORT – Karen Breckenridge
2019 MHAO Financial Report
Fiscal Year End 10/31/19 -
Total Cash Assets at year-end are $75,323.57 up from $61,526.31 in 2018. The
Increase is mainly due to the Stallion Auction which had one of its best years ever and our Oregon Morgan Classic show.
We are cash tax filers and not accrual, so these numbers reflect the deposits made and the checks that have cleared by 10/31/19.
On our profit and loss statement, we showed a net profit for the 2019 tax year of $13,797.26 versus a net profit for the 2018 tax year of $14,444.25. This is helping us to build up a reserve for the show to cover us in down years. We have $778.00 versus the 2018 balance of $1,457.50 in outstanding Account Receivable invoices that we are actively working to collect.
This year the Oregon Morgan Classic was a huge success with all of our exhibitors. Due to the hard work of the MHAO members and the support of our sponsors, our annual Oregon Morgan Classic showed a net profit of $9, 561.46. This is the third profitable year we have had since 2012. Our Stallion Service Auction brought in an initial net amount of $11,902 which was used to reimburse the MHAO for the cost of Futurity classes at OMC, cover some promotion costs for the auction, and to provide prize money for the MHAO Breeder’s Cup Futurity. It shows as a net income of $6,448.65 on our P & L. Membership Dues brought in $2,479.33 and the Futurity program had a net profit of $1,109.23 helped by the collection of past due advertising income for the futurity booklet.
MHAO did a great job in the 2019 fiscal year focusing on keeping control of the organization’s expenses and holding to the budget especially with the OMC show.
Respectfully submitted
Karen Breckenridge
MHAO Treasurer
This year 35 horses and 30 riders were tracked for hi-point awards. It helped to have the competitors pre-register at the beginning of the show season to make the tracking of shows and people much easier. Erin had a conversation with a lady that is in charge of the Arabian hi-point awards. They have a bigger budget than ours. They let the winners choose what useful items they might like according to their budget. Erin already does useful items with our club MHAO logo on the item. This is a possible idea for us to use for next year’s awards.
EDUCATION – Erin Silver
The Spring Clinic will be held in Eugene Oregon at Rhea Turners facility. Julie Adams has been asked to put on a Western Dressage clinic. We are still negotiating a cost and date with her.
YOUTH – Natalie Woodland/ Gay Adams
We currently have about 20 youth members in MHAO. Our goal is to have more activities for them including a Youth newsletter that they are involved in. Diane Pixlee as the adult chair of this committee has not been able to carry thru with this due to losing both her parents within the last year.  The Youth committee will continue to work on this in 2020. They will also continue to handle the Youth of the Year program at OMC. It was covered that if we send someone to Nationals to represent our show in the senior division, MHAO offers a $400 reimbursement for that person’s expenses.  We need to support our Youth and also want to attract more Youth to our club. A suggestion was made to offer a less expensive membership for academy riders or youth who may never show at class A shows. It could also apply to walk/trot riders whose parents are not regular members. Our fees are only $30.00 per year for our individual membership (with or without kids – 1 adult, 1 vote) and $35.00 for a family (2 + adults + kids for 2 votes), currently. Gay asked for an outline of what this new membership would cost someone and what it would or would not include. The Board needs a formal proposal to consider. Other Youth who might be targeted for this type membership would be OHSET, 4H, & FFA members/participants. 
Diane Pixlee is looking for more help with the Youth committee. If anyone would like to help please give her a call at (509) 760-1939 or email her at
MEMBERSHIP – Kathy Christensen
Kathy Christensen reminded everyone that if any MHAO member sells a Morgan to a first time Morgan owner, that new owner is eligible for a free membership in MHAO for the year of purchase. It is our hope that during that year we can earn their membership and they will renew it at year end. A membership form needs to be sent in with all their information so we can welcome them and include them in all our member communications & programs including the Stable Sheet newsletter. The form should include a note that says who they purchased their Morgan from so we know not to charge them for that year. Dues would apply for them after that year. 
Doana Anderson has graciously volunteered to take over membership duties including the generation of a directory in the Spring of 2020. She has said she will do this whether she is elected to the Board or not. Another thing that will be looked at is conversion to an online directory accessible by members only. Even if we have an online directory, we will want the ability to generate a paper copy for those who do not use computers, who prefer a paper copy, and so that we have paper copies to aid us in the continued tracking of club history. An idea was given to send a survey out about people’s preference for online vs physical printed directories. 
Rhea Turner asked if an online membership renewal process could be developed. It was mentioned that young people do everything online with the click of a button on their phones or computers and it would be more convenient. They may be more apt to join if it was easier than sending a check in the mail. Karen Breckenridge asTreasurer felt that this might be able to happen. Shelley Bullard mentioned that people need to see a list of the benefits we offer so they know their membership has value. 
The 2020 Stallion Service Auction will likely be separate from the Spring Clinic next year. The closing date is to be determined depending on the dates available for advertising & the date of the Spring Clinic. We will need volunteers to man the phones for the closing. There will again be online bidding and Gay will be talking with Shane Darnell about his program. Stallions nominated so far are Optimus Prime and OTM Total Eclipse. 
FUTURITY – Gay Adams
There was a brief discussion about how to nominate foals for the futurity. It was mentioned that all who have showed their horses in futurity classes have gotten more back in prize money than it cost them to nominate their foal/s thru the 5-year program. A number of our long time breeders are closing down their programs so we all need to encourage anyone we know who has a new foal to sign up. We need as many foals to be entered as possible.
PROMOTION – Martha Woodland
In 2020 the main promotion for our Breed will be at the Oregon State Fair & at OMC. These are the two areas where we get the most bang for our efforts. The Battle of the Breeds class at the State Fair was won by our Morgans this year. We will continue to apply to AMHA for a promotion grant. Martha & Erin Silver will be working with the State Fair show manager to see if they can improve the way the Challenge of the Breeds is handled.
RIDE/DRIVE PROGRAM – Gay reported for Shirley Champion
In this program, you are allowed to chart/record any time in the saddle or driving with the exception of your time being judged at a Morgan show. For example, time riding at home, on the trail, warm-up at the show, & all time at an open show counts.  When you sign up for this program you can win patches as you pass different milestones. Everyone who rides or drives should get enrolled in this program.
OPEN INCENTIVE – Gay reported for Shirley Champion
When you are a member of MHAO you can get reimbursed up to $25.00 per event to a maximum of $100.00 each year for open shows or events. Things that are included are Open Shows, Clinics, poker rides, parades, etc. Anything other than a Morgan show where you take your horse and a fee is involved qualifies under this program. This helps promote our Morgans so the club wants to support your efforts. Members can be reimbursed more than what they pay in membership fees.
Gay reminded members that there are currently 4 parts to click thru to read the Stable Sheet. There is a link at the bottom of each section to click to move forward to the next section. The last section has show dates and has now been updated for 2020. Becky Bean has volunteered to help with the newsletter for 2020. She is on our ballot but will help whether she is elected or not.
OMC SHOW – Karen Breckenridge
The main ring judge has been hired and her name is Nancy Becker. There is no other new news to report on.
Mary Grimes led a discussion about the Alex Mooney scholarship program that will be offered in 2020. $500.00 is ready to be awarded. The current balance in the scholarship fund is $1,000.00 with $500 donated by Sally Plumley and $500 donated by Mary Grimes. Mary’s donation came along with her willingness to join our Board and get the program started. She was appointed to an open position in 2018. Anyone can donate to the fund at any time. The program includes coverage for trade schools as well as colleges. Applicants must be MHAO members. Community service in MHAO is one of the factors to be considered in choosing the awardee.  
Mary discussed a balloon fundraiser that she is working on and asked for any and all ideas that might work for this scholarship. In the balloon idea, people would buy a balloon which would contain a number associated with prizes that were offered. 
There was a discussion about a 501c3 or charity IRS classification for an arm of MHAO.  It was brought up that with the new tax laws, forming this entity may not be worth it. It is harder for individuals to have a tax benefit for donations now. Those who show their farm as a business or other businesses who might be interested in supporting us can deduct their sponsorship as advertising. That said, Gay is hearing that more and more corporations are saying they will only donate or sponsor 501c3 charities. We are not sure why other than a company policy to help narrow down a companies donation options. Gay has been working towards this goal but is not sure this is the right direction to take the club. More research will be done. To clarify why we are looking at this, membership organizations like ours cannot qualify as a 501c3 or charitable non-profit. We are currently classified as a 501c5 Non-Profit which is the classification used to cover membership organizations. So to qualify as a charity we would need to establish a separate entity that could apply for a 501c3 rating. Currently we are thinking it would carry our show and scholarship programs.  If we do move forward we would want to be sure that control for the new entity remained with MHAO. We also need to understand that adding a new entity would create more work for our Treasurer. 
A question from Shelley Bullard was asked about the storage of past minutes & where they were kept. Also, a question about the current bylaws. Gay indicated she has the box with all the old minutes and is adding the new minutes for all the time she has been President.  The current by-laws are printed in the front of the last membership directory, but she will email a copy to Shelley as our Registered Agent.
Shelley also brought up the Memorandum of Agreement negotiated with Far West when that show broke off from MHAO in 2010. She stated it is the Board’s job to protect the club assets that were transferred with that agreement. MHAO gave Far West control of those assets for as long as the Far West show continued, but the ownership of those assets remained with MHAO. Shelley handed the secretary a copy of the agreement and the original copy to Gay as the President. The only asset known to no longer be with Far West is the harrow. The Board okayed the donation of the harrow to the Fairgrounds in Redmond at the end of 2017, but if the Far West show does not continue – disposition back to MHAO is needed for the remaining assets listed in the agreement. Gay said she is waiting to see what Far West will do this year. If a Far West traditional show is not held, Far West will be approached by our Board about those assets. Shelley stated she is willing to store the light fixtures used for center ring at her farm (they are difficult to store and for their protection sould not be kept in the show trailer). There is room in our show trailer that is stored at Shelley’s for the rest of the assets. Any dressage items could go into the dressage trailer that is stored at Rogue Hill Farm with Jean Sauer. Shelley again emphasized that the Board is the guardian of our club’s assets.
The topic of the AMHA lawsuit from Vicki Bennett was brought up by Shelley Bullard. Our President recommends that ‘we’ as a board stay up-to-date on it but be neutral in any of our comments on the dispute.
Meeting Adjourned at 3:10pm
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard – MHAO Secretary
Karen announced new election results.
Mike & Erin announced the end of year Hi-Point award winners.
Your 2020 MHAO Board of Directors
President - Gay Adams
Vice President - Kathy Christensen
Secretary - Julie Nygaard
Treasurer - Karen Breckenridge

Doana Anderson
Becky Bean
Shirley Champion
Nancy Eidam
Mary Grimes
Grace Martin - Youth Director
Diane Pixlee
Erin Silver
Karen Weiderman
Martha Woodland
Natalie Woodland - Youth Director

Thank you to everyone who has stepped forward
in service to MHAO
To The Winners Of The
2019 MHAO Foal Photo Contest
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Co-Editors: Karen Weidermann & Gay Adams
Welcome to the Board, Becky & Karen!!
And Thank You!
Last Call !!!
Do You Have a 2019 Foal Not Yet
Entered Into the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity?
Get Your Foal Nominated Now!
Deadline is 12/31/2019 for a rate of $45
The Futurity is a 5-year program

Futurity classes will be held at the Oregon Morgan Classic scheduled this year for June 17-20, 2020
at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene 

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For questions contact Gay Adams, Futurity Chair
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Congratulations !!!
To Our
2019 MHAO Hi-Point Winners
Morgan Division
In Hand:
           Ch.     Tomeri Niccolo                   Kathy Christenson
           Res.  Sunstone First Edition      John and Gay Adams
 Pl Driving:
           Ch.    Tres Flaire                                       Pat Lonergen
 Eng. Pl:
           Ch.     Tres Flaire                                        Sally Lovett
           Res. Mem Bacardi                              Woodland Family
 Classic Driving:       
           Ch.    RPS Presumed Innocent              Bob Bullard
 Cl Pl Saddle:
           Ch.     RPS Presumed Innocent          Shelley Bullard
           Res.  Thrilling Opportunity                   Sally Lovett
 Hunter Pl:
           Ch.    Sunstone First Edition        John and Gay Adams
           Res.  Sutton Terra Cotta                        Liz Goldman
 Western Pl.:
           Ch.    Everwood Belle DeMoiselle     Julie Nygard
           Res.  Rosehaven HC Korver               Jim Breckenridge
           Ch.     ATMF Moonlight Sonata             Sierra Breckenridge
           Res.  MEM Bacardi                                  Woodland Family
Morgan Jr. Exhib
           Ch:     Mylie Ramerman
           Res.   Aaron Woodland 
Western Pl;
 No one registered with points
Western Eq:
 No one registered with points
Hunter Pl:
          Ch:     Take the Stars                   Madison Ramerman
Res     Baccarats Street Smart         Natalie Woodland
 Saddle Seat Eq:
No one registered with points
 English Pl:
           Ch:     MEM Bacardi                             Sara Woodland
 Classic Pl Saddle:
           Ch:     MEM Bacardi                               Sara Woodland
 Hunt Seat Eq:
           Ch:     Madison Ramerman
           Res:    Natalie Woodland
 Walk Trot/Jog:
           Ch:     Danika Van Dyke
           Res:  Mylie Ramerman
  Open Division
           Ch:     Sutton Remembrance                  Liz Goldmann
           Res:  SDL Sonshine Daydream             Pat Lonergen
            Ch:     ATMF Exclamation                   Jim Breckenridge
           Res:   NF Claire Annette                          Erin Silver
 Ranch Pl.
           Ch:     ATMF Exclamation                   Jim Breckenridge
           Res:   NF Claire Annette                          Erin Silver
           Ch:     ATMF Exclamation                    Jim Breckenridge
           Res:   Blue and White Rebel              Sierra Breckenridge
           Ch:    ATMF Moonlight Sonata             Sierra Breckenridge
           Res:   Gladheart Black Harris                 Bernadette Stang
 Sport Horse in Hand:
           Ch:     Sunstone Uptown Lady            John & Gay Adams
           Res:  Aranaway Dante                      Sierra Breckenridge
           Ch:     Gladheart black Harris             Bernadette Stang
Res:   Aranaway Dante                   Sierra Breckenridge
 Western Dressage:
           Ch:     Tomeri Nicollo                      Kathy Christensen
           Res:  Sunstone Uptown Lady          John and Gay Adams
 In Hand
           Ch:     Lucky Ticket                            Lela Van Dyke
 Western Pl:
           Ch:     Lucky Ticket                           Lela Van Dyke
 Hunter/Eng Pl:
           Ch:     Lucky Ticket                            Lela Van Dyke
           Res:   Tomeri Niccolo                     Kathy Christensen
 Equitation (all seats):
           Ch:     Lucky Ticket Lela Van Dyke
           Res   Tomeri Niccolo Kathy Christensen
  Overall Morgan Division High Point
           Ch:    Tomeri Niccolo                      Kathy Christensen
Res:   RPS Presumed Innocent       Shelley Bullard       
Overall Jr. Exhibitor Division High Point
          Ch:    Madison Ramerman
          Res:   Danika VanDyke
Overall Open Division High Point
          Ch:  Lucky Ticket                          Lela Van Dyke
           Res:  Sutton Remembrance  Liz Goldmann
Great fun was had at the 2019 MHAO Award Banquet. The food was wonderful, the dessert auction was fabulous, and there was lots of good discussion during the MHAO General Membership Meeting.
Thanks to all who came.
Don't miss it in 2020!

Remember to get registered for the 2020 Hi-Point Program
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Inner club trade and referrals
are supported by MHAO. Ad proceeds are used to help cover our newsletter costs.
Nominations Are Open For The
2020 MHAO Stallion Service Auction
Nominations are open until December 31st.
On-line bidding will be available starting in January until the close date of March 28th when only phone in bids will be taken.

We are seeking phone volunteers for March 28th.
Please contact Gay if you are available to help.

Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
Time to Renew Your MHAO
Without members,
MHAO won't exist
MHAO represents the banding together of people who love the Morgan horse, and who want to work together to promote the breed and/or to support Morgan owners & youth. Help us to continue to do this important work throughout the State of Oregon.
Please join or renew your membership today.

MHAO offers benefits & programs for everyone

·      * High Point Awards for those who compete whether at Open or Morgan events.
* A Ride/Drive Program that recognizes you for time spent driving or riding your Morgan horse. 
·      * An Open Incentive Program that reimburses you up to $100 per year against expenses for activities other than at a Morgan show (maximum of $25 per activity).  That is more than your membership fee!
·      *  Support to breeders thru the MHAO Stallion Service Auction and Breeders’ Cup Futurity. We offer the only auction and futurity in the Western Region.
·     *  The Oregon Morgan Classic Horse Show put on by MHAO is the largest Morgan show in the Northwest. It is the only Morgan show in Oregon.
·     * An active Youth Program.
·     * Education at a discount for members.
·     * Promotion activities to get the word out about the wonderful Morgan horse
* A new scholarship program
* Support for AMHA Youth of the Year participants .
The list goes on!

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For questions, contact Gay Adams, President
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Save The Date!!
Western Dressage Clinic with Julie Adams
March 14, 2020
At the:
Kardia Equestrian Center,
36789 Stacey Gateway Rd,
Pleasant Hill OR 97455

More info to follow.

For questions: Contact Erin Silver, (971) 600-8933
A Request For Help

Melissa Bullard and her mares are going on an epic adventure. They are looking for folks to help along the way.
 Hello Morgan Community! Next spring, I will be attempting a thru-ride of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) with my lovely Morgan mares, Rain and Lilly. The PCT is a high-elevation trail running over 2,600 miles from the Mexican border in California to Manning Park in British Columbia.

   I will be starting my ride in mid-April and hope to get to Canada before it snows in the Northern Cascades. I anticipate we will be on the trail a little over five months (through September). It is an ambitious undertaking. In order to be safe and successful, I will need a lot of help along the way. If you or anyone you know might be interested in helping out, please contact me. There are a lot of different ways to be a part of our adventure. Along the trail I will need people who can help by: meeting me with water, feed, or other supplies; moving my truck and trailer north; hosting the horses overnight when we are off trail; and being “on call” for unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. (This map  shows the trail and nearby towns.)

For folks who want to be involved but aren’t able to get to the trail, I will need help with: coordinating logistics with people along the trail, updating my trip plan when things don’t go to plan, checking trail conditions, managing my blog/social media, creating delicious dehydrated camp meals for me, and shipping resupply boxes.

   Please get in touch, and send this request on to anyone who might be up for it. Contact me (Melissa Bullard) at:

Be part of our Mares on the Move team!
Christmas Idea for Kids Age 8-12
There's still time to order a unique gift for the 8-12 year old child in your family who loves horses.
"Sophie's Pony Tales" shares Sophie's stories from her time as a young foal through the challenges, failures, perserverence, and successes of her life as a Morgan horse. Told by her human, Glenn Van Ooort, who connects with the issues children face in an entertaining and important way. "Sophie's Pony Tales" offers 21 short stories that are perfect teaching lessons for your child. Visit Sophie at her website at to see the stories and purchase the book beautifully illustrated.
Oregon 6-Month Travel Passports End January 1
The 6-month equine travel passport will be ending as of January 1, 2020.The passport is officially called EECVI, which stands for Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection is commonly called a “health certificate.”
More information should follow
Click here to read more
Stone Temple Farms Hosted A Pony Day
November 17, 2019
Have to share...

We hosted a pony party November 17th and the Morgans (and a few non Morgans) were quite the hit. Highland Ridge Daniel, Hipp’s Ring my Bell and Crown Magic were such great representatives of the Morgan breed.

Erica Trager
Apply for the 2020 AHP Student Award
Applications Due by January 20, 2020
If you are interested in working in Equine Media, your journey begins now! Apply for the 2020 American Horse Publications (AHP) Student Award. Meet, network, and participate with publishers, editors, advertising, production, and marketing managers. You will participate in workshops, interactive discussions, lectures and informal get-togethers.
The AHP Equine Media Conference will inform and enlighten you about the opportunities available to, and skills needed for, someone interested in pursuing a career in equine media.

Have an opportunity to discuss your talents and potential with the decision makers who do the hiring. Conversely, those professionals will be evaluating and appraising you as a possible future staff member.

Are you eligible? Yes if you are a senior in high school or an undergraduate college student during the 2019-2020 school year and want to pursue a career in equine media. You must have at least one semester remaining before graduation at the time of application and a 2.00 GPA or higher.

The AHP Student Award Contest is open to residents of the US and Canada only. Former Student Award Winners are ineligible; Travel Award Winners may re-apply.

Finalists experience the AHP Conference A travel award of $1,000, complimentary conference registration* and complimentary Student membership* which will be awarded to up to three applicants. Travel Award winners have an opportunity to participate with equine media professionals in a three-day conference and related activities at the AHP Equine Media Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, May 28-30, 2020 . Travel Award winners must agree to attend the conference, arriving by Thursday morning and departing no earlier than Sunday to receive the award.

The winner receives a cash award of $1,000 and the title of 2020 AHP Student Award Winner. Additional cash awards will be awarded at the discretion of the judge to the runners-up.

All qualified applicants will receive a complimentary Student membership* and a Student registration* certificate for the annual conference in Lexington, Kentucky, May 28-30, 2020.

For a complete list of rules, requirements and application form, visit

Application materials are due in the AHP office by January 20, 2020.
For more information, contact Judy Lincoln, AHP Student Award Coordinator, , 386-760-7743
USEF Announcement

USEF Board of Directors Prohibits the Use of MPA - November 13th, 2019
From the US Equestrian Communications Department

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Board of Directors has voted to prohibit the use of Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) in horses competing in USEF-licensed competitions effective December 1, 2019.
In early 2017, USEF convened a panel of industry experts to review MPA and its use in horses competing at USEF-licensed competitions. The MPA Panel (Panel) held a workshop and a town hall meeting to gather feedback from members and veterinarians and subsequently met to review research and drug studies. The result of data analysis led to the Panel’s recommendation to require disclosure of MPA administration in competition horses. The USEF Board of Directors voted to approve the Panel’s recommendation, and the requirement to submit an MPA Disclosure Form for any horse receiving administration of MPA while competing at a USEF-licensed competition became effective September 1, 2017. Since that date, pharmacokinetic data related to MPA administration has been collected and analyzed.
On October 22, 2019, following reports of equine fatalities and anaphylaxis related to the use of MPA, USEF’s MPA Panel met to further analyze the use of MPA in horses competing at USEF-licensed competitions. The Panel reviewed a recent petition by numerous veterinarians requesting that USEF ban the use of MPA which was supported by documentation citing 23 fatalities associated with MPA use over the last three years, research on the efficacy of the substance, and the results from the collection of MPA medication reports.
The Panel determined MPA has no therapeutic use in competition horses, as it does not interrupt estrus in mares, which predicated its original use. Additionally, MPA is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in equines and its use has been reported and documented to be associated with several cases of anaphylaxis and fatality. As a result of this analysis, the Panel voted unanimously to recommend MPA is added to the list of USEF prohibited substances.
“In 2017, we debated the use of this substance and its efficacy, but now, with numerous fatalities associated with the use of MPA, this decision became clear: MPA must be banned,” said USEF President Murray Kessler. “I commend the Panel for confronting a difficult task that involved very strong opinions on both sides of the issue from our membership. The information clearly supports the prohibition of this substance and I am proud of the decision of the Board of Directors. USEF has a responsibility to ensure the welfare of our horses, and the loss of one horse resulting from the use of a non-therapeutic substance such as MPA is one too many.”
The Panel stressed that in addition to providing the reasons supporting their recommendation, the prohibition of the use of MPA must be enacted as quickly as possible. Starting December 1, 2019, MPA in horses competing at USEF-licensed competitions will be prohibited. However, due to the length of time involved for MPA to clear a horse’s system, sanctions for a positive test result will begin on June 1, 2020. The USEF has classified MPA as a Category III substance which has a penalty range starting at a 3-6 month suspension and a fine of $3,000-$6,000 for a first offense.
Statement of AMHA in Response to Bennett Litigation
You may have learned that one of our members and directors, Vicki Bennett, has filed a lawsuit against current and former AMHA board members. Her complaints are wide-ranging, but focus mostly on the management and operation of the Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show by the American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust (AMHECT), a charitable organization separate and distinct from AMHA.  AMHA’s Board, with the exception of Ms. Bennett, firmly disputes the lawsuit’s allegations of mismanagement, and believes Ms. Bennett’s complaint reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the legal structure and mission of AMHECT.
The AMHA Board supports transparency and open dialogue regarding concerns that members or directors may have concerning AMHA’s governance, finances, and strategic direction. While Ms. Bennett has a right to file whatever lawsuit she believes warranted, it is unfortunate that she chose to raise her complaints in the courts rather than bringing them forward in detail in the course of her service as a member of the AMHA Board, where there would have been opportunity for discussion and evaluation.
The AMHA Board members sued by Ms. Bennett have retained counsel to defend them in the litigation, and strongly believe they will prevail in the end.  The lawsuit threatens to impose significant costs on the Association, and, unfortunately, those costs will increase as the litigation continues. The Board will make every attempt to minimize these unbudgeted expenses by working through proper Board governing channels .

Latest Update from AMHA!
AMHA wishes to keep its membership updated on the current status of the pending litigation brought by Central Region Director Vicki Bennett against both current and former Board of Directors. In order to provide transparency in a professional manner, AMHA has created a specific tab on its website where anyone can view the officially filed court documents. This tab is open to the public and does not require obtaining special permission to view postings. Guests visiting the site will be able to review BOTH Ms. Bennett’s amended complaint AND the Individual Defendants Motion to Dismiss (response to complaint). As new court filings become available, they will also be posted in this same location. 

You can view the documents at Litigation Updates .

As always, you are welcome to contact any Director directly should you wish to discuss this pending litigation further. You can find their contact information at  AMHA Board Of Directors .
Save The Date
AMHA/UPHA Convention
January 22-25, 2020
AMHA Western Region Directors Report
For The 4th Quarter Board Meeting
Hello, Happy Fall Y’all,

We just returned from the 4th quarter BOD meeting in Portland, ME. Mari also went up to Shelburne, VT to help pack some things in the office. Cold is not close to the word you could use to describe how freezing it was while we were back there. Record cold temperatures, coldest it had been in 100 years was what the news reported.  

We had a very busy two days. The board visited the new museum exhibition at Pineland Farms. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony, to kick off the opening of the museum. There will be a public, grand opening on April 11, 2020, in conjunction with the Maine Morgan Club’s Open Barn Day.  AMAZING, is an understatement of how perfect this spot is for our museum and our wonderful Morgan history! The museum pieces are perfectly showcased. Rick Lane is there with beautiful, live Morgan’s for everyone to see - Including “Nelson” who is the official Morgan greeter. And he is perfect for the job. There has recently been a Best Horse Practices Summit held at Pineland, Multiple Tour busses stopping as well as many other events and “Meet a Morgan” open barn day. And, they are just getting started! All exposing a multitude of people to the Morgan horse and the Museum of the Morgan horse.  

AMHA has approved its Western Region Regional horse shows. They are as follows: C-Fair Morgan Regional and Open Horse Show July 30- August 2nd in Monroe, WA and the Morgan Medallion Classic Regional July 16-19th in Las Vegas, NV.

The annual election is upcoming and this year it is a month earlier, since we are having the annual meeting, awards and recognition ceremonies in conjunction with the UPHA Convention, in Lexington, KY January 22-25, 2020. Go to for details.  

You will be receiving internet notification and a direct mail ballot within the next month. Please VOTE. Either way you choose please VOTE. 

We have AMHA member, Dallas Bolen running for office in the Western Region. Dallas is from Oregon. Dallas is no stranger to the Morgan Horse world, having been mentored by Nancy Eidam since a very early age. Dallas was reserve Youth of the Year twice and has been involved with youth activities since. We are very lucky to have Dallas volunteering to run for the office of AMHA Western Region Board of Director. 

Dallas needs our support. She is running unopposed, but we need a quorum of members voting to make the election results official.  Let’s all of us, whether we are in the southern, central or northern portion VOTE, so we can show Dallas we support her and thank her for volunteering. Voting is our duty as members.  

Above (located in section 3b of this newsletter) you will find the highlights of the latest meeting including the officially approved AMHA Statement in regards to Central Region Director Vicki Bennett’s allegations against the individual board members. It is not the policy of board members to respond to social media, and we have been instructed by council to rely on the official statement as ours at this time.  

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays. May we all be safe, warm and enjoy all the aspects of the holiday season

It is an honor to serve as AMHA Board of Directors for this region. We thank all of you for this privilege. 

Carol Fletcher-Churchill, AMHA Director for the Western Region

S ee more detail in Section 3b under AMHA News
The MHAO Alex Mooney Scholarship
$500 Scholarship

Available for College or Trade School Education

Application information to follow.
Watch for more detail in future newsletters.
Questions? Contact Mary Grimes, Alex Mooney Scholarship Chair
(541) 967-7173,
The Up-Tick in Metabolic-Related
Issues and the Subsequent Threat to Equine Health

An in depth article from Platinum Performance on metabolic challenges in horses. Even with the company's product recommendations, it is well worth reading for Morgan owners & care givers.

Much like their physician colleagues, equine veterinarians are seeing an up-tick in metabolic-related issues. It’s a challenge with numerous contributing factors at its core. The industry has seen several breeds and disciplines skew toward heavier horses as their preferred aesthetic. In addition, overfeeding and choosing the wrong feeds can set horses on a path for unchecked weight gain and the often-resulting metabolic concerns that accompany excess fat. While Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and insulin resistance (IR), which is also often referred to as insulin dysregulation (ID), are serious threats to equine health; these conditions have the distinct advantage of being not only treatable but largely preventable with proper management, a healthy body condition and the right nutrition choices.

In the vast majority of horses, metabolic disease is often treatable with the right nutrition, exercise and veterinary care.

"Prevention is a lot more efficient and cost-effective than treatment and potential loss of use of the horse when you're dealing with laminitis as an outcome from unchecked EMS."
Dr. Erin Byrne
Boarded Internist at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center

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