Staff News April 8, 2016
Pouring Concrete
New Life for the Old Barn
   The old white barn on the southwest corner of the farm got a new floor this week in preparation for its new life as a wine cellar. Next steps include replacing the doors and installing a climate control system with alarms to warn Jennifer, Mark, and Hailey if the space gets too hot or too cold.

    At some later date, Mark expects to build a storage building on the winery site, which will make this venue available for other uses down here at the bottom of the hill.

Hats Off to Evan Wagner, 5-star Employee of the Week (or even longer)

   Hailey received this Evan-related email from a guest the other day:

Hi there!

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed visiting your winery today for the first time. We loved how all the seating was set up and the staff was very accommodating to let us put together two tables for a friend's birthday. Everyone was also super friendly to our dog, Bailey, which we really appreciated- - even Barrel Oak Winery isn't as dog friendly as you all were. 

It was a beautiful day, great wine (we bought three bottles to take home), and the great people you have running your establishment. Evan was really nice and knowledgeable about your wine list and helped us pick out our wines to take home.  Thank you for allowing us such a wonderful experience with friends at your little corner of paradise. We will be back!


First weddings of the 2016 Season:

Jennifer Draper & Matt Karam, Saturday, April 8, 5:00 to 10:30,  90 guests 1 bus 

Jeannie Paik & Tim Chang, Sunday, April 9, 5:00 to 10:30, 190 guests 2 coach buses 

Wedding wine tastings with Hailey:

Megan Hill & Gabe Anastasio & Trish & Jim Hill (POB) 5/7 wedding

Mary Leschper & Nick Schaper, 5/6 wedding

Jamie Kamlet & Anthony Fragale, 5/28 wedding

Wedding Food Tastings this week with Joan at Savoir Fare:

Aubry Staunton & Lucas Last, 10/17 wedding

Vanessa Oliver & David Bright, 10/23 wedding

Julie Morgan & JR Podell, 9/4 wedding

Joelle Bailey & Davis Arabe, 9/3 wedding

Weekend Special  at the Vineyard:  meatball sub with mac and cheese

Weekend Special at Dirt Farm: Pork barbecue
Farm News   

Temperature inversion

   Tony Wolf of the Virginia Cooperative Extension says we're in for another temperature inversion this weekend, thanks to another radiational cooling event -- "clear skies with winds abating after 1:00 a.m. and calm for the rest of the early morning.
   "Under those conditions strong temperature gradients can develop as a function of altitude or elevation, with coldest air temperatures found at ground level and warming temperatures aloft, up to a certain altitude elevation," Wolf says.
    We had those conditions last weekend, too, and we owe s pecial thanks to Austin Royce, Ben Royce, and Ryan Wacker for sticking around after their shifts on Saturday to help Mark cover the straw berries in advance of the inversion that sent temperatures into the twenties early Sunday morning.  

Bien Venidos

   Some members of the field crew made the long journey north from Mexico this week -- it takes three days by bus. If you see them on the farm or in town, please welcome them back.
   Vineyard News

Shailors On Site
   Dylan, Jennifer, and Joe Shailor stopped by the vineyard on Thursday to help Hailey and Monica decide which wines to enter in the Virginia Wine Lover's Classic wine contest. They sampled a number of possibilities and nibbled on cheese and savored the pleasure of being brand new parents out in the world with that new person who will leave them wonderstruck for the next 25 years. 
After a lot of sipping in the kitchen, the tasters decided to enter the 2014 Meritage, the Cabernet Sauvingnon, the Albarino, and the Donkey. May those wines represent us well!

True Blue Wine Club Launches
    Our new wine club offers three levels of membership, including a two-year barrel club, which includes a real wine barrel! Full package details are available here.

Feeling Fine with Yoga and Wine 
   With Alexandra Patton, Sunday,  April 10, 9:30 - 10:30

Weekend Music
   Dan Chute, Saturday, April 9, 3:00 to 5:00

   Brewery News

Coming Up

   The sweet potato stout is gone and so is the Red Merl ale, so Wes and Nick are busy in the brewhouse making another batch of Straw ale and another batch of Boots Off, both of which are still about a week out.

Whiskey Barrel Beers 
   Two of our new beers are busy extracting the flavor of bourbon from used whiskey barrels: a whiskey barrel peach and a barley wine, which is a beer with wine-level ABV. Both beers should be ready for release some time this summer. 
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