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The Zurschmeide Family would like to send Happy Thanksgiving Wishes to all the great people who make Bluemont Vineyard, Great Country Farms, and Dirt Farm Brewing such wonderful places to work. Thank you for creating an atmosphere that brings people back to our venues again and again.

We're launching a new feature at the beginning of the holiday season: a unified newsletter that will go to all three sister staffs every Thursday. We hope this communication tool will keep our teams informed about important matters at all the different venues and thus bring them into a better position to support each other. Let's make the most of a really good thing!
At the Vineyard
New signs
You may have noticed the signs on the property were changed to reflect our winter hours. The signs currently state that the Last Tasting is at 4:30, and the  Last Pour at 4:45. If a guest comes in after 4:30 for a tasting, please use your discretion to provide the best customer service. Feel free to contact your manager if you're not sure whether to pour a tasting after 4:30. 

Sold Out 
~2010 Merlot - "The Ram" 
~True Blue Wine Club - closed to new members through the end of the year. Please add interested parties to the waiting list. 

Weekend Special
~Meatball Sub with Chips: YUMM!

No music this weekend.

Saturday, November 21
~ Shugar Shugar Event 
~12:00 Group Tasting for Kellie Gibson (8 people)
~12:00 Elevation Package for Courtney (6 people)
 ~2:00 Elevation Package for LeAnn (7 people)

Sunday, November 22
~ No groups scheduled 

On the Farm
Great Season
We'd like to thank everyone on our excellent staff for making 2015 our best season ever! From the record strawberry harvest, through the nine week peach miracle, right on up to the day Columbus  and his thousands of Eastern Mariners discovered Bluemont, all of you made people glad to be here. Thanks for your great work! 

Next Up
We'll be open on March 19 for the Second Annual Bluemont Shamrock Run, a fundraising event to benefit the Bluemont Community Center. Watch Staff News for details.

Whiffletree Turkeys
Three frozen free-range birds are waiting in the market for an invitation to someone's dinner table. Is there room on your platter?
There's plenty of broccoli and delicata squash as well. You might want to try a neck pumpkin pie.
In the Brewery
Brewhouse News
~Our new Sweet Potato Stout has been brewed and is now kegged - we'll release it soon!
~The Ogden Pale Ale will back on soon as well - date to be determined.

Currently On Tap
~Work Session IPA
~Tart 31 Cherry Ale
~Scott Brown Ale
~Peter Peter Pumpkin Ale

In the Kitchen

Friday through Sunday:
~Flat Bread Pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella $8
~Nachos with Rt.11 chips, garden pepper cheese, cream $9
~Pretzel Bites with olive oil, sea salt, or mustard $6
~Soup Du Jour $7
~Boiled Peanuts with sea salt $5

~Soup/Stew: Chili

Thursdays & Mondays:
~ Assorted  cheeses and crackers are available   
Staff Info
~Please remember to park in the upper lot.