Stable Sheet - September 2017

Our Mission:
"To promote & preserve the Morgan Breed, serve MHAO members, & support the unity of the Morgan community."
From the MHAO Board
From the President
The Northwest show season has come to a close. In so many ways, it seems like it just started! Seems impossible. But now we turn our eyes to the Grand National and plans for the 2018 season.

I wish the best of luck to all who are journeying to Oklahoma. May you have a wonderful time, and a wonderful show. We will be cheering for you.
Meantime at home we are making our plans for the 2018 Oregon Morgan Classic. We will be investigating adding Saddlebreds and Friesians to our show as well as possibly some Opportunity Classes and Academy Classes. If you have any input, please contact Nancy Eidam. We would love to hear from you. As always, we welcome anyone who would like to be involved.
Nancy Eidam - (541) 561-6644 -

Our General Meeting and Award Banquet is scheduled for Sunday, November 12th at Hayden's Lakeside Grill in Tualatin OR. The restaurant is attached to the Century Hotel if you need to stay overnight. Along with our General Membership Meeting we will have speakers there to talk to us about some of the new disciplines that are developing around us. It should be very interesting. Watch for more information to come out over the next several months.

Please check your records. If you haven't renewed your membership, get your membership application in now! We are beginning to put our 2016 - 2017 Directory together, and we find there are still people out there we think intended to renew but have not. Don't miss out on being listed. To check on your status, call our Membership Chair:
Kathy Christensen - (503) 391-9047 -

This is your club! Come join us at the General Membership meeting, and let us know what you want from your Board of Directors. And we are still looking for candidates for the Board for the November election. Give me a call if you are interested.
Gay Adams - (503) 936-4276
Board Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2017
Met via conference call –
Meeting called to order at 7:33pm
Board Members Present: – Gay Adams, Nancy Eidam, Karen Breckenridge, Carol Dombrowsky, Martha Woodland, John Shaver and Diane Pixlee. 
Not Present: Kathy Christensen, Kathy DeFazio, David Silver, Leanne Roth, Margaret Korver, Dallas Bolen
Quorum Present
Guests:  From Far West Morgan Horse Show Inc (FW): – Diana Pyle, Tim Arcuri, Sally Plumley, Stephanie Connor and Marli Perry
FarWest – Gay welcomed FarWest (FW) board and horse show committee members to our Board meeting.
FW joined us to make a proposal to MHAO for the 2018 show. Marli started the conversation by giving us a history of the Far West show and the Far West organization. With the 2016 FW show they saw a continued drop in the number of Morgan horses attending the show in Redmond. They did an evaluation and concluded there were too many shows in the NW for the number of Morgan horses being shown. They decided to take 2017 off and evaluate what they wanted to do. They did not want to just be silent and go away so they approached MHAO to work together to put on the 2017 Oregon Morgan Classic and to help MHAO make it a Regional show. They wanted to see what would happen if we joined forces. FW considered the show a great success with the number of horses competing up significantly compared to the numbers at either FW or OMC in 2016. Tim said in his view we are better together than we are apart. FW proposes a 50/50 partnership sharing profit and control of the OMC show.
A question and answer session followed. There is a difference in the amount of profit for the 2017 show that was calculated by FW vs MHAO. Marli would like to see our accounting to see why we differ. Questions from the MHAO Board revolved around how the joint control & management would function, what FW would bring to the table, and why two organizations are needed for management. It was noted by FW that most of the Board & committee members of the FW organization who attended this meeting are members of MHAO. FW shared information about its purpose and the other events it puts on. Marli stated they like to put on events - that is what they do and they have fun doing it. Gay shared that OMC is the face of MHAO to the Morgan community. It is the premier event for the club. MHAO has delegated control & ownership of two shows to other organizations in the past, as of 2017 both closed down. It has left MHAO with a strong feeling of ownership for OMC. MHAO asked if any other arrangements were possible. A 50/50 partnership is all FW wanted to consider.
Gay said the Board would like some time to think the offer through and get an answer back to FW. FW requested a quick answer so they could get on with planning what they are going to do for 2018. Gay agreed to an answer by 8/23/17 at the latest. 
Gay thanked everyone from FW for joining our meeting, and for the collaboration on the 2017 show. We appreciate all the work that was put in to make OMC so successful this year. 
After Far West left the meeting the Board discussed the offer further. Over the last two years we have made good strides in getting a better financial picture of the OMC show and on how we can do a better job of managing it. 2017 was a special year that we likely will not be able to repeat with or without FW. There was discussion on what we think the key factors were that affected the 2017 show. 
A roll call vote was taken on the 50/50 partnership with FW. 7 Board members were present. 6 voted no, 1 voted yes if the % allocation gave MHAO primary control of the show (i.e. 51/49% allocation or something similar). Gay will write a letter back to FW with MHAO’s decision. We like the combination of the two groups working together, but do not want the 50/50 split of control and management. It adds too much complication to the running of our show & we want to maintain management control & ownership. MHAO is open to other ways of working together. 
Thereafter the Board picked up with the agenda for its scheduled Board Meeting -
Secretary Report:  Board Minutes from July 2017 -Martha ma de a motion to approve the minutes and John seconded it. Motion approved.
Karen presented the treasurer report
General Checking                                                   $10,277
Savings                                                                  $25,483
MHAO Futurity                                                     $ 2,589
OMC Checking                                                        $13,941
Total After Reconciliation                                    $52,293
Per Karen, there are three OMC applications due before August 23 rd that need to be paid: USDF, USEF and Oregon Dressage Society. Karen is paying these bills and will send them in. She will make copies for Nancy. We have decided to pay out some additional funds for OMC to Marli Perry, Kathy and Gene Van Dyke and to Patty Jackson for their service at OMC.                 
Policy and procedure manual --- Gay asked Board members to read the rest of the manual between now and September meeting. We need to add any instructions for the various committees. We have an outline for the Open Incentive Program, Treasurer duties, and a start for Membership. Kathy C. is still working on that one. Gay will work on one for the Futurity & for the Stallion Service Auction. Martha made a motion to approve the manual from pages 10-19, seconded by Nancy. Approved by the board.
New Business
November Award Banquet – discussed the meeting and getting candidates to run for the Board. Gay will get with Leanne to get panel in place. John is working on the board candidates and asking people. Has some names to call. Will have them call Gay if they need more info.
Life membership -- Gay will incorporate what the committee recommended into the Policy Manual and ask the Board to vote via email.
Three – Five yr business plan – Gay distributed an outline. She asked committee chairs to fill in their sections. All Board members can add their input on any areas of the plan.
Open barn day – Erin Silver approached Shelley Bullard about having an open barn day on the AMHA Day of the Morgan in October at Northwest Morgans. There are plans in progress and they are asking for MHAO support. Kathy Christensen is also involved. We have AMHA brochures & printed material we can share. Any funds from MHAO will need to come from promotion or youth committee budgets, and we need to be as supportive for one Open Barn as we are for any in the State. Carole Mercer is also having an open barn day event. Erin & Shelley are looking for ways to attract youth groups or other groups to come. All Board members need to share contacts with youth or other groups to help any open barns in their area. 
Committee reports – none this time
Carol – introduced a new MHAO open riding and driving program – it is designed around earning points for time spent with their Morgans . Carol and Leanne are working on this program. They will present their proposal at the September meeting.
MHAO is receiving a donation of $15,000 from the Nancy Falk Trust to be held as restricted funds and used for a Perpetual Award for colored horses at the OMC show with prize money and for a youth scholarship each year. For example MHAO might offer $500 each year as Prize Money & award for a color Morgan horse competing at the show and then a youth scholarship award for $500 per year. We still need to work out how it will be structured with the Trust Executors. Diane will head up a committee to discuss possible options and get back to the Board. Diane, Sierra, David, & Nancy will be on the committee. Kathy DeFazio is co-executor of Nancy’s trust and our primary contact. She is to be included in the committee & discussions and has volunteered to get the award set up – both the perpetual award and an award that the winner will keep. There was discussion as to whether the scholarship should be limited to Youth of the Year or a separate program for one of our Jr. Exhibitors. MHAO offers a $400 reimbursement type scholarship form when we have a YOY winner going to the Nationals to compete in that program. The committee will come up with a recommendation.
Membership – Kathy Christensen & Gay getting together with Doana Anderson 9-2-17. Then will start follow-up for renewals and membership drive.
Vision Statement Gay is donating $75 for second and $50 for third place. Board to select top three, then the top three will be put to a vote for the membership on the ballot for the November election.
Diane had to leave the meeting, so no quorum was available from this point on.
OMC show – Discussed opening up show to Saddlebreds & Friesiens. Academy and open breed classes & Opportunity classes. Those present indicated agreement with a multi-breed show. Investigation by the show committee will continue. Talked about OMC being a regional show or carrying a 4-star rating and how each offers qualification for Nationals. OMC was a 4 star show before this year because it has all Morgan classes. We were a regional for 2017 with our collaboration with FW. We probably want that 4 star status again and are neutral on being a Regional. We will need to keep an eye on the ratio of Morgan classes offered to other breed/open classes. Consensus was to not pursue a Regional status unless Far West didn’t move forward as a Regional. Preference is to stay as 4 star show. Unable to vote on these topics since quorum not present.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:09pm.
Next meeting September 20, 2017 at 7:30pm via conference call
Respectfully submitted,
Martha Woodland , MHAO Secretary

A note from Marli Perry
Dear MHAO Board,

Thank you for the lovely plaque that was presented to me at OMC. It was a pleasure to work with Nancy and the rest of the team on this show as we all celebrated 60 years of a Regional Show in the NW. It was a milestone indeed and one we should all be very proud of! So many people over the years have contributed their time, efforts and expertise to keep our wonderful Morgan's in the limelight! May we all have many more years of celebrating this great breed. Thank you again for the wonderful plaque, it has a very special place in my office! :-) 
The second Thank You, is for the check for scoring the Dressage. I did not expect any bonus and was pleasantly surprised. The additional funds definitely helped with the gas and hauling the FW trailer over and back! Thank you for your generosity! 
May you all have a wonderful rest of the show season and best of luck to those of you heading to OKC! 
My best to all of you!
Vision Statement Challenge
for the members of the
Morgan Horse Association of Oregon
Contest extended until September 30th!
Additional opportunities to win added!

In 2016, the MHAO Board of Directors developed a Mission Statement to guide the activity of the Board on behalf of the club. 
That Mission Statement is: 
"To promote & preserve the Morgan Breed, serve MHAO members, & support the unity of the Morgan community."

For our Vision Statement we are turning to you!
You could win!

What does a Vision Statement look like? 
A good Vision Statement is concise, clear, memorable, and easily communicated to others. It is an end result, rather than an "action" statement. Start with a statement that is 30 words or less, then see if you can brief it down to more of a tag line (typically 3-6 words or so). Here are some examples - all of which belong to another group or company:
Pride & Product of America
Past, Present, Future
The Horse That Chooses You
Just Do It!
Without You There Is No "US"

Why do we need a Vision Statement?
Our Mission Statement has guided your Board over the last two years. It has kept us focused on promotion of our Breed and the duty we owe our members. It has guided us in our discussions. Now we need to focus a little more on something that can become a beacon for all of us in the years ahead. Something that represents what draws all of us together and gives us pride in our club and our Breed..

Rather than the Board creating this statement for the club, we would like it to be something our members suggest & choose. The first step of the process is to have members put forth suggestions on what the statement might be. The Board will collect the suggestions and select its top three favorites. Those three recommendations will go before the membership for a vote with our November Election. 

The person submitting the winning Vision Statement
will win $100. 
2nd Place will win $75. 3rd Place will win $50

Please submit your entry by sending an email to Gay Adams
Be sure to include your name, phone number, & email address
with your entry.

Good Luck! 
We look forward to hearing from you!


Click here for more examples of Vision Statements & how they compare to Mission Statements.

Vision Statement tag lines with 3-6 words are the most powerful.  
MHAO Membership Directory Going to Press
Get your ad in today!
Close date September 30th
Make sure your membership is current so
you will be listed.
Anyone renewing now is renewing for 2018.

Ads are very reasonable
$20 for full page
$10 for half page
$5 for 1/4th page
$5 for business card
MHAO supports inner trade between members

Send ad request & your 2018 membership form to
Kathy Christensen -
(503) 391-9047

Click here for advertising rates
Click here for 2018 membership form

Marketing Seminar in Wilsonville
October 3, 1-4 pm, Wilsonville Public Library
We can all improve our marketing, so plan to attend this great 3 hour session to whip your social media, website, and overall marketing into shape!

Session will include:
What Kind of Website Fits Your Business?
What Does Your Website Need to Deliver?
How to Hire a Designer/Developer (Protect Yourself from STDs - Sneaky Transient Developers)
Getting Started
SEO - What's All the Hype?
What It Is & How to Do It
Social Media Marketing
(aka: "Do I Really Have to Do It?")
Overview of Facebook ~ Twitter ~ LinkedIn ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram ~ Google+
Which Are the Best Tools for Your Business
OHC and Other State Resources 
How can you utilize equine resources in our state such as Oregon Horse Country, online calendar, and more to promote your business.

Donate to the Red Cross to Help People
Affected by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, or
The Many Fires Raging in the Northwest
If you would like to make a donation
The American Red Cross is working around the clock along the Gulf Coast to help the thousands of people whose lives have been devastated by Tropical Storm Harvey & also for those affected by Hurricane Irma.

They are also working hard to support those affected by the many fires in the Northwest.

Our thoughts and prayers are with several of our members as well as all who are in the path of the fires around Oregon and the Northwest. If anyone needs assistance, please let me know and I'll forward the information to our membership. Calls for help have been responded to. Members are available to help you. So far everyone is safe. We are still waiting to hear about their property.

Donate to the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund and Join US Equestrian in Helping Horses Affected by Hurricane Harvey
Press Release
From the US Equestrian Communications Department

Sweeping across the Gulf Coast of Texas as a Category 4 hurricane over the past weekend, Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic flooding has put the Houston and surrounding area equine community in a state of distress. Declared a major disaster and weather event, hundreds of horses and livestock have been affected.

Banding together as a community, emergency rescues, fellow equestrians opening up their barns for shelter and extensive veterinary care has been required over the last several days. As the rain continues to fall, rising flood waters will make extended care for displaced large and small animals on an ongoing need.

Supporting the efforts of emergency response groups and organizations that are helping horses impacted by the flooding, US Equestrian is providing financial assistance through the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund.

Developed in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund was formed to help ensure the safety and well-being of horses during trying times. Since its inception, over $370,000 has been donated to aid horses across all breeds in disaster-related situations. All money donated to the fund is strictly used to benefit horses and horse owners. 

US Equestrian will be working with the Houston SPCA to support their rescue and rehabilitation efforts through the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund.

Encouraging donations to help the horses affected by Hurricane Harvey, US Equestrian CEO Bill Moroney said, “As part of our commitment to the health, welfare, and safety of horses, the USEF disaster relief fund was created to assist horses impacted by devastating natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. The outreach and generosity of the equestrian community to support the ongoing emergency assistance in this and future disasters allows us to provide direct financial assistance to the groups involved in the ongoing rescue efforts.”

For more information on the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund,
please contact Vicki Lowell,

Photo: Houston SPCA

At last report they have raised $400,000 for this effort!
Save the Date!
Sunday, November 12, 2017
MHAO Award Banquet
General Membership Meeting
Special Speakers about the growing disciplines in our industry
MHAO Election
Noon to 4pm

Hayden's Lakeside Grill
Tualatin OR

Attached to the Century Hotel

Year End Awards may include cooler blankets, plaques, certificates and special junior exhibitor awards. So join in and get some friendly competition going!




    Mailing Address: 18206 NE 232ND AVE, Brush Prairie, WA 98606

REMEMBER: This program comes with your membership! MHAO wants to honor your accomplishments. Send your registration form to the Points Secretary so you are not missed.

  1. MHAO HIGH POINT AWARDS CALCULATIONS Point tabulation begins upon receipt of payment for the current year membership/renewal dues.
  2. Each member must register their name and horse(s) name with the Points Secretary.
  3. Point season ends one week after the end of The Morgan Grand & World National Horse Show. That means for 2016 the postmarked/email date will be October 23rd, 2016.
  4. The Points Secretary will track Morgan Horse Points using Gaitkeeper for           shows in Oregon and Washington and AMHA for Grand Nationals. (Please note that Key and C-Fair do not use Gaitkeeper and AMHA only gives the 1st 4 placings for those two shows with the horse‘s and owner‘s name only and only for Morgan classes. So for all Junior Exhibitors, all OTAB classes including trail and dressage and any Morgan class placings below 4th, it would be wise to send the Points Secretary your results for those two shows).
  5. Morgans competing in open to all breed shows/competitions require their points to be submitted along with information about the show which contains contact information for verification purposes as needed. Examples are flyers, prize lists, entry forms, etc.
  6. Point tabulation is as follows: 1st=10, 2nd =9, 3rd=8, 4th=7, 5th=6, 6th=5,7th=4, 8th=3, 9th=2, 10th=1. Championship or stake classes follow the same progression but two points are added to each placing. (ie 1st =12, 2nd = 11, 3rd =10, 4th =9, 5th = 8)

In-Hand = IH English pleasure = EP Classic Pleasure = CP Park Saddle = PS , Western Pleasure = WP Hunter Pleasure = HP , Pleasure Driving = PD , Classic Driving = CD , Park Harness = PH
Showmanship = SH  English Saddle Seat Equitation = ESSE  Classic Saddle Seat Equitation = CSSE Hunt Seat Equitation = HSE Walk/Trot = W/T (with above abbreviations, ie W/T-WP )
Western Equitation = WE Dressage Suitability = DS Leadline - LL Driven Dressage = DD
Obstacle Classes = OC English Ridden Dressage = ED Western Ridden Dressage = WD
Combined Driving = CDE Miscellaneous = M (with name, ie M-Gaming

Click here to download the MHAO High Point Awards Program
Click here to download High Point Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form
Click here to download the High Point Non-Jr. Exhibitor Declaration Form
Camping with Horses in Oregon and Washington
From Coastal Farm Supply
There’s nothing better than saddling up your horse and riding among the Pacific Northwest’s natural wonders. That’s one of the many reasons horse camping is still so popular, especially with country folk.

Whether you’re new to horse camping and trail riding, or simply want to brush up on your camp etiquette, we’ve compiled some of the basics along with a list of places to take your favorite equine friend.

Stick to Specific Trails and Campgrounds
The U.S. Forest Service and BLM require that horses stay on trails designated for shared use by hikers, horse riders, and bicyclists. You’ll find information about any particular trail at its trailhead. When camping, look for campgrounds that do allow for horses in developed areas to avoid fines and other issues.

Horses First
When you’re on a multi-use trail, you and your horse have the right-of-way. That means hikers and bikers must yield to you. But you’re also responsible for controlling your animal. Always ride single-file and stay on the trials to avoid damaging vegetation and habitat.

Carry Paperwork with You
Chance are you’ll never get asked, but officials do require that you have current, written proof of a negative Coggins Test and Equine Infectious Anemia.

Feed is Important
Whatever feed you use back home, be sure you only use pelletized or certified weed-free feed when you’re out camping and on the trails.

Start Your Camping Trip at Coastal
You’ll find all the horse tac, feed, and human camping gear you need for a fun and memorable outing at your nearby Coastal Farm & Ranch. While you’re at the store, tell us about your plans. We’re horse people too. We might be able to recommend a campground or specific trail that we really enjoy.

Coastal Extra: Horse Camps and Trailheads
Check with your area ranger district, Forest Service, or BLM office for more information about these and other horse camping and trailhead options.

Due to all the fires around the State this summer,
check before you go to be sure that the trail is open.
September 10, 2017 is Grandparents Day

MHAO Foal Photo Contest
Get your pictures in now!
September 30th is almost here.
MHAO Members Supporting
AMHA's Day of the Morgan
October 28, 2017
Would you like to help?

Contact Erin Silver via email at
or Shelley Bullard by phone at (503) 6328-2575
If anyone else will be supporting this AMHA initiative,
please let us know.
We would like to support you in any way we can!
Contact Kathy Christensen, Promotion Chair
(503) 391-9047,
Releasing your horse’s Inner Dancer
Submitted by Erin Silver. Reprinted with permission from the author, Visconte Cocozza
Every horse's musculo-skeletal system is a marvelous, perfect and beautiful thing, when moving correctly
The horse's core muscles are often overlooked, yet are fundamental to movement

Equine Core Strengthening to improve gaits, natural balance and riding harmony using human training techniques

The pursuit of mental and physical harmony with our horses has to be the ultimate riding goal. That is where the magic happens. Our traditional training methods aim to build a horse's muscles, reactions and fitness to power him when jumping over things, galloping fast or performing impressive dressage movements. There are, however, key muscles deep within the horse’s that can remain weak in even highly trained horses leading to self-restraint in the gaits, bad backs and tension. A complex system of internal muscles controls the elasticity of the horse’s spine including the Psoas, Multifidus and Abdominal groups. Their condition is as important to good movement as the big ones on the outside. 

The horse's core muscles are often overlooked, yet are fundamental to movement

From a riding view, core weakness shows itself with crookedness, limited performance and a general feeling of having to work too hard to control or follow the horse's movements. All in all, a weak core makes a horse difficult and uncomfortable to ride and for some, the body damages itself by using itself incorrectly over some time. A clue to the origin of a disconnected ride are the symptoms we encounter when we are aboard. Over the years it has become obvious that whatever the build, breed, discipline or even history, the same groups of resistances are experienced by most horses and their riders, only intensity varies. Bad backs are often disguised as schooling issues until they become severe enough to easily identify. The horse cannot learn when there is a physical restriction somewhere, and they certainly can't concentrate enough to learn when in pain. Perhaps we are similar in this way also.

'Equine Core Strengthening' is a ridden system of correcting and conditioning a horse's core muscles using Yoga, Dance and Sports techniques, adapted for horses. By precisely targeting the core muscles and spinal condition, we can gradually loosen, mobilize then strengthening this vulnerable structure under the guidance of the rider, The pair can together develop a permanent understanding of what improved self carriage feels like and develop those skills together. 

Want more info?
Event Announcement From USEF
The Omaha Equestrian Foundation (OEF) extends an invitation to those interested in any of the eight FEI international horse sport disciplines - including jumping, dressage, eventing, reining, vaulting, combined driving, para-equestrian and endurance – to gather in Omaha on October 23-24, 2017.
Opportunities will be available to meet with many of the US Equestrian Team’s top athletes, trainers, team managers, chefs d’equipe, coaches, veterinarians, physiotherapists and other leaders from these disciplines. OEF, host of the successful FEI World Cup Finals™ in jumping and dressage in 2017, is offering those interested in various equestrian disciplines an opportunity to interact with some of the leaders who are shaping the future of the USA in major international competition.
Ticket Packages Include:
  • A unique clinic at which three Olympic coaches/athletes from jumping, eventing and dressage assess and assist high-level riders. Your ticket allows you to audit the clinic. Those wishing to ride in the clinic at an additional cost should call for more information
  • A special cocktail hour and dinner where you can sit at tables of eight and converse with two High Performance Review representatives and hear a keynote speaker
  • A chance to attend two discipline-specific forums. High Performance Review representatives will be there to answer questions and facilitate discussion on what needs to be done to develop horses and riders at the highest levels of equestrian sport
  • A tour of the World Cup venue, the CenturyLink Center, and hear the story behind how Omaha was selected to host the FEI World Cup™ Finals 2017.
For ticket prices and more information visit  or call: 402-930-3079
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From Martha Woodland
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