Emporia School Board member Doug Epp (left) talks with EHS students Wednesday night during the board's annual meeting with the Student Council. 
Staff Bulletin | January 26, 2017
District News

Tell Your Friends:
Virtual Career Fair Feb. 15
Emporia Public Schools will participate in the state's first virtual teaching career fair Feb. 15. Prospective teachers can log in from anywhere in the world. Please share with anyone you know who might be interested. Click to icon to register.

Free Teacher Workshop 
By Discovery Ed Feb. 9
The district will host a Discovery Ed workshop for classroom teachers from 3:30-5 pm Thursday Feb. 9, at Mary Herbert Education Center. The workshop is free but registration is required at this link.
Emporia Board of Education

Personnel Report


Sherri Sanchez
teacher intern, EMS

Sarah Wendling
paraeducator, Timmerman

Hannah Horst
paraeducator, Chase County

Carly Marquez
paraeducator, Village

Shyann Gilbert
paraeducator, Neosho Rapids

Apryl Denzer
paraeducator, North Lyon County

CaLee Hoyt
paraeducator, Madison

Cody Swanson
Rule 10 asst football coach, EHS

Colton Koenigs
Rule 10 asst football coach, EHS

Megan George
Rule 10 asst track coach, EHS

Kay Carl
paraeducator, Riverside

Amanda Barnett
paraeducator, Timmerman

Starlet Veh
paraeducator, Council Grove

Kaitlyn Pattrick
paraeducator, Neosho Rapids


Erin Vera
paraeducator, Riverside

Candelaria Kraft
bus driver, Transportation Dept

Oscar Torres
teacher aide, EMS

Shirley Stair
paraeducator, Riverside


Nancy Horst
community relations director, MHEC

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Welcome to our district!
Mercedes Bogarin arrived in the district this week to teach with Betty Sanchez, Village 3rd grade, for four weeks. Mercedes is a teacher in Paraguay and is one of three teachers participating in the teaching exchange through Emporia State University. 
Next week, Tania Rodriguez will be teaching with Ashley Bollinger at Maynard Early Childhood Center, for four weeks. Next month, Lissa Alvarenga will be teaching with Chris Eitzen, 6th grade science, at Emporia Middle School.

Wanted: Online School Reviews
The district is encouraging parents and employees to share #EmporiaProud stories in the review section of our schools' GreatSchools.org profiles.
GreatSchools rates schools across the nation based on state assessment data. Because assessments are only one measure of  school  quality, we want to tell a more complete picture of the district.  The website is used by families considering a new job or a new place to raise a family.
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Emporia Public Schools
Spartan Stop Opens Soon
Heather Wagner, Student & Family 
R esource 
specialist, informed the board about the Spartan Stop, a private pantry, laundry  and shower area for Emporia High School students who could benefit from additional support in order for their basic needs to be met. 

The service will provide food, personal hygiene products, some clothing, access to laundry facilities, and eventually a private shower for students who are in need of such services. Students will be referred to the program and private interviews will determine specific needs. Students receiving services will be identified through a numbering system that allows their names to remain confidential. 

The Spartan Stop, located near the cafeteria, is now being stocked and will be in operation in the near future.

Spartan Explorers Program
The board approved an agreement with the Fifth Judicial District Community Corrections Office for the  Spartan Explorers  after-school program for EHS students who are also the court system. The program will offer classes in wood shop, auto mechanics, art, theater, physical education, and cooking through mid-May. Participation may result in general elective credit towards graduation and community service credit required by the court.

A Look at District Data
Superintendent Kevin Case talked to the board about his philosophy for using student achievement data. He wants administrators and teachers to look at data in multiple ways and use the information for ongoing improvement.
Dr. Ryan Karjala, associate executive director of Assessments & Accountability, showed the board the new data page on the KSDE website that allows districts to look at state assessment results by district, school, grades and subgroups.  Using the KSDE site, he created four data sets for  peer districts , , districts with a state university , and "aspiration districts" that have some similarities with Emporia but ones that are performing at a higher level.

2017-18 EMS Course Guide
The board approved the 2017-18 course guide for Emporia Middle School. EMS students will begin enrolling in courses after parent-teacher conferences.

Other Board Business
The board approved:
  • E-Rate funding for firewall management, internet filtering and installation of fiber optic cable at EHS
  • updates and additions to board policies to align with changes recommended by KASB