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September 2018 Newsletter
CEO Corner

The Arc of Rensselaer County (The Arc) stands with fellow providers across the nation in support of the
National Direct Support Professionals (DSP) Week from September 9 th to the 15 th

The work done by DSPs is critical to the successful life of the individuals we support. I am humbled to be working among these true everyday heroes.

Here are some amazing reasons to say thank you:

          To the DSP who comes in on their day off to handle a person’s feeding because the current staff is not certified – Thank you!
         To the DSP who finds that special activity which brings joy to someone’s life. Thank you!
          To the DSP who prepares meals on the overnight to help someone meet their dietary needs, as well as make the next day easier on the day staff – Thank you!
          To the DSP who researches up and coming activities, and shares them with the team or the agency – Thank you!
         To the DSP who, even though they have moved on, keeps in touch and still helps support two individuals living at home – Thank you!
         To the DSP /Assistant Manager/Resident Manager who rearranges their schedule so a coworker can take that day off – Thank you!
         To the Program Manager in day supports who looks at that schedule one more time to make sure everyone is getting to the activity they like – Thank you!
          To the Program Manager who works with staff to rearrange the day because the air conditioning unit decided not to work on the hottest day of the year – Thank you!
          To the Program Manager in the middle of a staffing crisis helps someone having a difficult time yet says, “I will figure this out. John needs us now.” You see that same person three days later, and you ask, “How is it going?” They smile and say, “We got this.” Only later you hear that person has worked three 16 hour days in a row to make it work – Thank you!
         To the van driver who gets in early to clear the van of snow and ice, so everyone makes their scheduled pick up – Thank you!
         To the van driver who runs that van into the garage for an oil change between trips so people can get home on time – Thank you!
         To the Program Coordinator who, during a vacancy in the driver position, gets in the van so supports and services can continue. Then returns to complete tasks on their to-do list- Thank you!
         To the Health Support Specialist who tracks down the medical consult, so the nurse can update the Plan of Care – Thank you!
         To the Nurse who spends all weekend tracking the various individuals going in and out of the ER, then makes sure the team knows what has to happen to help the individual recover – Thank you!
         To the Quality Assurance staff who reviews, checks, cross checks, and reviews that record so we are audit ready – Thank you!
          To the Behaviorist who takes piles of conversations, cautions, and needs then turns it into a support plan to help the person return from a crisis – Thank you!
         To the maintenance technician who fixes that dryer once again because we all know what happens when you cannot dry clothes onsite – Thank you!
         To the Support staff that process phone calls, purchase orders, payroll, billing, mail and whatever else crosses the desk because they know it impacts someone’s life – Thank you!
        To the Administrators who handle that 3 PM Friday crisis – Thank you!
         To the administrator who sits in the ER for 13 hours straight to make sure the person gets the care they need – Thank you!
         To the administrator who makes that call home to the family because something does not seem right – Thank you!

I could go on for pages, but hopefully, you get the idea.  Society gives the sports player who hit the home run, or the rock star that gives us the latest hit hero, status. But, I know, and so do those who see our work know, that the real heroes in our community work here. Our selfless, committed work touches and improves the lives of people! It doesn't get much better than that. 
To our employees, I thank you for your efforts.

To our community, spread the news of the good work and support our DSP Fund please consider making a donation on our website at https://www.renarc.org/donate/dsp-support-fund .
Read these stories of their dedication and your decision will be easier.

My Sincerest Thanks,
Don Mullin, CEO

Celebrating and Recognizing
Our Employees

Our Arc held its annual Employee Recognition Picnic on September 7. Great music filled the evening as 200 employees and families, Board members, and our very own Hanns Meissner, joined together for great food, fun, and prizes. Together, we celebrated our employees and their accomplishments. Awards were given to employees, nominated by their co-workers, in recognition of the exceptional difference they have made to our agency.
Read on to see our winners and what made them stand out.
Pictured left to right: Nicole Cannon, Zachary Filarecki-Ogden,Kathryn Jordan, Marcina Jannicelli, Mark Simpson, Allison Pita (Varialle), CEO Don Mullin, Board President Mary Muller

Everyday Hero Support Staff Winners
(Pictured above)

This nomination form is for outstanding support staff. Employees eligible to receive this award are those who perform support functions (i.e. Clinicians, Business Office Personnel, Administrative Services, Receptionists, Program Managers/Coordinators, etc.).    

Allison Pita (Varialle) has worked at the Arc in the Transition Program for 10 years. She has created a wide array of community connections with dozens of employment sites. After taking detailed assessments of each student, she creates an employment connection and develops each site by building a rapport with each student and their families and the business community. One story particularly illustrates this well. C was somewhat of a loner, described as an introvert; often seen in his hoodie with his head down and headphones on. Allison took a different path trying to connect with C. She spent quality time with him, looking beyond the school day; getting to know his family dynamic and learned he has an affinity for young people. He has several younger nieces and nephews.  She considered trying to have C work in a daycare. Many doubted that he had the vibrant personality needed to engage with that population.  He flourished. C graduated this past June and remains employed at the daycare.

Kathryn Jordan is genuinely invested in being there for her staff and the individuals that she and her team support. She is consistently responsive and assists in all aspects of the work, from filling the role of DSP, Manager, ROM or Coordinator. Despite living in what must feel like chronic chaos and endless problems to solve, she is always approachable, attentive and in the moment. Other clinical staff that works more closely with her have observed her in action. She doesn’t just show up to be the “heavy” or the “enforcer” when times get really tough. She shows up, routinely, to work with and visit the individuals and the staff in her region. As a result, she is building honest and meaningful mutual relationships. Without a doubt, she is an Everyday Hero!

Marcina Jannicelli is a wonderful woman whose warmth shines throughout the office and not just the second floor. She plays a major part in the smooth running of this office, and half of it is done behind the scenes. Not only is she an amazing employee when it comes to the day to day operations, but she helps us all remember that work should be fun. People come from other floors and will even call in (I have witnessed it) to find out the famous question of the day. She puts up birthdays every month, decorators for holidays and special moments. She encourages participation for good causes like the food drives and the Christmas Giving Tree. She is always a pleasant voice on the phone and a warm face that greets you when you come. I can’t forget to mention her relationships with the individuals we support. She makes sure J’s mailbag is ready and lets him know his job is important, and that he does a good job. She takes the time to remember people’s names and addresses us all as equals. 

Mark Simpson Not only is the dedication and longevity that this employee has displayed over the many years commendable, but also his journey here at The Arc. His consistent care and love for those he supports can be recognized when he walks in the door and yells “Lawrence…of Arabia!” and individuals and staff belly laugh. These kinds of relationships take years to foster and are the ones we strive for within our mission here. He is our mission in action. He has maintained very special relationships with individuals who are not always easy to work with, but his mere presence and commitment have created an environment for them of comfort, safety, and stability. He makes his work seem effortless, and it is always done with a smile.

Michael Korotitsch’s humor, charismatic energy, and positive attitude make him a prime candidate for an Everyday Hero. He has gone above and beyond to provide support at recruitment events. He has played a major role on the Recruitment Committee and most recently, dressed up in a banana costume to help create a fun atmosphere at the Ice Cream Social Event. He has managed to retain his staff by giving them the support and the help they need to feel appreciated. When he received his management retention bonus, he generously dispensed the full amount to each of his staff, equally, keeping none of it for himself. His generosity and caring personality make him a true hero!

Nicole Cannon not only manages sites that house individuals with complex behavioral and mental health issues effectively, but she also goes above her assigned duties to identify and access community services to help the individuals she supports live their best possible lives. She has been a key resource in coordinating programming between our agency and other agencies that provide support; she has been an essential aid to implementing behavior plans that have helped individuals be successful. Her dedication, heart, and commitment are extraordinary. She is invested not just in the success but the overall quality of life and happiness of those she supports. It is a pleasure to work with her.

Thomas Bortscheller never hesitates to take a minute for someone. If someone is struggling, he has a unique way of looking at the problem that most people can’t imagine. His outside of the box thinking is well known by people that work with him and is sought out by higher up administrators as well as the people that he supervises. He never sees a problem or issue as something that cannot be done. He can also be counted on to help out in times where urgent coverage is needed in the residence program. He does this all without complaint. He has assisted the agency by taking on additional roles such as SCIP Instructor to aid the training department. Above all else, his “customer service” to the people that we support and their families is unparalleled. His job never ends at 5 pm. Recently, during his vacation time, he went to meet with another provider to assist M with a transitional meeting. He also has spent time with people we support during major holidays because their family was out of town and knew they would have been alone. Not enough good things can be said about Tom. He is more than deserving of this recognition and award and his everyday actions remind us of why.

Zachary Filarecki-Ogden has been a tremendous help to us at BCS this past year. The many hours he puts in making sure the building is in tip-top shape does not go unnoticed. Beyond this, he has responded to calls for help in the building, to being in the room when more hands were needed. On two occasions, we had substantial issues with the HVAC systems at BCS. This person was instrumental in keeping focused and keeping the systems running to the best of his ability. He even spent an entire day on the roof bathing (with a hose) our broken A/C unit to get it to work in 90+ degree weather. On November 11 th, 2017, there was a small fire in the system. Zachary was right on top of things, identified the problem, and responded without hesitation.
This person is a tremendous asset to BCS. When not dealing with fires and broken AC units you can find him going above and beyond each day by helping clinicians fix wheelchairs, offering assistance to DSP’s, and providing emotional support and encouragement to the people we support. He always makes time to talk, or go out to lunch, or to just be a good friend to all of us. 
Left to Right: Kyah Stevens , William Moak, James Friss, Gale Branch, Donna Kelly, Nadja Williams, Casey Hall, Genell Fierro, Bethany Schaff, Michelle Domey, Paul Sulzmann, Don Mullin, Mary Muller. Kneeling: Stoney Bierwirth, Saquan Ford

Everyday Hero Direct Support Winners
(Pictured above)
As we all know, Direct Support Staff Members make meaningful lives happen! The "Everyday Heroes" Awards are given to those employees nominated by staff for outstanding direct support work. Employees eligible to receive this award must provide direct support to the people we serve for a minimum of 75% of their work time. We thank all of the Direct Support Staff for all they do. We honored those listed below with the Everyday Hero Award.
Bethany Schaff has been tireless in locating and securing new opportunities for the folks we support. She networks with other organizations scanning their announcements for activities that our folks could use. She passes on the most relevant information to the rest of us. I once came up with the idea to see whether this person I support could be enrolled in an aikido class, which could help him with balance and with learning to fall safely. Though she knew that it was a long shot, this employee collaborated with me to work out a possible schedule, to arrange meetings with an instructor, and to try to secure funding to pay for the class. The funds turned out to not be available, as we expected. I was impressed with the work she put into this, just in case it turned out to be doable. Most others would have used the unlikeliness as an easy excuse not to try.
Casey Hall is valued by the team due to his outstanding customer service. During difficult times, he has proven to remain professional at all times. His main focus is on providing quality of life. He seeks out the special qualities of each individual he supports and grows from there. He looks at what people can do vs. what they can’t. He is always the first to ask how he can help and what can he change to improve one’s quality of life. The person supported truly appreciates working with this staff. They have an amazing relationship despite their age difference. This employee has made a difference on the team alone with just the energy he brings. He provides caring and kind support. His humorous personality and competitive spirit make game night a night to remember. He also brings out their youth and reminds them that it is okay to let loose and enjoy the moment.
Daniel Gallagher is an employee I am privileged to work with. His work ethic and willingness to dive face first into complex scenarios related to the people we support is not only something I value greatly to our team dynamic but something I admire. He utilizes his skills with art, music, and all things unique to add flair to any email, person-centered planning, and often even the day to day interactions. He is a workhorse, and without him, the face of our program within The ARC would be quite different.
Donna Kelly has been an exceptional staff and an asset to our program/agency. She goes above and beyond to ensure that the person she supports (AC) fosters and maintains relationships in the community. This employee is always searching for fun, and interesting things to do that would interest AC. Their days are filled with trips to zoos, farms, museums, fairs, outlets, music events, movies, amusement parks, etc. She and AC, along with other friends, recently joined a group on Facebook where they paint rocks and place them in different locations in their community for others to find and post. They also go out in search of painted rocks and post to the site when a rock is found.  She genuinely cares about making a difference in people’s lives.
Gale Branch is the Momma at her residential site. She has stuck by us through thick and thin. She has been here for many years and continues to take every new team member under her wing to show them how it’s done. She knows all the tricks and develops a relationship with each person at her site. She will, at times, just drop in unannounced with milkshakes in hand. Now, if you have worked at this site, you would know that for three of the folks who live here, a milk shake cures anything. She is someone who sees the individuals we support as part of her family. She has great connections with families as well as other programs throughout the agency. She is a great team player and continues to want more for the site. She ensures that all the I’s are dotted, and the T’s are crossed. On a number of occasions, she has come in on her day off to make sure the residents receive the proper support, particularly during a period of time when there was no tube-feed certified staff working at the site. She placed her personal time on hold to make sure folks had the care they needed. 
Genell Fierro goes above and beyond to help the person she supports maintain relationships within and outside the Capital District. She is a team player and helps cover shifts when other staff goes on vacation. She is considered a part of the family when attending gatherings. She helps the person she supports with laundry and groceries and goes above and beyond in the adventurous side of Com Hab. She has been a consistent pillar of the person she supports life and staffing for approximately 5 years.
James Friss, Assistant Manager, has been with us for over ten years. He works hard to make people feel comfortable in their surroundings. He brings calmness and support at the same time to the individual. He finds the things they like to do and then works at making sure they can visit, explore, and enjoy them. He does all this with a smile, calm, and no fanfare. Currently, he is working with a young man, and since he has been involved, the person has settled in coming from a very difficult situation. He has also worked hard to build trust and respect into the delivery of supports.
Michelle Domey has worked in my region and at a specific site for many years. She has developed strong bonds with the ladies that live there and their families. Many of the family members will connect with her and check in with her and see how her family is doing. She recently has taken on added responsibilities in my time of need. She is continually reliable and will clean with detail anything that may need it to help with the upkeep of the site, even though this is not her primary job. Lastly, I know that she helps multiple Regions, not just mine. She is indeed a great person and deserves to be recognized.
Nadja Williams is wonderful to the people she supports and does her job to her best capability, going above and beyond. From the moment she walked into the site, she has made her place with the team and the individuals she supports, from daily routines and developing relationships. She knew this was “home” and has found her spot. Not only has she added a “girly” feel to the known bachelor pad, but she has also added her way of creating a comfortable atmosphere for her guys. She has taken the time to personally get to know each and every one of her teammates and the folks. She not only ensures that the health and physical wellness of her folks is a priority but also their mental well-being and relationships.
Paul Sulzmann works individually with RJ, being extremely dedicated to enriching RJ’s quality of life. He gets him to have a major community presence and participation through music, going to the gym, eating right, and learning to be financially responsible. He helps to facilitate presence and participation through various venues in the community (i.e., Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, Libraries, etc.). This includes RJ playing the piano at various settings throughout the community. He has gone above and beyond his working hours to support RJ playing the piano at retirement parties, the Community Partners’ Breakfast, the Evening and the Lake, and numerous special events at our program. He also works with RW on his photography goals and is currently working with him on Waterford Museum exhibit. He has provided support for RW in art class, Schenectady Photography Society, and Art Shows (The Arc, RPI, West Sand Lake).
Saquan Ford is excellent at working one-on-one with individuals and has built several strong relationships. He has taken M and has given him a place where he can express his emotions and frustrations by yelling and screaming in a safe place and patiently waits for him to be done. He has gotten S to think about how she treats other staff, and she has learned to apologize on her own. This young man has formed relationships throughout the agency and will always go above and beyond for another person. He is eager to learn and views each day as a blessing. He connects with people almost instantly. He is driven, humble and a beautiful soul.
Stoney Bierwirth has a gift with the individuals at BCS, especially the ones who don’t bond easily with others. He can get individuals who would sleep all day to participate in art groups and in visiting others to form relationships. He has gotten individuals who are stuck in a routine that keeps them in one room to go out of their comfort zone and visit with every team. He is always willing to step in and help teams when they are in need, covering rooms or assisting with challenging behaviors.
William Moak is a tremendous asset to my team at BCS. He has a ‘presence’ about him, an energy that draws you near. He arrived in Brunswick Center Services as a Driver for our Transportation Department roughly one year ago. Character, integrity, strong values, capacity-based thinking, and genuine kindness are attributes that cannot be taught; regardless of how many years of experience one has. I have learned they are inherent. He has developed a relationship with M that is close and reciprocal. He takes M on walks, does art with him. Together they vacuum the rugs at BCS and checks the oil in the vans. They are two peas in a pod.
Donna Neaton is a very strong advocate for individuals. She can always be counted on to notice and report potential medical issues and to continue following up until she gets an answer. She is constantly thinking of new ideas, often bringing in activities from home or thinking up a task that fits with what people have expressed that they want. She has challenged herself to learn how to support an individual through SEMP services. Her drive to provide excellent services and to truly hear what people need is evident in her work on a daily basis.
Kyah Stevens is very dependable.  In the absence of a room supervisor, she is the person I depend on to assist with making sure that the day flows the way it needs to.  She has emerged as an indispensable part of the team. She willingly voices her thoughts and opinions to ensure that the individuals supported by the team receive the best services possible. Over the last year, this employee has been learning about and more strongly advocating for the rights of the people she supports. You can see the genuine care with which she provides services.
Joan Buzerak always proceeds with kindness, order and a penchant for making people feel great about themselves. She often uses her knowledge of gardening and farming to promote healthy dining and best recipe choices for those she supports. She is a natural leader who shows resolve and assertiveness. She has shown tremendous talent in going forward in the face of very difficult interpersonal dynamics. Her communication is both articulate and constant. 
“Tomorrow’s Leader” Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize an emerging Leader at The Arc.  Any employee who demonstrates outstanding motivation and desire to pursue leadership opportunities at The Arc can be nominated. 
Thomas Bortscheller receives the 2018 Tomorrow's Leader Award
Thomas Bortscheller contributes actively to just about every department at the Arc, thereby lending his years of experience and wry humor to the benefit of countless dozens. This is a job where crisis, health problems, and danger are constants. He has become a master strategist, putting plans in motion with great care and keeping those we support as the focal point at all times. His leadership communication is circular in nature as he regularly touches base with his management team. His coaching discussions show up at just about any juncture. Natural conversations arise that help the people he works with see the operations with more realism and pragmatic procedure. He is open to transcendental, creative solutions, but he is able to meet these with constant quick draw realism. 
The Arc New York THOMAS A. MAUL
Direct Support Professional Excellence Award
This award is presented to four (4) direct support professionals annually. Through this award, The Arc New York recognizes individuals who consistently demonstrate,excellence, creativity, and commitment in providing supports to
people who have intellectual and other disabilities. Candidates must display an
exemplary level of performance over the course of his/her employment and show commitment to improving the quality of life for people who have intellectual and other disabilities.  One nomination may be submitted per Chapter. The Arc New York Thomas A. Maul Direct Support Professional Excellence Award recipients will be recognized at the 2018 Fall Board of Governor’s meeting.

 Dan Gallagher receives the 2018 Thomas Maul Award

D an is an amazing asset to the ARC of Rensselaer County. The work he does is unmatched. Dan is always available to the people we support. There is never any "that is not my responsibility" verbiage from his mouth. His attitude toward everyone fully supports this. He will ask what more he can do and genuinely mean it. He makes a point to attend events that are important to the people we support and engage with them in new environments that they may enjoy. He goes above and beyond coming up with ideas that keep people we support motivated and engaged. Dan is a kind, caring and compassionate person who can be seen running around to make sure that everyone's needs are met and met with quality. Dan puts his heart and soul into every minute that he is working. Even when he is not at work, he is looking for new and cool things that they might enjoy to bring to the people we support. It is not uncommon for Dan to be seen lugging around a drum set or a keyboard. Dan uses his talents for the arts to assist the people we support to get more fulfillment out of drawing and painting, helping them to create their own masterpieces. Dan routinely emails out to all the employees of self- direction the different events that are happening in our community. There are not enough good things that can be said about Dan and the love he has for the work he does. There is not a single person we support that has met Dan and not fully and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him. We fully recommend Dan Gallagher to receive the Thomas Maul award.
Our Deepest Appreciation and Sincerest Thanks To Our Valued Employees As We Celebrate Their Years Of Service
5 Years   
Jazmin Branch
Joan Buzerak
Aimee Cavanaugh
Luke Cavanaugh
Candace Clodgo    
Timothy Coffie 
Kellie Cummings
Lauren Delong
Terry Flores
James Friss
Katherine Garin
Jacquelyn Giacone
Ahmed Ibrahim
Rhonda Isaac
Kathryn Jordan
Asaad Loiseau
Nicole Mason
Sarah Morrell    
Devyn Rylee
Adam VanBuren
Left to Right
Don Mullin
Tracy Dooley
Steve Ramos
10 Year
 Lauren Bartlett
Marlowe Cochran           
Malaysia Coleman          
Nicole Dimauro
Lynasha Folkes 
Daniel Garin
Natasha Johnson            
Denise Kerwath
Allison Pita
Janice Powers
Phyllis Simon     
Amanda Smith 
Paul Sulzmann
Stephanie Trask               
Karen Treharne

 Twenty Five Year
Tracey Dooley
Jeffrey Howard,
Charles Miskovsky
Fifteen Year        
Raymond Cary  
Tammy LaCasse-McIsaac
Amanda O'Donnell         
Debora Teal
Melissa Trotter
Robin Zimmerman
Twenty Year    
Sara Richards
Left to Right
Jim Blessing
C harles Miskovsky
Don Mullin
Thirty Year Service Awarded to Sandra VanEck
Left to Right: Lisa Anderson, Sandy Van Eck, Hanns Meisner, Tracey Hempel, Don Mullin
Congratulations to Teresa McGaughnea
for 35 Years of Service to the ARC
We thank you for your dedication!
Thank You eBizDocs!
Our sincerest thank you goes out to Howard Gross , CEO of eBizdocs who gifted our staff with a barbecue of ribs, chicken, pulled pork and all the fixings to honor and support all that our agency does to support the individuals we work with. Howard, and his helpers; Tobi Bickweat,  HR Manager / Productivity Coordinator
and Ari Rosenblum, IT specialist , pulled his food truck, QBiz , into the par king lot of 79-102nd street at about 3:30 p.m. on Thursday September 14. They cooked through the night, sleeping in the parking lot, with only the neighborhood skunk as company. In the morning employees were greeted with a smile and the enticing smells of what would be. When everything was ready, volunteers secured their aprons (thank you volunteers!) and served 198 employees and self-advocates. What a way to mark the end of DSP week and give back to our employees who make such a difference.
Join us in supporting the Direct Support Professional (DSP) Fund
Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are individuals who are a vital component in someone with a disability ’s life. At The Arc of Rensselaer County, we are starting a new initiative called the DSP Fund . Any fundraised dollars from now thru December 15 th will be given to the Direct Support Professionals, in the form of a lump sum payment. We will not take any dollars out for administrative costs. The more we raise, the more impact we can have on the DSP’s life. We ask you to join us and donate to the DSP fund. Follow the link on our webpage www.renarc.org , send donations to the DSP Fund at The Arc of Rensselaer County c/o DSP Fund 79 102 nd St Troy NY 12180, or call us at 518-274-3110 x3028. We thank you in advance for your help.
Brunswick Center Takes Celebrates DSP In Their Own Way

This year, at Brunswick Center, the people supported were invited to participate in celebrating DSP week. Led by the Peer Support Group, a committee of people supported, worked together to name an award for each DSP. They worked hard to agree on a “staff superlative” for everyone and created the certificates that were on display at BCS during the week. Some of the awards given out included, “Most Loving Staff” (Tina Casey), “Funniest Staff” (Saquan Ford), “Most Respectful Staff” (Jillian Daby) and “Best Staff Artist” (Paul Sulzmann). The committee awarded 38 awards to DSPs during the week. In addition to this, activities for staff at BCS included; coffee or lunch delivery, massages and manicures, surprise breaks and a staff dinner cooked by the management team.
Pictured, Sarah Cooke (“Most Huggable Staff”) and Kayla Pietrzak (“Happiest Staff”)

On Board with
Our On Board Specialist,
John Greene
Article by Stephan Roberts

John Greene started at the Arc February 13, of this year as the Human Resource On Board Specialist. John has been working for the ARC of Rensselaer County for six months now. Before coming to the ARC to work, John was a Dairy farmer on his family farm. He worked there for 23 years. On the family farm, they had 900 animals. The farm consisted mainly of Holstein dairy cows. Of the nearly 900 animals, around 460 were mature dairy cows that produced
milk. The remainder were young Holsteins (referred to as heifers) who were being raised to produce milk eventually. John’s job at the farm was the owner or partner. John stated, "The most paid team members we had on payroll was 22." So, although John took care of all of the HR function at the farm, only a portion of his responsibilities were to the HR functions. John said like with any job; there were pros and cons. One of the cons of being a dairy farmer is that you get really
dirty. John heard about the Human Resource job at a job fair in Albany. It was the type of job that John was looking to find. Since then John enjoys doing the new hire orientation. John said his team
members in HR and The Arc of Rensselaer County as a whole have been supportive and helpful (and John should probably add patient!). Since John has been working here, it has been fun, energy, and excitement and he gets to know the rest of the people that work here. John’s hobby is running, and when it comes to sports, he likes playing volleyball and ultimate Frisbee. John doesn’t have a favorite NFL
team, he is not a watcher, but he loves playing sports.