Stable Sheet - February 2019
Stable Sheet - February 2019
"An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse"
From The Board
Mission Statement for your Board of Directors:
"To promote & preserve the Morgan Breed, serve MHAO members,
& support the Unity of the Morgan community."
President's Message
We are up and rolling!
The MHAO Board met in January and set their goals and budget for the year. It is going to be an exciting year! We have a lot to accomplish. For detail, see the Board Meeting Minutes included in this newsletter.

During the Award Banquet this last November, MHAO members asked that the Oregon Morgan Classic be changed to a Thursday thru Sunday show. We have looked at the show schedule and what we already have in place and decided we need additional time to make this happen. Our dates for 2019 are already set for June 19-22, 2019 and many contracts already in place for the existing dates. But beginning now we will start working on making this change for 2020.
Please join me in thanking Julie Nygaard for accepting the position of Secretary on the MHAO Board of Directors. Thank you Julie!!
Our first event for 2019 will be the Spring Clinic & Stallion Service Auction on March 9th. Our subject his year is Ranch Pleasure facilitated by Peggy Bond-Heath . The clinic will run from
9am - 1pm and be held at Northwest Morgans in Hillsboro.

Our thanks to Shelley & Bob Bullard for being our hosts.
Help us spread the word!
See more information later in this newsletter.

The clinic will be followed by an MHAO General Membership Meeting. This is the chance for MHAO members to talk directly with their Board of Directors. Please plan on attending. We need to hear from you.

After the General Membership Meeting we will have the final bidding for the MHAO Stallion Service Auction. There will be other items to bid on as well. We hope you will stay after the General Membership Meeting to show your support. We are looking for volunteers to help us man the phones for contact with bidders who are not present at the event.

If you have a cell phone and are willing to help,
please give me a call .

Other things we are investigating in 2019 is the establishment of an affiliated organization that is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization and the establishment of a scholarship program. We definitely have a lot to do.

See you at the Spring Clinic, General Membership Meeting, & Stallion Service Auction Event!
March 9th starting at 9am for the Clinic

Gay Adams, MHAO President
Board Meeting Minutes - Draft
January 16, 2019
Present:  Gay Adams, Julie Nygaard, Kathy Christensen, Paula Hague, Shirley Champion, Karen Breckinridge, Grace Martin, Martha Woodland, Natalie Woodland, John Shaver, and Erin Silver
Not Present:   Nancy Eidam and Diane Pixlee
Quorum Present
Meeting called to order at 7:35pm

Reminder to Board members to get your ‘Code of Conduct’ letter signed and forwarded or mailed to Gay Adams as soon as possible. Schedule of meeting dates and locations for 2019 was accepted. Board member information was adjusted and okayed. 

Julie Nygaard accepted the position of Secretary. 
A discussion of Committee assignments was okayed after corrections.  
Kathy will be Chair of Silent Auctions for OMC & the Award Banquet.  Erin, Gay & Martha will help. 
Gay will revise the lists that we reviewed and get them back to the Board.
Karen motioned to approve the minutes for the General Membership meeting. Kathy seconded. Minutes approved.
Financial Report as of 12-31-2018 – Karen Breckenridge
$6,276. General checking account
$25,490. Savings account
$3,464. Futurity account
$13,765. Nancy Falk Trust Donation-Restricted Funds
$8,940. OMC account
$2,838. Fixed Assets equipment (signage) less depreciation
$399. Misc.
Total Assets after reconciliations  $61,172
Each month there is a printed Profit and Loss statement and a Balance sheet sent out by Karen before our Board meeting. All Board Chairs are to monitor their numbers & let Karen know of any changes needed. 

Great strides have been made in our Accounts Receivables, some dating back to 2015. Karen has whittled it down from $2,500 to $824. She will continue to work on them.
1099’s are out as of 1-7-19.

Karen has talked with John Shaver and Dallas who are working on our internal audit. Once completed the tax return will be completed & mailed. 
Our club has not had an official audit for a number of years (not cost effective) but does have an internal audit every year as required by our By-Laws. 

The AMHA Youth Club application and Medal applications for OMC have been sent in; deadline is 1-31-19. Insurance application has been sent to Blue Bridle. 


Show Committee- Paula Hague
Discussion about changing the dates of the show from Wednesday thru Saturday to Thursday thru Sunday. Sunday is never a full day so this will require some major changes in how the schedule is set up. It is very difficult to revamp the schedule in such a short time so the dates for the 2019 OMC show will remain as June 19 th -22 nd (Wednesday thru Saturday evening). Work on a revised schedule for 2020 will start right away and input will be requested from trainers and other exhibitors. 

This year’s contracts have all been signed: AMHA and USEF approved. The judge is Matthew Roberts.

Discussion of Corporate Sponsors:  
Show manager Joan Shelton-Palelek can get some Corp. Sponsorships for us. We want to get some queries out now for other corporate sponsors. It was decided that Paula will make a list of potential Corporate and Patron Sponsorship people to contact and coordinate who will call each one so no overlap. Paula has a personal unofficial goal of $20,000 in sponsorships. She would like to increase Corporate sponsorships & see more support from Saddlebred people this year. Sponsorships help us keep costs down for exhibitors. Officially Paula's goal is $15,000 in sponsorships this year. 

Also discussed new goals on numbers of horses at the OMC. Last year we had 94 Morgans and 36 Saddlebreds. Hoping to increase to 95 Morgans and 50 Saddlebreds in 2019. 

Despite increased stall fees to us, the cost of stalls to exhibitors has remained the same to encourage people to come back. 

Goal is to drop expenses to $67,000 this year with a $2,000 profit for the show.

Hi –Point Awards- Erin Silver
Erin will get a registration form out for members to sign up.  All participants/MHAO exhibitors are asked to register for Hi-Point.  They will only need to turn in points for shows not listed in the PNW Morgan Horse Show booklet. Awards will again be usable items. Suggestion for this year is to condense some of the non-Morgan categories so it is more competitive. 

No change to last year’s budget of $1,500 for awards. Clinic & Award banquet have an additional budgeted amount of $1,500.

Youth - Natalie Woodland and Grace Martin
There has been a proposal for a newsletter for the Youth and Natalie and Grace will look into getting this going. Discussion of Cyber Shows was brought up. Erin shared her knowledge of these shows. A pattern is posted 2-3 weeks prior and you may practice it and submit a video. There is a virtual judge for the month and the placings are posted each month. Maybe 1 show a month with a fee of $10- $15.00 to sign up. The number of months we are thinking about offering was not decided. This type of show is good pattern practice. It was suggested that Amateurs could also compete in Cyber shows. Natalie will check with Allison Deardorff & maybe Rhea to see what is involved and typical expenses for them.

Youth Budget is $1,000 from MHAO and $500 toward Youth of the Year from the Nancy Falk trust account.

Stallion Service Auction (SSA) - Gay Adams
With the help of Leslie Arnould doing networking at Nationals & outreach last year we have a nice line up of 20 stallions so far as posted on our website. Leslie has secured Minion Millennium which should spark lots of interest. Advertising is on track with using ‘The Blast’ and TMH. We are also looking into using HorseShowWire to help us offer on-line bidding. A good goal going forward for each year is to offer around 30 stallions. Nominations will remain open thru January 31 st .

Goal this year is to contribute a net of $3,000 to the General Fund after our 60/40 split with the Futurity.
Futurity - Gay Adams
Before renewals we had 42 horses in the futurity. By June we were over 50 horses last year but several of the horses have been sold outside the area. Renewals are in process and were due December 31 st . Reminders going out. If paid by January 31 st , no late fee will be charged. 

Goal is to increase to 45 horses for 2019 after new foals are entered.
Budget is breakeven.

Membership - Kathy Christensen
Kathy would like to see the member directory be online to reduce the cost of printing the hard copies. But if there are still people needing one, a fee of $5.00 could be applied to the request. The point was made that online is more up to date when new members are added and horses are sold. A question was brought up that the directory is included in the membership fee and we should not attach a fee to the request for a hard copy. No decision was made.  Membership was at 97 last year and so far renewals are at 45. Reminders will be going out shortly. 

A new idea is to develop an Academy membership as well as other categories of membership. A recommendation will be finalized and brought before the Board. 

Budget goal is for membership to contribute $3,000 in membership dues to the General Fund. Directory budget whether on line or in print is $800.

Promotion - Martha Woodland
Martha is planning 3 events to promote the breed in 2019. 

Harrisburg 4 th of July Parade – well attended by 10,000 people, so a great way for people to see beautiful Morgans and for us to share information with the crowd. 

OMC-  the night before the show encourage youth including those from various organizations (FFA, 4H, Scouts, OHSET, etc) to come for a presentation about Morgan horses and an open barn type tour. Our youth to be the presenters. 

State Fair- Rent 1 stall and have a Morgan there to show and visit with curious fans about our breed.
Promotion Grant has been applied for. Budget is $500 plus amount of the grant if we receive one.

Ride/Drive Program – Shirley Champion
Shirley asked where the patches are located for when someone reaches a certain level of achievement. A contact name was given as Leanne Roth. This is a new program. We need to promote it to our club members. 

Rules, flyer, & enrollment form are not consistent in what they say. Work needed before promotion can start. 

$200 budget was agreed on for 2019. If more needed, Shirley can bring a request to the Board.

Open Incentive – Gay Adams for John Shaver
When you take your Morgan to Non-Morgan shows, clinics, poker rides, schooling shows or anywhere other than Morgan shows and you pay a fee to participate you are able to request up to $25 be reimbursed to you per event to a maximum of $100 per year per membership from MHAO. The thought process being that it is great advertising and promotion for the breed.

Budget set at $250 based on historical usage of the program. If more needed John can come back to the Board for an adjustment.

Sponsorship was discussed again - Karen Breckenridge agreed to donate $500 for OMC Dressage. Thank you Karen for getting us all thinking about our sponsorships this year. Question was brought up about if it was possible to have Wine tasting at the Oregon Horse center during our show. Cannot bring anyone else in for that, but we will check with the facility. The progressive dinner was a hit with everyone including the Saddlebred folks last year. Discussion was had about the restaurant at the Oregon Horse Center having new owners.
Motion was made by Erin to approve the budget & business plan. Seconded by Martha. Approved.

The USEF new Safe Sport requirements of testing was discussed.  USEF says that it takes approximately 90 minutes to test online but members mentioned it is closer to 120 minutes. Erin is going to the AMHA convention and is going to take great notes on this topic and enlighten us at the February 20 th meeting.

Next meeting February 20, 2019, 7:30pm Conference call. 
General Membership Meeting is with the Spring Clinic & Stallion Service Auction event on March 9 th at Northwest Morgans in Hillsboro OR. 
The meeting was adjourned at 9:39pm
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard, MHAO Secretary
Sue Olson photo - Rafter Bar D
MHAO Spring Clinic
March 9, 2019
Riding Space is all booked!
We are taking information for a waiting list.

Lots of room for auditors!

Lunch provided.

Please RSVP so we can plan our food for you.
About Peggy Bond-Heath
Peggy has over 30 years of equine industry experience. She started her adventure in her early teens riding english and competed in eventing up through high school graduation. While attending college at Utah State University, pursuing an Agribusiness degree, she worked for a cutting trainer and was introduced to a completely different yet exciting discipline. From cutting she experienced reining and reined cow horse and has been hooked ever since. Peggy most recently spent the last 5 years riding with her trainer and mentor Chuck Nesmith, National Reining Horse Trainer and NRHA Judge of Ault Colorado. She shows competitively in NRHA, AQHA, IBHA, ABRA, CRCC and ASHA. Peggy holds her judges card with the American Stock Horse Association (ASHA) and Oregon Family Equestrian Association (OFEA), and has donated the last 15 years to the local 4H program helping out most recently with the Ranch Horse Program and Hippology. She is an experienced Clinician offering private and onsite clinics.

Gary and Peggy relocated to Oregon City, from Colorado in 2012 and are proud to call Oregon home. They share the farm with each other as well as many 4 legged family members. Peggy's daughter Alysha is currently living and working in Denver, CO and is quite a hand with the horses herself. You'll see Gary around the property helping out with maintenance, hauling hay and jumping in where he's needed. He's a big help in keeping our pastures healthy and our Trainer sane :)
After the Clinic from 1pm - 1:30pm
Lunch is Served.
MHAO General Membership Meeting
from 1:30pm - 2:30pm.
Be there to talk to your Board.
Then on to the Stallion Service Auction
2:30pm - 3:30pm
Phone Help Needed for the
Stallion Service Auction
Do you have a cell phone?
Please volunteer to
help man the phones.

Contact Gay Adams for more information.

(503) 936-4276
MHAO Stallion Auction Line Up!
We Are So Excited!!
Recent Additions to the line-up:
OTM Total Eclipse
Spring Hollow Statesman
There may yet be a few last minute additions.
If so, a special announcement will be sent out.

Stallion Services And Other Items Are Offered!

Come Join The Fun!!

Watch our website for updates!
The Auction Event
Phone in bidding & On-line bidding
ends on March 8th, 2019

There are three ways to bid on
March 9th for the final bid off:
1) Attend the event
2) Get a bid in now
3) Pre-register

If you have placed a bid during the auction period or pre-registered and are not at the event, you will be contacted so you can bid directly over the phone or give us instructions.

Final bidding will begin March 9th, 2019
3pm PST for any stallions or
other items with an existing bid.

Click here to download a bid form
Click here to download a pre-registration form

Questions? Contact Gay Adams
(503) 936-4276,
2018 JMF Foals from Kari Janzen
MHCWS Horse Shows
BC Morgan Horse Show
May 30 to June 2, 2019
NW Washington Fair
& Event Center
Lynden, Washington
USEF # 334253
Matthew Roberts from Arizona is slated to judge the main arena at the Oregon Morgan Classic!
Looking For Help Presenting Our Flag
at Our Shows

Are you interested in being part of the mounted color guard at some of our shows? 

    Contact Shelley at .
Get Registered for the
MHAO High Point Program

The MHAO High Point Program offers awards in Morgan,
Jr. Exhibitor and Open Categories.
Everyone who competes
needs to get Registered
Click here to download a registration form
Once registered, placings at the following Morgan shows will be pulled for you:
Key Classic Benefit Horse Show
BC Morgan & Open Horse Show
Oregon Morgan Classic
C-Fair Charity Horse Show (Regional)
PNW Morgan Horse Show

For all other shows whether Morgan or Open
you need to record your placings and send them in using these two forms:
Click here to download the Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form
Click here to download the Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form

Click here to download information on the
MHAO High Point Program

Questions? Contact Erin Silver, Hi-Point Chair
10070 Hoffman Rd, Monmouth Or 97361

Here is the latest outline of the program!
Open Incentive Program
Click here to download this Open Incentive flyer
Click here to download an application form for reimbursement

Questions - Contact John Shaver
(541) 450-0531,
Photo by Carol Dombrowsky - Looking for Spring
Clarification on the new
Trail / Ride / Drive Program
It is all about time in the saddle or in driving your Morgan Horse
Get Enrolled Now!
As long as you remain an MHAO member,
you only need to enroll once.

Click here to download an enrollment form
Click here to download program rules
Click here to download a form to log and report your time/miles

Questions? - Contact Shirley Champion, Program Chair
(541) 534-2060,
68706 Hwy 82, Summerville Or 97876
We will be standing our full Lippitt 15.1hh “Max” Brook Hill Constellation this year. $900 LFG. His foals are beautiful! 8 fillies and 8 colts to date. He adds balance, height, lovely heads and temperament where needed.
Sue Beach
MHCWS Clinics Announced
March 9 & 10, 2019
Registration closes February 24,2019
First Come, First Served!
Register Now!

Click here to download a registration form for the CDE Clinic
Click here to download a registration form for the Trail Clinic

Questions? Contact Holly Gellner
(425) 623-4427,
Sue Olson photo - beautiful but cold. Praying for all those in the Mid-West & East.
An Update From Far West
Far West met November 12, 2018 and had a very healthy discussion about the show industry and its offering's in the NW area. The decision was made to refocus part of the team from the traditional show side of the organization into efforts supporting Academy Level Shows for all breeds. This will provide an opportunity for lesson programs and trainers to have a stand alone show for their lesson clientele both youth and adults. Academy Programs are growing across the nation and what a wonderful opportunity to support not only our Morgans but other breeds as well at the entry level of horse shows. Date for the show is June 1st .

Far West will continue its Cowboy Dressage Schooling Shows and Gathering along with this new venture. 
     FW Cowboy Dressage Schooling Show - April 27, 2019 - Deschutes County Fairgrounds, Redmond, OR
     FW Cowboy Dressage Gathering - July 26-28, 2019 - Rim Rock Riders Event Center, Powell Butte, OR (Brasada)
     FW Cowboy Dressage Schooling Show - September 14, 2019 - Flying Flower Ranch, Bend, OR
Update on the Far West
Cowboy Dressage Schooling Show
April 27, 2019
Entries are starting to come in for the April 27th FarWest Cowboy Dressage Schooling Gathering. Our Judge is Sara Uhalde. We are limiting the number of rides to 60, so don't get left out. This event will be held at the Deschutes County Fair and Expo center in Redmond, OR.

This year we have exciting new things for our FarWest Cowboy Dressage events. First, we have added a new division of Novice Rider. Secondly we are offering a year end Awards to all of our local East of the Cascades participants. Check out all the new rules on our website:

Also, get you entry form for the schooling show.
We look forward to see you all this year!
Posted by Rhea Turner
Show Season Prep Clinic
Audit Spots Open
Requests From Shelley Bullard
Something New!
Attend an Open Show in your area to
promote Morgans!
   Please send me dates, places and any additional information you have on Open Shows in your area in 2019 and I will include them in the NWMorganNews. Attending Open Shows is an amazing way to promote your Morgan. (Or Open clinics, poker rides, or other events open to all breeds.)
At this time we have no Morgan shows scheduled for July 2019, so I especially want to encourage this as a replacement for The Day of the Morgan. You will be “preaching” to folks that probably don’t already have Morgans, but are interested in horses and in showing and/or doing things with their horses. At every open show I have attended my Morgans have been the center of attention; and, there were almost always folks thinking of replacing an older horse, getting their kids or husband started riding, or just adding another horse to their herd. Why not a Morgan?

    After you attend the shows, send me a paragraph about how it went. I really want to share and encourage other folks to get out to Open shows and activities. (You don’t have to wait until July, do what works for you.)

     If you are an MHAO member you can even be reimbursed for you costs up to $25 per show (or other all breed activity) for a maximum of $100 total per year.

   I have started a special place for these shows right after "UPCOMING EVENTS."

Send information to Shelley Bullard,
Is the NW Morgan News in Your Spam Folder???
Dear Morgan friends,

   The NW Morgan News is now back functioning as the Morgan community's weekly electronic communication.  You should have already received January editions. But, sadly, I have learned the newsletter is ending up in the SPAM folder of many of our Morgan friends. Oh no!!!

   Shelley asks that you please check your spam folder and tell your server "This is not spam!"  We don't want to lose anyone just because you have a very discriminating spam filter. (I am now using Mailchimp and some filters think that is always spam - - - until they are told differently!)

  Thanks so much.  I am also now looking for "Morgans for Sale" for a special February issue.  I have a few ads but know there are more out there. If you have a Morgan for sale, send me your ad.

Join or Renew Your
Membership In MHAO!

Have you renewed your membership in MHAO yet?
Click here to download a membership form
Mail or email it to Kathy Christensen

Questions? Contact Kathy Christensen, Membership Chair
(503) 391-9047,
1010 Rainbow Hills Ln SE
Salem OR 97306
You Can Still Golf With Howie
At the AMHA National Convention!
Deadline to sign up is
February 8th!
Join Morgan photographer extraordinaire Howie Schatzberg for a day of fun and golf at the world-renowned Hill Country Gold Club in San Antonio on Saturday, February 9 ! This exciting tournament is part of the AMHA Annual Convention, which takes place February 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio.
Reservations for this two/four-person scramble is open to everyone and the deadline to sign up is Friday, February 8 . This will be a truly spectacular golf experience! Cost to play is $100 per person, which includes 18 holes of golf. Clubs may be rented separately. Reservations must be made by January 14, 2019. There are prizes for every hole and Custom golf bags for the winning team!

Contact Howie at (480) 595-2865, for more information on the tournament.
2019 Dressage Tests
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