Staff News March 25, 2016
Only Here
5-Star Wine and Cookies

   We're not the only vineyard that does a promotional event pairing wines with Girl Scout Cookies, but we're the only one where the event produces an image like this. Nick Zurschmeide reports that snow engulfed the top of the mountain at around 10:30 on Saturday, and it fell all afternoon while people drank wine with cookies at the vineyard and slurped oysters with Boots Off IPA at the brewery. It was a near-record day at Dirt Farm, Nick says -- the oysters were sold out by 3:00.

   Best Staff News Come-Back

   My personal thanks to E. W. for being inspired to follow up last week's Staff News with an important question. You may recall that last week I announced that Pants Off IPA was up in the brewery, and that it would be joined by Fuster Cluck as soon as the Winter Ale kicked, which was bound to be a red-letter day. That prospect inspired E. to ask: "Even if I don't drink the Pants Off IPA, can I still just take my pants off?" Only if you're wearing shamrock boxers, I suggested. (Note: I'm using the responders initials to protect him from embarrassment, sort of, though he doesn't seem easy to embarrass.) Thanks for reading and responding, Evan.

Welcome, Dylan

   On March 21, at 3:13 a.m., after nine months of intensive personal growth off-stage, Dylan Shailor decided it was time to meet his parents, Jennifer and Joe. In case you missed it, Dylan's mother was featured on the cover of the Spring 2015 issue of Loudouner, which devoted much of its space to the county's best women-winemakers.
Events this weekend:
All venues are closed Sunday for Easter.

Tastings Saturday
Megan Hill and Gabe Anastasio 5/7 wedding
Mary Leschper and Nick Schaper, 5/6 wedding

Tastings Sunday
Easter egg / chocolate bunny tasting off-site

Weekend Special  at the Vineyard:  roasted red pepper and smoked gouda soup
Farm News   

All of  a Sudden
   Everything's blooming all of a sudden -- apricots, peaches, plums, apples, even the strawberries. We're picking spinach: $4.95 a pound while supplies last.

When I Work
   All Farmhands should have received an invitation from Kate to join the GCF When I Work scheduling. If you haven't already done so, please log into that system and fill in as much information as you can, especially the days when you're not available, so we can build the schedule accordingly. If you have trouble navigating the system, there's a video tutorial here. The April schedule should go up on Monday. 

   Vineyard News

Staff Meeting Scheduled
   Orderport training will take place Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 p.m. and on Sunday April 3 at 8:00 a.m.. Please let Hailey know which training you will be able to attend. 

Girl Scout Cookie Wine Flight Again
   March 26
Farm Table White with  Savannah Smiles
Chardonnay with Trefoils
Farm Table Red with Samoas 
Chambourcin with Thin Mints 

Weekend Music : Larry Thomas , Last Friday, 5:00 
Patty Reese, April 3, 1:00
Weekend Special: roasted red pepper and smoked gouda soup

   Brewery News

Infrastructure Upgrade  
   Our county-mandated new drain field is going in. With this equipment, we should be able to flush freely until the 22nd century.

Cherry Ale
   Nick and Wes are hand-crusing 500 pounds of cherries this week for 250 gallons of cherry ale. That's a lot of cherries -- one cherry at a time!

Pants Off Is Up
   Our new double IPA goes out in these 10-oz tulip glasses to minimize chances that pants will come off on the premises. ABV: 9%. IBU: 108 -- that's really high. Pants off will be joined by Fuster Cluck as soon as the Winter Ale kicks -- should be a red-letter day! (Note: this blurb is left over from last week, but Evan's response made it seem worth re-running.)

Staff Member of the Week

   Ben Royce is a Roosteraunt Associate down at the Farm. He enjoys working with people, fetching donuts, and making sure that guests have a wonderful time. Ben was the one who suggested having Camo Fridays at the Farm, which will work out well with the new t-shirts for 2016! His smiling face, welcoming demeanor, and creative spirit help make Ben the FIRST employee of the week here on the weekly newsletter! Congratulations, Ben!

   If YOU have a nominee for employee of the week, email your suggestion and reasons why your person is a great representative of Great Country Farms, Bluemont Vineyard, or Dirt Farm Brewery!  

Super Hero Update

   Jane Schwartz and Gracie Zurschmeide have joined the team. So now we'll have this illustrious group representing GCF and her sister venues at the Super Hero 5K on April 24: Scarlett, Emma, Colleen, Matthew, Ava, Maya, Jane, Amy, Michele, Kathy, Mark, Janet, and Gracie. If you'd like to join us, email me at

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