Stable Sheet - January 2019
Carol Dombrowsky - Thank you for sharing this with us.
In Memory Of

Sandrock Joel
Edgewood Hallmark x His Mark Charity

1983 - 2018
From Chris Holm;
My beautiful boy and one of my oldest and dearest friends was laid to rest on Saturday. Sandrock Joel (Edgewood Hallmark x His Mark Charity) foaled 6-6-83 died 12-15-2018. He stayed as long as he could but it was evident he was ready to leave us behind and join his band of mares waiting on the other side.

His last day we went for a walk to the slide track with a view of the place, all his mares and foals that are still here and the valley he has called home the last 34 years. Then I took him to talk to the horses he hasn't seen for a while. I groomed him and turned him out in the little pasture next to his mares where he ate hay and his goodies and accepted visitors and peppermint treats.

Hope Quay and Josey Sutton , Larry Linda Menard (a huge Thank you Larry for preparing his last resting place and Ted and Janice Young Dvm Windrel who made his transition to his new greener pastures one of peace and tranquility.) and of course my husband Rodger Holm gave him lots of loving too.

His last moments were as his life, a class act. He nickered goodbye as he left this world or maybe he was saying hello to his girls on the other side...

Things will never seem quite right here as he was the reason for Devine Morgans. He left us so many gifts, fillies lately and of course Luke. He was truly a one of a kind and I was so blessed for all the time I had with him. I really didn't tell him goodbye. I just kept thanking him and telling him I love him as he parted this world.
Out Of The Past

Monterey x Klyona
Foaled in 1930
This is Marvin Jepperson who purchased Abbott, a Remount stallion, after the Remount discontinued. One of Phil Morrisons prize mares came from this breeding - Abonette Primrose (Abbott X Rose Primway). This information came from Lillian Smith
Barbara Cobean owned an Abbott daughter named Abbilene which she bought from the Van Pelts. 

This picture of Abbott was published in many magazines as being representative of the Morgan breed.
Per Ray Ellsworth, Gene Marr also used Abbott in his breeding program.
Silver Rockwood x Katrina Field who was by Sonfield

Foaled in 1955
A nice picture of Rockfield who was used in the Shawalla breeding program in the Walla Walla WA area
Clarence & Bess Shaw.

Midnight Mickey
(Hedlite's Micky Waer x Midnight Jubilee)
Foaled in 1965
From Richard Trower:
I have spoken to Diane Kubis, Triflik Morgans in Auburn WA. . She says:
"Micky was an incredible Morgan; jet black, dished head, the epitomy of a Morgan horse. He moved with a very natural action, tail high in the air; he was proud of himself and let the crowd see how he moved, head high, naturally curved Morgan neck, small ears. He was kind and lovable, as well as his offspring. He was a wonderful stallion, easy to handle and he put his mark on his offspring.

I raised many Morgans as well as the Yust family, who also leased him. His owner lived in California and Micky went down there for a short time and then returned to my place here.

I sent my mares to California so they could still be bred by Micky. Actually he is the one and only Morgan that has been buried on my place."
A Request For Help
From Richard Trower of Richill Farms:
I am in the process of writing an article about Hedlite's Micky Waer. If anyone has information on his use in the breeding programs at Midnight Morgans or Beaver State Morgans please IM me on Facebook and I will send you my email address. Or go to and click on Contact Us and fill out the email form and I will get back to you. Thank you.
News From Members & Friends
Ami Ericson was called away, so this is a very limited news listing this month. Please be sure to tag Ami on your facebook postings
@ami ericson o'dmoors or by sending your news via email to .
Her phone number is (760) 975-2574.
Congratulations to Liz Goldmann, her trainer Dallas Bolen,
Sutton Remembrance (top two photos) and Sutton Terra Cotta
(pictured above leaping for joy).
Carole Mercer, still riding and performing.
Ensbrook colt by Pegasus Sir Lancelot at 18 months.
Time to go to school.
Thank you Mike n Kathy Christensen for hosting another fabulous
dinner for all of us! SILVER MESA Christmas 2018!
Great friends, awesome food, & fun gifts!! Merry Christmas!
Oregon MVP owned and bred by Carol Dombrowsky. He is a 2018 colt by JMF True North out of FCM Lonnie. He is going to be huge. Handsome boy!
Soggy hiking with Dustin Arnould.
Leslie Arnould is getting a new
tack room. Thank you Dustin!
Julie Nygaard - with family at Walt Disneys Magic Kingdom in Orlando
Congratulations to Margaret Korver, the new owner of Crown Commandant. And to Erica Parker Trager who is looking forward to working with him. He is by MSV Shooting Star out of Mantic Bella Rena.
Emma Downtown in her winter fuzz..
Two photos from Sharon Harper -
(Above) - Kerry Fawn with Shannon up. She is as sweet and gentle as her name and is the one I hope to be riding this summer. Pray God we can get her in foal this year as I would love an Argosy foal from her.
Kerry Bay - in foal for her second Argosy baby.
Celebrating the day of the horse with two of my favorites ‘Belle’ (R) my current mount and Morocco (above) that I miss always.
( Passport to Morocco & Everwood Belle Demoiselle)
From Liz Goldmann. "Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see?" Made me think of the Christmas carol when the herd spotted something beyond human earshot and eyesight. Festival Fanfare, Sutton Fancy That, & Anthem Rose Gold on high alert before they decided no true threat and fell back to grazing.
Jessica Pelissier - Have to share my girl Me First aka Miley, she is
looking back to her old self after giving me a beautiful foal last spring. Time to get to riding.

From Kathy DeFazio, Scandia Morgans. "Trademark says to me. The days are getting longer and I feel mighty fine for 25." Lots more pasture time and a mild winter has agreed with him.
(UVM Lexington x Lyonhil Ambition)
Gladheart Linhawk
(Funquest Diviner x Rogue's Midnight Melody)
Owned by Jack & Nadette Stang, Gladheart Farm
Gladheart Linhawk was the first foal registered with the Gladheart prefix, and although rather diminutive (13.3h), “LC” (or "Little Man" as his Oregon dressage friends have dubbed him) is proof you don't need a big horse for dressage.

Initially trained and shown by his amateur owner to First Level, LC has successfully competed through Grand Prix with USDF Silver Medalist Kimberlee Barker in USDF recognized Open competitions. He has been an Adequan/USDF All-Breeds Award winner at every level from First through Prix St Georges, and Morgan Dressage Association Awards of Excellence recipient at all levels from First to FEI, often capturing Champion or Reserve titles. 
Linhawk and Kim have been a popular pair for dressage demonstrations: the only Morgan in the Oregon Dressage Society's Introduction to the 2011 USEF Tests Seminar, Second Level horse and rider pair for the 2011 USDF "L-Judges" series with Axel Steiner, and a demonstration horse for the Dressage Exhibition at the 2009 and 2012 Northwest Equine Expositions, as well as being a participant in the 2012 USDF Region 6 Adult Clinic with Lilo Fore. They have been featured in The Morgan Horse , Chronicle of the Horse and Flying Changes magazines.
In 2015, Linhawk underwent colic surgery at the Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, and began a long road of recovery and reabilitation. We are so incredibily grateful to the faculty and staff at Oregon State for their skill and care of LC, and it almost goes without saying that we are greatly indebted to Kim for her skill and dedication in rehabilitating LC.
2018 was LC's first season post colic, and he returned with style debuting at Grand Prix in the summer and earning his AMHA Gold Medallion this fall. We are excited to see what 2019 brings!
LC is both a benchmark for us in what type of athletic talent we strive for in our program, as well as an outstanding example of what a talented Morgan can do.
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