Stable Sheet - July & August 2019
Stable Sheet - July & August 2019
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
From The Board
Mission Statement for your Board of Directors:
"To promote & preserve the Morgan Breed, serve MHAO members,
& support the Unity of the Morgan community."
President's Message
How can we be half way thru show season??? Didn't it just get started? All our local shows are rolling along, and we are getting ready to celebrate our new Regional show in Monroe WA - Yeah C-Fair!! We hope to see everyone there.

Meantime I am working on finishing all the things I have started before I step down as your MHAO President. Who would like to take my place? Do you have a vision for your club? If so, give me a call. Let's talk.
Gay Adams , MHAO President,

Announcement: John Shaver has resigned from the Board for family reasons. He wish him well. He will be missed.
John Shaver has resigned from the Board for family reasons. We wish him the very best. His insight and help will be missed.

Thank you for your service
to MHAO John
Board Meeting Minutes - Draft
July 17, 2019
Present: Karen Breckinridge, Julie Nygaard, Kathy Christensen, Nancy Eidam, Mary Grimes, Martha Woodland, Gay Adams, Shirley Champion, Paula Hague, and Erin Silver
Not Present: Grace Martiin, Diane Pixlee, John Shaver and Natalie Woodland
Quorum Present
Meeting was called to order at 7:34pm

Treasurer’s Report:
Financial report as of June 30, 2019 – Karen Breckinridge
$ 22,386.    General Checking Account
$ 25,493.    Savings Account
$  3,212.    Futurity Account
$ 12,765.   Nancy Falk Trust Donation-Restricted Funds
$ 49,676.    OMC Checking Account
$ 2,838.    Fixed Assets
$    160.     Paypal Online Payments
$    273.    Other Current Assets  
$116,803.  TOTAL ASSETS 

Karen emphasized that the Oregon Horse Center has not been paid yet and to not get too excited about the total in our OMC account. 

Accounts receivables are dwindling down. When Karen took over there was approximately $3,200 owed to MHAO. This last month a person paid their debt of $109.50 and another one has said that the check is in the mail. The new total outstanding is about $225. Gay thanked Karen for her persistence & hard work over the last few years. (And thanks to all who are getting their account with us current - so appreciated.)

A suggestion was made to give a list of unpaid sponsorships to Kelly McFaul, our OMC secretary, to add to their bill when they are checking out. We currently have sponsorships that are unpaid. It is difficult to collect these after the show is over. We should have a nice profit of around $10,000. when the bills are paid and when all sponsors have paid.

Secretary Report:
Minutes from the prior meeting were approved via email.


Show committee – Karen Breckenridge & Paula Hague
Karen presented a not-quite-final financial report to the Board. Gay talked about the Vendors. This year most agreed to be Benefactor Sponsors rather than just paying for the booth. Others paid for their booth by donating extra items to the Silent Auction. A booth is offered with all Corporate Sponsorships. Several of the Vendors have already asked to have a booth next year.

Gay also mentioned that the cost of the Oregon Horse Center facility by itself is very reasonable & gives us 3 arenas to work with. The past 3 years it has cost the following:  2017-$4,150. 2018- $4,350. and 2019- $4,700.
Hi-Point and Awards Banquet Committee- Erin Silver
Erin will encourage members to sign up for Hi-Point at C-Fair and pass out forms. Everyone that is showing at Morgan or Open shows should sign up. She is still shopping for appropriate prizes.

Youth Committee- Gay reported for Diane, Grace, & Natalie
A big thank you to Julie Nygaard, Karen, Jim and Sierra Breckenridge for their help in the Youth of the Year class judging, knowledge testing, patterns and speech contests. A remark was made about how nice the helpers were when working with the Youth of the Year contestants.

Diane has a vision for a Youth Newsletter but has not been able to initiate it yet. Gay has asked her to remain on the Board next year and to continue to work toward her vision for our Youth program. 

Gay also mentioned that Robbie Falk, Nancy Falk’s sister, came to the show to present the Colorful Morgan Award on behalf of her sister’s Trust. The donation from the Nancy Falk Trust was for the Colorful Morgan Award and also for the Youth of the Year Program. Robbie was very pleased about the Youth of the Year activities she observed and really liked the awards she saw being presented. 

Stallion Auction and Futurity Committee- Gay Adams
Gay needs to complete the accounting for both committees before the payouts will happen. Checks will go out by month end. She will put information in the Stable Sheet to remind people to nominate their foals by year end for the rate of $45. After that, the initial nomination goes to $100. We are hoping more foals will be nominated. 

Promotion- Martha Woodland
There are plans to promote our Morgan Breed at the Oregon State Fair this year. Erin and Martha are working together to showcase our Breed by hauling in horses. It was suggested that the promotion fund pay for a stall for at least one of the horses. There will be promotional hand-outs set out at a table. Last year Erin mentioned that they closed an aisle where the Saddlebreds were stabled and it hindered our traffic coming by the table that had promotional literature. As soon as information is available on the show at the Fair, Martha &/or Erin will contact management & get a better location lined up. Kathy Christensen mentioned that she found another box of promotional information that will be useful & she will get it to Martha. 

Martha said that the radio ads for the OMC show brought people in to watch. Great advertising! Also, lots of pamphlets were picked up off the information table. One person said that she used to show 20 years ago and might be getting back in. Let’s get that person on a Morgan. People seemed to like the water and snacks we provided. 

Martha will contact Shelley to see if she will help us get an updated sales sheet for the Fair. 

Membership- Kathy Christensen
No new members so nothing to report. Kathy is hopeful that with Erin handing out forms at C-Fair for Hi-Point, people who are not members that are interested in the awards will join MHAO.

Kathy will continue to work on the membership committee but with her new job is not able to work on the Directory. We will need to find a person to do this job.

Ride/Drive Program- Shirley Champion
Shirley was able to get the patches to be used in the program from Leanne Roth. Gay would like Shirley to write out information on how to run this program so we can add it to our Policy & Procedure Manual. 

Shirley has agreed to take on the Open Incentive program next year. Thank you Shirley. John will not run again for the Board. Gay has a call into him to see if he is resigning now or at the end of the year.

Website/Stable Sheet- Gay Adams
Next year Gay will not be doing the Stable Sheet.  She asked everyone on the Board to be on the lookout for someone to join the Board & to take over the Newsletter. According to our bylaws it needs to be sent out monthly.


Scholarship- Mary Grimes
Mary has been in contact with Sally Plumley about details pertaining to the scholarship offered in the name of Alex Mooney. Sally would like it to be used for any College or ‘Professional Trade’ School program.  We are still looking at options for when it will be given out. Current thinking is we will award it on Alex’s birthday annually. Fund raising ideas are still under development. So far the fund has $1,000. Funds are currently held in the General Account. Mary would like fundraising ideas from the Board. AMHA also has a scholarship program in Alex’s honor. Mary & her committee will watch what they do for fundraising for more ideas.

Discussion was had about the Alex Mooney Tribute at the OMC show this year. A moving tribute about her life was read at the show & a special award with her picture on it was given for the English Pleasure Championship. Each year the Alex Mooney Memorial Award will be given out to the winner of the English Pleasure Championship class. Shannon Connor and CRD Bugatti were the recipients this year. Awards presented included $250.00, purple roses, a cooler and the special plaque with Alex’s picture on it. Shannon wore a purple day coat during the class. Paula brought up that she had to go barn to barn to find someone to enter the class. Kelly McFaul told her that no one had entered. Tim Arcuri asked Shannon to enter. Next year we need to hype the class & the special award more before the show and in the premium book.

501c3 Discussion- Gay Adams
Gay has been working on the establishment of a charitable arm of MHAO (501c3). MHAO is a 501c5 Nonprofit organization. Because it has members, it cannot be a charitable type (c3) nonprofit. We are looking to see if we can establish a charitable arm to help us garner more donations & sponsorships. At this time, Gay thinks a 501c3 arm should cover 2 things: the OMC show and the Alex Mooney scholarship fund. Both the 501c5 arm and the 501c3 arm will need to have their own sources of funding. They will be two separate organizations. Both will need to at least break even on an annual basis. Gay will present an outline of what she is thinking about at the next meeting.

Board Nominations needed
Board Nominations are needed for our November election. Gay asked that everyone on the Board be looking for potential new members and let her know of anyone she should contact. She asks that all Board members talk with people to see if they are willing to run. We will need 3-4 new board members. Hopefully one of them will be willing to do the newsletter. We need someone else to work on the membership directory.  Ballots for our election need to go out by October 1st.

It was decided to have an August meeting to discuss the scholarship program, establishment of an 501c3 (charitable) arm of MHAO, to finish up our Policy & Procedure Manual addendums, finalize Board nominations, & to get ready for the Award Banquet. 

The meeting date has been moved to a week earlier in the month for 7:30pm on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 via conference call.
Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard-MHAO Secretary
Congratulations to all of this year's Graduates!
New This Year!
All breed Challenge class at the Oregon State Fair!!
Thursday, August 29, 2019

August 23 - September 2, 2019
Multi-breed Horse Show at the Fair
August 26 - September 2
Who is Willing to Participate
in the Challenge??
Contact & coordinate thru Erin Silver,
(971) 600-8933 or

Click here to download Breed Challenge information

For more information or a mailed Premium Book for the show, contact: Ron Hood, Horse Show Manager
280 Mansfield Rd
Hollister, CA 95023

A great opportunity to promote the Morgan horse, to have fun, and to earn points toward a Hi-Point award thru MHAO.

And there is more!
Help us fill three new Morgan Opportunity classes that have been added at the Fair
Friday and Saturday
August 30 & 31st
We need entries for the following classes:
Morgan Western Pleasure Open
Morgan Hunt Seat Pleasure Open
Morgan Jr. Exhibitor 17 & under Hunt/English Pleasure

We need you!! Who can do it?

Please let me know if you can attend.
I have a Promotion budget so am using it for this great opportunity. There are also some open to all breed classes at the show to ride in.

Thanks to all who come whether to compete, answer visitor questions, or cheer from the rail.

Martha Woodland, MHAO Promotion Chair

Additionally, there will be a promotion table with information
and an opportunity for people to meet a Morgan horse.

Click here to download a schedule of classes
Click here to download an entry form
All exhibitors need to come with the Exhibitor Consent Form
Click here for more information about the show

Come join us!

Contact: Martha Woodland
(541) 912-6950,

And if you compete, don't forget to send in your application for the MHAO Open Incentive Reimbursement!
Attention!!! Shirley Champion is your new contact for Open Incentive reimbursement.

Click here to download an Open Incentive form to send in
The Rumor About Swirls
An interesting tidbit posted by Chuck Nifong on Facebook who shared Beadle Lake Large Animal Clinic's posting from 2014

Many of people have asked over the years .... What does the Swirl mean? Well here you go. My Grandfather taught me this many years ago and I have found it to be TRUE *~_CN_~*

Swirlology 101- (whorl patterns).

Have you ever wondered what the whorl pattern on your horse's forehead means? Some old timers have said it can be the gateway to the soul. See if you agree.

*A swirl located between the eyes indicates an easy going, uncomplicated horse.
*Swirls higher on the forehead indicate intelligence and a more reactive nature.
*Long swirls, especially those that extend below the eye indicate a friendly and agreeable nature.
*Multiple swirls can indicate multiple personalities.
*High and tight side by side swirls can mean a horse that is super focused and talented, but challenging and difficult in the wrong hands.
*Two swirls on top of each other can mean extreme personality swings and unpredictability.
*Multiple swirls that form a Z pattern can signal a horse that is dangerous and violent.
*The direction that the whorl turns can tell you if the horse is right or left "handed" (or hoofed). If the whorl flows counterclockwise it is left "handed". If the whorl flows clockwise it is right "handed".

Anyone else have any other wives tales you have heard
about whorl patterns?
Sunstone Uptown Lady, owned by John & Gay Adams, Sunstone Morgans
It's Time For The MHAO Futurity
Foal Photo Contest!!
Get out your camera's!!
Anyone can enter (MHAO member or non-member). Foals can be from any year (past or present), and do not need to be foals that are entered in the Futurity. Enter up to 4 photos.

$$ Prize money for 1st thru 3rd!! $$

Click here to download an application to send in with your photos.
Come join the fun!!
Get Your 2019 Foals Nominated
To the MHAO Futurity Before Year End
For the Great Rate of $45
After Year End, Late Fees Will Apply
Click here to download a 2019 Foal Nomination Form
Click here to download Futurity Rules
FCM Lei Lonnie and her new foal, Oregon TNT.
Photo by owner Carol Dombrowsky, Oregon Morgans
C-Fair Morgan Regional
Some clarification from the Premium Booklet per Linda Collins

* Early arrival is Tuesday, July 30th.
* Early arrival fees only apply to horse stalls, not tack stalls.
* $25 Office Fee is per owner, not per horse
as stated on entry blank.
* No post entry fee if received by August 1st.

See you there!!

Evergreen Equestrian Center
Monroe WA
Healthy Horse Hydration Tips
  • Provide a plain, white salt block or loose salt at all times. Horses will freely consume 50 grams per day on average of NaCl, satisfying the needs of most horses in moderate work.
  • Fresh, clean water should always be available. Electrolyte supplementation will increase water consumption, as will hot, humid weather conditions.
  • Supplementary electrolytes may be necessary to replace those minerals lost in sweat from hot temperatures, humidity or heavy work.
Emma Downtown from Leslie Arnould
New Dates!!
Technical Large Animal
Emergency Rescue Seminars
Discounted rate for MHAO members!
Pendleton – Saturday & Sunday, October 19-20, Pendleton Convention Center, 1601 Westgate, Pendleton, OR 97801
Wilsonville -Saturday & Sunday, November 16-17, Al Kader Shrine Center, 25100 SW Parkway Ave, Wilsonville, OR 97070

Questions: Contact Brandi Ebner, Oregon Horse Council Executive Director
PNW Morgan Horse Show
Join us for the 65th Annual PNW Morgan Horse Show! This year due to the circumstances at the facility, the show will not be charging a post entry fee. However, to help our new secretary compile her database, please send in entries as soon as everyone is comfortable and able.

Although the show may be indoors or outdoors depending on construction at the Tacoma Unit, be sure to book your rooms at the Shilo Inn Tacoma before July 21 to lock in our discounted show rate!

We understand that there are a lot of questions this year, so please feel free to contact show management (Patty and Kaitlin Lebon) at (425) 239-4479 or .

Please watch for updates, as we will pass along info as soon as we receive it from the Tacoma Unit!

We want to be available for people and would rather speak in person than let misunderstandings get in the way of everyone having a wonderful time! This show has so many wonderful memories from the past 65 years... we look forward to making more this year!"

The premium, class schedule, entry blanks, and sponsorship forms can be found at
“Lights, Camera, Canter!”
EQUUS Film Channel to partner with Horse Network
Learn more at Equus Film Channel
Joint Leadership Council Update
The Joint Leadership Council (JLC), comprised of representatives of the American Hackney Horse Society, American Morgan Horse Association, American Road Horse and Pony Association, American Saddlebred Association and the United Professional Horsemen’s Association, is pleased to report recent actions taken by the United States Equestrian Federation Board of Directors at its mid-year meeting.

Earlier this year the JLC, working through the USEF National Breeds and Disciplines Council (NBDC) and the USEF Governance Committee, requested a USEF by-laws change that would increase the number of trotting breed representatives on the NBDC. At the recent USEF Board meeting an increase of three NBDC seats was unanimously approved by the Board. This by-law change will significantly improve representation for the trotting breed affiliates of USEF.

Another positive step taken by the USEF Board was to institute a National Equestrian of the Year Award. Previously, International and National Breed and Discipline athletes have been grouped together for a single Equestrian of the Year Award. Historically, the International athletes, due to Olympic participation, have received more recognition than that given to National Breed and Disciplines athletes. With the addition of a National Equestrian of the Year Award our breeds and disciplines will receive equal consideration for their accomplishments. The inaugural National Equestrian will be honored at the 2020 USEF Annual Convention in Palm Beach, Florida. Please begin to think about a worthy nominee from your breed or discipline.

During the USEF Board meeting, a new marketing and promotional video was unveiled. The trotting breeds and the Saddle Seat discipline were well represented. Several examples of our sport were highlighted throughout the video. This is a very positive step toward the promotion of our breeds and sport to the public.

Following the mid-year Board meeting USEF CEO, Bill Maroney, notified the USEF Affiliates of two resolutions passed by the USEF Board of Directors:

1. The Board approved an amendment to the interpretation of the new MAAP Policies that USEF will communicate to the membership shortly.

2. The Board directed the creation of a comprehensive Safe Sport campaign including the engagement of a crisis and communication consultant.

The Licensed Officials Committee (LOC) was seated June 1, 2019. Three members were appointed to a three-year term. Lisa Blackwell and Jose Colon are two National Affiliate representatives that have been appointed. Their appointment increases the Nation Breeds and Disciplines presence on the LOC.
Have You Registered For
MHAO's High Point Awards?
MHAO has a fantastic High Point Program. If you are showing at either Morgan or Open shows, get registered!
Use the form or just send Erin an email with the information.

Don't miss out!

Contact Erin to see if you are registered or if you have any questions.
Once registered, the following shows will be tracked automatically by Erin: Key Classic, BC Show, Oregon Morgan Classic, C-Fair Regional, PNW Morgan Show, Nationals

Click here to download the registration form.
Click here to see or download program information.

For any other shows, please report your placing on the
following forms:
Click here to download the Jr. Exhibitor Declaration form
Click here to download the Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration form

For questions or assistance contact:
Erin Silver, (971) 600-8933
Save The Date!
MHAO Award Banquet
Sunday, November 10, 2019
More information to follow.

Willamette Heritage Center,
Dye House
1313 Mill Street SE, Suite 200
Salem, OR 97301
We need some new horses (and riders) for our color guards!
We need some new horses (and riders) for out color guards!
   Are you interested in being part of the mounted color guard at some of our shows? Volunteers are always needed. Check to see if your horse will tolerate a waving flag - and then let me know what shows you will be attending!

   Contact Shelley Bullard at .
2020 Show Date Announced
BC Morgan Horse Show
May 28-31, 2020
Thursday - Sunday
"The BC Morgan Horse Show is a fun, four day horse show right on the Canadian US border in Lynden, WA. The show features Morgan, Saddlebred, Open, Friesian and Part Bred Friesian classes".

"We hope you will join us!"
Morgan breed promotions continue around Spokane!

From Margo Mossburg
We managed and started an all breed Play Day in Spokane to benefit Rough Start Horse Rescue as a tune up before show season on June 29th. For our first event this year, we had about fifty riders with all breeds including Morgans. I played show manager, event photographer, ringmaster and gate keeper so many of the Rough Start volunteers could ride and have some fun in show horse classes in halter, Western, English and trail. The end of the day we had some gaming classes which were also a huge hit. I took two of my geldings for the halter class and riding for the day and loaned them out. Chili Colorado won 4th place and Baptiste Jay Cheyadow won 5th place out of something like 14 entries under a QH judge which made me smile. One rider I had lined up was too hurt to show Chili so I managed to squeak him into halter but I could not ride him when managing the show, darn it. 

My other gelding Jay was ridden for the day and they had a blast. Jay is trained as a trail horse but his rider managed to get a walk, jog and lope out of him in his classes which made me smile and made for nice photos too. Jay is our older stallion who was infertile as he aged so we gelded him this spring. Now I am showing this sweet boy some until I find him the right home.

We had other Morgans in attendance as well and they all wowed the crowds so a ton of questions were asked. If you would like to see more photos from this fun event, click here: 

Next we are going to the parade in Davenport, Washington, on July 20th with Jay and the same rider so folks can see a Morgan of a different color, a cremello. We are always dragging our Morgans out to open shows, fairs and anyplace else so folks can see them in action in public. The best part? Jay is being ridden by a girl who does not have her own horse right now. So I am more than happy to loan out Jay to Kylie and her younger sister Katie or other volunteers from the horse rescue who work hard for the adoptable horses. I do that loaner Morgan thing when we have too many nice Morgans to ride here and not enough rumps living here to get them all into events. I am playing pooper scooper too for Kylie and Katie so the sisters can wave and nod this weekend which is always a fun day for kids in parades. I am looking forward to those photos too and all the smiles and questions to be asked me about Morgans.

Margo Mossburg, Dragoon Morgans, Spokane, WA  509-796-2140 message only
I forgot to mention a couple of fun details. We had all sorts of breeds there including the usual Appaloosas, Quarter Horses and Paints but we also had Arabians, National Show Horses, mustangs, standard donkey, a nice mule, a young Halflinger and many other breeds and rescued horses that normally do not come out to local horse shows. I loved all the smiles of people having fun and helping each other.

We had a flat fee of only $35 for the day to keep entry cost low and made over $2,000 for the horse rescue. They also accepted donations thay day & sold some fun items. Not a bad result for managment time for a few months before the event and one day's work - all to help homeless horses at Rough Start Horse Rescue. Their web site is . They are a tax exempt charity near Spokane that I have volunteered with since 2010. Thru their work over 800 homeless horses have now been placed.

Rough Start Horse Rescue, is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works to improve neglected, starved, and abused horses lives. We accept owner surrender, abandoned,and police confiscated horses, as well as other horses as needs arise.
"She loves me, she loves me not."
A great picture from Julie Nygaard.
Featured Article From Horse | Network
How to Decrease your Horse’s Risk of Colic with Nutrition Management
Horses have evolved as grazing animals, eating a wide variety of forages and living in herds.

They graze at ground level and can cover distances up to nine miles in a 24-hour period. Free-ranging horses tend to show 10–15 distinct feeding bouts within 24 hours and spend around 10–14 hours per day on feed intake behavior. Resting or non-feeding bouts are generally of no more than three to four hours duration (Ellis, 2010).

The majority of today’s horses have a vastly different daily routine than that of their ancestors. Horses typically spend much of their time in stalls and smaller pastures. Horses with access to seven hours of pasture turnout per day can walk up to three miles per day, which is one third the distance compared to a free-ranging horse.

Horses are also reliant on the caregivers for the majority, if not all, of their forage and nutrient requirements. Most facilities have standardized feeding programs that offer one to three concentrate meals per day and two to four hay feedings per day.

Colic is one of the most common problems facing horses in modern management systems. Colic refers to a combination of signs that alert us to abdominal pain in the horse, which may be due to an accumulation of gas, fluid or feed. The severity of colic can range from mild to severe. Colic symptoms have been associated with composition of diet, changes in diet, feeding practices, exercise patterns, housing and stress.

Stress is also a huge factor in the lives of our horses and comes in numerous different forms, including, but not limited to:
  • Physical (Baker et al., 1988)
  • Exercise
  • Heat
  • Transport
  • Injury/Pain
  • Psychological (Saunders et al., 2002)
  • Separation
  • Feeding Management

Environmental and disease stressors can play a major role in compromising intestinal cells. These cells are essential for absorbing nutrients needed by the horse and also providing a barrier that stops bacteria, toxins and pathogens passing into the blood stream. This can lead to intestinal inflammation and breakdown or colic.

It is unrealistic to expect to remove all stressors from the lives of our horses, especially stress associated with exercise and transport, but it is plausible to alleviate some stress associated with feeding management.

The first place to start is with the amount of forages being fed. Most horses should be fed between 1.5% and 2.5% of their body weight in dry forage. It is widely recognized that not feeding enough forage can result in stomach and hind gut acidity, colic, wood chewing and other behavioral issues.

To mimic the natural grazing patterns of horses, it is important to feed horses in a natural grazing position. Researchers have shown a significant reduction in chewing time and saliva production when horses are fed out of buckets at chest height as compared to ground level (Ellis, 2010).

Hay bags with small holes (less than 1-inch diameter) have proven to prolong intake time, further mimicking grazing behavior and decreasing stress in horses (Glunk et al., 2013).

Through the use of quality forage sources and feeding management practices that decrease stress by mimicking natural feeding and foraging behavior, we can begin to decrease our horses risk for colic.
Learn more at .

Ellis, A. D. (2010) Biological basis of behaviour and feed intake, In: A.D. Ellis, A.C. Longland, M. Coenen and N. Miraglia (2010) The impact of nutrition on the health and welfare of horses. EAAP Publication No. 128, Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 53-74.
J.G. Baker, J.G., B., Gaffin, S.L., Wells, Michelle, Wessels, B.C. & Brock-Utne. (1988) Endotoxaemia in racehorses following exertion. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association, Volume 59, Issue 2, Jun 1988, p. 63 – 66.
Saunders, P.R., Santos, J., Hanssen, N.P., Yates, D., Groot, J.A., Perdue, M.H. (2002) Physical and psychological stress in rats enhances colonic epithelial permeability via peripheral CRH. Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Vol. 47, p.208-215.
Glunk, E.C. et al. 2013. The effect of hay net design on rate and amount of forage consumed by adult horses. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, Volume 33, Issue 5, 362 – 363.
September 2, 2019
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