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An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
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Becky Bean is your new editor for membership news. She is always looking for information to share. Please send her info or tag her on your Facebook posts. Be sure to include pictures whenever you can along with the names of the people and horses in those pictures. Not all MHAO members use Facebook, so including your news via the Stable Sheet newsletter is a great way to share your information. It also creates a history for the members of our club. Be sure to tell us about any upcoming events so we can help you get the word out. A summary of the event with pictures is welcome afterward. You may inspire someone else to create their own event to support and promote the Morgan breed.

Becky's email address is: .

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President's Message
The first few months of the year always seem to fly by. The members of your Board and its volunteers are working hard to kick off the new year and get activities lined up for you. We start with our Spring Clinic March 14th followed by the close of the MHAO Stallion Service Auction.

Meantime things are coming together for the Oregon Morgan Classic in June. If you need housing to attend the show, please make your reservations now. There will be Olympic Trials going on at the University of Oregon the same weekend as our show & everything is getting booked up quickly. The dates of the show are June 17-20, 2020. We are again at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene.
See you at the General Membership Meeting on the break at the Spring Clinic, March 14th!
Gay Adams, MHAO President
Oregon Morgan Classic Update

We are delighted to welcome back Avalon as the main ring photographer for the Oregon Morgan Classic!
Leslie Arnould
A huge thank you goes out to Leslie Arnould for all the help she has given to the MHAO Stallion Service Auction and Breeder's Cup Futurity. For the last 5 yrs she has been the editor of the Futurity booklet, helped with acquiring stallions for the auction, and done so many other things. She is stepping away now to focus on other things in her own life. Leslie, you will be missed. And we are forever grateful for all your hard work. We wish you much success in all your endeavors.

From The Board - Board Meeting Minutes - Draft
January 11, 2020
Present: Gay Adams, Julie Nygaard, Karen Breckenridge, Kathy Christensen, Erin Silver, Karen Weiderman, Doana Anderson and Becky Bean
Not Present:  Mary Grimes, Grace Martin, Diane Pixlee, Martha Woodland, Natalie Woodland, Shirley Champion and Nancy Eidam
Quorum met
Meeting Purpose:   Focus was on planning activities for the year and setting a budget

Meeting was held at the Shilo Inn Suites Restaurant at 11707 NE Airport Way, Portland Oregon.  At 12:06 the conference line was opened in case absent members were able to join the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 12:10.
There was an introduction of our 3 new board members to the Board - Doana Anderson, Karen Weiderman and Becky Bean. We welcome them and appreciate their offer to serve.

The 2020 schedule of board meetings was approved. Unless needed there will not be meetings in the months of August, October or December.  Martha has indicated she cannot lead the promotion committee this year. Kathy Christensen volunteered to fill the position. The Stable Sheet will have Becky Bean as the lead and Karen Weiderman assisting to handle membership news. Karen Weiderman will work with Kathy DeFazio to learn about managing the club’s facebook page and will take over that duty.  
Minutes from the November 10, 2019 General Membership meeting were approved via email prior to the January meeting with no corrections.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Karen Breckenridge
General Checking Account - $14,772
Savings Account - $25,495
Futurity Account - $ 4,570
Nancy Falk Trust Donation - $12,765
OMC Checking Account - $18,962
Total Fixed Assets - $ 2,007
Paypal Online Account - $ 160
Other Current Assets - $ 273
TOTAL ASSETS - $ 79,004

There are 4 more accounts receivables to collect for a total of $492 (2 are old and 2 are for current accounts). Karen has done a wonderful job of collecting outstanding funds. Thank you Karen.

Karen has sent in the AMHA application for our Youth group. The 1099’s were sent out on January 9, 2020. Taxes will be sent by the end of January.

There was a discussion about audits. Internal audits are done each year by our audit committee separate from our Treasurer consisting of at most 1 Board member and at least two outside club members with a report going back to the Board. 

Note to Board members – Per Policy & Procedure Manual, all committee chairs need to track their expenses. If they find they need more funds than budgeted, they need to come back to the Board for approval. Treasurer is to monitor committee expenses against the finalized budget. Also per our procedures, all requests for grants, reports to AMHA, club advertising, etc needs to get approval from either the club President or from a person designated for that purpose before it goes out.

SHOW COMMITTEE – Karen Breckenridge
The budget for the show last year was $73,000 and Karen requested an increase of $2,000 for a total of $75,000. We will be looking at providing more food options for people on the show grounds because of anticipated crowds at restaurants due to the Olympic Trials. We were not happy with the restaurant service or food last year. Karen is working with the Oregon Horse Center to see what can be done about that.
OMC show updates- Nancy Becker will not be able to judge the show in June because of a prior commitment she had forgotten. We have now hired Ron Bartholomew from New York. He is certified as a Saddlebred and Morgan judge.
Avalon will be our center ring photographer. So far Working Western and Trail will not have a photographer. Karen will continue looking for someone including asking Kathy Carlson. Melody DeLapp is moving away from being a show photographer.

The Silent Auction at OMC will be headed by Kathy Christensen and Erin Silver.
There will be 3.5” pewter Medallions on a neck ribbon for 1 st place awards rather than plaques & a ribbon. They were designed by Leslie Arnould. Working Western will have a Belt Buckle. Glassware will be given out to winners in Dressage and other Championship classes. There is a possible vendor, Debbie Hutchinson, that might be a good source for the glassware. Gay has her contact information and will give it to Karen.

The staff contracts have all been sent out. We are still looking for gate people. It was suggested that we reach out to a local 4-H group or OHSET group to encourage them to volunteer as gate helpers. An event to welcome 4H, FFA, & OHSET members will be considered designed to introduce them to the Morgan horse. 
Debbie Probst volunteered last year to handle the ribbons at the show. She is the daughter of Dick & Kathy Van Dyke who have done it for us the last couple years. Debbie helped them last year. Karen is checking with her. 

One hundred ‘Save the Date’ cards have been sent out to past exhibitors and trainers encouraging them to get their hotel reservations made. Seat Medals have all been ordered.

Thank You Sponsor Baskets need a new person to step up. There were 17 given out last year at the show. In the past couple years Kathy has been able to get a portion of 2 cases of wine donated. Doana will check with a pourer she knows about donating some bottles for the Sponsor baskets for the June 2020 show.
The OMC Silent Auction profited $2,200. last year. Kathy Christensen would like to increase that amount and for 20% of the profit from the auction this year to be donated to the Alex Mooney Scholarship fund. More discussion to follow.

Karen Weiderman will keep the Promotional booth at the show stocked with brochures, water and snacks. Kathy Christensen will get the initial set-up done and get the supplies there. She will get in touch with Martha to pick up what we already have on hand. Last year Martha took care of this. Thank you, Martha.

ALEX MOONEY SCHOLARSHIP - Gay Adams for Mary Grimes
The Alex Mooney Scholarship will be awarded for $500 at the OMC show to a current member of MHAO. We should be open for applications no later than March. Erin will include information on the OMC sponsorship/donation request letter about the scholarship. That letter will be going out soon. This scholarship is able to be used for College or a Trade school tuition. So far the fund has $1,000 in it from 2 different donors. Mary has asked for fundraising ideas to build this fund for the future. Budget is to pull $500 from reserves to be awarded during the year plus $100 to cover expenses from the general fund.
HI-POINT – Erin Silver
The categories will remain the same as last year for 2020. Erin has 17 award prizes to carry over from last year. The Hi-Point Overall prize was a directors chair in 2018 and Jackets in 2019. Erin noted that it was difficult to get the correct sizes in the jackets. 

There was some discussion of when a person has multiple awards if s/he can choose one big award instead of a few small prizes. In another breed a competitor racked up $350 to spend on a prize. It was felt that this could be harder to administer but will be looked at.

A question was brought up about whether points earned at Nationals should be included in the Hi-Point awards of our program or if Hi-Point should just be for local shows. Hi-Point has always been handled on a calendar year basis and has included all shows through October 31 st . No change was made. 

At the meeting the hi-point award budget was increased from $1,500 to $2,000. But after the meeting there was further discussion via email. The Hi-Point budget will remain at $1,500 this year. The other $500 will be spent on advertising the club & some of its activities thru the NW Rider magazine.

The Spring clinic will be on March 14, 2020 at Kardia Equestrian Center located at 36887 Wallace Creek Rd., Springfield, Oregon 97478. Julie Adams from California will be presenting a Western Dressage Clinic. There will be two sessions offered with 5 participants in each. 9-12:00 and 1-4:00. 7 slots are already filled. Julie Adams is not charging for her time to MHAO. We will pay for her expenses such as fuel, meals and 2 nights at a hotel for an estimated total of $800.00. The clinic will offer a discount for MHAO members. The clinic will cost $130 for non members and $100 for members for riders. Lunch will be provided. There will be a short General Membership meeting during the break. Auditors are welcome. The cost for auditors will be $25 for MHAO members & $30 for non-members. Riders can contact Rhea Turner about reserving stalls during the day. If we can, we would like to pay Julie something which we can decide after the clinic.

Erin was asked to come up with 3 topics for future Clinics.   She suggested:
1- Working Equitation
2-Tips on showing in a Trail Class
3-Extreme Trail Riding

The budget for the Spring Clinic is a net of $750.

AWARD BANQUET – Erin Silver and Kathy Christensen
Plans for the 2020 banquet are in the works. The same location has been secured; Willamette Heritage Center, The Dye House, 1313 Mill Street SE, Salem, OR 97301. The cost is an initial cost of $630 less $135 security deposit that is returned making the total $495 to rent. The date is set for November 8, 2020 from 1 to 4 PM. It was brought up how to get more attendance at this awards banquet. Possible idea was to have a speaker come.
The budget for the banquet is a net of $750. It will be a Pot Luck event. 

(Note we look at the Spring Clinic and the Award Banquet together for budget monitoring purposes)

YOUTH- Gay for Diane Pixlee
With Diane’s okay, Leslie Arnould has volunteered to create online Cyber shows for Youth. The Saddlebred group has provided these classes in the past led by Allison Deardorff. Leslie has received approval from Allison Deardorff who has agreed to be the judge for our February session. The Youth do not need to be an MHAO member to do these shows, but do need to be on a Morgan horse. It was initially communicated by Gay that riders would have 48 hours after the pattern was posted to turn in their videos. After the meeting that was found to be a misunderstanding. They would have two weeks to complete their video after the pattern is posted. Usually there is a minimal fee of $10 per show but Leslie would like the first year to be free to drive interest in the program and to give us an opportunity to be more knowledgeable on conducting them. In the future we could charge a $10 fee per show to non-members. Leslie would also like to create a Facebook page to keep youth informed of upcoming shows and events. Over time Leslie has offered to provide education for our Youth of the Year participants using the AMHA program for that purpose. Karen Breckenridge mentioned that our Youth committee has a budget of $1,000 that they haven’t been using. Cyber shows are not estimated to have much of an expense. No increase in the budget seems necessary at this time.

Diane & the Youth Directors (Natalie and Grace) will create a Youth newsletter this year. If needed, they can use the same program used for the Stable Sheet so they will have no additional costs. Gay will get Diane set up to access the Constant Contact program.

Julie made a motion to approve the Cyber Shows and Karen B seconded. Motion passed. 

Budget for Youth is $1,000 from MHAO plus $500 from the Nancy Falk Trust for the Youth of the Year competition. 

The Stallions offered this year are coming along nicely. Gay would like to have a total of 24 horses. Currently have 20. Nominations are open thru January. She is also looking for “other items”. Online bidding will be available again in February. The close date for the auction will be March 28, 2020. Phone volunteers are needed for the close date. The budget for 2020 was upped to an income of $4,400. After the meeting that goal was increased to $5,400 to offset the cost of a storage unit to store the historic information that Nancy Eidam has been collecting and storing for a number of years. She is moving and can no longer offer storage space for it. 

The budget is for the amount of funds paid to the general fund to cover the cost of Futurity classes held at OMC. Income of $5,400 is after the 60%/40% split off to the futurity for prize money.
We have a total of 34 horses nominated to our futurity before renewals are processed. One of our main participants is closing down her breeding operation so we anticipate a drop in that number going forward. Most participants have just a few mares and do not breed every year. All Board members need to encourage anyone they know in the Northwest or Northern California that has a foal in 2020 to enter our futurity. The futurity is a 5 year program requiring a $45 nomination fee in the year the foal is born and a renewal fee of $25 each year thereafter. Class entry fees are $25 each. There are Sweepstakes classes during the foals yearling and 2-yr-old year as well as a hi-point award given out the during the foals 4-yr-old year. If auction get wins champion or reserve champion in a sweepstakes class, a bonus payment goes back to the stallion donor and the breeder. We offer the only remaining futurity in the Western region. The Futurity budget is always breakeven so there is no expense to the club’s general fund.

PROMOTION – Gay Adams for Martha Woodland
Martha has stepped down from heading the promotion committee due to an expansion to her accounting business. Prior to stepping down her plans for 2020 were as follows: (1) a table at OMC that will have pamphlets about our club and the Morgan Horse as well as water and small snacks, and (2) a booth at State Fair which was to be our main focus. Karen W. has agreed to help keep the OMC booth stocked during the show. Erin & Kathy have stepped forward to work on our display and attendance at the Oregon State Fair. It was suggested that we give double points for our Hi-Point program to members that compete at the Fair to encourage a strong showing of Morgans (no vote needed). Last year the people that went to the show won the “Battle of the Breeds” with their Morgan horses. Erin would like to see a banner made to educate people on what a Morgan horse really is. It was suggested that we look into different companies that make them. Gay suggested we check with Tony Lee who makes the banners used by AMHA. They need to be sturdy enough that they won’t fall over easily. At the fair we will promote & offer an opportunity for visitors to get their picture taken with a Morgan horse.
The club currently has an ad in the Oregon Equine Directory put out by the Oregon Horse Council, but it was mentioned that there are magazines such as Flying Changes & NW Rider that we could also run an ad in to get more people interested in our breed. There was further discussion via email after the meeting, and $500 was budgeted for additional advertising with NW Rider. Kathy Christensen agreed to Chair the Promotion committee and does see the State Fair as our main focus for the year.

It was brought up that having a booth at the Horse Expo in Albany does not seem to reach the right market for us in our attempts to promote our breed. Attendance there also seems to be dropping. The Oregon State Fair offers a larger market, higher interest, and more visibility to families interested in becoming horse owners.

We will again apply for an AMHA Promotion Grant. Gay and Kathy with work on it and get it off to AMHA by January 15 th . The budget for promotion will be $500 plus whatever we get from the AMHA Grant, and from donations we receive for promotional purposes.

MEMBERSHIP – Doana Anderson
Doana plans on getting an automatic online membership renewal system in place and will work with Karen B on that. An Online program could be embedded into our existing accounting program for an additional fee of $29 per month or $350 per year.
We are looking at moving our membership list to our website in an area that only members can access with a password. It will have horses as well as our member's names, address, phone & email. There is also the ability to have ads included. The plan is to print a limited number of directories each year for those who do not have computer or phone access, or that just want a paper copy. We will save a couple copies for historic purposes as well. 

As of this meeting we have 62 members who have signed up or renewed. This includes life members and members we have added who are first time owners of a Morgan horse that have a free membership for this year.  Doana is still working on renewals.

Doana will use her own computer to maintain membership information with info stored securely on Dropbox. She will clean and dispose of the old clubcomputer used for accessing the ACCESS program. The computer is too outdated and slow now to be useful. We will be changing from the ACCESS database to the online directory that will be housed on our website.
Doana is also looking at encouraging some activities to happen around the State for members to get together with each other for fun, mentorship, education, etc. These will be small events with very little if any cost to the club.

The budget for membership covering new software for the online directory, an online renewal process, automatic renewal process, and the printing of a small number of printed directories is a net income of $2,200 (membership fees of $3000 less expenses of $800).

Becky is in charge of membership news for the Stable Sheet going forward. Karen Weiderman will assist her. Becky talked about creating articles on Board members and club members. Gay said she would enjoy seeing stories about our new members too as a way to introduce them to the membership. Becky also mentioned having some fun articles such as answers to a question like “What was the worst horse experience you ever had?”

Gay will continue to provide information from the Board for the newsletter and from our associated groups like the Oregon Horse Council, USEF, AMHA, etc.
The Stable Sheet budget is $450 for the cost of the newsletter program we use through Constant Contact allowing for multiple users less any ad income received. We will work toward providing printed copies for members who are without a computer or email address.


Nancy Eidam has boxes of information on club and Morgan history that needs to be stored. She is moving and can no longer store it. Gay is looking into different storage units to keep the miscellaneous items safe and dry. The cost per month that she has found in her area is between $130 & $150 per month. Julie Nygaard made a motion to budget for a storage unit to store our club’s historic information, Kathy Christensen seconded. It was approved with the understanding that we will look for a better storage solution. 
We have not done a good job as a club at preserving our club history, or the history of the Morgan horse within our State & the Northwest.  Gay will lead a committee consisting of Nancy Eidam, Mary Anne Morrison and Brenda Tippin to create a history. The information that Nancy has collected all these years will be important to that effort. 

After the meeting the budget was altered to cover 6 months of cost for a storage unit, again with the idea of finding a better and more economical way to keep this info. Karen B has agreed to pick up what Nancy has been storing and to make a determination of how large a unit is needed before we rent one. Final budgeted amount via email is $900 for 6 months of storage.

Creation of a Non-Profit Arm of MHAO
The 501c3 tax designation that the club was investigating will be laid down. Watching the current lawsuit that the AMHA is involved in has raised concerns. Gay has learned that should a new 501c3 arm of MHAO need to close down, any of its remaining assets would need to be donated to another 501c3 association - they could not go back to MHAO. Having another association to monitor and account for would also raise the complexity of monitoring and controlling funds for the club. Additionally, the new tax laws do not make the benefit seem great enough to make a difference to most individual donors, and Corporate or business sponsors can take their sponsorship as an advertising expense.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:49 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard – MHAO Secretary
Final budget after email approval attached
Oregon Morgan Classic - $77,000 income less $75,000 expense - Net $2,000
Nancy Falk Colorful Morgan Award - $500 income, $500 expense - Net $0
Hi-Point/Awards Committee Expense - $1,500 expense
Spring Clinic & Award Banquet Expense - $1,500 expense
Youth - $1,000 expense
Nancy Falk - YOY ($500 in and out) - Net $0
Stallion Auction (after split with Futurity) - $5,400 net income
Futurity (breakeven) - $0 expense
Stable Sheet - $450 expense
Directory - $800 expense
Membership - $3,000 membership dues income
Promotion - $500 expense (net expense after promotion grant)
President's Fund - $150 expense
Open Incentive - $400 expense
Scholarship ($500 in and out + $100 misc exp) - $100 expense
Ride/Drive Program - net expense $100 expense
History Storage ($150 per mo/6 mo) - $900 expense
General/Fixed (fixed costs + club advertising) - $3,000 expense
Happy Valentine's Day
Equestrian Friendly Campgrounds
Are you looking for a perfect place to camp with your horses? Here is a great website resource for information on where to go.

Four Winter Trails In The East Portland Metro Area
If you’re an equestrian living on the east side of Portland, or in Gresham, Clackamas, or Molalla, you have it good. You can enjoy excellent winter riding on trails at several nearby parks and recreation areas.

Milo McIver State Park

Milo McIver State Park in Estacada has 10 miles of year-round trails, including several loop options. The park has training stations scattered along the trail, so if you like, you can school your horse on various types of trail obstacles as you ride. Be sure to check out the new Lake Clackamas Trail, with its views of the Clackamas River.

Molalla River Recreation Site (Hardy Creek)

The Molalla River Recreation Site in Molalla has over 50 miles of trails that explore the ridge above the Molalla River. While most of the Recreation Site’s trails are closed in winter, the Huckleberry Trail is open year round. It runs almost the entire length of the Recreation Site, offers interesting views from several vantage points, and has excellent footing for winter riding.
Powell Butte Nature Park

You’ll find Powell Butte Nature Park near the boundary between Southeast Portland and Gresham. It features nearly 10 miles of trails that go up, down, and around its namesake butte. The trails are open year-round, but to prevent damage they are closed when the trails are muddy. Be sure to ride here on a clear day, as the butte’s summit boasts stunning views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Jefferson.

Sandy River Delta

The Sandy River Delta, just off I-84 in Troutdale, offers about 8 miles of easy, flat loop trails through pretty woodlands and meadows. The trails are open year round. Parking is very limited, so arrive early on weekends. Dogs are allowed off-leash at the Delta.

Learn More

You’ll find more information about these riding areas in  Riding Northwest Oregon Horse Trails  by Kim McCarrel, available at .

Kim McCarrel
Attention Clark County Residents

Clark County is threatening to put liens on horse peoples property if you:

  • Have more then six boarders
  • Give lessons
  • Have camps
  • Clinics
  • Seminars
  • Overnight horses
  • Have WAHSET practices
  • 4H ride meetings
  • Shows
  • Play days
  • Gaming events
  • AND MORE if you don’t have a “type 2 site plan.”

This plan holds agricultural barns and properties to the same standards as a Safeway or Walmart.

This would require $300,000 to make a barn meet the standard which includes sound proofing!



Thank you Erica Trager
Contact your State Legislature to let them know how important Fairgrounds & Trails are to you, and about your concerns regarding recent Cap & Trade legislative discussions
which are are back on the table for this session!
Don't miss these events!
MHAO Spring Clinic
March 14, 2020
Julie Adams on
Western Dressage at
Kardia Equestrian Academy
36887 Wallace Creek Rd
Springfield OR 97478
10 Rider Positions Available - 3 hrs each
5 riders - 9am to Noon
5 riders 1pm - 4pm

Non-MHAO Members
Riders - $135
Auditors - $30

MHAO Members
Riders - $100
Auditors - $25

Register now! Rides are filling up fast!

Lunch Provided by MHAO

MHAO General Membership Meeting Over Lunch Break

To register or if you have questions, contact Erin Silver
(971) 600 -8933,
MHAO Stallion Service Auction is o pen for bidding
Last day is March 28. 2020

Online bidding is now available. To bid by phone, contact Gay. If you would like to bid on the last day of the auction, place a bid now or get pre-registered. We will reach out to you by phone on March 28th for the final bidding. Only stallions and other items with a bid will be available on that day.

Nominations open thru February 15th.
For assistance or questions call Gay.

Looking for other items to be included in the auction.
Call or email Gay if you would like to donate something.
Proceeds support the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Looking for volunteers to help as the phone crew for March 28th.
Lunch provided.
Personal cell phone required.

If interested, please contact:
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
Northwest Horse Expo
March 20-22, 2020
Linn County Fairgrounds,
Albany OR

Daily Hours:
March 20 - Friday:
10:00 am – 9:00 pm
(Trade show closes at 7:00 pm)
March 21 - Saturday:
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
(Trade show closes at 7:00 pm)
March 22 - Sunday:
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Northwest Horse Fair & Expo has become an annual tradition for horse owners and horse lovers in the Northwest. Held at the L inn County Fair & Expo Center in Albany, Oregon , the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo combines to the highest degree, first rate education, entertainment and shopping . Whether you own horses or are a horse lover at heart, are a beginner or professional, are interested in dressage or trail riding, there is truly something for everyone. It’s three days of fun the entire family can enjoy.

Expo officials have announced a diverse lineup of top name trainers representing a multitude of equine interests and disciplines for the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo 2020 ! The experts from across the United States include the headline clinician, Champion trainer Chris Cox , presenting General Horsemanship  clinics; Peggy Cummings providing  Connected Riding®  clinics; Julie Goodnight teaching  General Horsemanship ; Muffy Seaton , presented by the Northwest Region of the American Driving Society , featuring  Driving  clinics; Rod Petersen conducting  Drill Team  clinics; and Emily Elias of  Back Country Horsemen  with  Packing One Horse into the Back Country . In addition, radio and on-line TV host of Speaking of Horses, Wayne Williams , will provide a lecture,  Horses in my Lifetime .

The Expo will bring back the action-packed  Colt Starting Challenge USA , for the second year! Experienced horse trainers will work with young, unbroken horses, gentling, saddling and riding them, in just two days! Using Natural Horsemanship methods, each trainer will work with the colt they’ve drawn, all working at the same time in the arena. The talented trainers will take turns explaining to the audience what they’re doing and why. Then the last day of the expo, colts will be ridden and compete through a challenging obstacle course! Applications are being taken now for halter broken colts, as well as trainers who want to participate in the event.

For more information go to:
An invitation from the BC Morgan Show to a great party:
We hope all exhibitors will join us for our Annual Progressive Aisle Party, Friday, May 29th, between the afternoon and evening sessions (and longer if you want) !! This informal potluck of sorts is a wonderful way to mix and mingle with everyone at the show. The venue does provide tables at a small charge. Please let us know if you need any help in planning!!! 

This shows facebook page is: /
10th Anniversary of the WA State Horse Expo
March 6-8, 2020 
Washington's Premiere Equine Event at the
Clark County Fair & Event Center in Ridgefield, Washington
Advance Discount Tickets Available February 3rd
(ONLINE & at participating Wilco Farm Stores)

Prices & Hours
Hours have changed for 2020. See Below:

Friday, March 6th:
11am - 7pm
Saturday, March 7th:
9am - *7:30pm
Sunday, March 8th:
10am - 4pm
Saturday Night Extravaganza: 
Seating opens at 6pm / 
Begins at 7pm
This event requires a separate ticket
The Marketplace will close at 7:30pm

For more info:
Congratulations To The New Board Members & Officers of AMHA
Thank you for your service!
The American Morgan Horse Association, Inc. held its annual meeting of members January 23, 2020 in Lexington, Kentucky. Congratulations to the following:
C.A. “Tony” Lee was reelected to the Eastern Region; Kelly Kraegel was elected to the Central Region; and *** Dallas Bolen*** was elected to the Western Region.

In the annual reorganization meeting held following the Annual Meeting, the Board elected C.A. “Tony” Lee to serve as AMHA President.

Pictured are our board members from left to right: Kelly Kraegel, Mari Sanderson, C.A. "Tony" Lee, Terri Sturm, Harlan Grunden, Kate Kirsch, Steven Handy and Dallas Bolen. Not pictured is Kris Breyer.
From Shelley Bullard:
Here is the lineup of judges for our 2020 Northwest Morgan shows.  

(Thanks to Catherine and others that helped me assemble this information.) If changes or errors, show chairs, please let me know.

BC Morgan Show
   Richard Petty
   Dressage, traditional and Western:
 Mrs. Fatima Pawlenko-Kranz.
Key Classic
   Lisa Cunningham Waller
   Dressage: Lillian Evaniew Phelan
Oegon Morgan Classic
   Ronald Bartholomew
   Dressage, Western Dressage, Driven
Dressage: Angela Littlefield
   Trail, Ranch, & Reining: Peggy Bond-
C Fair Charity Show
   Tammy Conatser
   Dressage: Deborah Spence
PNW Morgan Show
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Prepare Your Mare To Be In Foal
A tiny brown muzzle and dark, confused eyes are finally visible. The grey mare, flanks slick with sweat, rallies and completes the last push. It’s really happening; your foal is here!

The new baby’s nostrils are clear, and you sigh with relief while listening closely to his breathing. For many of us, it’s a dream come true to be present as the long-awaited little one makes his or her entrance.

Published information abounds on the subject of preparing a mare for the foaling experience, yet there is surprisingly little about preparing a mare to be in foal. Without a doubt, the health of our precious foal depends on the well-being of the mare long before she is bred. Here are five important steps to consider prior to breeding mares:

1. Assess body condition
Research show that optimal body condition at time of breeding can have an enormous impact on the health of both mare and foal. While the ramifications of malnourishment are quite obvious, obesity can be a lurking concern. Recent studies indicate that foals born to obese mares have a higher risk of certain metabolic disorders and osteochondrosis, a bone development disorder. Furthermore, obese mares generally have larger foals, which may increase the chances of foaling complications.

Not sure if your horse is at a healthy body weight? Consult your veterinarian or click here to learn more about evaluating body condition.

2. Vaccinate
Simple, right? Work with your veterinarian to make sure your mare is current on her immunizations. The American Association of Equine Practitioners considers Eastern/Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, Rabies, Tetanus, and West Nile Virus to be core vaccines. Other vaccinations may also be advised based on your region or risk level. Remember that certain vaccines may not be safe to give your mare once she is in foal, so it is essential to consult a knowledgeable veterinarian.
 3. Evaluate Nutrition
Now more than ever, it is critical that the mare’s diet be providing balanced nutrition. For instance, vitamin E deficiency during a mare’s pregnancy can cause her foal to develop Equine Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, which is often fatal. Consult your veterinarian for nutrition concerns specific to your region. If in doubt, consider sending a sample of your mare’s blood for nutrient analysis.

  4. Dental examination and floating
Most veterinarians agree that sedation should be avoided during pregnancy when possible. For that reason, it may be ideal to complete dental exams and floats one to two months prior to breeding. This ensures that any dental issues are in hand, allowing the mare to comfortably feed herself and the foal. 

 5. Parasite evaluation
Last but not least, evaluate the parasite status of your herd. Fecal tests are highly recommended, but remember that such tests may not detect a tapeworm or encysted small strongyle infestation. Also consider that not all anthelmintic products are approved for safe use in pregnant mares. Based on fecal analysis, work with your veterinarian to develop a common sense strategy that discourages parasite resistance.

There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than a healthy newborn foal, and nothing harder than waiting eleven months for him or her to arrive. Focusing on optimizing your mare’s health before, during, and after pregnancy is a crucial endeavor that will help to not only form a closer bond with her, but the foal as well. 

The author: Throughout her childhood on the family horse farm, Heather Malcolm found her passion for equine nutrition, behavior, and wellness. After graduating with a degree in Animal Science, she took a job in the companion animal industry. When she’s not riding her horse, she enjoys reading the latest equine research and cuddling up for a nap with her favorite dog.
An Update On Lou Goldmann
Update on Lou Goldmann

Lou and Liz continue to reside temporarily in Phoenix, and there have been bumps in the road since Lou's double lung transplant surgery on Thanksgiving. However, things seem to be smoothing out. 

Liz writes: "Lou continues the long slow road back to robust health with his new lungs. After a few bumps in the road that put him back in the hospital, he is back in the Phoenix apartment with Liz and doing intense physical therapy to regain breathing capacity and body strength. He is determined to be well again and back to his little farm, the animals, his grandkids, and skiing by winter 2021! >
Lou continued
Lou appreciates everyone's caring concern and hopes you all have a good winter looking forward to spring, new foals, and horsey activities."

Many prayers & heatfelt wishes to Liz & Lou for good health in 2020! Prayers for the whole family, too.
Lou, Mary who is visiting, &
Liz in Phoenix
Lou and Edward enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday with snacks, the game, and walks in the Arizona sunshine. From Liz: Lou is g etting better every day. This is good medicine. We are grateful to the dedicated medical team, our family & friends, and most especially to the donor and his family for this gift of renewed health.

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Request from Pt. Reyes Morgan Horse Ranch
ATTENTION!! - Morgan Horse Owners - We Need Your Help!!
"The National Park Service and the Morgan Horse Ranch at Pt. Reyes National Seashore is looking for a new Morgan mount for the horse patrol unit. We're requesting help from the Morgan community in acquiring a new member for the team. The existing Los Reyes herd is aged, and donated additions are necessary not only to maintain the Morgan herd but to preserve the living history of the Park Service and the ranching community. The lucky new horse(s) would join the mounted unit in its responsibilities for assisting in search and rescue operations, resource and wildlife protection, participating in special events, and patrolling the protected wilderness areas within the park. The NPS is looking for: Purebred Morgan between 5 and 10 years old; Must be sound and
pass a full vet check; Must be at least green broke and capable of performing our needs at the ranch (trail patrol, parades, good around people and pets); Agree to a trial period of 2-4 months; 15 hands or taller preferred; 100% donation preferred.

If any Morgan owners are interested in helping to preserve the history of the Morgan Horse Ranch, please contact the Ranch Manager Paul Forward by email: or by private message on Facebook.

NOTE: The Morgan Horse Ranch would not exist were it not for the generosity of the donors over the past 50 years. We would be thrilled to have you become a part of our history and help us in continuing our mission. This is not a rescue.”
Other activities & programs
MHAO Alex Mooney Memorial Scholarship Program
Morgan Horse Association of Oregon Alexandra M. Mooney Memorial Scholarship is to promote the values of learning, sharing, leading, volunteering and good sportsmanship inside and out of the arena by awarding an annual college scholarship in any discipline or in equine education, or leadership and by attracting new youth to MHAO youth programs, thus promoting a future for our MHAO family.
Morgan Horse Association of Oregon’s Alexandra M. Mooney Memorial Scholarship is available to any Oregon resident who is an MHAO member at the time of application, who is interested in pursuing a career in any discipline that a college degree or trade school could enhance. Oregon high school graduates or returning and transfer college students are eligible as well as repeat recipients.
Award Amount
A $500 scholarship may be awarded annually starting in 2020 along with a gift of one 8” X 10” color photo with the recipient with their Morgan shot by Howie S c hatzb e rg.
  • Oregon resident at time of application & a member of MHAO. 
  • Major in any discipline in any two or four year college, university or trade school. 
  • GPA of 2.8 or GED score.
  •  Full time student (12 credit minimum per quarter/ semester).
  • Official Transcripts from most recent school attended (High School and College to date).
  • Two letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from current or previous teacher and one personal letter from non-relative.
  • Applicant’s one-page essay describing your reason for choosing your desired profession and how your involvement with the equine breed of Morgan’s has enhanced your life.

Application deadline is May 31st
Recipient announced at OMC

Contact Mary Grimes to request an application form
MHAO High Point Program
Do you compete with your Morgan horse?
Get registered with Erin Silver.
Once you are registered Erin will track you at the Northwest Morgan Shows & Nationals, but you need to turn in your points to her for any other competitions. All types of competitions count.
Join the fun! Win prizes!
For questions or assistance -
Contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933
Enter your 2020 foal into the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity

This is a 5 yr program designed for your young horse. Nominate your 2020 foal for $45.

Futurity Rules and forms are available on the MHAO website. Futurity Classes are held at the Oregon Morgan Classic, June 17-20, 2020 at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene.

For questions or assistance, contact Gay Adams, SSA & Futurity Chair, (503) 936-4276.
Do you have a Morgan for sale?
Do you stand a stallion?

Shelley Bullard writes:

Here's an easy way to get the word out. I know there are folks out there with Morgans for sale, so I will prepare a sales list as done last year. This will be circulated at Morgan events here in the Northwest - and elsewhere if anyone wishes to print it and circulate it. I am making the cutoff for ads earlier this year so we are ready to go by the time of the events occurring in March.

   Please include such descriptors as gender, age, color, size, discipline, rider experience level, anything special, etc. Price highly suggested. No photos as it makes the sheet too long; but, if photos are available please so indicate. And, don't forget contact info!

   Include horses available for adoption. I will have a separate section for these horses.

Include horses available for lease, or sale/lease. Depending on what is received these may also be put in a separate section.
I have been asked to include stallions standing at stud, so send those in too, and there will be a section for them.

    Send ads to   

Ads must be in no later than
the end of February!
Consider highlighting products or services, sales or promotions, personal bios, and more. Use images that complement your message, and link your images to supporting resources.
MHAO Ride/Drive Program
Get credit for your time in the saddle or driving your horse, whether you show or not.
The only time not counted for this program is the time you are being judged at a Morgan show. All warm up time, practice time, or all time at a non-Morgan show counts. Do you trail ride? Do you ride or drive to exercise your horse? It all counts. Just tally your time and send it in to receive patches you can put on a piece of clothing to show off your time with your horse.

There is a one time $15 enrollment fee into the program. No need to renew it as long as you keep your membership in MHAO current.
Let's ride!

For questions and assistance, contact:
Shirley Champion, (541) 534-2060
Question to you -
Have you used the Open Incentive Program or the Ride/Drive Program either now or in the past? If so, we need to hear from you.

Shirley Champion needs to know what inspired you to use the program and what you liked about it. Also, is there something you would like to see change?

Please email your input to
Shirley Champion, or you can call her at (541) 534-2060

MHAO Open Incentive Program

This program is designed to reward our members for getting our Morgan horses out where non-Morgan owners & riders can see them. We will reimburse our members up to $25 per event to a maximum of $100 per year. The flyer below provides more detail. Proof of out of pocket fees are required, and members are asked to turn in their request within 30 days of the event.

Click picture below to download a copy of the flyer or click here to go to our website.

For more information or assistance contact Shirley Champion, or
(541) 534-2060 ..
AMHA Stallion Reports Due February 15th (2nd deadline)
Looking for pictures of Morgan horses in the Northwest to use in this newsletter. Please send to Gay Adams, . Thank you!
Another way to help Australia
Equestrian Fire Relief Australia’s mission is to support the Australian equestrian community through co-ordination of bushfire relief funds.
Australia has been ravaged by fire, unprecedented damage and loss of human and wildlife. Equestrians have a unique bond with animals in general and horses in particular. Around the world Equestrians are feeling for other equestrians and their horses.

   The international and Australian equestrian community wants to help, regardless of your sport, your talent or your association. If you are an Equestrian in a bushfire ravaged zone, do not feel alone.

   If you are an equestrian who wants to help equestrians, this fund has been established to support the welfare of horses and horse people.
The international community has already been extraordinarily supportive. The fund has been established to meet an urgent demand by equestrians for equestrians. It is new and some things are not quite right – but time is of the essence. Read the governance section for full disclosure.

   If you want to help You can consider a fund raising initiative.

   Or you can donate through the Australian Sports Foundations facility as a tax deductible gift, or directly through paypal.

National and international donations are welcome.
For Australians seeking a tax deduction you can donate through the Australian Sports Foundation’s Fundraising for Sport Fundraising Program.   

Corrections & additions to the January 2020 Stable Sheet:
In Memory Of:
Daniel Harrell's correct name is Daniel Ramirez. His wife of 17 years is Ernestine Janet Harrell-Ramirez. From Janet: "Daniel struggled with many health issues after an anoxic brain injury in 1998. With all his health issues, when we married we were thankful for everyday we had together. He was such a fighter. He supported me in anything I did and always had my back. He made me laugh every day. He will be sorely missed."

More on the passing of Tug Hill Whamunition on January 8, 2020 due to kidney failure . Known to many as Jesse, Whamunition (Wham Bam Command x Fiddlers Majesta) was 33. His 6 World Championships and 2 Reserve World Championship wins as an amateur and open park saddle horse brought him to the attention of many breeders for over a decade. He was also a 3 time World Champion in-hand; had 9 Grand/Reserve National Championship wins; and, was the Canadian National Champion in-hand and park saddle.

Carolyn Crawford Dillon wrote: "We want to thank everyone for all the condolences, private messages, phone calls on my cell and text messages, they mean the world to us and we were soooo blessed to have such a spectacular horse in our lives and the lives of so many others. Jesse is buried next to Ancient Cry, overlooking the paddocks and our beautiful view of the Three Sisters Mountains. Thank you all. RIP Tug Hill Whamunition, we love you with all our hearts my friend." 

Helen and Carolyn, our hearts go out to you. This grand stallion will live on through his more than 170 sons and daughters and their untold offspring.
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