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Stable Sheet - May 2020
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
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From the Board
President's Message
Well, since our April Board meeting the Oregon Morgan Classic has been cancelled. See our announcement later in this newsletter. This virus has certainly taken the wind out of our show season "sails"! But your club is about more than a show. We are still very busy with our other programs.

Along with our current activities, your Board is looking for ways we can support you. And for those with time on their hands, we are looking for more fun activities that we can offer. If you have some ideas, please give me a call.
I know that many of us are being hit hard by the shut down of the country. Please stay in touch, and if there is anything you need help with - let us know. You are not alone. I am continually amazed at how everyone is pulling together thru this. People are truly amazing!

It is not too early to be thinking about our club election coming up in November. If you are interested in being on the Board, let me know.

Meantime, stay safe and healthy. With states beginning to work thru phased re-openings, USEF supporting points effective June 1st, and the guidelines offered by a multitude of organizations on ways to protect ourselves we can start to get back on our feet. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Please follow all the safety advice being posted. I continue to pray for all of you, and for a vaccine to come out so we can all breathe a bit easier. Keep smiling! Together we will get thru all this.

Gay Adams, MHAO President, (503) 936-4276
Board Meeting Minutes - April 8, 2020
Present: Gay Adams, Julie Nygaard, Karen Breckenridge, Kathy Christensen, Karen Weiderman, Martha Woodland, Doana Anderson, Becky Bean, Erin Silver, Grace Martin and Diane Pixlee
Not Present:  Mary Grimes, Shirley Champion, Nancy Eidam and Natalie Woodland
Quorum met
Called to order at 7:40 PM

TREASURER’S REPORT – Karen Breckenridge
General Checking Account - $12,770
Saving’s Account - $25,497
Futurity Account - $ 4,674
Nancy Falk Trust Donation - $12,654
OMC Checking Account - $13,852
Total Fixed Assets - $ 2,007
Paypal Online Account - $ 193
Other Current Assets - $ 303
TOTAL ASSETS - $71,950

Karen reported that the Nancy Falk account is down approximately $110. This is because Youth of the Year supplies have been purchased. No adjustments were needed.

SHOW COMMITTEE – Karen Breckenridge
The show is still on as of today, but it has been a big challenge; not just in planning for it but also being ready to cancel it if necessary. Karen Breckenridge and Nancy Harvey negotiated with the Oregon Horse Center to add a clause to the facility contract that states if there is no show due to State, Federal and USEF guidelines we will get our $500 deposit returned. As far as the hotels in the Eugene area, exhibitors should find it easy to find vacancies now since the Olympic trials have been cancelled. We can’t change our host hotel from the Village Green for the judges and staff due to our signed contract. If the show goes on our cost is $4,000 to $7,000 because of the block of rooms reserved. Joy, our contact person at the hotel, said if it is government mandated that the show can not happen then we would not be liable for that amount. This is uncharted territory so she said we would not be charged for cancelled rooms. Our new deadline is May 15 th to make a decision to move forward or cancel the show.

With so much up in the air we have decided there will be no printed Premium Book this year as the cost is about $700 to print and mail. We will post it online only this year. We will need to get the word out via Facebook, Stable Sheet, and Shelley’s email newsletter.

The question was asked about posting the show results, etc. on Horseshows Online or Gaitkeeper. Karen reported that she would be in contact with Kelley McFall, our show secretary. Kelley will make the decision on who we go with.
Question was asked about the airline flights that are booked for staff. Karen answered that if the show is cancelled because of COVID-19 the Airlines are refunding with no questions asked. Nancy Harvey will know more about this and Karen will have a discussion with her.

There is no reason to call people about sponsorships yet; possibly wait until May 1 st to make calls. We already have $1,500. dollars offered if the show is a go. If the show is cancelled all of the money collected will need to be returned to donors.
As for the food- Karen recommends having no Buffets, no Progressive aisle parties and no coffee and donuts in the mornings. If we planned a dinner event she felt like it would be hard to estimate how many would attend and we are expected to pay per person that we estimate. Some people may weigh on the cautious side and bow out of attending a Buffet style dinner, this year, because of the chance of germs being passed around.

Karen reported that almost everything has been ordered and paid for except the dated specialty plaques. The good news is that if the show is cancelled that the 2021 show will be 95% paid for.

Some calls were made to show barns recently, asking questions as to whether they planned on attending the OMC this year if it goes forward. At least 50 horses are estimated to attend. People are wanting to get back to showing their horses. This does not include the Saddlebred owners, but we feel they are in the same situation and will want to attend as many shows as possible this Summer.

It was mentioned that the Governor, Kate Brown will not lift the ‘stay at home’ orders until there are no deaths for 10 days. Our show is currently 2 months out.

Erin mentioned that there are still 2 people that won awards in 2019 that haven’t picked them up.  Postage cost is very high. The suggestion was made to call them & if they can not pick them up, mail them out postage due. Nothing to report for this year yet.

The Spring clinic was wonderful & generated $845 in gross income. After paying expenses for Julie Adams and food purchases there was a net loss of $125, well within the budgeted expense of $750. This is not bad considering it was scheduled right before the virus closed everything down and people were being cautious about attending a large gathering. Kathy Christensen reported it was a good clinic and well worth it; she felt Julie Adams was excellent!

Grace reported that a new newsletter, Instagram and Facebook page are ready to be created. Gay would like to be included in the circulation so she can put something in the Stable Sheet to steer people to look at them. It is so good to be able to highlight the positive things that are still going on within MHAO during this difficult time.
Grace asked if non-Morgan-owning youth can have access to our new newsletter, Facebook page, etc. Gay said yes, that we want to share our beautiful Morgan horses with everyone in hopes that the next horse they purchase will be a Morgan.
Gay will send out a special issue Stable Sheet issue about the Alex Mooney scholarship to help encourage more applications. 

We received $15,000 in bids on stallion services this year and $401 on other items for a grand total of $15,401. 15 out of 25 Stallions received bids. Our next goal is promotion for all the stallions in the 2020 Breeders’ Cup Futurity booklet. Their webpages will remain accessible, and we will advertise in other Western association newsletters. We aim to distribute the booklets at OMC and other shows in the Western Region and at Nationals. 

It was reported that the names of all of the Stallions in the auction are put into a hat and one lucky name gets to have a 2-page centerfold spread in the Futurity booklet.   
More renewals have come in. Gay is checking on who plans to attend futurity classes at OMC and will have more information for the Board at the next meeting.

Kathy reported that we received a $400 grant from AMHA for promotion. We have also received a letter from AMHA saying if we are unable to proceed with our planned promotion we should return it. Our plan is to promote Morgan horses at the State Fair which is late August into September, so we will have to wait and see. Kathy will check with AMHA to see if we use those funds to create a banner and then are not able to move forward at the State Fair if there would be an exception. We will use the banner for other events as well as State Fair. 
The plan is to have a table set up at OMC for kids to do coloring and it will have fliers and misc. also on it. Kathy planned to purchase 2 banners, but with businesses being shut down because they are not essential, she will wait to order until they reopen. There are 2 in the Salem area that she will look into for comparison pricing. Fast Signs was suggested as a possible option for banners.

Work on putting our membership directory online is currently on hold. Doana is in the education field and is extremely busy right now. There has been some talk within some school districts about starting the new school year early, adding another challenge to our show season this year. 

We currently have 68 paid memberships and 11 life memberships for a grand total of 79 memberships (some individual, life, or family). Our goal is 100 members. Gay mentioned that all Board members need to be actively looking for new members for the club. Doana has sent out reminders to all 2018 & 2019 members who have not renewed. Doana will send a list of current, 2019, & 2018 members so Gay can reach out to them. Our goal is 100 memberships or more.

WEBSITE/STABLE SHEET - Becky Bean, Karen Weiderman, Gay Adams
Gay thanked Becky and Karen for taking over section 2 of the Stable Sheet and thanked them for their partnership.  All news from our members should go thru them.



These are just ideas from past years and we are allowed to go any direction on this donated bucket. I would love if each board member donated a couple of items from Oregon or came up with a theme for this 2020 year. I think I will have fun putting this together. I’m not sure about going this year and will need to send it with someone making the long haul to Oklahoma.

History Committee - Gay Adams
Nothing is going on for the history committee at this juncture. Later in the year, Nancy Eidam will take over as the Chair of this committee. Anthony Pierce has pulled in a lot of information & pictures on the Facebook page he manages now for the “History of Morgan Horses in the Pacific Northwest”.  We have Anthony’s permission to pull information from that site when we are ready.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM

Next meeting is May 13 th via conference call.
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard – MHAO Secretary
MHAO Membership Directory is in process
Ad Spots Available for MHAO Members
MHAO encourages inner trade. Let other members know what services or products you offer. Advertise your horses or items for sale, your breeding program, or highlight your star rider or horse. This is a reference book that members use over and over again.

Full Page - $20
Half Page - $10
Quarter Page or Business Card - $5
Inside Front or Back Cover - $25
Outside Back Cover - $30

Close date June 30, 2020
For an ad, contact Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
To check your listing, contact Doana Anderson, (503) 250-2500
MHAO Stallion Service Auction

Our auction closed on April 4th. Due to the pandemic we converted to closing all online. I was a bit nervous about it, but all turned out well. We received $15,000 in bids on the stallions offered, and over $400 on other items.

Funds from our auction provide the prize money we offer for the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity classes at the Oregon Morgan Classic.

We are grateful to all our donors and bidders for their participation and support. Without their support the auction would not happen. And we look forward to seeing the local foals join our futurity next year.

Gay Adams, MHAO SSA Chair
MHAO Events & Programs
MHAO Announces that the 2020 Oregon Morgan Classic is cancelled.

Hi everyone!

Sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out. As part of the ongoing fight against the spread of this years Coronavirus, Governor Kate Brown announced on May 2nd that the State of Oregon is closed to events until at least July 6 th. In response, the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene is closed until that date. As a result, the Oregon Morgan Classic scheduled for June 17-20, 2020 is cancelled.

We thank Karen Breckenridge as our Show Chair, Nancy Harvey as our Show Manager, and all those who have stepped forward to help us in our preparations for this show. Their hard work is very appreciated, and we hope they will all stay with us for next year.

We know all those who show are disappointed with the way this year has gone. What is more, we know there are a number of people looking forward to entering a class “A” show ring for the first time, and still others who have a new horse they are wanting to show off. We are so sorry. Yet we remain hopeful that there will be at least some shows that can take place later this year that you can attend. We also remain hopeful for our National show scheduled for October in Oklahoma City, OK.

All that said, the health and welfare of all the people and horses in our Morgan community are our number one concern. You come first. We know this pandemic will pass. And when it does, it will be so wonderful to see all of you and your horses again.

Stay safe, stay healthy!
The Oregon Morgan Classic Show Committee & The MHAO Board of Directors

Karen Breckenridge,
OMC Show Chair
(503) 580-4716
Gay Adams, MHAO President,
Calling all owners of 2020 Morgan foals!

MHAO offers the only remaining traditional Futurity we know of in the Western Region. We are here to support our breeders and members

Join in on the fun!

Although classes this year will not take place due to the cancellation of the Oregon Morgan Classic, you can still take advantage of low nomination fees to be involved in this 5-year program.

Futurity classes consist of halter classes thru the foal's 2-yr-old year and performance classes for 2-4 yr olds.. Each class offers a chance to win prize money.

There are also sweepstakes classes for yearlings & 2-yr-olds with more prize money to the Champion and Reserve Champion including bonus payments for auction get going back to the stallion donor and breeder.

At the end of the program, the 4-yr-old with the most points will win a Futurity High Point award.

Initial Nomination when born - $45
Renewal fees - $25 each year
Class fees - $25 per class

Information about the program is available on our website.
So are the forms required.
For assistance contact Gay Adams,
(503) 936-4276,

Click here for more information
Publication of the 2020 MHAO Breeders Cup Futurity is scheduled for July.

Publication of the 2020 MHAO Breeders Cup Futurity booklet is moving forward with ads due by June 15th. We need ads to make it happen. This booklet is used to promote the stallions included in the MHAO Stallion Service Auction and horses that are entered in the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity. This year we will create the booklet, post it on our website and promote it via email & facebook. Anyone who wants a printed copy can request one for the price of postage ($10). Once we have accumulated orders we will print and ship them.

We hope the COVID-19 virus gets under control and that we will have some shows happening later in this season. If that happens we will print more copies for distribution.

We want to promote you! Advertising rates are very reasonable. Rates below reflect a 10% discount for
MHAO members.

Rates for MHAO Members:
Full page - $81
Half page - $54
Third page - $35
Quarter page - $31.50
Business card - $22.50
Inside front or back cover - $90 SOLD
Stallion directory - $27

Close date extended to
June 15, 2020

Primary Contact to place your ad:
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
Our editor , Debby (Mudler) Phaneuf, is available to help with ads if needed. You can reach her via text or email -
(503) 936-7141,
MHAO Youth Facebook Page is Launched

Check it Out!
If you have kids, share the link to help them get connected.

Here is a place for all our Youth to communicate with each other and to learn the news that is just for them.

Thank you
Grace Martin,(509) 990-1130,,
and Natalie Woodland,
(541) 515-1707

Calling all MHAO Youth!
Post your news!

Facebook search:
Morgan Horse Association of Oregon Youth
MHAO Alexandra Mooney Scholarship Program

The applications are in!
The processing has begun!

Watch for information on who will be awarded this years scholarship in the next newsletter.

Click here for information on the program
Letter from USEF President - May 12, 2020
Dear USEF Members,
Here we go! About 50% of states have begun their phased reopening and several competitions are already on the new Calendar. This works well with the USEF date of June 1 for reinstatement of points. While many events and championships have been canceled, USEF has approved over 100 rule modifications to assist competition organizers with rescheduling events. We have also put in place strict competition protocols and resources to help make them as safe as possible under the circumstances. That’s the good news since we fully understand the economic hardship so many in our industry have suffered and recognize the need for them to get back to work.
I want to emphasize that while this will come as relief to many of you, a return to competition is not risk-free. As a community, we all need to be vigilant. The objective is not only to reopen competitions, but also to keep them open. If we don’t individually and collectively do our part, we could find ourselves shut down again. None of us wants that. My personal experience with the company I oversee as CEO has provided me good insight. We have been able to keep 38 essential facilities worldwide running without interruption through the height of the COVID-19 crisis. It hasn’t been easy. But we were able to do it because everyone is doing their part. So here are a few tips as you think about returning to competition. 
  1. If you are uncomfortable and feel the risk is too high – Don’t show!
  2. If you are a high-risk individual – Don’t show!
  3. If you have any symptoms at all (flu, fever, allergy, cough, etc…) – Don’t show!
  4. If you become aware that you have come in “unprotected” contact with someone who has tested positive – Don’t show for 14 days!
  5. If you test positive, do not return to showing until your symptoms are gone for 14 days and you have been cleared by your health provider, and notify anyone you have been in contact with so they don’t show for 14 days!
  6. If none of the above applies, go show, but strictly follow the protocols established by USEF, federal, state and county law, and other Competition Organizer requirements. For example, whenever you are on the grounds of a competition, you will need to wear a mask unless you are up on horseback. You will need to maintain social distancing. Additionally, you should continue to frequently wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. 

Separately, revised guidelines for horse of the year awards, qualifying and selection will continue to be published as they are finalized. Your working committees have been hard at work coming up with new procedures that are as fair as possible under the circumstances.
These are unprecedented times which have been difficult on all of us. For some, it has been more than difficult. They have lost their lives or lost the lives of their loved ones. Others have suffered deep economic hardship. Our hearts go out to them. Please keep this in mind when you return to showing. We must all count on each other to do the right thing.
I am confident our equine community will rise to the occasion.
Best of luck as you return to the competition ring. But, more importantly, stay safe.

Murray S. Kessler
Summary Of What To Expect When USEF Shows Start Again June 1st
A return to normal—or at least, a new normal—is on the horizon as the USEF announced Wednesday that recognized competitions would return June 1.

“New normal” is the operative phrase here, as the USEF also laid out requirements to keep competitors safe. Effective immediately and subject to revisions as the COVID-19 situation evolves, the new requirements will remain in effect until further notice. (Find the full list outlined in the COVID-19 action plan released May 5 included in the tool kit discussed in the article below)

Key Points You Need To Know

Mandatory requirements for participants:
Face masks, social distancing and routine temperature taking are now part of your standard show protocol under the USEF mandatory requirements for participants. And, of course, if you’re running a fever and/or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms , stay away.
  • Participants must self-monitor their temperature before entering competition grounds. Temperatures below 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 Celsius) may enter the grounds.
  • Anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms who has been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 during the two previous weeks cannot enter the grounds.
  • Participants must wear face masks or face coverings when not mounted. Participants may also wear masks or face coverings when mounted and cannot be disqualified or penalized for doing so while competing.
  • Participants must comply with social distancing requirements at all times and adhere to other sanitization practices throughout the day.

Mandatory requirements for competition organizers:
Organizers, naturally, must also do their part. Requirements for organizers, beyond following applicable government regulations and WHO and CDC guidelines for mass gatherings and sporting events, revolve primarily around enforcing USEF restrictions, which seems akin to herding cats, but best of luck to you!
  • Ensure all participants, including licensed officials and volunteers, provide emergency contact information. Execute an updated USEF Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement as a condition of participation.
  • Create a COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan that includes local medical resources and address outbreak protocols. Inform all participants, officials and personnel of protocols and safeguards implemented against COVID-19 by providing a list of measures.
  • Require temperature monitoring (<99.5˚F/37.5˚C) for volunteers, officials and staff once daily prior to entering competition grounds. Anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or who has been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 during the past two weeks cannot enter the grounds. Notify USEF, all participants and staff if someone who was on the grounds tests positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the competition’s conclusion.
  • Enforce social distancing requirements at all times. The public, non-essential personnel, spectators and guests are prohibited from being on the grounds until further notice.
  • Organize horse arrivals and departures so contact between people is limited.
  • Restrict competition office access to essential personnel only, configure the space and limit office staff in compliance with social distancing. Limit the number of participants who can enter the office at one time. (e.g. schedule check-in and check-out times)

Exhibitors can expect changes to how stables, show offices, judges’ booths, etc. will be configured—all will have to allow for social distancing. One USEF recommendation is that competitors have all entry forms, etc. ready in advance—so no more last-minute dashes to the show office!—and you might have to schedule your arrival time.

Ride times may also be mandated for disciplines that don’t ordinarily require them, which seems like one upside of the COVID “normal” (whatever “normal” is, anyway).

Finally, organizers, USEF Stewards and USEF Technical Delegates have authority under USEF GR 702.1 and GR914 to remove any person not complying with the regulations and requirements in effect at the competition from the facility.

Welcome to horse showing in 2020! Now who sells masks that match saddle pad colors?
US Equestrian Releases COVID-19 Competition Toolkit - May 6, 2020
Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian has released its Licensed Competitions COVID-19 Toolkit that features the USEF Action Plan, outlining mandatory requirements and recommended best practices for competition organizers and participants as equestrian competitions prepare to resume on June 1, 2020, dependent on federal, state, and local regulations and restrictions.

Ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of participants and their horses is a paramount priority for US Equestrian. The COVID-19 Competition Action Plan includes key resources and guidelines to ensure competition organizers, exhibitors, and additional stakeholders are able to accurately assess and mitigate risk when at a competition venue.

The requirements and recommendations included in the COVID-19 Action Plan are effective immediately, and will remain in place until further notice; however, the document may be subject to modifications as guidance from the federal government and public health officials is adjusted or updated. In addition, once USEF receives notification of the FEI’s Guidelines, an amended document with updates to the current protocol will be issued.
In addition to the Action Plan, the Toolkit provides several resources and tools for use by both organizers and participants to assess the current situations in their respective states, mitigate virus transmission and spread, and assist in the management of risks associated with COVID-19.

US Equestrian will continue to monitor developments, while actively referencing and reviewing updates from the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as regularly consult with members and competition organizers as we navigate through our “new normal” together.
Click here to view the Licensed Competition COVID-19 Toolkit.
  • For questions regarding Competitions, please contact Katylnn Sacco at
  • For questions regarding Compliance, please contact Debbie Saliling at
  • General comment or feedback regarding the USEF Action Plan or the Toolkit can be directed to
Lots of information in the tool kit! Lots of regulations.
Get educated! For any shows you attend, be prepared.

Click here to watch webinars on a safe return to competition
Click her e for FAQ on the Action Plan provided by USEF
What Financial Assistance Programs Are Available for Equine Business Owners?
Passed on from the Horse|Network & the American Horse Council
Looking for financial assistance?
We caught up with Bryan Brendle of the American Horse Council to discuss what financial resources are available to American equine business owners in need.
What financial programs do equine businesses qualify for?
Currently, there are two financial assistance programs offered by the U.S. government for equine business owners: the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)
“While we don’t yet have data to support which of the two Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs have the higher success rate [regarding the loan application process],” said Brendle, “most of the discussion in the small business community focuses on the Paycheck Protection Program with its generous funding,” under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
One obstacle that came up previously for the EIDL program was an exclusion for farming operations. Lawmakers, however, subsequently removed the exclusion, consistent with the goals of the horse industry and its allies.
Which program should your horse businesses apply for?
Each program has different criteria. Brendle explained that local tack stores, for example, would likely benefit from Paycheck Protection while being eligible for EIDL. Boarding stables, if operating a payroll, should explore Paycheck Protection.
The CARES Act covers independent contractors and the self-employed, which means it should cover many trainers.
Given the diversity of business operations, individual owners should contact their bank or CPA to clarify their options and gather supporting documentation of their business entity classification, emphasized Brendle.
Where else can equine business owners turn?
Brendle noted that state unemployment offices are often underfunded, understaffed and not well-equipped to handle the current demand for their services.
“Under the CARES Act the IRS is offering flexibility for business owners that can alleviate financial pressures,” he said.
For instance, people who have Individual Retirement Accounts or use other qualifying retirement programs may take out up to $100,000 without penalty. Small businesses and the self-employed can defer the employer portion of the social security tax in two installments, one due at the end of 2021, the other the end of 2022.
The US Department of the Treasury has also moved ‘tax day’ to July 15.
Equine business owners should consult their bank to expedite the application process, he said.
“The horse industry and small business owners,” said Brendle, “will continue to receive clarification of eligibility requirements and hopefully [have] smoother application processes moving forward.”
He noted that the US Treasury and SBA are issuing documents clarifying ambiguities and that lawmakers are working to address issues in other COVID-19 legislative vehicles.
*Guidance in this post should not be construed as professional advice.
COVID State Updates - Re-opening Plans, & Upcoming Show Information
Oregon Re-opening Plan & its affect on events
As announced on May 7th, 2020
Effective date May 15, 2020
Phase 1 of re-opening can happen county per county starting May 15 th after the Governor’s office approves your county’s plan. Some counties have submitted them, some are still working on them. Phase 1 allows gatherings (of any kind, private or public, free or paid, inside or outside, etc.) of up to 25 people.
Phase 2 will likely allow for gatherings of up to 100 people, however it will not be in effect until sometime this fall or winter. There may be other restrictions but they have not been announced yet. .
Phase 3 will allow large events (over 100 people) again, but not until a vaccine is available statewide. This could easily be 12-18 months out.

Currently face covering is required to continue, and travel beyond the local area is not recommended.

Updates will occur as we see how the virus responds to a gradual re-opening.

To see an outline of the full plan, click here .
Oregon Morgan Classic
June 17-20, 2020
Oregon Horse Center
Eugene OR

Cancelled. See announcement earlier in this newsletter.
Oregon State Fair Horse Show
August 30 - September 7, 2020
Oregon State Fairgrounds
Salem OR

Cancelled. By Governor decree, the State Fairgrounds (and all fairgrounds in the State) are closed thru September 30th, 2020. The Oregon State Fair and its horse show is cancelled.
California's Re-opening Plan & its affect on events

Phase 1 is in effect now. Stay at home to flatten the curve while testing is improved. Those who can are to work from home while essential business worksites are made safer. No events or gatherings.

Phase 2 - Some low risk businesses may open. Schools may open early in July or August. No sport events.

Phase 3 - This phase is likely months away. Adds more businesses that can open to the list including personal care type businesses. Sport events may open without an audience.

Phase 4 - restrictions lift, and there can be sport events with an audience. However restaurant capacity, etc may be half or less than what they once were, and companies and people may continue to use social distancing strategies to keep everyone safe.

For more information, click here.
Mother Lode Morgan Horse Show
September 3-7, 2020
Murieta Equestrian Center,
Rancho Murieta, CA

Still tentatively planning to move forward. Stay in touch!

From Megan Gallagher
Morgan Medallion Regional Horse Show
July 16-19, 2020
South Point Hotel & Priefert Arena Las Vegas NV

We are crossing our fingers, and still moving forward with our show. We are working with South Point on implementing safety procedures. We know they will have sanitizer everywhere, people constantly sanitizing high touch areas, and will be doing some creative things to do social distancing. They also informed me that the air system in the arena and barns is a fresh air system, not a recycled air system. That is great news!

We are confident with South Points efforts that we will have a safe and fun show.

We will keep you updated!

Use the rate code when reserving your room at South Point:

Use MOR0712
(3 letters, 4 numbers)

We are excited!
See you all there!

From Stacy Hennessy
Summer fun!

Foal Photo Contest
Looking for a cover shot for the 2021 MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet!

Prize money paid to 1st thru 3rd!
Pictures can be from any year.
Click flyer for more information.

Close date September 30th

Send photos or questions to
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276
Washington State Re-opening Plan and its affect on events
Plan effective May 5th,2020
Each phase at least 3 weeks apart provided virus remains controlled
Stay at home order remains in effect at least thru May 1st. State has a 4 part plan starting with Phase 1 May 5th. Phase starts may vary per county.

Phase 1 - No gatherings other than drive-in spiritual service with one family per vehicle. No travel for things like horse shows. Essential travel only and non-essential for Phase 1 permissible activities only.

Phase 2 - Gather with no more than 5 individuals outside your household per week. Essential travel and non-essential travel for Phase I and Phase 2 permissible activities.

Plase 3 - Allow gatherings with no more than 50 people. Restrictions lifted on travel.

Phase 4 - Allow gatherings over 50 people, and no restrictions on travel.

Those who are older &/or those who have compromised health or immune systems are asked to continue to stay home until Phase 4.

For information on the complete plan, click here .
C-Fair Morgan Regional & Open Horse Show
July 30 - August 2, 2020
Evergreen Horse Center
Monroe WA

The show committee would like to extend a thank you to each and every one of you for your outpouring of support and understanding on the cancellation of the Key Classic Benefit Show.

But, we are excited to say that the show premium for C-Fair is almost complete and will be available soon. We are looking forward to having one heck of a show come July 30 - August 2!

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and let’s all plan on having an amazing time together at C-Fair!!
Pacific Northwest Morgan Horse Show
August 27-30, 2020
Tacoma Unit #1
Spanaway, WA

Join us for the 66th Annual Pacific Northwest Morgan Horse Show August 27-30, 2020! Accompanying us this year as judges will be Jim Porcher in the main ring, and Kari McClain for dressage. We will of course be monitoring the covid-19 pandemic situation, so please stay tuned as we learn more about event requirements from USEF and local governments. The show premium will be coming soon.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times, and we hope to see you this summer!

Kaitlin & Patty Lebon
Nevada's Re-opening Plan & its affect on events

 Nevada is under "Stay at Home" guidelines but will move into
Phase 1 guidelines on May 9th. Phase 1 allows essential businesses and others to be open following strict guidelines on social distancing, etc. These guidelines regulate capacity, facial coverings, social distancing, etc. No gatherings over 10 are allowed. No non-essential travel during this phase.

Phase 2 could start May 30th if the virus remains under control. Some gaming facilities could open with strict requirements. Non-essential travel to be avoided. Gathering size remains at 10 or less. Phase projected to last at least 3 weeks barring an upsurge in virus cases & deaths.

Phase 3 will continue to ease restrictions and monitor results. More travel will be allowed. Nothing definitive was listed on the size of gatherings or events. More will be developed as they move thru Phase 2.

Phase 4 will be a return to the new normal. Most all businesses will be operating with enhanced hygiene and vigilance. No restrictions on travel. Nothing definitive said about events, but sounds like they will be allowed by the State. Phase 4 will not be entered into unless there is a vaccine available.

For more information, click here .
<--- Morgan Medallion
For information on how shows are required to run, see
"COVID-19 Show Tool Kit" put out by USEF & posted earlier in this newsletter.
Recommendations from the JLC are shown below.
For the Morgan Horse Magazine - closes May 21:
Attention Futurity Participants!

Pictures needed of your Futurity horse/s for the Futurity Booklet.
300 dpi/1MB

Due date extended to June 15th.
Send to Gay Adams,
A Derby To Lift Your Spirits!
Are you missing the Kentucky Derby this year? Well, try this one.

Click here to view the Patchwood Downs Pheasant Derby put on by the Cornelius Veterinary Clinic - or Dr. Bob & Shelley Bullard. I'm sure there were other helpers as well.

Thank you Bob & Shelley
Passed on from the Oregon Horse Council
Ochoco National Forest seeks comments on wild horse management plan update
Current management plan for horses east of Prineville dates back to 1975
PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Ochoco National Forest on Friday released a draft environmental assessment for the Ochoco Wild Horse Herd Management Plan project.
A 30-day public comment period began Friday and will remain open through May 18. The Forest Service invites the public to review the draft document and provide feedback to assist forest planners as they develop and refine the proposal.
The Ochoco Wild Horse Herd Management Plan is an effort to update the 1975 herd management plan for the congressionally designated Big Summit Wild Horse Herd and Territory, located about 25 miles east of Prineville, on the Lookout Mountain Ranger District of the Ochoco National Forest.
A herd management plan is an operational plan for managing wild free-roaming horses. The existing plan is more than 40 years old. The Forest Service is working to create a new plan based on current conditions, with updated management tools and protocols, and in alignment with policy and broad social expectations.
“We have been working in community for the last five years to develop strategies for improving our management of this herd and conservation of the other resources within this territory,” said Lookout Mountain District Ranger Slater Turner. “Now we’re asking for public feedback again, so we can create the best management plan possible, in partnership with the many different groups and individuals interested in this project.”
The environmental assessment analyzes three alternatives, including a "no action" option that would not change the appropriate management level (AML) of a population of 55 to 65 wild horses.
Alternative 2, the one preferred by the Forest Service, would incorporate measures to slow population growth, increase genetic variability and maintain an appropriate management level of 12 to 57 wild horses.

The third alternative, developed at the request of some members of the public, would manage the area at an appropriate management level of 150 to 200 wild horses.
The environmental assessment, which compares the environmental consequences of the three alternatives, is available on the project web page: under Project Documents – Analysis. 
Hard copies can be requested by calling one of the project leaders listed below. Hard copies will be mailed or can be picked up by appointment only at the Ochoco National Forest office in Prineville. 
Here is how to comment: Electronic, written, and oral comments will be accepted. We strongly encourage you to submit comments electronically. Those wishing to provide electronic comments should use the Forest Service online comment system available at:
Comments may be typed into the online form, or uploaded as an attachment in Microsoft Word, rich text format (rtf), or portable document format (PDF) only. 
Comments may also be submitted in writing by mail. Written comments should be sent to Slater Turner, District Ranger, Lookout Mountain Ranger District, 3160 NE 3rd Street, Prineville, OR 97754. 
Hand-delivery/Fax: can be hand-delivered or faxed by appointment only at this time, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and Executive Order by Governor Brown. Please call Beth Peer at 541-416-6463 to make an appointment to hand-deliver your comments or request the fax number.
Anyone wishing to obtain additional information on the project or to provide comments over the phone should contact one of the project leaders: Beth Peer ( , 541-416-6463) or Tory Kurtz ( , 541-416-6407).
A New Book About Justin Morgan
The American Morgan Horse Association is proud to share some exciting news from Dennis Tatro of Vermont. Dennis’ Denlore, LLC was awarded one of the AMHA Breed Promotion Grants for 2020. This funding aided him in generating an e-book version of his new book, “Justin Morgan and the Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line.”

Congratulations, Dennis! We look forward to the release of the book and to the unveiling of the new historical marker. And, you all are invited to attend! See below.

Note: The American Morgan Horse Association provides breed promotion grants each year to qualified applicants to promote the Morgan horse. For information on the grants, please visit our website.

Randolph, VT - The Morgan Horse Heritage Foundation is announcing that on Saturday August 29th 2020, starting at 11AM, on the Neighborly Road in Randolph Vermont, that a historical marker approved by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation for Justin Morgan will be unveiled and celebrated.
Justin Morgan was the owner of a stallion named Figure, who brought him to Vermont in 1792 and, in which became the progenitor of the Morgan breed of horse. He is also respected, as a musical composer who composed 18th century musical renditions of
poetry and psalms known as fuguing tunes or psalmody.

It was known that Justin Morgan settled somewhere on the Randolph, Brookfield town line, but no one has ever found the exact location, until now! Finally after fourteen years of research, the location will be marked with a beautiful historic marker in order to preserve the location for many years to come.

We welcome the public to attend and witness this event. Starting time is 11AM with the unveiling taking place at Noon time. At one PM the road will be closed down and Morgan Horses will race two at a time down this road just as they did in 1796. Races of that time period were generally started at the drop of a hat and ran a distance of eighty rods.

Food will be available on site and several organizations will have tables set up with historical information and items for sale. Come and enjoy the day with the Morgan Horse and the people that own them in Randolph Vermont.

To find out more about Justin Morgan and the unveiling of this marker or to get information on the soon to be released book, “Justin Morgan and the Morgan Horse, Living On The Town Line”, you can go to or contact Dennis Tatro at (802) 763-2516 or email him at
Update from Carolyn Sebring on the Grand National Horse Show
October 10-17, 2020 - Oklahoma City OK
Dear Morgan Friends and Family,

Greetings from Massachusetts, I am well and I continue to do my part at social distancing.

I thought I would reach out to you and just check in. I have been busy with the rest of the committee getting ready for the 2020 Grand National. We had our first meetings back in November and January and we were all excited and heading full steam ahead. Then the world changed.

We are hopeful that we will be getting together in October but there are no guarantees. That said the committee must continue to move forward and plan for the show so we will have all the pieces for the puzzle assembled and ready to go. As you can imagine this takes all year to plan and put this show together. We cannot start the ball rolling once we are given the all clear.

I will once again be seeking your financial support to help put on this amazing show. It takes not only time but also a tremendous amount of money to create our 8-day Grand National. At this time I know it is hard to even think about October, or going to a horse show, let alone having any extra money to help support the Grand National. But this year, more than ever, we need to stay positive and excited about the Grand National. These are unprecedented times for all of us, but together we can make this happen.

I hope we will be together October 10 – 17 in Oklahoma City. We all need something to look forward to and what’s more exciting than the Morgan Grand National. Each year we set a sponsorship goal, which we try to meet to run the show. This year’s goal; We hope you stay healthy and we will be together in October at the Morgan Grand National. Please continue to support the show. All support, no matter how small, never goes unnoticed. Together we will get through this.

I will be sending you your actual sponsorship information starting in the middle of May. Until then Stay safe and #MORGANSTRONG

As always,

Carolyn Sebring
Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show
Sponsorship 2020
413 442-0838
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To those who have served, and to those who serve now - we are eternally in your debt.
Joint Leadership Council Issues Recommended Re-Opening Guidelines
The Joint Leadership Council has issued recommended re-opening guidelines for competitions to be utilized ALONG WITH ALL Federal and State mandates.

Review JLC's Return to Shows Exhibitor Survey Results   This is from over 4,000 responses!

The Joint Leadership Council (JLC), which includes members of the American Saddlebred Association (ASHA), American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA), American Hackney Horse Society (AHHS), American Road Horse and Pony Association (ARHPA) and the United
Professional Horsemen’s Association (UPHA) along with input from the Arabian Horse Association (AHA), met and discussed steps competitions could take as our industry and sport
emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. Below are suggested Best Practices organizers can consider as they plan for events and take steps to help competitors and staff stay as safe as possible. We are fully aware that types of shows, location and types of facilities and other regional differences will influence both the practicality and necessity of implementing these Best Practices.

Organizers are strongly encouraged to abide by guidelines provided by local governing entities in implementing chosen Best Practices. We encourage organizers to use this list as a guide, and determine additional Best Practices specific to their circumstances.

In order to commence our show season, it is recommended that competition organizers reach out as soon as possible to the individual facility owners to assure them that the following guidelines are in place to provide a safe environment for owners, exhibitors and professionals. Additionally, show organizers are encouraged to reach out to their respective insurance providers with any questions regarding levels of coverage as a result of COVID-19. 
  • Monitor CDC, federal, state and local guidelines regarding safe practices as well as USEF recommendations.
  • Close event to the general public and spectators 
  • Institute a safe environment for office staff
  • Accept online or electronic entries only
  • Establish appointment times for check in and check out
  • Changes (scratches/adds) to be completed electronically
  • Class number sheets, scratches and daily schedules to be emailed or texted
  • Set up office to provide proper social distancing guidelines 
  • Social distancing throughout show grounds
  • Limit to two people per horse in warm up arena
  • Additional two minute gate holds between classes so people can move in and out of warm up ring with no congestion
  • At facilities where there is “moat-like rail” limit the number of people on the rail to trainers and instructors only and require those in this area to wear gloves
  • Request seating areas at barns to be limited as to limit congregating
  • Eliminate exhibitor parties and hospitality areas (coffee etc)
  • Ensure vendors are spaced out accordingly and are set up to abide by social distancing recommendations 
  • Sanitizing stations throughout show grounds and in center ring
  • Provide hand sanitizer to all officials, ring crew, office staff and maintenance staff
  • Provide gloves and masks to barn staff and other official personnel 
  • Create a method to present ribbons and trophies that has less hand to hand contact. (Consider an alternate area where ribbons can be picked up as to reduce contact in the ring)
  • Require food service to institute methods to deliver their food abiding by social distancing guidelines 
  • Managers should have a staff meeting prior to the show to discuss issues, protocol and procedures that will be in place during the event
  • Configure box seating to allow for social distancing
  • Arena should be closed at an allotted time between sessions to properly sanitize and/or clean show arena
  • If space allows separate stabling areas and configure stabling for social distancing
  • Consider offering live feed (if possible) to give families and fans at home the ability to stay in touch. (This also may be a way to generate corporate sponsorship knowing that the feed is being seen by a larger audience)
The JLC requests your response to the
JLC Re-Opening Horse Show Survey #2
Closes May 18, 2020 at 12pm ET
Click her e to take the survey

How to reopen your barn following the COVID-19 quarantine
The COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for a complete shift in the daily lifestyle of everyone in the United States, including our horses. Living under quarantine, curfews, and learning how to work from home has reiterated how important barn visits are to mental health. As states across the country relax stay-at-home requirements, we have some tips on how to keep your horses, horse people, and your barn as healthy as possible. 
  • Limit gatherings to as few people as possible, and continue to maintain the recommended social distancing protocols that include six (6) feet of separation between individuals. Just because the quarantine is being lifted doesn’t mean the threat is over. COVID-19 can be detected in the air for up to 3 hours after being transmitted. Some stables have created a schedule where clients can reserve time slots for their visits, reducing the amount of people in the barn by only allowing 3-4 people present at once. This may be the most appropriate step forward for those barns in states that were forced to close outright.
  • Encourage proper hand-washing and provide as many locations/opportunities for people to do so. Due to the structure of the virus, washing hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds is the most effective way to prevent contamination. Hand sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective.
  • Make a daily or hourly cleaning chart to prevent virus transmission. Disinfect common contact areas regularly and avoid sharing equipment and supplies between people, COVID-19 can live on copper for up to four hours, cardboard for 24 hours, and plastic and stainless steel for up to 3 days.
  • Non-porous materials (leather bridles/saddles/halters, nylon halters/lead ropes, gate latches, door handles, spray nozzle) harbor the virus longer than porous materials (cotton lead ropes, saddle pads)
  • Clean communal leather tack daily with tack cleaner. Knowing how to properly disinfect tack is useful for any equestrian, be it for strangles or COVID-19. Aerosol sprays such as Lysol tend to strip leather of oils, so if you use an aerosol spray to disinfect your tack, be sure to let it dry completely and then recondition the leather to protect it. Soap and water is another effective way to break down the lining of bacteria and viruses and is often safe for most tack. Diluted bleach disinfects well, but leather may dry out and crack from repeated treatments.
  • Disinfect gate latches, spray nozzles, cross tie snaps, pitchforks, wheelbarrows, and other frequently used items regularly or after contact with personnel
  • Stall door latches, hose ends, light switches, faucets and feed scoops should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.
  • There may be state requirements to wear gloves or face coverings to reduce the risk of spreading germs. Many businesses will be looking to taking the temperature of those present in and will not allow anybody to come if they register a temperature or feel sick and this may go a long way to helping clients feel comfortable.
  • Long story short, nobody spends 2 months on the couch unscathed, so take it easy getting back into training. Many riding stables are closed to tenants and all equine events have been canceled in an effort to reduce the virus’s spread. Due to these closures, many horses are not receiving regular workout schedules, or maybe no exercise at all. While daily lifestyles are difficult for all during this pandemic, adapting a horse’s schedule to a life after quarantine can be equally as challenging. Exercise related injuries would be a terrible way to end the quarantine.

Making boarders and clients safe and secure will be critical in getting the horse industry back on its feet, and each facility, whether private or public, should have written policies regarding COVID-19 and expect all clients and professionals to adhere to them. Keeping our horses healthy has always been a priority, but without their owners you can’t keep the lights on. All of these tips, and more, can be found on the AHC COVID-19 Resource Page, please visit it here as we continue to update it during this transition.
Details: Contact Cliff Williamson at
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