October 2017
Food Is Good

ABD staff like to eat. On October 19, Village Fertility team members, including the ones above, enjoyed a food truck lunch from Boston's Baddest Burger & Sandwich Co. ABD's Chicago team screamed for ice cream on "Dove Bar Friday," October 13, and is planning to celebrate Halloween with a pot-luck lunch. And in Portland, a continually replenished bowl of chocolate treats now circulates the pharmacy. Notice a theme here?

Hats Off to You!

In September, when Gillian Frisch had to wear an EEG headset to follow up a medical diagnosis, Portland staff donned lids of their own. "The 'helmet' was uncomfortable, but my coworkers helped me not feel alone with my abnormal headgear," Gillian said. "I was truly touched by the support and love I received, and I know ABD will always be part of my family!"

No, He's Not a Surgeon

After more than two years as a nurse care coordinator with ABD, Byron Marshall recently joined Maine Medical Center as a family nurse practitioner. Portland team members said farewell to Byron on October 11. "I am 
extremely grateful to everyone at ABD who has supported me along the way," he wrote. "Really, thank you all so damn much."

The Common Cold

Whether in Portland, Waltham, or Warrenville, ABD team members take winter weather in stride. And while it's not here yet, we'll soon be breaking out parkas and snow shovels. As you do, remember -- you're not alone! Here are some fun facts to keep in mind:
  • Average monthly temperatures in Portland, Waltham, and Warrenville are nearly identical from November to February. In fact, the average low temperatures for each city during those months differ by no more than 3 degrees.
  • Sub-zero cold snaps occur in all three cities. Portland's record low temp is the lowest: -39 F, set February 26, 1943. But wait a few months. In July, Warrenville earns the top spots for average high temperature and for a record high temp of 105 degrees. What goes around, comes around.
  • Annual snowfall in each city exceeds the U.S. average. Portland's average, 67 inches, is the highest among the three, but Waltham has the highest average precipitation from December to February. It seems there's no escape from the winter wet stuff.
Winter officially begins on December 21 at 11:28 a.m. EST (10:28 a.m. CST). For those of you already beginning to shiver, look on the bright side -- that's about six hours later than last year.

Bryn's HR Corner

7 Heroes Go Above and Beyond

Seven team members were named ABD Heroes in September, in recognition of exceptional actions they took on behalf of patients, clients, or coworkers.

Representing both the Chicago and Portland locations, the new Heroes are:
  • Rachel Blanchard, for volunteering to return temporarily to her role on the Portland Fertility Team when it was short-staffed, despite her ongoing responsibilities with a new team;
  • Rob Cole, for navigating an extraordinarily complex billing problem on behalf of a patient, which required a conference call and extra hours of work in order to meet a tight medication shipping deadline;
  • Megan DiDomenico, for working onsite at 6:30 a.m. one recent Sunday, helping a newly referred patient who had contacted ABD just hours before, on Saturday night;
  • Sushila GidwaniDawn O'Neilland Jose Paniagua, for working late and demonstrating extraordinary compassion and persistence, to help a patient with an urgent medication need; and
  • Khaly Huynh, for going far outside his job responsibilities to field incoming calls and triage them professionally.
Know teammates who have recently gone above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities in order to help others? Let everyone know! Remember, any employee, in any location, can nominate a Hero --  or be nominated as one. Contact Brooke Ramsey to learn more.

Welcome, New Teammates!

The ABD team at Village Fertility Pharmacy has recently added eight new employees, filling the vacancies that had been open. Please extend a warm welcome to all our new colleagues:
  • Hanaa Al Massih, Patient Care Coordinator
  • Stephanie Ciccarelli, Front Desk/Pharmacy Technician
  • Jillian Fennelly, Pharmacy Technician
  • Nick Fochtman, Pharmacy Technician
  • Muhammad Ishtiaq, Pharmacy Intern
  • Annet Namirembe, Pharmacy Intern
  • Josette Richard, Pharmacy Technician (Temporary)
  • Renisha Sexton, Patient Care Coordinator
Performance Reviews Underway

ABD is now kicking off its annual performance review process for team members in all three locations. This year, staff will notice important enhancements to the process; for example, review forms have been updated and customized for position type.

As always, performance reviews rely upon the active participation of each employee. In fact, employees initiate the process by completing their own self-assessments. which must be submitted to managers by October 31. Completed reviews must be sent to Human Resources by December 1.

Please see your email for detailed instructions, and feel free to contact Bryn Carlson or Brooke Ramsey with questions.