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The Blizzard of 2016

   This was a storm to remember. The official measurement was 39 inches, but some places got a lot more than that. The drifts on Foggy Bottom Road blew out the u-joint on the tractor's snowblower, and the accumulation on the roof of the greenhouse made that structure lean precariously for a while. All three venues were shuttered for several days -- the road to the brewery was closed for week. The sun's back now, though, and by Saturday we're supposed to have temperatures in the upper 50s -- spring weather just eight days after one of the fiercest snowstorms Bluemont has ever seen.


At the Vineyard
Snowed In
   The weather shut us down for almost a week, from Friday until the following Thursday, and even then the parking lot was still a challenge. This may be the longest weather closure in the vineyard's history. But temperatures are supposed to approach 60 degrees on Saturday. We have a couple of big groups scheduled, along with an early-morning interview with Edible DC.

And the Winner Is...
   After careful consideration of several new operating systems, we went with Vin 65. This platform offered the best integration of Club Management, Customer Relationship Management, ECommerce, and Point of Sale service. To preview what we like about this system, take a look at the Vin 65 site. Training dates are February 25 or February 28.
   The new system has a blog feature, and our first post is up: Hailey's Bean Salad. Give it a try!

On the Farm
Site of former beaver dam.
Beaver Update
   Before the blizzard, Andrew bulldozed the home of the marauding beavers -- but not before it tripled in size! Though the pests are known for their persistence, as well as their industry, the last of them seem to have finally decamped. Let's hope they never return.

Season Updates
   We've moved the chickens to the site of the large green-house, at the back of the farm. They'll produce just as many eggs back there without having to preen for guests, which will ease their burden as well as ours. We'll keep a few show birds up front for people to admire.
   In other news, Mark and Andrew have designed a new grass maze for the upcoming season, and they'll be moving the corn maze into the area the cows used to occupy. In about four weeks, they'll start lettuce, kale, chard, and broccoli in the small greenhouse.

Spring Hiring
Opening Day is March 19. What are your plans for next season? Please let Michele know by text or email.

In the Brewery
Brim Full
   Last week's blizzard completely filled the brewery's iconic terrace with snow -- to the very top of the stone wall. That's a lot of snow. As of Friday afternoon, the road up to Dirt Farm was still not passable.

New Releases
Red Merl, our first red ale, is scheduled for release this weekend, just in time for the day named for Merl's favorite quarry: the groundhog. That release will be followed shortly by a potent Imperial IPA, which we'll be serving in 10-ounce glasses. Scott Brown Ale is back on tap, along with Winter Ale, which is mildly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg.

New growlers, hats, and henleys in stock!