Stable Sheet - September & October 2019
Stable Sheet - September & October 2019
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
From The Board
Mission Statement for your Board Directors:
"To promote & preserve the Morgan Breed, serve MHAO members,
& support the Unity of the Morgan community."
President's Message
Can you feel Fall coming? Fall is my favorite season, but I will still miss Summer with its long sunlit days. For now I just want to get fire season safely behind us.

Our kids are back to school. Summer vacation time and the main show season is over. Only some open type shows are left here in the Northwest, and then the National show in Oklahoma.
Both MHAO and MHCWS are utilized their State Fairs to promote the Morgan breed. Good job by both clubs! See more information later in this newsletter. MHAO members who participated in the show at the Oregon State Fair or other open shows can utilize the Open Incentive Program. Don't forget!

Is anyone interested in serving on the MHAO Board next year? Let me know! Nominations are open. Don't delay. All club members will be receiving their ballots as well as a request to renew their membership by October 1st.

Please get your ballot back to us by October 31st, and include your membership renewal with your ballot. You may also bring your ballot & renewal to the Award Banquet on November 10th at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem. We hope to see you there. The banquet will include a General Membership meeting giving you a chance to talk with your Board and to let your voice be heard. It is our last club social event before winter sets in.
Come join in the fun! See you there!

Speaking of the Award Banquet, be sure to get your placing information into Erin Silver for any Open Shows or shows outside the Northwest circuit. We have asked that all members who show get registered for Hi-Point with Erin early in the year so she knows to watch for them at the Northwest shows. Anything outside that circuit needs to be sent into her. More information on our Hi-Point program is included in this newsletter.
Let us recognize you for all your success.

Gay Adams, MHAO President
Board Meeting Minutes
August 14, 2019 - Draft
Present: Karen Breckinridge, Julie Nygaard, Kathy Christensen, Martha Woodland, Gay Adams, Grace Martin, Shirley Champion and Natalie Woodland
Not Present: Mary Grimes, Nancy Eidam, Diane Pixlee, Paula Hague and Erin Silver
Quorum Present
Meeting was called to order at 7:34pm
TREASURER’S REPORT – Karen Breckenridge
General Checking Account - $ 14,072
Savings Account - 25,493
Futurity Account -  3,803
Nancy Falk Trust Donation - 12,765
OMC Checking Account - 18,463
Total Fixed Assets - 2,838
PayPal Online Payments - 160
Other Current Assets - 273
TOTAL ASSETS - $ 77,867
There is still an outstanding OMC sponsorship check for $1,000. The people have been notified. It was reported that there were still some Futurity prize money checks sent out that have not cleared. Only half have been cashed. The donation jar at OMC for Cystic Fibrosis and our club’s donation totaled $341.  This will be sent to the CF foundation.
The books are not formally closed on the show, but we are close. It looks like there is a profit of around $9,000. We continue to work on accumulating a reserve for future years. Looking back over the last 10 years the show is not always profitable. We need a reserve to carry us thru any down years. 
Our thanks to Paula Hague, Nancy Eidam, and everyone who worked on the show for all their hard work in making this year’s show such a success.
501c3 REPORT – Gay Adams
Gay presented a concept outline to the Board and will be meeting with an attorney for an initial consult on creating a 501c3 arm of the club. It appears it will need to be a separate organization from MHAO. Gay bought a Silent Auction donation for an Attorney consultation & is using it for this purpose so there should not be a charge to the club for the initial meeting. The attorney’s name is Kathy Hall. She specializes in Equine law and is a horse owner. She also serves on several non-profit boards. She will be a good fit for what we are trying to accomplish in setting this up. The appointment is set for August 20 th , 2019. Per a discussion with the show committee for the C-Fair Classic, they have lost some commercial sponsors because they are not a 501c3 (Charitable Non-Profit). This is confirmation that we need to move forward on this. We seek to increase our Corporate Sponsors in the years ahead. Thank you Gay for your hard work on this and your donation for the initial consultation.
Comments: Although we see that AMHA has moved its Stallion Service Auction to AMHECT (a related 501c3 to AMHA), the MHAO Futurity and Stallion Auction programs are currently recommended to stay in the club side of our organization. Membership dues are not enough to cover the cost of all our MHAO programs. Currently the MHAO SSA pays the club 60% of its net proceeds in return for space at OMC for MHAO Futurity classes. In that way it is currently a fundraiser for the club. Most people that own & maintain a stallion, file taxes as a business and can deduct their donation as a promotion expense to advertise their program. So far Gay has not had any problem in getting SSA donations related to the type of Non Profit we are. This structure will also be discussed with the attorney to be sure it doesn’t present any problems. 
The initial plan that Gay will present to the attorney includes a recommendation for MHAO to have complete control of the 501c3.  The idea is that the Board of the 501c3 will consist of the following members of the MHAO Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Show Chair, Scholarship Chair, Youth Chair (7 members). She is checking to see if we could have the President of the 501c3 be the Vice President of MHAO, and the Vice President of the 501c3 be the President of MHAO. Gay will check to see if there needs to be members on the 501c3 Board that are not on the MHAO Board. We need to be sure we don’t create a conflict of interest. She will also ask if the two organizations can have joint meetings with separate minutes produced so we keep the additional time commitment for MHAO Directors and Officers at a minimum.
Our current concept is that the items going into the 501c3 would be the OMC show, the scholarship fund, and other youth or promotional activities as the new organization might develop. These are things we think will help the new organization qualify for 501c3 status. MHAO is a 501c5 organization since it is a "membership" organization.
ALEX MOONEY SCHOLARSHIP – Mary Grimes absent, Gay reported
Ideas for fundraising for future scholarships were discussed. Suggestions such as: Used Tack Sale, Poker Ride, Walkathon, Movie Night and an Obstacle Course event were discussed. The Board was asked to send their ideas to Mary Grimes. 
We currently have $1,000 in the scholarship fund and plan to award our first $500 scholarship next year. Donations to the fund were received from Sally Plumley and Mary Grimes. 
Gay has been working hard at coming up with a list of potential new board members. Her current list of potential nominees was emailed to the Board for discussion. A nomination for President is still needed.  The final ballots need to be mailed to members for receipt by October 1 st .  Votes need to be mailed or emailed back to Karen Breckenridge by October 31 st or brought to the Award Banquet on November 10th. Karen will count the ballots for us at the banquet as Julie and Kathy are not available.
The banquet is a potluck. Food options to bring are listed on the Ballot according to the first letter of the attendee's last name. Promotion for the event has begun and should intensify now. Erin is working on the Hi-Point data and awards.
SHOW COMMITTEE - Karen Breckenridge
There is a conflict with the date set for the 2020 OMC show on June 17-20 th , 2020. The Olympic trials are set to start June 19th, 2020 in Eugene at the University of Oregon. This will be a problem for Hotel reservations. Karen has been in contact with the show manager, Nancy Harvey, to discuss moving the show date. One week forward would conflict with school still being in session and put us too close to the B.C. Morgan Horse show. The week after is not available at the Oregon Horse Center. We also considered the second week of July but that would overlap with the Morgan Medallion in Las Vegas. Several barns will be attending that show. Of prime importance, if we change our dates we will lose most of our staff as they are already committed to other functions. It was decided to not move the show date.
We were unable to find a block of rooms available in the Eugene Metropolitan area. Many hotels are already fully booked for the Olympic Trials. A Hotel has been found that will work with us to secure a block of rooms. We are working with the Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove. It will be a 20-22-minute drive south of Eugene and is just off the I-5 Freeway. Martha who lives in the Eugene area felt it was more like 30 minutes from the show facility. The Hotel has a restaurant with complimentary breakfast and a pool. We will have two room types offered. Karen will see if she can get a blended rate for each type as rates are normally less for Tuesday thru Thursday, and more for Friday thru Saturday. 
Our show staff housing cost for the 2020 show will be up from past years; it is usually about $4,000 but will be closer to $5,300. Karen also looked into renting R.V.’s for the staff but it wasn’t cost effective at $1,000. per RV.
There was a brief discussion of changing the show schedule to two sessions per day instead of three. The thought was to make it easier to go to the hotel and still have time to get back for the evening start time. Karen will get together with Nancy Eidam to discuss this. The board liked the idea.
Karen had some feedback from exhibitors about the Plaques we awarded to the winners in classes this year. Most people preferred the OMC Medallions from past years and even returned the Plaques. A decision was made to ask Leslie Arnould to design a new Medallion for next year for Morgan classes and award the leftover Plaques to winners in other breed classes.
Gay said that she has verbal commitments from almost all of the Vendors we had this year that they would like to return for our 2020 show. She also has a verbal commitment from a new Vendor that does embroidery etc. Gay is exploring the possibly of having them offer to put MHAO & OMC logos onto clothing, hats, blankets, etc at the show. She will ask if we could provide some new Morgan designs to use as well. She will explore if a percentage of the sale proceeds from those items might be able to go to the club. Gay will also call McConnells Tack to invite them to return for the 2020 show.
PROMOTION – Martha Woodland
Martha and Erin are planning to set up tables with flyers and promotional information at the Oregon State Fair horse show. Martha will see if she can find enough riders (at least 3 for each class) so she can get some Morgan classes added to the show schedule. Thursday night, August 29 th , will be the new Challenge of the Breeds class that the Fair has added. Erin Silver will reach out for riders to join her for that. Martha & Erin are encouraging everyone to enter the Morgan and Open classes on Friday and Saturday (August 30 th & 31 st ).  
MEMBERSHIP – Kathy Christensen
We have a new family membership for the Ramerman family. Elizabeth Forster-Ramerman was an active Junior Exhibitor, with titles in OKC. She is married to Andrew and has three daughters that are now showing Morgans; Mylie, Madison and McKenna. So happy to have them join us. 
It was mentioned that maybe something special should be done to welcome our new members. Kathy said that they get a welcome letter and a packet with information about the programs we offer. A notice goes to Gay to get them added to our distribution list for the Stable Sheet. A suggestion was made that maybe the Youth Committee could come up with an additional idea to give to new members with kids as a thank you for joining. Martha will call Diane Pixlee with that idea and ask her to have Natalie and Grace be involved. 
Kathy has a new job and will not be able to work on getting a membership directory out. Gay will begin to work on putting one together. She is hoping Doana Anderson will help her. No commitment was made on when it will be printed. It won’t be ready in time to go with the ballots and membership renewals.
Shirley has agreed to handle the Open Incentive program as well as the Ride/Drive Program. She asked if there were any past records for these two programs. Karen has info on all the payouts. She said that she paid out one person this year for Open incentive and in past years a total of 6 or 7 members sent in requests. The Ride/Drive Program this year has 2 people signed up - Nora Mains and Leanne Roth. We would like to increase awareness about both of these programs.
There is nothing to report from our other committees at this time.
Each committee chair needs to check and update their Committee goals for discussion at the September meeting. Instructions for future committee chairs also need to be updated or completed by then for inclusion in the Policy & Procedures Manual. Gay would like to have the manual completed by this year's fiscal year end.
A storage unit for our club & Northwest historical information is needed. Nancy Eidam has collected & stored this data for many years at her home but has sold her farm and is moving. She will not have room for it in her new location. She found a 10 X 10 storage unit that is temperature controlled in the Hermiston area for $90 - $100 dollars per month. Julie made a motion to use the storage unit option temporarily until a better spot is found. Kathy seconded it. Motion passed. 
Gay and Nancy will work on creating a history for the MHAO club & Morgans in the Northwest as a project next year. Gay will call Mary Anne Morrison to see if she would like to be involved in the project or might even be interested in being on the Board. Gay has talked with Brenda Tippin. Brenda is a Life Member of MHAO and writes history articles for The Morgan Horse magazine. She is interested in working on the “history of Morgans in the Northwest” portion for us, but due to other commitments she is not able to join the Board at this time.
The next meeting will be September 18, 2019 via conference call.
Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Nygaard – MHAO Secretary   
We Need You !
Nominations Are Open
For The MHAO Board Of Directors
Call Gay Today
MHAO is looking for people interested in being a part of our Board of Directors. We need your voice!

Call Out For Stallion Service Auction
Phone Team Needed
The last day of our Stallion Service Auction in March is handled by phone. We need volunteers to help us get back in touch with our bidders. Can you help? We need to know now so we can have a discussion about the timing of the Auction. 8-10 people needed.

Our Stallion Service Auction provides financial support to the MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity and is one of the ways that MHAO reaches out to support all the Morgan Breed.
Newsletter Editor Needed
Stay in touch with members, share club information, have fun with your creativity!!!
Being our newsletter editor is a fun thing to do!
Be up on everything that is going on and share that information with our members. Gather member news for publication.

I am involved in other duties for the club and need to hand this off to someone else.
Looking For Ads For The
MHAO Membership Directory
We Are Getting Ready To Go To Press
MHAO supports referrals to
members & cross trading of services within the club.
Let other members know what you do.

Ads also help to offset the cost of printing a directory.

Get your ads in now!
$20 - Full Page
$10 - Half Page
$5 - Quarter Page & Business Card
$25 - Inside cover, front or back
$30 - Back cover (taken)
If interested or if you want more information on any of the above,
please contact Gay Adams, (503) 936-4276,
MHAO High Point Program
Get in your show reports for any shows not on the Morgan Northwest Circuit!
Once you are registered, the following shows will be tallied for you automatically: Key Classic, BC Morgan Show, Oregon Morgan Classic, C-Fair Charity Show, PNW & the Grand National. For all other shows, Open or Morgan, please send in your results to Erin Silver.
Click here to see or download program information.

For any other shows, please report your placing on the
following forms:
Click here to download the Jr. Exhibitor Declaration form
Click here to download the Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration form

For questions or assistance contact: Erin Silver, High Point Chair
(971) 600-8934,
You Are Invited!!
MHAO Fall Banquet
MHAO Award Banquet &
General Membership Meeting
Sunday, November 10, 2019

"Come socialize with your Morgan friends & have a great meal!
Brief membership meeting followed by High Point Awards!"
Come one, come all!

Willamette Heritage Center,
Dye House
1313 Mill Street SE, Suite 200
Salem, OR 97301
Get Your Report In
for the MHAO Ride/Drive Program!
We Are Not just About Horse Shows -
Prizes For This Program Are Awarded At The 2019 MHAO Award Banquet
In summary, the only time not included is when you are competing in front of a judge at a show on the Morgan circuit. All practice and warm-up time qualifies at all shows. All time in the saddle or driving on trails, at clinics, for practice or just for fun also counts!

Click here to download an enrollment form
Click here for a log sheet

For questions or assistance, contact Shirley Champion
(541) 534-2060,
MHAO Foal Photo Contest
It is time to get your photos in!!
Pictures can be from any year.
Foals do not need to be entered in the Futurity.
Members or Non-Members can enter.
You can enter up to 4 photos.

$$ Prize Money to 1st thru 3rd place $$

The 1st place winning photo will be on the cover
of the 2020 MHAO Breeders' Cup Futurity Booklet.

Click here to download an application to send in with your photos.

Send your photo/s and application to: Gay Adams,
Questions? Call Gay, (503) 936-4276

Winner will be announced at the Award Banquet
Akira Giselle (Cedar Creek Harlequin x SSLLC In Vogue) -
from owner Leslie Arnould
Get Your 2019 Foals Nominated
To the MHAO Futurity Before Year End
For the Great Rate of $45
After Year End, Late Fees Will Apply
Click here to download a 2019 Foal Nomination Form
Click here to download Futurity Rules
Some Suggestions on
Cleaning Water Troughs
If you have rubber or plastic troughs and buckets DO NOT USE CHEMICALS TO CLEAN THEM! The rubber and plastic will absorb some of the chemicals and your horses will be forced to drink them. This also discourages your horse from drinking. Instead clean your water troughs/buckets with salt and baking soda. Not only will these kill the algae & be abrasive enough to scrub it clean, they also taste good to the horse & can actually help your horse. These work on metal tanks too (may be corrosive if used frequently).

How To:
Dump all water out. Sprinkle in salt and baking soda on all algae/dirty areas, let sit 5-10mins. Scrub with your favorite stiff cleaning brush. Rinse. Repeat if trough was really dirty. Fill and watch your horses love their fresh clean water!

Helpful Tips:
Don’t place water troughs in sunny areas.
Only fill tank enough for horses to drink for one day. Fill/add water daily. If able, fill when they come in from pasture or after eating hay (when water consumption is highest).
Use a net to remove debris in between cleanings.
Cowboy Dressage
2020-Cowboy Dressage School of Horsemanship (CDSOH)
Clinic dates for 2020-Jan 17-19. Feb 7-9. March 13-15. April 3-5. May 15-17. Oct 23-25.
2020-dates: Jan 26-27 | Feb 22-23 | March 28-29 | April 25-26 | May 23-24 | Oct 17-18.

15416 Norvin Way, Grass Valley, CA 95949
Announcements for the
2020 BC Show
We are pleased to announce that Mr. Richard Petty will be our Judge for the Morgan, Saddlebred, Friesian, and Open Divisions at the 2020 BC Morgan Show! Richard is a very accomplished judge having officiated so many shows around North America and as well as numerous National and International shows abroad. We very much look forward to working with him!

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Mrs. Fatima Pawlenko- Kranz of Algonquin, IL. will be our Judge for the Dressage and Western Dressage Divisions! Fatima is very accomplished in her field having officiated at the regional and national level for Open and Breed shows alike. We very much look forward to working with her!

Peter Morrison
2020 Oregon Morgan Classic Alert!!
Make Your Hotel Reservations
The Olympic Trials will be taking place at OSU the same time as our show! Many hotels in the area are already fully booked.
For more information click here.
Don't Delay!!
Oregon Morgan Classic
June 17-20, 2020
Oregon Horse Center, Eugene OR

After searching far and wide
Our Partner Hotel for 2020 is the
Village Green Resort
725 Row River Road
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
Front Desk Manager:  541-767-4009 .
***3 Star Hotel***
22 minutes South of Eugene just off I-5

To make your reservation by phone call  541-942-2491 and reference the Oregon Morgan Classic

Room Types included in our block of rooms:
    Historic Room $129/night
    Deluxe Room $149/night
Other options or special requests available by calling the Front Desk Hotel Manager - 541-767-4009

All Rooms include:
A continental breakfast every morning.
Complimentary nightly live entertainment in the Fireside Lounge
On site "Season's at the Green" restaurant
Complimentary Wi-Fi
Free parking
14 acres of themed gardens

Make your reservations now
so your room is secure!!!
If your plans change, cancel at least 3 days before your arrival date.
For RV space at the Oregon Horse Center, call them directly at
(541) 689-9700 or use their on-line registration option -

Questions or if you have any challenge in making your reservation: Contact Karen Breckenridge, 2020 OMC Show Chair
(503) 580-4716 , Email:
Oregon Equine Summit
Get Registered Now
The Oregon Equine Summit is a signature event of the Oregon Horse Council. This program will move annually to showcase various locations in Oregon, having a customized agenda for each location. Our goal is to provide an avenue for positive conversations and education to occur with those involved in the equine industry. The solution focused keynotes, breakouts, and networking sessions will blend together equestrians from the north, south, central, east, and west part of Oregon, as well as likely neighboring states. You may be sitting in a keynote with a top breeder, a team roper, a trainer, and a trail rider - we encourage you to build your network and learn more about the various viewpoints that horse loving people have in our area!
Friday, October 18th - 1-5 pm: Build Your Business workshop ($35 pp)
  • Learn about the legal elements of your business including contracts, agreements, and more from top Oregon equine attorney, Kathryn A. Hall, PC. 
  • Our next speaker, Ken Tew with Ag Insurance is a local guy who is an insurance expert! He will talk about the coverage you need to have, questions to ask your agent, and how to know if you are truly covered in an emergency situation. 
  • Then we will have Tom Smith from the Blue Mountain Community College's Small Business Development Center. Tom will give you all of the tools you need to draft your first, or update your business plan, as well as talk about the importance of having a plan and how that can direct you to grow the business you dream of. 
  • Our Executive Director, Brandi Ebner, will wrap the workshop up with some tools that Oregon Horse Council offers to help you market, gain more education, and expand your business.

Saturday, October 19 th :
  • 7:30 am – Doors open for registration and our hot breakfast buffet
  • 8:15 am – Oregon Horse Council will kick the day off!
  • 8:30 am – KEYNOTE #1 – Disaster Preparedness for Horse Owners, presented by Dr. Rebecca (Gimenez) Husted, PhDEvery day, large animal disasters occur somewhere in the world. It is all about getting the PEOPLE and their ANIMALS out of a predicament SAFELY and preventing the repercussions from getting worse. Most communities do not have the resources and personnel to deploy to save animals in the first minutes, hours or days after a disaster – so owners and stakeholders should have their own plans to deal with disasters. Planning ahead can save you in the long run when it comes to replacing valuable resources and livestock. The only thing more difficult than planning for a disaster, is trying to explain why you didn’t plan for it! Dr. Rebecca will be reviewing insurance, legal responsibility of owners, hazards, how to be prepared, disaster planning, what to do in an emergency, how to work with your local community and law enforcement, and much more! Presentation will be followed by Q&A session.
  • BREAK – visit with sponsors, build your network, bio-break
  • 10:00 am – Breakout sessions #1
  • BREAK – visit with sponsors, build your network, bio-break
  • 11:15 am – Breakout sessions #2
  • 12:15 pm – Hot lunch buffet
  • 1:15 pm – KEYNOTE #2 – Equestrian Trails in Oregon update, panel of presenters include Kim McCarrel with Oregon Equestrian Trails, Jerry Bentz with Back Country Horsemen of America, Zach Jerrett, Trail Manger for the Forest Service
  • BREAK – visit with sponsors, build your network, bio-break
  • 2:45 pm – Breakout sessions #3
  • BREAK – visit with sponsors, build your network, bio-break
  • 4:00 pm – KEYNOTE #3 (still in progress)
  • 5:00 pm – Wrap up and goodbye
Saturday-Sunday, October 19 th -20 th – Tech nical Large Animal Emergency
Rescue Course.
Registration can be done by CLICKING HERE
or by contacting our office: 971-224-5879.

·  Friday Build Your Business workshop = $35

·  Saturday/Sunday Tech. Lg Animal Emergency Rescue course = $199 - Discounts available for groups and students. 
Includes continental breakfast and lunch daily.

·  Saturday Equine Summit Conference = $99
(includes breakfast and lunch)

·  Package Friday workshop and Saturday Summit = $125
  Early bird discount - save $10 if you register by September 20th!  
Use Code SAVINGS at checkout.

For questions or assistance contact:
Brandi Ebner, Oregon Horse Council Executive Director
Large Animal Emergency Rescue Seminar
Important training for any horse owner,
trainer, or anyone who cares for or works around
large animals - or who could be involved as a first response person for a large animal in an emergency.
Get registered today!
16 hours CE for Vet's
Click here for more information or to register

For questions or assistance, contact Brandi Ebner,
Oregon Horse Council Executive Director
Harry Sebring and Elberta Honstein Memorial Grants
Are Open For Application
The application period for the 2020 Harry Sebring and Elberta Honstein Memorial Grants, offered by the American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust (AMHECT), is September 1, 2019 through November 1, 2019.

Click here for more information about the grants & how to apply
Okan Morgans at the EI CDE
held at the
Donida Equestrian Center in Auburn WA
August 10-11, 2019
Okan Winters Bounty won Best Dressage, Best Marathon & Champion Morgan and her division of Preliminary Single Pony which included a very cool marble kitchen utensil holder . Okan Ultimate Sacrifice received 3rd place in her Training Single Pony division and we are very, very proud of that girl, too.
Okan Ultimate Sacrifice
Obstacle 3
Okan Ultimate Sacrifice
Section A of Marathon
Okan Ultimate Sacrifice
Obstacle 1
Okans Winter Bounty
Okans Winter Bounty
Wonderful and successful weekend at the EI CDE held at Donida Equestrian Center in Auburn WA last weekend. Okan Winters Bounty a 6 yr old mare by Good News Joshua out of Okan Li'l Darling, was exceptional. She won Best Preliminary Dressage, Best Preliminary Marathon and Best Morgan AND her class which was Preliminary Single Pony. Our other little girl, 4 yr old Okan Ultimate Sacrifice by Good News Joshua out of Okan Jessica May was such a good brave girl. She finished the weekend 3rd in her first full CDE and showed us how much more she has to offer us. Very proud of her and also Corene Curtis for all her hard work getting her to this stage. Big thanks to everyone involved in putting this class event together and making it run so smoothly.

If you have never seen a Combined Driving Event, there is one more that will be held at Donida Equestrian Center in Auburn WA in September, we would love to see you there to watch, participate or volunteer. Come join us!!

Mary Curtis
Becky Bean's foursome at Jamison square fountain splash pad in Portland.
What a great way to cool off during the last, hot days of August.
Oregon State Fair Report
Morgan Horses Win The
Challenge Of The Breeds
Thursday, August Morgans made history at the Oregon State Fair. Silver Mesa Morgans and the Kardia Equestrian Academy teamed up to compete in the first ever Challenge of The Breeds held at the Fair and won! 21 horses entered the ring representing 4 breeds Arabian, Tennessee Walker, Saddlebred and Morgan. We did rail work first, then untacked and all teams went back in for in-hand conformation judging. Our rider pairs were David Silver on SA Kashmiri, Erin Silver on PL Dancing With Angel's, Jaxon Craddock on QVM National Treasure (who tossed candy into the stands!), Kallie Loreman on AW Minutes to Midnight, and Ada Kuttis on Dominic You. Congratulations to all who participated and a huge thank you from all of us for the wonderful promotion of our breed.

EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to the awesome pit crew helpers as well: Liz McNealey, Kathleen Hannifen, Kathleen Klopchin-Christensen & Michael Christensen, and Mike Silver.

Great promotion for our breed!
Thanks to everyone who participated.

And many thanks to Erin Silver and Martha Woodland who both worked at organizing our appearance at the Oregon State Fair. Erin spearheaded our entries in the Breed Challenge. Martha had Morgan classes added to the show schedule, reached out for entries, and organized a promotion booth to be
set-up with information about Morgan horses. An offer was made to come have your picture taken with a Morgan horse and drew many to our booth.

Morgans also participated in the Open and Morgan classes. All did well. My apology for anyone I missed featuring. .
Jaxon Craddock on
QVM National Treasure
competed in the Western Morgan class
Erin Silver rode
PL Dancing With Angels
to win Morgan & Open
Hunt Seat & Western classes.
Sarah Woodland on
MEM Barcardi won
English Pleasure 17 & under
Morgans At The Washington State Fair
August 30 - September 2, 2019
Aranaway Bill
Ensbrook Protocol
The Washington State Fair is one of the biggest fairs in the world and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. It started in 1900 in Puyallup and welcomes over one million guests to the single largest attended event in the state . It's 20 days of fun from August 30th to September 22 (closed Tuesdays and September 4th).

Ensbrook Protocol (HRH Image Command x Brookhaven Mustang Sally) owned by Kerry Radley and Aranaway Bill (The Millionaire x Aranaway Patricia B) owned by Patty Davis represented the Morgan breed at the Fair thru September 2nd. We are so pleased and thankful for their participation. MHCWS also had a promotional booth available to provide brochures and information about our breed.
Jennifer Unick, President of the Morgan Horse Club
of Washington State
Walla Walla Fair And
Frontier Days
August 28 - September 2
Thank you Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days for the opportunity to carry the flag. Always an honor and I am proud to be an riding an American Morgan horse - HVMF Finally Pay Day (Peyton) owned by Beverly Olson. Thank you Peyton for being such a steady steed for the job!
It’s ok to have more than one carriage when you call it “a collection”, right? These were in an educational display at the Fair with narratives for each.

Daryl Hopson, Trafalgar
Photo by Carol Dombrowsky of PT Cruiser
Get Your Forms In For The
MHAO Open Incentive Program
Do you show at Open Shows or attend other types of events with your horse?
Then this program is for you!
Attention!!! Shirley Champion is your new contact for Open Incentive reimbursement.

Click here to download an Open Incentive form to send in
Order TMH Advertising for the October Issue
By September 16th
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Did You Know?
Morgan Grand National
October 12-19, 2019
As the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® approaches, it is a great time to check out the Important Facts in the front of your prize list. You can download a prize list by clicking here . And click on the image for more information!
Service Auction
Online or Phone In Bidding
Ends Noon Central Time
Saturday, October 19, 2019
43 Stallions Offered


Online bidding will be available soon!
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