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Making It Right When You Got It Wrong 
(even if you didn't get it wrong)
   I was conducting a group mastermind the other day and the subject of handling
problems and issues came up. While we all agreed that making the customer happy should be paramount in our decision making, that's easier said than done in the real world. It's even harder when it's your business, and your money that's at stake. The connectivity and access of today's world adds another dimension. So how should we react when something goes differently than planned?
   The worst thing you can do is to look for why it happened. The customer doesn't care why, they only care that it happened to them. The importance and emotions of a wedding day are just fuel on the fire. (Read more here.)

Super Hero Update
Scarlett, Emma, Colleen, Matthew, Ava, Maya, Jane, Amy, Michele, Kathy, Mark, and Janet have said yes absolutely of course are you kidding: we're doing this. 

Talk about a dream team!

Join us.  
At the Vineyard
Larry Burridge Plays the Vineyard March 19

Good music with good wine -- that's a good day.

Wine and Cookies

Join us March 19 and 20 for a unique flight of Girl Scout Cookies paired perfectly with Bluemont Vineyard wines. 

~ Savannah Smiles with Farm Table White
~ Treffoil cookies with Chardonnay
~ Samoas with Farm Table Red
~ Thin Mints with Chambourcin

Visiting Brides

Visit Loudoun is promoting a self-guided wedding venue tour on Sunday, March 13 from noon to 6:00. Should be a big day!

Food Tasting This Weekend at Savoir Fare
Bayley McDonough & Brendan Mumford (8/27/16 wedding)

Paula Binari & Paul Lebel (10/22/16 wedding)

Maybe  Renee Mantone & Joe Catalano (10/9/16 wedding)
Maybe Kelli Griffin & Adam Grunstra (10/14/16 wedding)

Maybe Erika Strong & Jason Franklin (5/15/16 wedding)

Jennifer Apperson & Evan Pannkuk (9/18/16 wedding)
On the Farm

Orientation March 13
   Don't forget our Kick-off Group Orientation on Sunday, March 13 from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in the Roosteraunt. We have a whole new Roosteraunt Menu we want to share with you as well as policy, handbook and farm updates for the new season. It's going to be a great year and we are excited to kick off the season!

Farewell, Mike

After driving thousands of guests out to the strawberry fields and the apple orchard over the past 6 years, Mike McLaughlin is hanging up his tractor keys. Many guests have told us that Mike's friendly smile and easy-going manner rank among the things that most effectively define their GCF experience, and that's true for those of us who have had the good fortune of working with him for all these years as well. Thanks for the all the good times, Mike.

Anyone interested in driving a tractor this summer?
In the Brewery
The new sign is a sight to behold!
On Tap

Our Pants Off double IPA will come online when either the Winter Ale or the DFB Black kicks.

Our barley went to its six-month home in Makers Mark barrels. To be released this fall.

In Other News...
The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is coming for a visit on Friday. They wanted to learn how farm breweries really work, and they chose us as their model. Good thinking on their part.

Remember: All staff parks in the top lot.