Stable Sheet - February 2019 Part 2
In Memory Of:
What a tremendous loss.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Megan's family & friends.

  Catherine Cloud  wrote: 
Megan and her family have been supporters and exhibitors at the PNW Show for years . I've put together a group of mutual friends who are sponsoring a Perpetual trophy in Megan's honor for the PNW Road Hack Championship. Let me know if you'd like to help.

Catherine Cloud, Sea Cloud Morgans
Out Of The Past
A lot of history this month, all contributed by Richard Trower out of California unless otherwise noted. Thank you Richard!
Allen King
Allen King (Allen Franklin x Black Bess) Bred by J.C. Brunk, sire of 43 foals. Between 1934 and 1937 he was part of the U.S. Remount Service. He was the sire of the good mares African Maid (dam of Tarron), Florette (dam of Flyhawk), and Fawn (dam of Lana). He was also the sire of Pat Allen and Pongee Morgan who became important sires in the breeding program of Roland Hill. His influence in the founding of Western Working Morgan is undeniable.
Domino Vermont
In 1940 Jack Davis purchased the Brunk bred stallion Red Vermont. Sons and daughters of Red Vermont like Verdonna Vermont, Monty Vermont, and Belle of Vermont all helped to establish Red Vermont as a sire of note. This is one of his sons Domino Vermont (Red Vermont x Nona). Bred by Davis Breeding Farm Lodi, CA. Sire of 28 foals
From Richard Trower: I want to thank Mary Anne Morrison for sending me these scans from the The Oregon Morgan Horse Association's All-Morgan Horse Show premium on July 23-24,1962 that I thought I would share. Check out the lineup in the Stallions 4 and Over class - WOW!
Gay Mac
Gay Mac (Masnfield x Dewdrop). AMHA #7988. Owned by Dr. Clarence Reed, Compton, CA. Sire of such important horses as Ro Mac (sire of Vaquero Mac), Gayselba (dam of Townshend Gaymeade), Flicka (dam of Muscle Man), Gay Berta (dam of Gay Vaquero), Gay Jipsey (dam of Lady Gay), and Bess Gates (dam of Dapper Dan).
Richard Trower owned California Bay Lady and Ransome Lady and the linebred Gay Mac mare California Star. They were the cornerstone of his breeding program in CA.
One of the great broodmare sires in the Morgan breed, Goldfield (Mansfield x Juno), sire of 43 foals. He was the sire of Kona dam of Tutor, Karina dam of Panfield, Kitts dam of College Vickie, Lillian dam of Sugar, and Lana dam of Waer's Play Boy. He was also the sire of the stallions Kinckerbocker, Red Pepper, Magellan, Mentor, and Meade. The linebred Goldfield stallion UVM Cantor (Tutor x Sugar) became another good broodmare sire. Goldfield's influence on the Morgan breed is undeniable.  
Magellan (Goldfield x Topaz) is probably remembered best as the sire of the stallion Black Sambo, Rena (dam of Chasley Superman), and Mayfield, (dam of Vigilmarch). But did you know he was exported to China in 1947? In all 26 Morgans were exported to China where they were known as "Měiguó mǎ", loosely translated as "American Horses."
A list of the Morgan horses that went to China in 1947:
Magellan - 8625
Jacqueline - 05404
Ora - 06320
Red Rockwood - 8775
Rombob - 8775
Bob R.S. - 9535
Rhythm Ramble - 8255
Oneill’s Champion - 8862
Senior Don - 8170
Lady Louise - 05836
Dolly Hudson - 05833
Brown Dolly - 06736
Red Rex - 9321
Red Lancer - 9320
Bethna Hudson - 06750
Beele Gates - 06751
Angelayr - 05235
Anayr - 05327
Joseayr - 05425
Veltayr - 06067
Queensea - 04941
Ketty O - 05045
Senator Bain - 9167
Black Bub - 9340
Tiffona - X05469
Lady’s Man - 9123

The Morgans were used basically as a cross with the Mongolian Horse. China never developed a Morgan Horse breeding program. All official records of the horses exported to China was lost in the confusion of the Chinese Revolution.

There were reports that during the Korean War some Americans say they saw horses used by the Chinese that looked like Morgans.
These horses were purchased from E. W. Roberts of Hipass, CA - Red Rex (Redman x Meta Knox) Red Lancer (Redman x Hacienda Salome) Bettina Hudson (Redman x Bettina Allen) Belle Gates (Red Vermont x Linsley Belle) Angelayr (Jack Sprat x Angela K) Anayr (Jack Sprat x Angela K) Joseayr (Jack Sprat x Josephine Romanesque) Veltayr (Jack Sprat x Angela K) Queensen (Winchester x Queen Allen) Kitty Q (Querido x Kitty C A). Magellan was their grandsire.
Panfield (Canfield x Karina by Goldfield) sire of 138 foals. Another example of Goldfield as a great broodmare sire. Sire of the good mares Symphonne (out of Inez), Orafield (out of Oratress), and the stallion U S Panez (out of Inez), to name but a few. Sold to Phil Beckley, Elkton, Oregon, at the age of 20. He had an important influence in the breeding programs at The University of Massachusetts, The University of Connecticut, The University of Vermont, Broadwall Farms, and Beckridge Morgans
Comments from Mary Anne Morrison:
He was a great horse. Very upheaded, a huge amount of energy but kind.
I was fairly young. Approx.1966.

We bred several of our mares and some outside ones to him. Panfield had broken his leg in a cattle guard. His front leg was totally stiff. No flex at the knee. But he got around. He would drag the bad leg forward. And he paced quite a bit so literally there was a ditch along the fence he walked. In retrospect he may have been used to pasture breeding and so was unhappy being separated. But My Dad, Mom and I were so proud to have such an amazing famous horse we didn't want to risk him hurting himself.

Off the top of my head we had Pan Phil, Pan Arana. And others. Phil Beckley, a family friend owned him. I had saved my money to breed to him, but my mare did not settle. I think he passed away, but I had no more money. I was like 10 years old. I had earned the money by the way.

Now in those days there were not many stallions around. So I had my parents agree to breed my mare Arana Sue to Arana Field (her sire). Even at that young age I could recite the pitfalls of inbreeding...or the more successful linebreeding.
This cross produced Aranaway Mini Sue who turned out beautiful. But that cross was not tried again.
Plains King

Bill Elliot up (L)
Plains King (Romanesque x Ella Linsley) bred by Hiebert Bros of Hillsboro, KS. Sire of 116 foals. In 1965 his daughter Golden Princess (Plains King x Grace) was sold to Walter J Biegel of Bend, OR where she produced the good mare Sonfiled's Princess by Sonfield.

Laura Stillwell said: and his parents were bred by the two cornerstones of the Western Working Family. Richard Sellman of Tx bred Romanesque & Elmer Brown of Kansas bred Ella Linsley. 
Richard Trower said : And when his daughter was bred to Sonfield we completed the triangle of the cornerstones of the Western Working Family with Roland Hill.
A Very Special Picture
A side view of Ulysses 7565, Canfield 7788 and Mansfield 7255, three full brothers by Bennington 5693 out of Artemisia 02731 the golden cross.
News From Members & Friends
An important request to MHAO members
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Gay Adams, Acting Editor
A nice "selfie" of Carole Mercer
Mary Curtis on Okan Duchess leading Okan Similkameen MisT (Simi). In this picture Duchess was telling Simi to STOP BITING. You can also see Don's latest project in the background. Much of our orchard (Pears) are coming down. A sad, not sad time for us.
Snuggle time for Sierra Breckenridge. Who are you snuggling with
Is that BlueAndWhite Rebel?
News from Kathy DeFazio: Booked Scandias Sonata to this lovely stallion, Spring Hollow Statesman. Looking forward to getting her bred this spring. (And Statesman is available thru the MHAO Stallion Service Auction! .)
Congratulations Sutton Remembrance!! From Liz Goldmann.
News from Stollen Aces! Welcome to the world little filly! Chestnut splash with tons of chrome by native son, Oregon Country Flash out of
A Royal Affair.
Tatyana Carr is competing in a different way this year. Here she is in her first High School Equestrian Team District Meet, pictured competing in Team Penning. This is all new for her. Stormy loves it!!!
January 31st was the perfect day for taking a hike and boy did we! We walked the Lower Table Rock trail. Thank goodness for benches and some flat areas. But we did it and I am forever thankful to Micki Jurado and Laura Wooley for taking this old lady on the walk. My new walking stick was very helpful. Now I'm home, have taken my ibuprofen and leg cramp pills -
so all is well.
Julie Nygaard enjoying time with Everwood Belle Damoiselle (Belle).

A beautiful picture of the Hardy's.
Erica Trager enjoying watching her horses frolicing in the field.
It felt like Spring was coming (before the snow hit).
Ensbrook Catalyst
from Sandra France Nichols.
Small but Fancy! Leslie Arnould's filly, Akira Embellished by
HVK Bell Flaire out of SSLLC In Vogue.
Team Kardia at Winter Blues Schooling & Academy Show
Before the snow came, Josie Coughlin said: "It’s rides like
today’s that give me hope."
Photo bomb of the month!
Paul & Melody DeLappe with Key To The Kiingdom. Love it!
Fire Run Emerald City (Pondview Tres Bien x Rush to Judgement)
with Suzanne Haberek.
FCM Lei Lonnie is watching the back door...must be breakfast time.. From Carol Dombrowsky

February 1st is Senior recognition night for Dustin Silver for basketball. Such an array of thoughts and feelings - once again... proud mom. Looking forward to his future but will definitely miss these high school years. From Erin Silver.

Bob & Deborah Stevenson visiting friends at Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong - all decorated up for Chinese New Year
Here is one of my favorite pictures of Nicole (Marvelous Curtain Call) with trainer Justine Gandolfo - from her owner, Carol Dombrowsky. On 1/22, Carol wrote: Today was a bittersweet day for me. I said goodbye to my beautiful mare Marvelous Curtain Call as she goes on to her new home in Washougal, Washington. She will be much loved and cared for by Jerry Linden and his 10 yr old daughter Fahsuay under the training of LeAnn Hunter . She was to be my last riding horse and we were going to grow old together (I'm already there). She will get her chance with Jerry to continue with the competitive trail classes and as a trail companion with Jerry and Fahsuay.
From Leanne Roth: Levi Roth & his buddy Jerrin each got 2nd in their bracket today at the Lebanon Wrestling Tournament. Not too shabby for only getting back to wrestling for 2 weeks since he was cleared for wrestling after recovering from a broken collar bone. So impressed with Levi's drive & wrestling smarts. Love watching this kid do what he loves!!!
Leslie Arnould posted these
pictures of her cuties: Akira Embellished by HVK Bell Flaire
& Akira Fantasize by Bazinga.
Both are out of SSLLC In Vogue.
Roseridge Blue Intrigue In training & standing at Trafalgar.
(UDM White Water x Baymount's Tiana). Picture from Gloria James.
A wonderful picture of Kathy Christensen and Tomeri Nicollo (Nic).
(Boxford Machiavelli x HP Midsummer Nights Dream)
Remember those sunny days in January? Ann Robitaille (L) basking in the memory of a beautiful fall day at Nehalem Bay. These rides make my heart sing. Truly my Happy Place.
Had to post this beautiful picture of Cassie Stevenson riding RDF Bell Ringer at Nationals. Wow! Reserve World Champion Park Saddle.
(Stand And Deliver x Cedar Creek With Bells On)
From Brenda Tippin: Snake River Firefly is a registered Morgan horse of pure foundation breeding with some very rare bloodlines going back to many famous horses in the breed. On some lines she traces back to the original Justin Morgan horse (foaled in 1789) in just 11 generations. I bought Firefly when she was born and raised her from a foal. She has a granddaughter and great-grandson in Switzerland. Although she has no teeth anymore and can't really eat grass or hay, she still enjoys gumming them, and has been doing very well over 2 yrs now on a diet of equine senior pellet feed.
She will be 34 in June.
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