Stable Sheet | October 2018
Stable Sheet - October 2018
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
From The Board
President's Message

The days are shorter. The leaves are beginning
to fall. The kids are settling back in at school. The local shows are done, and there are people heading off to Oklahoma for the Grand National. And the thoughts of those on your Board of Directors are on the upcoming Award Banquet, Election, and plans for the year ahead. Can you believe the holidays are right on top of us?
The new directory is out and was mailed to members along with membership renewal forms and our 2018 ballot to elect your 2019 Board. You should be receiving them soon if you haven't already. We still have spots on the Board of Directors open. This is your club. If you would like to serve or want additional information, please contact me -
Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276 or .

(PS: I had a call months ago from someone in Central Oregon that was interested, but I can't find her name & number now. Please call me again!)

I hope to see all of you at the 2018 Award Banquet
and General Membership Meeting & Election
November 4th, 2018
See more details later in this Newsletter.

Have a wonderful Fall!
October 6-13, 2018
State Fair Park
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Good luck to everyone headed
to the Grand National!!!
Live Streaming is Available for Free!
Cheer on our Northwest Competitors!
The Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® is happy to announce this year’s live feed once again will be brought to you FREE at .

With the help of the expert production team at Richfield Video, every minute of this magnificent Morgan event will be brought to you live from start to finish beginning Saturday, October 6. The show will be available for free at until November 1, 2018. After that date, you can access the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® at Richfield Video Archives by going to .

Many thanks our advertisers!
Deregnaucourt Ltd.
Indian Creek Farm
Merriehill Farm
Saddle Horse Report
The Morgan Horse
West Coast Morgans

There is still time to become an advertiser and reach thousands of viewers live throughout the week and on our website into the future! Contact C. A. "Tony" Lee at for more details.

Competition for this year's show begins Saturday, October 6 with three shows daily through Saturday, October 13. Show times will be at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. each day. For more information on the 2018 horse show and for updates, log on to .
Good luck to the Youth of the Year Participants who are representing the Western Region
Naquel Johnson , 16, Key Classic
Amanda White , 16, Morgan Medallion
A Wonderful Note From
Teri Rumens
A gentle reminder to those competing in OKC this year. At the end of the day, whether you wear roses under a spotlight or come away with nothing, you hug your horse and thank them for carrying you and your goals all year long. You thank your parents and your friends for cheering for you in and out of the ring. And most of all you thank your trainers for being the keepers of your dreams; your coach, your cheerleader, your harshest critic, and your horse's caretaker through thick and thin.

I don't think many stop to realize how your trainer's lives revolve around your animals and you. Your dreams are their dreams, too. Every milestone, every hiccup, every breakthrough and every blunder is felt as much by them as it is by you. Be proud, be happy, be upset on occasion; but please don't EVER forget to be thankful.

Enjoy your trip to the Nationals
MHAO Board Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2018
Met via conference call. 
Meeting called to order at 7:35pm
Present: Gay Adams, Martha Woodland, Karen Breckenridge, Erin Silver, Leanne Roth, Diane Pixlee, David Silver and Nancy Eidem
Not Present: John Shaver and Kathy Christensen
Quorum Present
Financial report as of 8/31/2018 - Karen Breckenridge
$9,313 general checking account
$25,488 Savings account
$2,424 futurity account
$14,265 Nancy Falk Trust Donation – Restricted Funds
$8,525 OMC account
Total after reconciliations $63,738
The most recent P&L was reviewed. Youth transactions will be broken out from OMC so they can be tracked separately. We will utilize the Nancy Falk donation of up to $500 per year for Youth of the Year. Grace Martin was our YOY winner. Gay will check with her to see if she will be representing OMC at the Grand National or not. If she does, we need to factor in our $400 reimbursement for YOY participation into our financials.
All Committee Chairs need to look at the P&L for their committee and let Karen know if any changes are needed prior to our November 4 th General Membership meeting. We are going to be pretty close to breakeven for the year.
Erin Silver made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report. Seconded by Karen. Approved.
Gay distributed the 2018 ballot draft. She is still looking for candidates including a President and Show Chair. David will not be able to run as our Youth Director for 2019.
Hi-Point Committee & Award Banquet – Erin Silver & Martha Woodland
Per Erin, there are about 20 people registered for the high point awards. We know we have more members competing than that. For this year, she will look for all MHAO member’s placings. In future, she will require pre-registration. The Award Banquet will be at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem as a Pot Luck. For entertainment there will be a slide show created from pictures from our members showcasing what they are doing with their Morgans. Please send them to Erin Silver.
Martha Woodland is handling the Silent auction and is looking for donations. There is no theme for the auction so any type donations will be welcome.  
Doors for the Banquet will open at 1:00pm. General Membership meeting, Silent Auction, and the Pot Luck will begin at 1:30pm. Awards start at 3pm. We are trying to shorten the length of the meeting.
Martha & Erin will get info to Shelley for the NWMorganNews promoting the event.
Education – Erin Silver
Erin has been in contact with Shelley for the Spring Clinic. Shelley is willing to host a Ranch Pleasure clinic/General Membership Meeting in March coordinated to work with the end of the Stallion Service Auction. We are looking at Peggy Bond-Heath as the facilitator. Erin is reaching out to her to set a date. The clinic & meeting can be in the arena with the Auction in Shelley’s home afterward so there is good cell phone service for call in bidders & contacting those who pre-registered to bid. We will need volunteers to help man the phones. 
Stallion Service Auction (SSA) – Gay Adams
Leslie Arnould has stepped forward to help Gay with looking for stallion service donations and more of the graphic work for advertising. The goal is to have 30-36 stallions offered and to increase our advertising. We want an ad to be included in the Morgan Horse Magazine Breeding issue and will look for other options (like the Blast) as well. We may also see if we can use an on-line auction service like HorseShowWire to help generate more bidders. 
Futurity – Gay Adams
Our futurity is the only one we know of in the Western Region. Leslie Arnould is reaching out to California breeders to see if they want to participate. We will continue to look for ways to generate more funds for prize money. We are open to ideas and donations. 
Promotion – Gay Adams for Kathy Christensen
Erin confirmed that the MHAO “Day of the Morgan” event has been tabled for this year. We will look at it again for next year and see if we can’t involve more barns around the State.
Membership & Membership Directory – Gay Adams for Kathy Christensen
We now have a little over 100 members current for 2018. This number includes our Life members. The Membership Directory is printed and ready for mailing. It will be sent out with membership renewals and our 2018 ballots by October 4 th .  Gay is still working on getting Board member candidates for the ballot. 
Ride/Drive Program – Leanne Roth
No new enrollments have been received. Gay suggested Leanne send emails to all the riders who participated in our recent Trail Ride and get them to enroll. All Board members need to send in an enrollment form.  Info needs to be sent to Shelley for publication in the NWMorganNews, and Gay will continue to plug for the program in the Stable Sheet. 
Leanne said it was a great Trail Ride. They really liked the park and trails including the bicycle trails that were available too. It was great exposure for young horses and lots of fun. Discussed possible locations for next year including if it might be a beach ride. 
Open Incentive Program – Gay Adams for John Shaver
Nothing new to report at this time.
Website, Facebook & Stable Sheet – Gay Adams
Ami Ericson has volunteered to help Gay with the membership news section of the newsletter.    Gay is upgrading her service with Constant Contact so that up to 10 people can have access to the MHAO account. It will raise the cost of the service to approximately $500 per year and that will need to be factored into next year’s budget. Ami will start helping with the November issue. 
Youth – Diane Pixlee
David is unable to run for the youth director for next year. Grace Martin was the YOY winner. Gay will ask her if she is interested in being on the Board when she calls to see if she will represent OMC at Nationals. Martha will ask her daughter, Natalie.
Diane has a Youth Committee meeting planned to take place at Nationals with David and Sierra. One of the things they are working on is to start working on a new Youth Newsletter. David will write an article on Working Western, & Sierra has agreed to write one on competing in Dressage. Rhea Turner and Allison Deardorff were mentioned as people who might help with setting up a virtual horse show for our Youth early next year.     
Oregon Morgan Classic – Nancy Eidam
A revised outline of Corporate Sponsorship packages was distributed to the Board along with information for vendors. The primary change to the Corporate sponsorship packages is that all corporate sponsors will be eligible to have a vendor booth or information table and we are asking all sponsors to provide something for the Silent Auction. Over the next few weeks or so we want to fine tune the cover letter to give to sponsors along with sponsorship information. Gay, Erin, Kathy & Martha will get that done so we can start reaching out to companies starting in mid-October (after Nationals). The earlier we start on this the better. Many companies finalize their budget for the new year between October 31 st and year end.
We are looking for a Show Chair for 2019. Joan Shelton-Palelek will handle most of the work as manager. The Show Chair just needs to monitor everything and be sure we are on track. Nancy has created an outline to follow. The Show Chair and volunteers will need to work on getting sponsors and following thru with the benefits promised.   
Leslie Arnould will make a new flyer to use to promote the show. We want to reach out to schools, 4H, FFA, etc to help get people there to watch and mingle. Radio ads were successful last year at bringing in spectators so we will do that again.  Martha volunteered to take flyers around to businesses and other places about 3 weeks prior to the show.
Nancy urges us to always choose a judge rated 1st as a Morgan judge and 2 nd as a Saddlebred judge. It is our show. The majority of our support is out of Morgan owner’s pockets. Morgan horses & their owners should always come first. 
New Life Members - 
Potential new life members were discussed. Nancy Eidam made a motion to add two specific new Life Members. Motion was seconded by Leann Roth. Motion passed. We are not ready to announce who they will be. Members need to come to the Award banquet to find out.
501c3 Non-Profit Status for OMC -
Martha will send some tax information about nonprofits to Gay for her review.    Businesses are better off accounting for a sponsorship as advertising. Gay wants to see if it is worth the cost ($800 to $1,500 for attorney assistance plus any filing fee) for us to pursue 501c3 tax status for OMC given the new tax law. Martha knows a good Non-Profit attorney if we need one.
3-5 year Business Plan -
Gay asked that Committee Chairs update their 3-5 year business plan prior to the November 4 th General Membership meeting. Be sure to let Gay know of the changes prior to the banquet.
USEF SAFE Sport Training Requirement for 2019 -
Nancy is concerned about some of the requirements coming out of USEF, particularly the one about requiring all competing adults to take the SAFE Sport On-Line Training before they will be allowed to compete at USEF approved shows in 2019. She feels this is going too far. There will be a USEF meeting at Nationals. She will attend and encourages anyone else who is there to attend as well. She feels that many of the regulations and fees that are being imposed by USEF are too overbearing and are hurting the Morgan and maybe even the entire Equine industries.
MHAO College Scholarship -
Gay brought up that we might have more luck getting Corporate sponsors if we could also tell them we had a scholarship program. Leanne Roth’s mom might have some information on what the Farm Bureau offers. She will see if they are willing to share their info so we can see an example of how ours might work. Having a scholarship program might help us get more Youth involved with our club and club programs, and to get our 501c3 status for OMC if we decide to pursue it. More will be discussed at a later meeting before a vote is taken. Whatever our decision, we will need a way to fund it and that needs to be included in our plan.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.
Next meeting will be on Sunday, November 4, 2018 in Salem. Doors open at 1PM.
Gay asks that all committee reports be brief to allow more time for open discussion from the floor.
Respectfully submitted,
Martha Woodland, MHAO Secretary
Thank you Erin Silver.
The time to act is now. You can't start tomorrow and you can't start "someday." "Someday" is usually a euphemism for "never." Milestones are achieved one step at a time.
So decide what the first step will be and take it.
And remember, don't mistake the difficult for the impossible.
Inch by inch, life is a cinch.
Big achievements often start with small steps.
The key is to do something. Now. Today.
- Nido Qubein
New Publication
By Ellen F Feld
Blackjack The Magical Morgan Horse
Happy Publication Day! "Blackjack - The Magical Morgan Horse" is officially on sale. You can now purchase copies directly from Amazon. The story (written for approximately a first grade reader) follows a young girl who desperately wants a horse of her own - a Morgan, of course! When some magical stardust falls on one of the pictures of her dream horse, Blackjack, her dream may just come true...
If you'd like a signed copy you can simply message me or visit the publisher's website:
This book would not have been possible without the amazing work of Jeanne Newton Schoborg - Thanks, Jeanne!!!
Thank you Sandra Nichols!
2018 MHAO Trail Ride
Held September 8th & 9th
at LL Stub Steward State Park
From Leanne Roth:
"Had a wonderful birthday weekend horse camping at Stewart Stubb Memorial Park with Lenore Smith, Kathy Defazio & the Arnold family!!! Thank you to Gay Adams for the birthday cakes!! Lenore & I had so much fun enjoying ourselves with everyone who attended."

Mike & Erin Silver and Devin Cruickshank came to ride on Saturday afternoon but did not camp overnight. From Erin:
"Had a great time on the MHAO trail ride today. Weather was perfect. Green mare was so ponies were jiggy til they got tired, lol....of course had a brief brush with bees. Definitely want to go back for a weekend! Thank you Kathy DeFazio for organizing!!"
Has anyone seen Mike Silver in the saddle before? (2nd row center)
Our riders: Leslie Arnould came with her family, Lenore Smith & Leanne Roth with their families, Mike & Erin Silver, Devin Cruickshank, Vince & Kathy DeFazio. Gay Adams brought the cake for Leanne & Lenore's birthday.

Plans are already in the works for next year!
Start planning to join us!
Get enrolled today
so your time in the saddle counts!

Click here to download an enrollment form

For more information, contact Leanne Roth
(541) 619-7395,
Reminder from the High Point Committee!
Get Registered for High Point!
From Erin Silver:

Hi members!
I am the new High Point Chair for MHAO. I'm asking everyone to 'register' to be tracked for points. Forms are available on our website and at the link below.
Or, email your info to me!
(owner &/or rider name, address, phone, email address, horses name, & disciplines participating in)!

Great awards to be had in November!
If you're active with your Morgan and a member,
there's something in it for YOU!

Click here to download a registration form
Click here to download information on the High Point Program

If you are competing at other shows or events, you need to turn in your points using the following forms:
Click here to download the Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form
Click here to download the Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form

Once you are registered, Erin will track points automatically for
Key, BC, OMC, C-Fair, PNW, & Nationals

For questions, more information, or to register via email contact -
Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or

You can email your forms to Erin. Or mail them to her at:
10070 Hoffman Rd, Monmouth OR 97361
Tip of the Day

Discourage chewing, cribbing, biting by rubbing the bars, stalls, wraps with a bar of Ivory soap.
Save The Date
MHAO Award Banquet
Attention: The Date Has Changed
Sunday, November 4, 2018
Come celebrate 2018 with us!

1:30PM - Pot Luck, Election, Silent Auction & General Membership Meeting With Lite Entertainment

3:00PM - Awards

Doors open at 1pm
Willamette Heritage Center
The Dye House
1313 Mill Street SE
Salem, OR 97301
Questions – contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or

See you there!
Information About The
Willamette Heritage Center
The Willamette Heritage Center connects generations by preserving and interpreting the history of the Mid-Willamette Valley. The fourteen historic structures on site house permanent and changing exhibits, a research library and archive, a textile learning center, and rentable event spaces. The five-acre campus is also home to retail shops, art galleries, cooperative artist studios, and offices for our partner organizations.

Early settlement buildings take visitors back to the 1840s, when Euro-American missionaries and immigrants settled in the Mid-Willamette Valley, home of the Kalapuya. The 1841 Jason Lee House and Methodist Parsonage are the oldest standing wooden frame houses in the Pacific Northwest, featured along with the John D. Boon House (1847) and Pleasant Grove Church (1854), built by Oregon Trail immigrants. The 1896 Thomas Kay Woolen Mill, a National Park Service-designated American Treasure, vividly tells the story of industrialization in the Mid-Willamette Valley.
Experience work and life in what was once a leading textile factory in Oregon, the legacy of which is continued today by Pendleton Woolen Mills. Changing exhibits at the Willamette Heritage Center explore and highlight the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Mid-Willamette Valley.
The Willamette Heritage Center (WHC) is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed from the merger of the Mission Mill Museum and the Marion County Historical Society. It continues their legacies through a mission to preserve and interpret the history of the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Please bring something for the Silent Auction to the Award Banquet and come
ready to do some early Christmas shopping!

For information on the Silent Auction at the Award Banquet
Contact Martha Woodland
(541) 912-6950 or

We are looking for a volunteer to take pictures at the Award Banquet.
Contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or
Western Dressage’s Esteemed WDAA World Championship Show
The Western Dressage Association of America (WDAA) hosted the 2018  Western Dressage World Championship Show  from September 27-30. The championship returned to the  Lazy E Arena  in Guthrie, Okla., bringing together top combinations from across the United States and Canada for competition and to share the love of Western dressage with their peers.

Congratulations to Sara Breyman
on your WDAA World Championship!
Sara Breyman with
WCS Holiday Falcon
An Update About The MHAO
Open Incentive Program
Repeat Message from September
John Shaver is the new Open Incentive Chair for MHAO.
Below are links to download information on the Program,
and to the new revised form.

Thank you John!
Click here to download the Open Incentive Flyer
Click here to download the Open Incentive Form
From Springhill Equine Clinic
What is Navicular?

What is a “navicular”?
  The navicular is a small bone in your horse’s foot at the back of the coffin joint. It is technically a sesamoid bone, meaning it is not one of the main weight-bearing bones in a joint. Despite this, navicular bones play a huge role in the physiology of how a horse’s foot bears weight.

   Navicular disease syndrome describes a problem with the navicular bone plus or minus any of the structures it connects to. You see, the location of the navicular bone smack in the middle of the hoof makes this tiny bone extremely significant. The navicular bone is in contact with the coffin joint, the navicular bursa, the coffin bone, the short pastern bone, the navicular impar ligament, the deep digital flexor tendon, and the digital cushion. This is why navicular disease can go south so quickly!

How is Navicular disease diagnosed?
Navicular disease usually manifests itself as forelimb lameness. The lameness may be mild or intermittent at first, and it may be difficult to tell which front foot is lame. The classic feature of navicular disease is that it is almost always bilateral (affecting both front feet). If your horse’s lame foot is blocked (numbed with local anesthesia), and the lameness switches to the other foot, a diagnosis of navicular disease is high on the list.

   X-rays of the front feet are needed to confirm this diagnosis and to get an idea of the severity of your horse’s condition. First, they need the horse to put both front feet up on little wooden blocks. Next, they get the horse to stand on a tunnel with the X-ray plate in it. Then they ask the horse to stand with one leg forward and one leg back while they crouch under the horse’s belly and point the machine at the horse’s heel.

While X-rays can give the docs a lot of information about the navicular bone itself, MRI is required to fully evaluate the soft tissue structures involved. If it’s in the budget, we would strongly recommend an MRI if your horse is diagnosed with Navicular disease.

Can Navicular disease be treated? 
Yes! While navicular disease is a degenerative condition, this diagnosis is certainly not a death sentence for your horse when it is identified in its early stages. Certain breeds, such as Quarter horses and Paints, are more likely to develop the condition than others. If you own one of these horses and notice any forelimb lameness, or if your farrier tells you that your horse is painful across his heels, have him evaluated by a vet ASAP!

   Corrective shoeing is the cornerstone of treatment for navicular disease. Wedge pads will take some pressure off the heels, where the navicular structures are, and redistribute the weight to his toe. Any decent farrier should be able to handle applying wedge pads, but make sure he or she gets a chance to look at your horse’s X-rays to determine what degree of wedge your horse needs. If you have a stellar farrier who is adept at corrective shoeing projects, he may try a therapeutic shoe with a built-in wedge (bars that are thicker at the heel than at the toe), and/or other modifications to suit your horse’s individual needs.

   The corrective farriery is essential to managing a horse with navicular disease, but it’s not always enough by itself. Your vet may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to give your horse long-term in order to maintain his comfort. Equioxx is commonly employed in these cases because it boasts far fewer negative GI side effects compared to Bute or Banamine. Joint injections are another way to decrease the inflammation associated with navicular disease. Going back to our anatomy lesson from earlier, injections into either the coffin joint or the navicular bursa may help your horse, as the navicular bone borders both of these structures.

A word about OsPhos
The new kid on the block as far as treating navicular disease goes is a drug called OsPhos. This medication is definitely in vogue right now, especially in the Quarter Horse world, but does it really work?

OsPhos has been shown in vitro (that means in a Petri dish in the lab) to reduce osteoclast activity. Osteoclasts are cells that break down bone. One of the primary features of navicular disease is that the navicular bone essentially disintegrates over time (a severely diseased navicular bone will look like a slice of Swiss cheese). Ok, so this sounds like a no-brainer, right? The navicular bone is breaking down, so let’s give a drug that inhibits bone breakdown to stop progression of the disease.

  Well, there are 2 little problems with OsPhos. Remember that whole Petri dish thing? Well, just because we know a drug works in a lab means nada when it comes to how that drug will work when injected into a horse’s body. The medication has been approved by the FDA so we know it is relatively safe for horses, but how well it works at actually treating navicular disease is anybody’s guess.

  The second problem is a recently-recognized side-effect, which we all should have expected when you think about it. It has been suggested that OsPhos inhibits bone healing. This makes sense, because in addition to eating away at diseased navicular bones, osteoclasts actually have an important role in bone healing in a healthy horse. If your horse were to fracture a bone, osteoclasts would get to work right away cleaning up the shattered fragments and making way for osteoblasts (bone-making cells) to lay down new bone. Well, if your horse is in work, and his bones are under stress, they are essentially sustaining millions of micro-fractures all the time. In a normal horse, this would be no big deal. Osteoclasts would swoop in, clean up the damaged bone, and it would be replaced by new bone, which would be even stronger than before. But, in a horse that has been treated with OsPhos, those osteoclasts are inhibited, the damaged bone doesn’t get cleaned up, the new bone can’t be laid down, and the bone is left weaker than before.

 OsPhos is worth a try in horses with a definitive diagnosis of navicular disease. However, if one treatment doesn’t do the trick, it’s probably not a good idea to give this medication repeatedly. OsPhos is definitely not a lameness cure-all, and it doesn’t make sense to use it in horses to treat anything other than navicular disease.
MHAO is looking for Volunteers
and Leaders
The MHAO Election is coming up. We are looking for people interested in guiding club activities and efforts. Come lend your voice and a helping hand to your club. The work we do is critical to the support of the Morgan breed
in this area.
The President position is open as are Director positions, and we need
a Stable Sheet Editor &/or Assistant Editors.
Our thanks to Ami Ericson who will start as an Assistant Editor with
the November issue - but we could use more people to help us.

Election Ballots were mailed out on October 1st.
Write in positions still available.
For more information, contact Gay Adams
Free Support and Prizes from Time To Ride
Repeat article from the September Issue
Support to those who are promoting the Equine way of life!
Time To Ride® is an equine industry initiative created to encourage and champion the growth of the U.S. horse industry by supporting the efforts of individual farms, non-profits, and clubs to attract newcomers to horses. This grassroots approach gives barn owners the opportunity to grow their business by introducing non-horsey people to the beauty and benefits horses bring to our lives, while simultaneously growing the horse industry overall.
Registering on the Time to Ride website ( ) is free. When consumers looking for horse farms or equine activities in their area visit the website, they can easily use a map to find local facilities. In addition, each Time To Ride registered barn and organization (host) has free access to marketing materials, including posters, social media assets, print ads and much more that the host barn can use locally to promote his or her facility or organization – all at no charge.

The cornerstone of Time To Ride is the Time To Ride Challenge, which awards cash and prizes to the farms and organizations that attract the most newcomers to their facility or event.

The 2018 Time To Ride Challenge has two phases this year with prizes awarded for both phases. During Phase 1 , host barns hold Challenge events for newcomers. For Phase 2, hosts invite participants from their Phase 1 Challenge events to return for a more in-depth horse experience, such as a riding lesson.

The 2018 Phase 1 (Challenge event) dates are June 1-November 15, and Phase 2 dates are June 15-December 15. The dates for both phases have been extended to take advantage of the opportunity to work with Scouts, faith-based and other groups that typically have a hiatus during the summer months, as well as accommodate the hotter climates in the southern tier of the country.

For more information or to register please visit .
Questions and comments can be emailed to ,
or you can call (512) 591-7811.
Nominations Now Being Accepted
For The MHAO Stallion Service Auction
U.S. Athletes and Teams Earn 12 Medals at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 – a Record for the U.S. at a World Championships
Get Registered to vote
in the 2018 General Election
The deadline to register online to vote in the 2018 General Election
in Oregon is October 16.
Click here to continue reading
for Membership news
Gay Adams, Acting Editor | Morgan Horse Association of Oregon
(503) 936-4276 |