Staff News April 22, 2016
Website Construction
New Home Online has been reborn as a multi-function, mobile-friendly website that looks almost as good as the vineyard itself. The site was built by Synavista, the same company that did the farm's new website, and some of its design components echo aspects of the farm site, so visitors might perceive a relationship between the two venues. The site has several appealing features, including wind club access and an online shopping cart which will allow us to ship wine all over the state of Virginia. It's a big step forward, and we're excited about the possibilities associated with this kind of advancement.

Weddings this weekend:

Jessica Southgate & Jeff Wu, April 22, 5:00 to 10:30

Megan Porter & William Mesko, April 23, 5:00 to 10:30

Vanessa Covert & Shannon Price, April 24, 5:00 to 10:30

Weekend Special at the Vineyard: pulled pork barbecue 

Super Hero Sunday

    There's still time to join the team of Foggy Bottom Venue Super Heroes for the Healthy Business Challenge 5k run this Sunday. We're already nine intrepid heroes strong -- possibly the largest corporate contingent on the course -- and we'd love to add more runners to our team. Join us at Bolen Park in Leesburg on Sunday at 7:15 a.m. You can register onsite.

Farm News   

   Dog Days

   The farm turns into Dog Paradise this weekend as the Dog Days Bloom Festival draws animals and people from all over Northern Virginia. Sponsors include Joyful Dog, EJ's Meats and Treats, Vet Wagon, NOVADog Magazine, DoTerra Essential Oils, Costco, Virginia Foxtrotters, Spot On Dog Ice Pockets, The Crate Xscape, and Cathy's Comfy Coats and Cushions. It should be a lot of fun.

   Vineyard News


Jessica Southgate & Jeff Wu on Friday
Magan Porter & William Mesko on Saturday
Vanessa Covert & Shannon Price on Sunday

You Might Like to Know

   Monica will be vacationing in Key West next week, so Kelsey will keep the delicacies flowing through the kitchen. Stick your head in and tell her she's doing a great job.

    Wine Club Second Quarter starts April 22, so members will be picking up their allotments. 

    Music Saturday: Ken Wenzel, 1:00 to 5:00

   Brewery News

Overflow Seating

Steve and Sean Zurschmeide finished installing the new ceiling in the old stone garage this week. Now they'll go to work on the floor, and then the electricians will come in, and pretty soon that space will be available as a back-up bar.

   Reminder that Bends and Brews with Colleen Gillis is scheduled for Sunday from 10:30 to 11:45
   And a new shipment of Drink Tanks came in on Friday -- new colors to choose from!

News from Meredith Roberts

Hello there GCF friends!!

   I hope everyone is doing extremely well and gearing up for a great season!! I have been loving getting the newsletters while many exciting things happening at all three venues. (Put me down for wine and Girl Scout cookies next year!!)

   My trip is going so well! I have learned so much already. Mark D. will be happy to hear I have full experience with several different compost and drop toilets! I have also done a lot of work in the garden, built a fence, and learned to completely harvest duck from start to finish...just a few of be exciting jobs!

   Due to my love of Oceana and already being on this side of the world I have decided to stay a while. I will be in New Zealand, Australia, and possibly Thailand until mid November now, so unfortunately I will not be back for this season on the farm. I just wanted to let you all know so there was no mystery behind my return.

   I am wishing the best for the 2016 season on the farm, and as always, sending everyone my love!

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