Compensation and Staffing News
August 2019

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Staffing and Interdependence: When a Staff Member Changes Congregations
The interdependence of our faith communities is integral to our polity. This is what makes us an Association of Congregations. For staff, this interconnection might mean, for instance, that religious professionals in a geographic cluster gather regularly for collegiality and shared learning.

When it comes to recruiting and hiring, sometimes the theology of "we're all in this together" leads to awkward situations or strained relationships. Jan Gartner and Rev. Dr. Jonipher KÅ«pono Kwong have written this new LeaderLab article to help you uphold sound processes and healthy relationships as a staff member moves from one UU congregation to another.
New Program Year: New Leaders, New Subscribers?
Does your congregation have a new president or treasurer? Different faces on your finance or personnel team? Have you just welcomed a minister or lead staff member in a supervisory role? Please urge these leaders to subscribe to Compensation and Staffing News. (Back issues are available on our Office of Church Staff Finances Publications page.)

This is an important time to be paying attention. Things to watch for in the coming months:
  • We're introducing a new component to our compensation program and making a shift in language.
  • We'll be refreshing, reformatting, and reissuing some of our popular resources.
  • The U.S. Department of Labor is likely to announce an increase in the salary threshold for exemptions under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

We'll help keep your leaders informed so that your congregation can be a great employer, attracting and retaining excellent staff and administering payroll and benefits with confidence. Thank you for being a subscriber and reader of this publication!
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