Stable Sheet - | July 2018
Stable Sheet - July 2018
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
From The MHAO Board
President's Message
The Oregon Morgan Classic was held June 20-23, 2018 and was a big success! What a fun show! Our numbers were good, and the show was loaded with fun events and good food. Thank you to our volunteers who all helped in putting on the show, our sponsors, horse owners & trainers, and those who came as exhibitors or just to watch. Everything seemed to go smoothly, and how wonderful it was to see so many people in the stands!

Special thanks goes to our wonderful staff & volunteers -
and to Nancy Eidam as our Show Chair!
They were all truly amazing!

Nancy, thank you for all your hard work. Your leadership & contributions to the show will be felt for many years to come.
Thank you so much!

This year we added American Saddlebred horses to our show, and I hope we made all their owners and exhibitors feel welcome. This is a change we have been discussing for several years. We have already received inquiries from Saddlebred owners asking if we will include them again next year. Our hope is that those who came enjoyed the show and will spread the word so we will see even more of them next year.

It is with sadness we note that this year's Regional show has been cancelled. Perhaps it is time for the Northwest clubs and show committees to get together and come up with a joint strategy for how to serve our local Morgan Community. We need to help each other if we are to maintain a healthy and energetic Morgan Horse population & community in this area.
Oregon Morgan Classic Report
The Oregon Morgan Classic was a great success! 
If you missed the fun this year, don’t let it happen again!

From Nancy Eidam

There are rave reviews coming in on the OMC Show. Everyone who was there had a great time and is already planning to come back next year.

The success of this show was the result of the efforts of many people. Thank you's begin with our Show Manager, Joan Palelek. Her guiding efforts were everywhere throughout the show. Her Support Team: Gay Adams - Futurity, Coordination of the High Point Colorful Morgan Award, Progressive Dinner, and Vendors; Jim and Karen Breckenridge - Dressage support, horse bouncy ball relays, show decorations, transport of club trailers, and a zillion more odds and end jobs; Martha Woodland - Silent Auction and youth table; Erin Silver & Kathy Christiansen - Silent Auction items, Morgan information table and gift baskets; Diane Pixlee - youth activities and Youth of the Year; Ann Margaret Korver - points tabulation & High Point Futurity Award; Paula Hague - Show Awards, Stabling Manager, Vice-Chairman for the show, flowers in center ring; Carole Bradford for the Futurity flowers; Leslie Arnould - greenery in center ring; Gene and Kathy Van Dyke - Awards Corner and presentations; Leanne Roth and Lenore Smith - center ring attendants; Shelley Bullard - Flag Presentations; Sue Iggulden - T-Shirt decorating and ice cream social; and all the many, many folks who sponsored classes and specialty events.

A special appreciation to our show secretary Kelly McFaul in the office who not only was superb at her job but greeted everyone with a smile and all the answers they needed. Our new Paddock Manager, Sara Stubbs was also superb and kept the show running smoothly. Pam Sandberg, our announcer and Cheryl Culwell, our Ring Steward did their usual expert jobs. Our USEF Steward, Nancy Harvey was unobtrusively everywhere doing a great job as always. Kyla and Kevin of the Oregon Horse Center staff were outstanding behind the scenes making our show a wonderful place to be throughout the week.

If we missed getting your name listed, please know how much everyone's efforts were appreciated. This show was a wonderful "team" success event.

Thank you to one and all!

Winner of the Professional Incentive Bonus was Diane Pixlee
She was there with 5 horses to show, broke her wrist/arm before the show began, and ran the Youth of the Year program. She really stepped up to the challenge, and then won the incentive bonus from the show. Hooray!

     Winner of the Owners Incentive Bonus was Sierra Breckinridge
Another worthy winner who does so much promoting Morgans and MHAO.
The Breckenridge family goes all out to help with the show including handling all the setup for the dressage arena and making sure the show trailers get to the show grounds. Thank you so much, and Congratulations!
OMC was a great show this year with a full stabling area and some very full classes. The Saddlebreds were a delightful addition to the show. Everyone had a great time with lots of fun in the extra activities. Entries were represented from Oregon, California, Washington, British Columbia, Idaho, and Montana. The quality of horses and riders was top level. Several sessions found appreciative spectators filling the grandstand.

This years show reached the goal of a family friendly, inclusive,
and very fun show.

     Mark your 2019 calendar for June 19-22 at Oregon Horse Center for a bigger and better Oregon Morgan Classic for Morgans and Saddlebreds.
A BIG thank you to all the folks that made the show go!
Best sponsorship baskets ever! Thank you Kathy Christensen!

More information will follow in a special edition
of the Stable Sheet
Summer Solstice
Far West Regional Cancelled
News Flash!
The Country Classic hosting the AMHA Regional Show, Far West, to be held July 11-15, has been cancelled due to low entries from the Morgan and Saddlebreds. The Hunter/Jumper show that was also coinciding at the same venue has also been cancelled due to low entries. The Northwest Equestrian Team management regrets the decision and the hardship it has put on those who planned on attending!
The Far West Team is saddened by this turn of events but also feels several factors may have played into the low entries that none of us had control over. Sometimes a "perfect storm" arises and this may have been one of them.

The Far West Team wishes to thank those of you who planned on attending for your continued support and we wish all of our Morgan fellow competitors the best the rest of this show season!
Erin Silver has agreed to be our
new High Point Chair for 2018!
Thank you Erin!
Our MHAO High Point Program
Click here to download the Program information
Click here to download a High Point Registration Form
Click here to download the updated Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form
Click here to download the updated Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form

Questions? Contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or
Have You Seen Her?
Horse Alert!
A bit blurry, but the best I could do.
Good Information to know from the
University of Minnesota Equine Extension Program On Concussions
  • Researchers say 44% of people participating in equestrian sports will suffer a horse-related concussion. Do you know how to tell if your riding buddy has suffered from one during an incident? 
  • A separate suggestion… if you have an incident, buy a new helmet even if the old one does not look damaged.

Ride safe!
Coming Up!
FarWest Cowboy Dressage Gathering
From Diana Pyle
July 26, 2018
FarWest Cowboy Dressage Ride A Test
Rim Rock Rider's Event Center
Powell Butte, OR

July 27-29, 2018
FarWest Cowboy Dressage Gathering
Rim Rock Rider's Event Center
Powell Butte, OR

The FarWest Cowboy Dressage Gathering deadline is approaching fast!
July 15th is the day you need to get your entries in. We cannot take entries past that date, as we will have a huge turnout and it takes a lot of time to get the ride times entered, then corrected then entered again....LOL!
We are expecting about 500 rides this year! (we really don't want to be up at 2am trying to fix ride times the night before the me lazy.)
Thursday is the Ride-A-Test day and at only $40 per test with 2 rings and 2 judges it is a bargain. That is followed by our welcome party and there will be a demo on the new Liberty division.

Saturday is our Banquet night, which has always been very fun and entertaining and a way to catch up with our friends who we don't see very often.

So, get those entries in at and come and enjoy the weekend of friends and camaraderie.
Don't forget, we will have some awesome vendors!

To enter, go to
C-Fair Charity Horse Show
August 2-5, 2018
Pacific Northwest Horse Show (PNW)
August 22-24, 2018
Entries close July 23 so you’ll be able to use your prizes this year!
Sponsorship forms are available online at
Click on PNW show logo and there’s a direct link to the sponsorship form.
As you know, the PNW depends ENTIRELY upon it’s friends and sponsors for financial support, there is no active organization to back us up. Please make your most generous contributions to the continued success of PNW Morgan Horse Show and take advantage of this opportunity to win some nice prizes before the show even starts!

Show is on August 23-26, now 4 days with expanded divisions for
Dressage, Ranch Riding, Reining and Sport Horse Under Saddle.

Come one, come all to “The FUN ONE!”  
Catherine Cloud,  
(you can email sponsorships here!)
Or mail to the address on the form.
Postmark by July 13 to be entered in the drawing!
New From FarWest
September 22, 2018

Flying Flower Ranch, LLC
62250 Dodds Rd, Bend, OR 97701

Click here for a show entry

Close date is September 10, 2018
Celebrating Recreational Drivers
From the American Driving Society
The American Driving Society (ADS) has reached out to recreational drivers in past few months for articles and information to include in the recreational driving column of The Whip. They have received good responses from many and they want to continue building on success!

If you or your club, whether ADS-recognized or not, have recently held an event, they would like to feature your pictures and comments. While recent, already completed events are the current focus, they would also enjoy hearing about upcoming events and activities.

Send all high-resolution *original* pictures (from your camera or phone, not downloaded from Facebook or other sites) plus any comments or reports that you may want to add to .
On the International Stage
From Susan Buck

Reining and Morgans are getting very popular in Europe. However it is a different world over here, most owners are amateurs, and train and compete their own horses. There is a new digital magazine out that is linking all the countries with Morgans as well as the USA and Canada. We are hungry for information. Would members gave a look at the magazine and see if you would write about your horses, bloodlines, training, gear etc.

The first two issues were free so just ask for them. The rest are only £1.50 so hardly expensive. All contributors advertisers are welcome. It is digital to keep costs down, and to just link and help promote our wonderful breed.

Does anyone know anyone doing western dressage with a Morgan who would also contribute?
Featured Article from Horse Network
I Want To Board Horses at Home, What Legalities Should I Know?
Q: I have a nice four-stall barn and outdoor ring at home where I’ve kept my two horses for years. Now, I’d love to make a little extra income by boarding an additional horse or two. Legally, is there anything I need to do before I take my first boarder?

Armand Leone:  
Yes, beginning to board horses is not something that should be taken too lightly, as—even though you view it as just a bit of extra income on the side—it is considered operating a business, and proper measures should be taken accordingly.

Should something happen to one of your boarder’s while they are riding in your ring, you likely will not have insurance coverage through your homeowner or property insurance policy. Instead, prior to accepting boarders, you’ll need to do look into your commercial liability insurance options and purchase the appropriate coverage or policy endorsement.

Next, it’s highly recommended to have prepared both a liability release and a boarding contract. The liability release should be signed by anyone engaging in equine activity on your property, including your future boarders and their friends and family members. Depending on your state of residence, Equine Activity Liability Act warning signs may also need to be hung on your property. It should also be noted, that liability releases and proper liability signage are still not a substitute for liability insurance.

The boarding contract should include the fees and terms, the appropriate Equine Activity Liability Act verbiage, a hold harmless agreement, a right of lien, and spaces for a horse description, emergency contacts, authorization for emergency care, and equine insurance information. A well-written contract can go a long way in helping to set expectations for the boarder, as well as protecting you should the boarder break the agreement, not pay, or present a liability.

Finally, you may also want to discuss with your lawyer whether you should set up an LLC or a corporation for your boarding venture. Using a limited liability company can help further protect your personal assets from any lawsuit. From there, you are legally ready to begin boarding!

About the Author
Armand Leone is the founding partner of Leone Equestrian Law LLC, a New Jersey-based law firm that provides legal services and consultation for equestrian professionals ranging from riders and trainers to owners and show managers in the FEI disciplines on a wide variety of issues. Learn more about Leone Equestrian Law LLC at

This is an article from the Horse Network website. It is a valuable resource
for horseowners. I encourage you to checkout their website.
An Announcement From Roy-El Farm
It’s with a heavy heart that Roy-El Farm announces that after 51 years and three generations of the Honstein family breeding and training world class Morgan horses, we will be closing our barn doors in October. It has been our pleasure to serve the Espanola Valley and surrounding area as a center for training, riding instruction, and community service for all these years. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported our farm and loved our horses.

The one thing that stays the same is that things always change, and I'm excited to announce that I'll [Erlene] be following my dreams and career to new locations. New Mexico will always be in my heart and my blood, but my family has decided that at this time we need to be elsewhere. My mother [Debbie] has the opportunity to move into a location that will better suit her care needs and I have the opportunity to move closer to my husband's family and the Florida horse country (and beaches!). The farm will be going up for sale, and while we are sad to see the ending of a family legacy, we are also excited for new adventures. Thank you to all my wonderful friends and clients for the years of success at Roy-El farm in Espanola and supporting this move.

With change, comes opportunities. Roy-El Farm will host one last open house in conjunction with a farm-wide sale. Water troughs, brushes, saddles, bits, tack, fully restored antique four-wheel carriages, two Gerald show carts, and a four wheel fine harness cart, golf carts, feeders, tractor parts, you name it! It will take place September 8 and 9 , so please stay tuned for announcements regarding summer fun on the farm and news of garage and estate sales.
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