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Stable Sheet - March 2020
Oregon Country Flash with Ellie Mason before he was sold to Terri Strum of Stollen Aces Farm
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
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For those viewing this newsletter for the first time, it is published in three sections. At the bottom of section one & two you will be prompted to click a link to go to the next section. Be sure to "click here" where indicated to continue reading.
From the Board
From the President
It is March already! Spring is just a little over a week away. Excitement is building for the show season &/or warmer weather ahead. Foals are beginning to appear along with lambs and calves and other baby animals. They are always such a lift to the spirit after what always seems like a long winter.

First up for MHAO activities is a Western Dressage Clinic on March 14th with Julie Adams officiating at the Kardia Equestrian Center in Springfield OR. See details later in this email. During the lunch break of the clinic we will have our first General Membership meeting of the year. I hope to see you there.
Meantime we are launching the new MHAO Alexandra Mooney Scholarship Program with our first applications due on or by April 15th. I am so excited to see this in place. You will find more info in this newsletter plus access to an application form below. And on March 28th, we will close out the 2020 Stallion Service Auction. We are offering 24 beautiful stallions for our breeder's consideration. Online bidding is available thru the 27th, then we switch to final bidding by phone for any stallions with an existing bid. Get registered if you want to bid on that final day. If anyone can help as part of our phone crew that day, please call me. We could really use your help. If anyone needs assistance to bid or has questions, give me a call.

Futurity re-nominations are out and due back by March 31st. If you know anyone who will have a foal this year, please encourage them to nominate it to our Futurity New foal nominations are due no later than December 31st. The Futurity and the Stallion Service Auction are offered to support our breeders. Auction proceeds are used to support our futurity.

I am pleased to announce that MHAO has received a $400 Promotional Grant from
AMHA. Thank you AMHA! We will put it to good use.

Our new sales sheet is out! You can see it in Section 3. Please share it whenever you can. This is all due to the efforts of Shelley Bullard. Thank you so much Shelley!

Wow! What a busy month! Show season is not far behind!
Stay healthy everyone, and I hope to see you on the 14th!

Gay Adams , MHAO President
Board Meeting Minutes - February 12, 2020
Present: Gay Adams, Julie Nygaard, Karen Breckenridge, Kathy Christensen, Karen Weiderman, Shirley Champion, Mary Grimes, Martha Woodland, Doana Anderson, Natalie Woodland and Becky Bean
Not Present:  Erin Silver, Grace Martin, Diane Pixlee and Nancy Eidam
Quorum met
Conference call - Called to order at 7:34pm

Secretary Report:
Kathy C made a motion to approve the January minutes as submitted, it was seconded by Karen B. They were voted on and approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Karen Breckenridge
General Checking Account                                 $13,850
Savings Account                                                  $25,496
Futurity Account                                                   $ 4,570
Nancy Falk Trust Donation                                  $12,765
OMC Checking Account                                       $16,063
Total Fixed Assets                                                $ 2,007
PayPal Online Account                                         $    193
Other Current Assets                                            $    273
TOTAL ASSETS                                                    $75,217

Karen reported that we are showing a negative $106 on the Net Income line which is normal for this time of year due to getting ready for OMC & the SSA. A/R has a new total of $350. After collecting a past debt of $100. Dollars. There are 3 outstanding bills still to collect on.

Mary reported that she has created a letter to send to the Salem Capital Press about the Alex Mooney Scholarship that MHAO is offering.
Summary of the letter-
Dear Mr. Beech, A brand new scholarship is being offered. Must be a resident of Oregon, member of the MHAO club, full-time student with at least 12 credits 2.8 GPA. 

It was asked why putting information in the Salem Capital Press. Mary said that the Agriculture information goes out to all Oregon Readers and is free advertising. We will reach FFA, OHSET and 4-H students which may help draw more youth to our club and help us find those riding Morgan horses that are not members of MHAO. Once finalized, information on our Scholarship Program will be added to our website.

There was discussion about the fund raising for this scholarship. The Balloon idea that has been brought up may not work at our annual awards banquet, because of the low number of attendees. Mary suggested having each member donate an extra $5 each year. There will be further discussion on how to fund and fundraise for the scholarship. We have enough in the fund for this year and next year so we can move forward granting one this year.

There was discussion about the criteria with concern whether it fit with the many ways people attend college or obtain additional education in today’s world. It was decided to broaden what might qualify. It was decided we would include “secondary education”. Payment of the scholarship will go to the institution the recipient is using, not directly to the recipient. More discussion will follow. Martha made a motion to accept the concept and Karen W. seconded; it was approved.

The deadline for applications is set for April 15 th , with the scholarship being awarded in late May or June. The recipient is to be announced at OMC. The president will make corrections to the program outline and after Mary’s approval, send it out to the board with a new criteria section.

SHOW COMMITTEE – Karen Breckenridge
The medallions have been ordered. The order was for 500. The price was cut down greatly by ordering 500 rather than 250. The extra 10% was given as a special for that time of year and it ended up paying for the shipping costs.  It will cost us only a small amount more this year but save us considerably in the years ahead. Belt buckles for Working Western are the same price as last year. The coolers and leather halters are ordered and shipped. Karen had some old trophy’s revamped with new plaques and the provider only charged $1 each for a savings of $65 for one award and $35 for the Jr. Exhibitor division. Thank you, Karen, for your thriftiness.
Some bad news – the show has lost Avalon as the show photographer due to a scheduling change for the show she is serving before ours. Nancy Harvey is working to find another photographer. We still need a photographer for Ranch, Trail, Reining and Dressage classes. It was suggested to talk with Amy Tabor for ideas.
Karen will be e-mailing Sara and Sally about the Alex Mooney class that will be held during our show, as to which class they would like to see it presented for this year.

HI POINT COMMITTEE – Gay Adams for Erin Silver
The divisions will remain the same as last year except for the Jr. Exhibitor Classic and English Pleasure will be combined. There were low numbers in these classes last year. Western Dressage, Ranch and Reining will each be a separate category in the Open division, the same as awarded in 2019.

EDUCATION/SPRING CLINIC - Gay Adams for Erin Silver
Reminder to auditors to sign up. Only one rider position still open. There will be a Facebook push this week and the ad will go out in the Northwest Rider magazine. The clinic has been added to the calendars posted by Flying Changes and the Oregon Horse Council. Julie Adams, our clinician, will arrive the Friday before the clinic. Her hotel still needs to be booked. Those needing stalls will pay a fee of $25 each paid directly to Rhea. Julie’s stall will be free to her. 
Commitments from board members that will be present for the General Membership meeting over the lunch hour are Karen Breckenridge, Kathy Christensen, Martha and Natalie Woodland, Gay Adams and Erin Silver. Julie Nygaard will be out of town and minutes will be taken by a wonderful volunteer.

YOUTH COMMITTEE – Gay Adams for Diane Pixlee
It was reported that we are not moving forward with the Cyber Shows this year. 
A Youth newsletter doesn’t look like it will be started. A Youth Facebook page was suggested. Natalie Woodland agreed to be the administrator and to set Grace up to be one as well. 

The Youth of the Year, schedule of times, for the OMC show will be determined once the show classes are set. Coolers and Plaques will be ordered soon. The Youth Pizza Party was dropped last year due to there being an all exhibitors Pizza Party. Per Karen we are still looking at an all exhibitor pizza party again this year. It was mentioned by someone who had been at the center recently that the food service on the grounds has not improved. Karen will continue to work with them and to look for ways we can feed exhibitors. Diane has asked Sierra Breckenridge to help put on the Carrot class and she has accepted.

We have 20 stallions, but no colorful stallions donated to the auction this year. If anyone has a suggestion of someone willing to donate a breeding, notify Gay.
Online bidding is available. We have 3 bids so far!

Renewals will be sent out in February due back by March 31 st .  

So far, we have 62 members renewed for 2020, 11 of which are Life members. Reminders will be sent out to those who have not renewed yet as Doana can. Gay asked that until our membership is available on our website that a spreadsheet showing our current members be distributed to the Board monthly.

Shirley was wondering about the origin/History of these two programs. The President said that good resources to talk to would be Leanne Roth and Carol Dombrowsky for the Ride/Drive program and Doana Anderson for the Open Incentive. Although the number using them is fairly low, they are programs that offer benefits to members who may not attend typical shows.

There was discussion about purchasing baseball hats with the ride/drive logo on them to give to people upon enrollment to the Ride/Drive program. They could add their patches to them over time. It would be a great way to promote Morgans! More discussion to follow and we need to see what the cost will be.

WEBSITE/STABLESHEET - Gay, Becky and Karen W
There was a discussion about the new format of the Stable Sheet. It is supposed to be better for those reading the newsletter via their phone. The February issue debuted Becky & Karen as editors for membership news. Gay mentioned she liked the articles written by Becky and Karen W. They are trying to shorten so there won’t be so much scrolling. 

Information on the Scholarship Program needs to be added to the website once approved.   OMC section still needs to be updated as well.

The Oregon Bucket for the Morgan Grand National that has been donated and put together in the past by Deb Stevenson and Sally Plumley needs new volunteers. Julie Nygaard will be reaching out to them for some information as to what they have put in it and the cost.

The Far-West MOU was discussed mostly via email, then a decision finalized at the Board meeting. Gay read a letter she drafted to send to FarWest c/o Marli Perry. The letter basically requests the MOU be dissolved within 30 days and that what is in FarWest’s possession is theirs. Most if not all the leaders of FarWest are members of MHAO, and we value them too much to make this worth any disagreement.  
Nancy has rented 2 storage units. Karen Breckenridge will be helping Nancy move and will get an idea of how much material there is for the club to store to preserve historical Morgan and club information. She will let the Board know.

We are looking for donors or a way to have wine for the thank you baskets we give to our show sponsors. It was suggested that Board members or volunteers go to Wine festivals on the last day to ask for donations. Traditionally the vendors don’t want to haul their stock in and out of festivals. Two and a half cases is what is usually needed for the Sponsor baskets. Gay stated she could use another case of two for the futurity. Anything extra could go into the Oregon basket for the MGN or the Silent Auction at OMC.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard – MHAO Secretary
Special Thanks
to Debby Phaneuf
for stepping forward to help with the publication of the 2020 MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet.
You are so appreciated!
Don't Miss These Events
Final Call!
MHAO Spring Clinic
March 14, 2020
Julie Adams on
Western Dressage
Kardia Equestrian Academy
36887 Wallace Creek Rd
Springfield OR 97478

10 Rider Positions
3 hrs each
5 riders - 9am to Noon
5 riders 1pm - 4pm

Non-MHAO Members
Riders - $135
Auditors - $30

MHAO Members
Riders - $100
Auditors - $25

Register now!
Rides are booked.
Get on the waiting list.
Audit positions open!

Lunch Provided by MHAO

MHAO General Membership Meeting Over Lunch Break

To register or if you have questions, contact Erin Silver
(971) 600 -8933,

We are moving forward with this event!
Come healthy!
Don't Forget!!
Have you renewed your MHAO membership yet? Just a gentle reminder.

MHAO needs your support so we can continue to promote the Morgan breed in our State and to support our members thru our many programs.

Questions: Contact Doana Anderson, (503) 250-2500 or
The Excitement Is Building For The 2020 MHAO Stallion Service Auction!!

Final bidding
March 28, 2020

Bidding is open with online bidding available thru March 27th. We have 22 wonderful stallions available for your consideration.

Now 25 Stallions - Three Just Added:
  • CBMF Urban Legend
  • Stand In Tribute
  • TB Midnite Summers Dream

Stay Tuned!
Other items will be added throughout March.

On the auction's last day of March 28th, only bids by phone will be accepted. Only stallions and other items with a bid will be available for the bid off.

Anyone wishing to be included in final bidding needs to be pre-registered. Our phone crew will reach out to them for instructions and for final bidding.

Be sure we know what you are interested in & how we can reach you by phone!

Click here to download a pre-registration form to send to Gay.

For questions or assistance contact Gay Adams,
Help needed for the close of the MHAO Stallion Service Auction on March 28, 2020
1pm - 4pm
Phone crew needed to close out the 2020 MHAO Stallion Service Auction.
Cell phone required.
Call outs start @1pm -
until auction is done.

Hayen's Lakefront Grill
in the Board Room
8187 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd
Tualatin OR 97062

Come early!
Lunch Provided
at Noon!!

It's fun!
If interested & willing
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity
Futurity Renewals are due
March 31st.

Join the fun!
Get your 2020 foals nominated for the low fee of $45. Our futurity offers you a chance to win money over a 5 yr program through Futurity classes available at the Oregon Morgan Classic Show for a $25 declaration fee per class. There is a $25 re-nomination fee each year after the foals weanling year. Yearling and 2-yr-old Sweepstakes classes offer another way to win money. There is also a high point award for those who win the most points thru the program, and bonus payments to the stallion owner and breeder of auction get that wins Champion or Reserve Champion in one of the Sweepstakes classes.

Click here for a copy of the Futurity Rules & forms needed to enter.

For questions contact
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
Oregon Morgan Classic
Get your lodging needs lined up early for the show! The Olympic Trials are going on at UofO at the same time as our show.

Here is another option!

Territorial Bed Breakfast and Barn in Junction City might be just the ticket. It is just minutes from the Oregon Horse Center and has rooms (with breakfast) or RV camping space. 

Check it out at: Their phone is 541-232-7702.
MHAO Program Updates
New Program!

Applications are now being accepted for the new $500 MHAO Alex Mooney Scholarship program.

The deadline for application is
April 15th.
The Morgan Horse Association of Oregon (MHAO) Alexandra M. Mooney Memorial Scholarship is established to promote the values of learning, sharing, leading, volunteering and good sportsmanship inside and out of the
arena . We do this by awarding an annual scholarship in any discipline, in equine education, to expand leadership skills, or in any trade. Our goal is to attract new youth to MHAO youth programs, thus promoting a future for our MHAO family.

The MHAO Alexandra M. Mooney Memorial Scholarship is available to any member of MHAO at the time of application who is interested in pursuing a career in any discipline that a college degree, trade school or post-education program could enhance. High school graduates or returning and transfer college students are eligible as well as repeat recipients.

Award Amount
A $500 scholarship may be awarded annually along with a gift of one 8” X 1 0 color photo with their Morgan shot by Howie Schatzberg or something equivalent.

• Member of MHAO at time of application.
• Post-secondary education in any discipline or trade school.
• GPA of 3.0 or GED equivalent score in high school or college.
• Official Transcripts from most recent school attended (High School, College, Trade School etc. to date).
• Two letters of recommendation are required . One letter must be from a current or previous teacher and one personal letter from a non- relative.
• Applicant’s one page essay describing their reason for choosing your desired profession and how their involvement with the Morgan horse breed has enhanced their life.

Click here to download the application form

Submit your application to:
Mary Grimes
705 Broadway St. SW
Albany OR 97321

Questions: Contact Mary Grimes
(541) 967-7173, or

MHAO High Point Awards Program.
Remember: This program comes with your membership! MHAO wants to honor your accomplishments.
Send your registration form to the Points Secretary, Erin Silver, so you are not missed.
Additional information:
1. Point tabulation begins upon receipt of payment for the current year membership/renewal dues.
2. It is REQUIRED that you register your name and horse(s) name with the Points Secretary. Help us find you at the Morgan shows in the Northwest and at Nationals.
3. Point season ends one week after the end of The Morgan Grand & World National Horse Show. 
4. The Points Secretary will automatically track Morgan Horse Points for Key Classic, BC Show, Oregon Morgan Classic Show, C-Fair Show, PNW Morgan Show & Grand Nationals.  
5. Morgan owners, leases, & exhibitors competing in other shows or open to all breed shows & competitions require their points to be submitted on the appropriate form along with information about the show which contains contact information for verification purposes as needed. Examples are flyers, prize lists, entry forms, etc.
6. Point tabulation is as follows: 1 st =10, 2 nd =9, 3 rd =8, 4 th =7, 5 th =6, 6 th =5,7 th =4, 8 th =3, 9 th =2, 10 th =1. Championship or stake classes follow the same progression but two points are added to each placing. (ie 1 st =12, 2 nd = 11, 3 rd =10, 4 th =9, 5 th = 8)

or send an email to Erin with your information.

Other forms are available on the MHAO website to turn in your points from other Morgan, open or non-morgan shows, & other types of competitions.

Questions: Contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933
Can't get enough of that "Welcome home" feeling!

So happy for Lou & Liz Goldman!
Lou, you look great!
Lou is recuperating from a lung transplant.
The Jacksons Inducted Into The Montana Hall Of Fame
The Jackson family has lived and worked Pleasant View Ranch in Harrison, Montana for six generations and they have done this with the Morgan horses they breed with their Mortana prefix. Recently the ranch was deservedly inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame. Bill Jackson, 95, who rides his Morgans, works cattle and spends ten hour days on the ranch, was on hand to receive the recognition for his family. We proudly call them Morgan People.
Other Events and News
Northwest Horse Expo
March 20-22, 2020
Linn County Fairgrounds,
Albany OR

Daily Hours:
March 20 - Friday:
10:00 am – 9:00 pm
(Trade show closes at 7:00 pm)
March 21 - Saturday:
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
(Trade show closes at 7:00 pm)
March 22 - Sunday:
9:00 am – 6:00 pm

The Northwest Horse Fair & Expo has become an annual tradition for horse owners and horse lovers in the Northwest. Held at the L inn County Fair & Expo Center in Albany, Oregon , the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo combines to the highest degree, first rate education, entertainment and shopping . Whether you own horses or are a horse lover at heart, are a beginner or professional, are interested in dressage or trail riding, there is truly something for everyone. It’s three days of fun the entire family can enjoy.

Expo officials have announced a diverse lineup of top name trainers representing a multitude of equine interests and disciplines for the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo 2020 ! The experts from across the United States include the headline clinician, Champion trainer Chris Cox , presenting General Horsemanship  clinics; Peggy Cummings providing  Connected Riding®  clinics; Julie Goodnight teaching  General Horsemanship ; Muffy Seaton , presented by the Northwest Region of the American Driving Society , featuring  Driving  clinics; Rod Petersen conducting  Drill Team  clinics; and Emily Elias of  Back Country Horsemen  with  Packing One Horse into the Back Country . In addition, radio and on-line TV host of Speaking of Horses, Wayne Williams , will provide a lecture,  Horses in my Lifetime .

The Expo will bring back the action-packed  Colt Starting Challenge USA , for the second year! Experienced horse trainers will work with young, unbroken horses, gentling, saddling and riding them, in just two days! Using Natural Horsemanship methods, each trainer will work with the colt they’ve drawn, all working at the same time in the arena. The talented trainers will take turns explaining to the audience what they’re doing and why. Then the last day of the expo, colts will be ridden and compete through a challenging obstacle course! Applications are being taken now for halter broken colts, as well as trainers who want to participate in the event.

For more information go to:

March 10th update - event will continue as planned!
Thursday, March 19th
is the Spring Equinox
Now accepting ads for the 2020 MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet
Full Page (7.5"x10") - $90  
Inside front or back cover -
(7.5" x 10") - $100
Half Page (7.5"x 5") - $6 0
1/3 Page (7.5"x 3.5") - $40
1/4 Page (3.75"x 5") - $35
Business Card (3.5"x 2") - $25
Stallion Directory Section (3.75"x 5") - $30
Ads due by June 1, 2020  
10% discount for MHAO Members or multiple ads.

This booklet is distributed at the Oregon Morgan Classic, C-Fair Regional, Morgan Medallion, and at Nationals.
Get Seen!
For questions call Gay Adams (503) 936-4276,
For design questions/help call or text Debby Phaneuf at
( 503) 936-7141 or send an email to
Key Classic and C-Fair Charity Morgan Regional and Open Horse Show - 

The Prize List for Key Is Out!
May 7-10, 2020

Added Classes :
72 ASB Park Pleasure Open
170 ASB Park Pleasure Stake
105 ASB Park Open
186 ASB Park Stake

Also, we are pleased to announce that we have added a Good Hands qualifying class to the schedule. This is a saddle seat equitation class, open to junior riders who have not yet reached their eighteenth birthday. To be judged as a group at a walk, trot and canter. A minimum of two riders are required to individually execute a figure eight at a canter, trot back to judge, stop and back. After which USEF tests 1-16 may be called for (see USEF Rule Book for details of tests). Horsemanship only to count. Judging is based 40% on rail work; 60% on the workout.

This just in!
Youth of the Year Contests are registered at both these wonderful shows! If you are 21 years of age and under, than these are for you.

Come join the fun!

Please contact Linda Collins
for more info!
To stay up-to-date, go to our facebook page:
Judge change for BC Morgan Horse Show

We regret that due to personal circumstances, Richard Petty will not be able to officiate the 2020 BC Morgan Show . We look forward to working with him in the future!

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Joyce Swanson has agreed to judge this year's show! We truly look forward to working with her! Joyce is well known in both the Morgan and Western Dressage world. She will be officiating the main ring and trail classes.

See you this May 28-31 in Lynden!

We hope all exhibitors will join us for our Annual Progressive Aisle Party, Friday, May 29th , between the afternoon and evening sessions (and longer if you want) !! This informal potluck of sorts is a wonderful way to mix and mingle with everyone at the show. The venue does provide tables at a small charge. Please let us know if you need any help in planning!!! 
This shows facebook page is: /

The Premium Booklet Is Out!
Special News Brief February 21, 2020
Joint Leadership Council Issues A Letter
The Joint Leadership Council (the UPHA Committee made up of representatives from the American Hackney Horse Society, The American Road Horse & Pony Association, The American Saddlebred Horse Association, The American Morgan Horse Association, and the United Professional Horsemen's Association) has issued the letter below to the organizers of the newly developed Monarch show series and championship in order to ensure all aspects of the industry are clear on the policies and procedures for the best success of all. Please read through and update yourself regarding this new opportunity.
Dear Monarch Show Series Representatives,

It has recently come to the attention of the Joint Leadership Council (JLC), a group comprised of individuals appointed by AHHS, AMHA, ASHA, ARHPA and UPHA, that there is some confusion around the qualification of horses and riders at the Monarch Show Series shows for the World Championship Horse Show and the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show. This letter is an attempt by the JLC to eliminate that confusion.

The JLC is fully supportive of your mission to increase participation at horse shows and offer an under -represented group of exhibitors a championship opportunity. We applaud your initiative and wish you great success. Our concern is that some exhibitors at your shows may misunderstand the goals of your organization and mistakenly assume classes at your shows qualify them for both your championship show and the breed specific championship shows. We wish to be proactive in addressing this issue. Our goal in writing to you is to eliminate the possibility of any exhibitor being disappointed or penalized for a misinterpretation of the rules. 

Following lengthy discussion, the JLC requests you consider three action items:
  1. That you include a statement on your website that explains qualifying for the World Championship Horse Show and the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show must be at shows that have a USEF or Star Rating affiliation. 
  2. That your Affiliation Application include the statement as described above.
  3. That where possible the Monarch Show Series Prize Lists contain language stating affiliation with USEF or the Star Rating programs is necessary for qualification for the World Championships for American Saddlebreds, Hackneys, Road Horses/Ponies and Morgans.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you great success with your Monarch Show Series.


Members of the JLC:
David Mount, Marty Schaffel (AHSA)
Maureen Quackenbush, Rich Campbell (AHHS)
James Nichols, Jim Taylor (ARHPA)
Carrie Mortensen, Tony Lee (AMHA)
Cindy Mugnier, Lynda Freseth (UPHA)
Judy Werner (Member At Large)
Special invitation to the PNW show! 
Join us for the 66th Annual PNW Morgan Horse Show! August 27-30, 2020 at the Washington Horsemen Tacoma Unit #1's newly renovated indoor arena in Spanaway, WA. The 2020 show will feature English and Western Dressage, Youth of the Year competition, open to all breed classes, and much more!
Time To Ride is a program from the American Horse Council. See more information in Section 3 under the Oregon Horse Council.
   The Spring gathering will take place at the in the historic horse stadium at the Oregon State Fair and Expo Center, Salem, OR. 

For a show entry, go to:

Later event:
August 22-23, 2020
Linn County Expo Center
Albany OR

For more information contact:
Mark Your Calendar for the Canadian Morgan Horse Association Annual Convention!
 The theme of the convention to be held March 19-22, 2020 will be "2020 Vison, Leading into the Future."

Best Western Premier
Denham Inn and Suites,
5207 50th Ave.,
Leduc, AB T9E 6VE

For a full list of speakers and schedule, follow the Facebook Event "2020 CMHA Convention"
or visit

No Foot - No Horse: Laminitis - What and Why
Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Time:  Vendor Fair 5:00 PM
      Dinner 6:30 PM
   Speaker 7:00 PM
Location:  Wilsonville Holiday Inn
   25425 SW 95th Ave.
   Wilsonville, OR 
   (just off I-5 - exit 286)

Cost: $40.00
(Please RSVP and prepay)
Click here to download the registration flyer. 

14671 S. Leland Rd.
Oregon City, Oregon 97045
Put your Business Card Ad HERE for only $10 per year

Inner club trade and referrals
are supported by MHAO. Ad proceeds are used to help cover our newsletter costs.
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