Stable Sheet - Special Edition - October 20, 2018
Stable Sheet - Special Edition
October 20, 2018
An American Legacy - The Morgan Horse
Just In from AMHA!!!!
A Request for Assistance Promoting
The AMHA Education Grant Programs

A note from Carrie Mortensen
Hello all!
I am hoping you all can help spread the word about the two AMHECT grants that have NEW application periods! The Sebring and Honstein memorial grants for 2019 have an application period of Oct. 1 of 2018 to Nov. 1, 2018. So, this month will be up before we know it and I don’t have any applications submitted yet. We posted in the Global and online as well as Facebook but if you could personally promote it on your personal social media, club meetings, etc. that would be GREAT! Also – if you know someone that qualifies, please encourage them to apply. The AMHECT Trustees have updated the form and directions to encourage more participation with great clarity of what is required to submit for consideration. Thank you for your assistance!
Here’s the link to the Grant Information and application forms:

Kindest Regards,
Carrie J. Mortensen
Executive Director
American Morgan Horse Association
American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust
4066 Shelburne Rd, Suite 5
Shelburne VT 05482
Office: 802-985-4944, ext. 201
Fax: 802-985-8897
Cell: 859-684-0354

Take advantage of these programs, and/or please help us spread the word!
Application period ends November 1, 2018

The Harry Sebring Memorial Grant is offered to all AMHA members under the age of 40 who would like to further his or her equine education, skills, or proficiency and/or provide equine-related experiences and education that will further the grant recipient's business endeavors.

The Elberta Honstein Memorial Grant is a grant offered to all AMHA members under the age of 21 to further his or her equine education, skills, or proficiency, and/or further his or her academic education.

Harry Sebring was a renowned Morgan horse trainer and the grant was created by his family in his memory, since he always wanted to see young adults excel personally and professionally in the show ring.

Elberta Honstein and Roy-El Morgan Farm have a rich and long history with the Morgan breed. Roy-El Morgan Farm was founded in the early 1960s by Roy and Elberta Honstein. They passed on their love of Morgans to their daughter, Debbie, and then Debbie's daughters, Elberta Seybold and Erlene Seybold-Smythe. The farm still operates under the third generation to continue the tradition.

Applications must be accompanied by a complete proposal answering ALL questions listed on the application form including an itemized budget of the program/event. Grant awards (checks) may not be made payable to the individual, but to the clinician, institution, or business providing the services.

Inquiries about grant applications or the grant process are handled by email only. Email with any questions or comments.

Applications are available by clicking below:
You Are Invited!
Sunday, November 4th, 2018
MHAO Annual Award Banquet
Come celebrate 2018 with us!
Sunday, November 4, 2018

1:30PM - Pot Luck, Election, Silent Auction & General Membership Meeting With Light Entertainment
3:00PM - Awards

Doors open at 1pm
Willamette Heritage Center
The Dye House
1313 Mill Street SE
Salem, OR 97301
Questions – contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or

See you there!
Silent Auction at the Award Banquet
Please bring something for the Silent Auction to the Award Banquet and come
ready to do some early Christmas shopping!

We are getting in some exciting donations.
Keep them coming - and DON'T MISS IT!

For information on the Silent Auction at the Award
Banquet or to make donations
Contact Martha Woodland
(541) 912-6950 or
We are looking for a volunteer to take pictures at the Award Banquet.
Contact Erin Silver
(971) 600-8933 or
Attention everyone!
A Special Request!

We want to feature YOU
at the banquet!!
Send Melissa Monty your favorite picture from this year!

Show or non-show pictures!

It is time to elect your 2019 Board of Directors
Ballots are out. Please vote
using the ballots you have received!
Proposed By-Law changes:

We have an opportunity to have two Youth Directors this year (Grace Martin who lives in New Mexico but shows in our area & Natalie Woodland).

Grace Martin is also the Vice President of the AMHA Youth Council for 2019 so I would like to see us include her on our Board. She won the Youth of the Year contest at OMC. While not entering the contest at OKC for us this year, she does hope to represent us next year.

Natalie Woodland is a well known youth member and beautiful rider in our area. She is the daughter of Martha Woodland who is on our Board.

We think both of these young women would be very valuable to us on our Board as we strive to increase our youth activities and to attract more families with youth members to our club.

For this reason we recommend the following changes shown in red:

Section 4.1 Structure and Number: B
One or two Board Positions will be reserved for a Youth Member 21 years or under as of December 1st who may be chosen in one of three (3) ways:
1) Youth members in good standing of the Association shall recommend to the Board of Directors at the annual business meeting, the names of one (1) or two (2) Youth members “21 or under as of December 1”, one or two of whom may be named by the Board as the Youth Director (s) . (Preferred method)
2) May run for election by the Association Membership via ballot through the annual business meeting.
3) Via appointment by the Board of Directors or the Association President.

The Youth Board Member (s) will serve a term of one (1) year and have full voting privileges on the Board.

For the second time while I have been President we are mailing ballots, membership renewals, and a membership directory all out together. Because of this it makes sense to make it optional as to whether ballots are sent by the club Secretary or by the Membership Chair. Additionally, the Secretary is not always able to be at the Annual Meeting. Therefore the following changes are recommended as shown in red:

Section 4.3 Nomination, Election and Term:
Sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting in November, the Board of Directors shall make known to the membership, by notice in the corporate publication, positions to be vacated in the coming year, and request candidates for such positions. The Board shall prepare a ballot, setting forth one (1) or more candidates for each position to be vacated, along with space for write-in candidates. Such ballot, bearing a number in the lower left-hand corner, shall be mailed together with a self-addressed envelope, numbered corresponding to the ballot, by the Secretary or Membership Chair to each member of the corporation eligible to vote, thirty days (30) prior to annual meeting. Such numbered ballots may be submitted by mail to the Secretary or Membership Chair or in person at the meeting. A ballot mailed previous to the meeting may be retrieved before the annual meeting is called to order.

Ballots shall be opened and counted by the Secretary and /or appointed tellers at the annual business meeting.

Please mail in your ballots now!
Kathy Christensen, 1010 Rainbow Hills Lane SE, Salem OR 97306
Questions? Contact Kathy at or (503) 391-9047
Volunteers Always Welcome!
We are looking for people interested in guiding club activities and efforts. Come lend your voice and a helping hand to your club. The work we do is critical to the support of the Morgan breed in this area.
Write in Board positions still available.
For more information, contact Gay Adams
(503) 936-4276,
Nominations are open for the
2019 MHAO Stallion Service Auction
Seminar Filling Up Fast - Register Now!
November 9 & 10, 2018
Click here for more information & to register
Gay Adams, Acting Editor | Morgan Horse Association of Oregon
(503) 936-4276 |